Chapter 3

Summer sales season

Memorial Day – Last Monday of May

The official beginning of the summer season means shoppers are out looking for deals on nearly everything – including merch! Holiday-themed items, such as Americana style items clothing will be bought, but consumers are also expecting deep discounts on normal, everyday items they’d like to buy, from clothing to appliances. 

Memorial Day is a great opportunity for online retailers because a lot of the shopping for this holiday weekend is still done in brick and mortar stores, meaning you’ll have an opportunity to peel off some of this massive traffic. 

The average celebrant will spend nearly $500 on the holiday, with men outspending women about $600 to $400. They’re spending in-store on traditional, big-ticket items like electronics or appliances. Why? They’re lured by the massive discounts.

To get ahead on this massive spending and this very competitive day, take a look at your marketing and make sure you’ll competing on both themed items, but also on price – that’s what really counts on holiday sales days like Memorial Day!

Father’s Day – 3rd Sunday in June

Father’s Day Quick Facts:

  • $16 billion in total spend
  • 46% plan to purchase clothing
  • 45% want a unique or “different” gift

Father’s Day is a difficult day to purchase gifts for the main participants – dads, who seem to have nearly everything and aren’t very willing to give you any ideas. That’s where you and your holiday sales prowess can come in. Creative and unique gifts are by far the most sought after, with funny and ironic shirts being exactly what the doctor ordered to get a smile on dad’s face.

If you’re able to brainstorm and come up with something as good as “World’s Best Dad” – then you’ve got a chance to make some serious sales. Every dad will be a bit different and have a different sense of humor, so try to keep in mind that a wider variety of products will do well for your sales – so cast a wide net!

Independence Day – July 4th

Independence day is a great sales opportunity for patriotic-themed items. In fact, we’ve already done a pretty extensive 4th of July campaign boost writeup on it here at Printify 😉 With about 26% of Americans saying they’re going to purchase patriotic-themed merchandise, it’s a great idea to get some designs out to cash in on the sales. Total spending on the holiday will be over $7 billion, but of course, that includes food and travel expenses, not just retail sales. 

Check out our 10 free 4th of July designs for your store to help drive sales through the dog days of summer. 

Labor Day – First Monday of Sept

According to Adobe Digital Insights Data, Labor Day is the biggest online shopping day outside of the holiday shopping season, with over $2 billion in sales in a single day. There’s a bit of an opportunity with sales for the end of the back to school season, which is a total of over $58 billion dollars in sales from late July to early September. 

Labor Day weekend is a traditional shopping day, and the online store platform and Printify integration Shopify saw that both Friday and Monday were nearly equal for sales in 2018, bringing in $130 million each – a huge day with huge opportunities.

The sales aren’t necessarily related to the holiday itself, but the school season and the discounts that are involved with the end of summer clearance. Take care to note this in your designs and ideas as you try to push through on this massive day for shopping online.

The leaves are starting to drop, but don’t let your sales plummet! Check out our fall sales season guide to keep rolling!

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