From Simple to Extravagant: 90 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for All Mother Figures

From Simple to Extravagant: 90 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for All Mother Figures

What is the best gift for Mother’s Day? Something nice and from the heart. Bonus points if it’s something she actually wants, loves, and can use daily.

But what about moms who already have it all? Or children and grandchildren who are clueless about what to get this year?

Keep reading to explore 90 Mother’s Day gift ideas that will awe every mom, stepmom, mother-in-law, or grandmother on their special day.

25 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A daughter hugging her mom after giving her a heartfelt gift on Mother's Day.

First, let’s look at some general ideas to find the perfect gift for mom. Appreciation can come in many shapes and forms. And we’ve got a list of all-time best Mother’s Day gifts she’ll never forget.

1. Greeting Card

A heartfelt message in a cute card is the simplest way to express love and gratitude. If you need inspiration, explore our list of over 99 Happy Mother’s Day messages and quotes.

2. Flowers

Fresh flowers to brighten her day are a timeless gesture of appreciation – something every mom loves. A bouquet is the perfect present for a mom who already has it all.

3. Jewelry

If you know her taste, she’ll love a piece of jewelry. Something that makes her smile every time she wears it.

4. Jewelry Boxes

Elegant jewelry storages make unique gifts. They’re thoughtful additions to her vanity, ensuring her jewelry is as well-kept as her memories.

5. Perfume

A fragrant reminder of your love. Perfume, a classic and personal Mother’s Day gift, adds a touch of luxury to her everyday life.

6. Gift Box

Shop for sweets, spice, and everything nice. Put together a creative, fun, or simply lovely selection of carefully chosen items she’ll love.

7. Gift Card

Offer your mom, grandma, aunty, or wife the personalized freedom to choose her own Mother’s Day gift at a store or place she’s been waiting to visit.

8. Skincare Products

Gift-giving can also be practical. Pamper her with self-care products for her skin, from deliciously fragrant lotions to creams, serums, and more.

9. Hair Care Products

Pair the skincare line with luxurious products for her hair type – showing how much you really know her, contributing to her “me time.”

10. Kitchen Accessories

Treat your mom with unique, uncommon goods, like personalized coasters or oven mitts – items she and her guests can admire and use.

11. Books

A simple visit to the local bookstore is all you need to spot a great gift for moms who love to indulge in new worlds and creative adventures.

12. Blankets

Soft blankets are a gesture of love to keep her snug on Mother’s Day and all year long. Keep her cozy after a long day of being the best mom ever.

13. Wine Set

Cheers to all the wonderful moms out there! A sophisticated wine set with a nice glass just for her is a great gift for creating moments of joy and celebration.

14. Wallets

Give her the gift of organized elegance for her daily essentials. A chic wallet is a stylish and practical Mother’s Day gift she’ll carry with pride.

15. Bathroom Accessories

From makeup organizers to such uncommon goods as custom shower curtains, be creative this Mother’s Day and shop for something special she wouldn’t buy for herself.

16. Tea or Coffee Set

She deserves a treat after a long day or week of being a wonderful mom. A delightful tea or coffee set is a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for moments of relaxation.

17. Fashion Accessories

Pick out a heartwarming gift to elevate her style – a belt, scarf, or another fashion accessory she’ll wear with pride.

18. Home Decor

Beautify her surroundings and create lasting memories with one-of-a-kind aesthetics for her home. It can be anything from a simple candle to brand-new curtains or a coffee table.

19. Tech Accessories

Tech-savvy moms need tech-savvy gifts. If she’s into technology and all things trendy, consider gifts for her stationary or personal use.

20. Makeup

Some moms start their morning with a makeup routine. While you probably can’t replace the whole thing, consider the latest eye-shadow palette, a high-quality concealer, or a lipstick kit she’ll love.

21. Plants

Plants are a nurturing Mother’s Day gift that adds life and vibrancy to her home. It’s a gift she’ll cherish all year long.

22. Handmade Gifts

A heart-shaped collage of her favorite family photos, a self-made mug, a delicious breakfast for Mother’s Day morning – anything crafted with love and care is a great gift for mom.

23. Hobby Items

Fuel her passions with little knick-knacks she’s guaranteed to love. Hobby-related items are thoughtful gifts that support and encourage her interests.

24. Photo Frame

Capture cherished moments in a stylish, fun, or unique photo frame – a sentimental Mother’s Day gift to display treasured memories.

25. Puzzles

From cozy me-time to fun gatherings with friends and family, puzzles are great gifts for moms to unwind and spark creativity.

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20 Gifts for New Moms

A picture of a mom holding her newborn, celebrating her very first Mother's Day.

Some items can make this day extra special for first-time moms. Browse through this virtual baby registry to grab ideas for your very first Mother’s Day gift. Something every husband can find handy when shopping for a new mama.

1. Plush Toys

These soft companions are cute Mother’s Day gifts for new moms – something to share with their babies or store for memories of their first special holiday.

2. Diaper Bags

Stylish and functional, diaper bags are a new-mom essential for organized outings, ensuring she’s prepared for every baby adventure while out and about.

3. Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are snuggles galore. A cozy gift for new moms, wrapping their little ones in warmth and love on their first memorable holiday.

4. Baby Beanies

How about an adorable hat for the newest family member? Baby beanies are a sweet gesture from the heart to keep the little one warm and stylish.

5. Essential Oils

Offer new moms a soothing escape. Used in diffusers or applied topically, these calming scents provide tranquility amidst the whirlwind of motherhood.

6. Loungewear

Get something nice and luxurious for a new mom who has just undergone a major transformation of life and body.

7. Strollers

While it might be a bit extravagant, many moms will greatly appreciate this. A stroller is a game-changing gift for new moms, providing convenience and ease.

8. Massager

Give a new mom the gift of relaxation at her fingertips. A massager is perfect for new moms to unwind and release tension after long, nurturing days.

9. Bodycare

Pamper her postpartum journey. The best gift for a mom in recovery is something that helps her heal and restore confidence in her changing body – trust us, she’ll love it.

10. Spa Set

From delicious bath sets to lotions, scrubs, and healing oils. This is a luxurious and well-deserved gift for new moms, offering moments of serenity during the joyful chaos.

11. Journal

A journal is a heartfelt gift for new moms to capture their motherhood journey’s precious moments and emotions.

12. Box With Her Favorite Snacks

A snack-filled gift box with her favorite goodies is a thoughtful gift for new moms, ensuring they have quick, delicious bites during busy days.

13. Smartwatch

Who has time to handle a phone while nursing a baby? A smartwatch is a functional gift for new moms, keeping them connected and organized while embracing the multitasking of motherhood.

14. Meal Service Delivery

Meal service delivery is a practical gift for new moms, ensuring delicious, hassle-free meals during the early days of parenthood – it’s a culinary ease in a box.

15. Tumblers

Spill-proof tumblers are just what new mamas need while balancing the joyful chaos of motherhood, keeping their favorite beverages hot or cold in style.

16. Nursing Pillow

An invaluable gift for new moms, providing support and comfort during those intimate nursing sessions – for both the baby and the mama.

17. Pajama Set

A soft and cozy pajama set is a delightful gift, promising a touch of comfort during well-deserved moments of rest.

18. A Night Out

New moms deserve a night away from motherhood’s overwhelming but beautiful chaos. Fun nights are wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas for a wife just getting used to her new life.

19. Custom Onesies

A cute onesie for their first Mother’s Day together will be a cherished gift. Pair it with a matching outfit for the mom, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate present.

20. Baby Sling

A baby sling is more than just practical; it’s a heartfelt gift for new moms. Keep your little one close, enjoying precious bonding moments with the soothing rhythm of your heartbeat.

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15 Practical and Creative Mother's Day Gifts for Mother-In-Law

A heartfelt photo of adults congratulating the mother-in-law on Mother's Day.

What are the three most common Mother’s Day gifts? Chocolates, flowers, and a cute card. But if your mother-in-law enjoys something more practical and creative, she’ll appreciate this list on Mother’s Day.

Sweet indulgence for a sweet mother-in-law. Delight her taste buds with an exquisite candy or cookie set, a perfect Mother’s Day treat.

2. Home Scents/Diffusers

Transform her space into an aromatic bliss. Home scents or diffusers are thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts, bringing tranquility and relaxation to her home.

3. Cookware and Accessories

Stylish cookware and accessories are a Mother’s Day delight for a mom who loves creating delicious meals for her extended family.

4. Teapot and Cups

Offer timeless elegance for tea lovers. A teapot and cups are a charming Mother’s Day gift for your mother-in-law, perfect for leisurely sipping and shared moments.

5. Home Textiles

From new bedding sets to funky curtains, if you know your in-law’s style or want to get something chic and trendy, this is your chance.

6. Hand Care Set

Take care of the hands that took care of your better half. It’s the best gift if you want to get her something handy. Literally.

7. Charcuterie Boards

These culinary elegances for entertaining are sophisticated Mother’s Day gifts, perfect for creating delicious spreads and cherished memories.

8. Humidifier

A humidifier makes a practical gift, promoting a soothing atmosphere and enhancing her well-being. Pair it with some nice oils with enticing aromas.

9. Thank You Card

Mother’s Day gifts from a daughter or son-in-law can be silly and sentimental at the same time. Send her a thank you card for being a great bonus mom or raising a somewhat decent child.

10. Sleep Kit

Aromatic sleep spray, a sleep mask, and a white-noise machine are only some essentials that can improve the quality of sleep. Consider gifting this for your mother-in-law’s restful nights.

11. Comfy Slippers

Cozy and soft slippers are great house gifts for Mother’s Day. Ensure fluffy comfort for your mother-in-law with every step she takes.

12. Wireless Charging Station

A wireless charging station is a modern Mother’s Day gift for your tech-savvy in-law, keeping her devices charged with ease as she’s managing the house.

13. Makeup Organizer

An elegant order for her beauty essentials. A makeup organizer is a chic and practical gift, adding style and efficiency to her daily routine.

14. Salt Lamp

We warned you about the creative ideas. And lots of gift guides suggest salt lamps. It might be just the unique thing she needs for the house.

15. Cookbook Organizer

Give her practical elegance for her kitchen adventures. If she loves to cook and has an extensive collection of recipes, this is just what she needs.

Remember that these gifts are perfect choices not just for mothers-in-law but all mother figures in our lives. The practicality and creativity of this list make it the go-to guide for unusual but special gifts, combining practicality and sometimes a dash of humor.

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20 Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

A picture of a happy mother and daughter, celebrating Mother's Day with a customized gift.

From custom Mother’s Day t-shirt ideas to personalized accessories, games, and home essentials. With Print on Demand, you can customize close to anything to fit your mom’s style, needs, and preferences.

1. Custom T-Shirt

Happy Mother’s Day shirts allow your mom to wear your love much longer than any bouquet of flowers will ever last. Design a shirt with a family photo or a special quote for a unique and fashionable gift.

2. Custom Hoodie

The same goes for hoodies – the ultimate symbols of comfort worldwide. Wrap her in personalization no matter the season.

3. Custom Mug

Design a mug showcasing family photos or a heartfelt message – a daily reminder for any mother figure of your love and appreciation.

4. Personalized Keyring

From initials and special dates to cute messages and imagery. Customize a keyring so she can carry your love while out and about.

5. Custom Poker Cards

Turn game night into a personalized experience with a custom deck of cards – a fun and unique Mother’s Day gift.

6. Custom Poster

Design a poster with family photos, special milestones, or a favorite quote – a chic and sentimental addition to any mom’s space.

7. Custom Pillows

Personalize cute little cushions for indoor or outdoor use with a one-of-a-kind design that every mom will appreciate on Mother’s Day.

8. Personalized Cutting Board

Add sentiment to every slice. Customize a cutting board with her favorite recipe or something extra special to elevate her cooking experience and kitchen aesthetic.

9. Custom Tote Bag

A reusable tote is an excellent gift for mom. She can take it with her while out and about, promoting environmentally-conscious life choices.

10. Personalized Necklace

Design a necklace with her favorite symbols, colors, or initials for a timeless and elegant Mother’s Day keepsake.

11. Custom Phone Case

Personalize a phone case with fun patterns, personal messages, or a special quote – a daily reminder of your love for any tech-savvy mom.

12. Personalized Bookmark

Design a bookmark with her favorite quote, special design elements, or a personal message. This will be a cherished gift by moms who love to read during their downtime.

13. Personalized Candle

Illuminate the house with customized candles. Pick her favorite scents and design a label that will warm the room and her heart.

14. Custom Socks

Socks are a great and silly gift for moms, as they’re usually the go-to option for dads worldwide. Personalize them with funny or heartfelt designs for a unique Mother’s Day gift.

15. Custom Water Bottle

Socks are a great and silly gift for moms, as they’re usually the go-to option for dads worldwide. Personalize them with funny or heartfelt designs for a unique Mother’s Day gift.

16. Custom Coasters

Personalized coasters are nice, practical, and unique gifts for Mother’s Day. It’s something for moms and guests to admire on a daily basis.

17. Personalized Wine Tumbler

Replace a regular wine glass with a sustainable and practical wine tumbler for summer outings, no matter the weather.

18. Custom Hat

From trucker caps to kitschy bucket hats with personalized designs. Surprise mom with a unique accessory on her day.

19. Custom Magnets

Magnetize memories that stick. Personalize a magnet with family photos or a heartfelt message for a charming Mother’s Day keepsake for the fridge.

20. Custom Pet Clothing

If your mom has a furry baby that would gladly wish her a happy Mother’s Day as well, you can customize an outfit with a heartfelt message.

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10 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

A heartfelt image of a mother and son sharing smiles and happiness on Mother's Day.

What are traditional Mother’s Day gifts? A bouquet and a card. Both are easily picked up on the way to mom’s. But if you still want to get her something more special, even if it’s last minute, we’ve got the list for you.

1. Masterclass

Elevate her skills. Gift a masterclass for her hobbies or something absurdly new she’s always wanted to try. It’s a thoughtful and enriching experience for her passions.

2. Subscription

Give her a monthly surprise. Subscribe to her favorite magazine, streaming service, or any other type of entertainment you know she’ll enjoy.

3. Lunch Date

Invite mom for lunch at a place special to both of you or simply someplace nice. That way, you get to spend time together, and she doesn’t have to cook on her day.

4. Cake

Keep things simple and get her a cake. This will be an appreciated hit among moms with a sweet tooth. And maybe you’ll get a slice, too.

5. Spontaneous Trip

Plan a spontaneous trip – a thrilling and unforgettable last-minute Mother’s Day adventure for the both of you to share and remember.

6. Basket of Goods

Create a basket with her favorite goodies. It’s a thoughtful and quick last-minute Mother’s Day gesture that still shows how much you know her and care.

7. Tea Bag Sampler

A simple and quick DIY gift for moms who prefer tea over coffee. Go to your local store, grab a nice box or basket, and fill it with delicious teas for every taste and mood.

8. Quality Time

Sometimes, you don’t need physical gifts. The best gift you can give mom is some quality time with her. No rush, no outings, no worries. Just laughter and new memories all day long.

9. Event Tickets

Give mom the gift of entertainment. Buy tickets to a show, concert, play, or any other type of experience you know she’ll enjoy.

10. Heartfelt Video

Last but not least, film a simple but heartwarming video wishing her a very special, wonderful, and beautiful Mother’s Day – because she deserves it.

What Sells Most for Mother’s Day?

Flowers, jewelry, greeting cards, and special outings are exceptionally popular Mother’s Day gifts, but more and more people are looking for something customized and unique.

Mother’s Day is a global celebration recognized in over 100 countries. It’s not just a cultural tradition but a booming market as well.

In 2023, Americans alone planned to spend $35.7 billion on outings, activities, and gifts for Mother’s Day.

And with 47% seeking out personalization and one-of-a-kind gifts, this is your chance to spruce up your inventory and skyrocket sales with Printify.

How to Sell Mother’s Day Gifts With Printify?

Come up with unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for your wife, mom, grandma, aunt, stepmom, mother-in-law, or any other mother figure, and customize them with Printify. In mere minutes, you can have your products designed and listed online.

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Final Thoughts

Discover 90 captivating Mother’s Day gift ideas tailored for diverse tastes, interests, and moms. 

From custom ideas to timeless classics, our curated list ensures the perfect gesture for every mother figure. 

Since people are craving more personalization, turn to Printify’s vast scope of customizable products to add that special touch, making this Mother’s Day truly exceptional.

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