25 Things to Sell for Christmas and Make Extra Money

25 Things to Sell for Christmas and Make Extra Money

With bells jingling and people tingling with Christmas excitement, ’tis the season to shop and wrap unique holiday gifts.

This is the perfect opportunity to start or expand your online store with seasonal bestsellers for a local and global audience. From wooden Christmas crafts and personalized jewelry to holiday home decor and more. 

Roll up your ugly Christmas sweater sleeves and get ready for the shopping season with the top 25 things to sell for Christmas.

Why Sell Custom Christmas Products?

Because these are fun things to add to your virtual stock that will definitely sell – a perfect chance to cash in on seasonal income and explore new business ideas. 

84% of holiday shoppers look for discounts, sales, and great deals during Christmas time. Those are people coming to you – looking specifically for your product ideas for their Christmas gifts and home decor.

And Christmas goods sell like hotcakes during the holiday season.

In 2022, holiday sales reached $936.3 billion. That’s an impressive amount of shoppers looking for Christmas-themed merchandise. Gift-giving is a part of the tradition that people aren’t ready to let go of, and something personalized definitely qualifies as the perfect present.

What Sells the Most During Christmas?

A young brunette wearing a Santa cap in a room with Christmas decorations smiles while scrolling through a smartphone with one hand and holding a credit card in the other.

In short, everything. But that’s not the answer to skyrocket your sales or help you pick things to sell during the Christmas shopping frenzy. That’s where facts come in handy.

The top six retail categories booming during the Christmas season are

  • Clothing and Accessories (73%)
  • Food and Beverage (70%)
  • Health and Wellness (70%)
  • Toys and Hobbies (64%)
  • Electronics and Accessories (47%)
  • Home and Kitchen (36%)

Clothing, custom shoes, and books are among the best Christmas products to sell. 

When putting together your holiday collection, make sure to include products from these best-selling categories to ensure your Wix, eBay, or Etsy shop succeeds during the Christmas season.

Top 25 Christmas Products to Sell in 2023

You can sell Christmas wreaths, homemade ornaments, and other holiday crafts, but those take time and other important resources you don’t want to waste. The beauty of Print on Demand (POD) is the freedom to customize anything – making it fit for the holiday season.

Here are the top Christmas products to make and sell in your online store from the Printify Catalog.

1. Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are a global holiday symbol for practical and stylish reasons. Whether hanging for candy and small gifts or serving as Christmas decor, these soft, cute, and appealing accessories are a great idea to sell online.

Add holiday patterns, images, symbols, or text to design top-selling stockings online.

2. Christmas Ornaments

Personalized christmas ornaments are some of the best-selling Christmas crafts online. People love to dazzle their Christmas trees and houses with customized decorations, and these are a fun idea for stockings, secret Santas, or holiday gifts.

Sell ornaments with names, Christmas characters, symbols, or heartwarming text designs for every taste and occasion.

Check out our blog for more ideas on Christmas ornaments to make and sell.

3. Christmas Cards

A personalized card is a great craft idea that will make the holidays extra special. They’re top-selling Christmas items – always in demand. Make your own Christmas cards to earn extra cash.

From Christmas miracles and beloved symbols to important announcements within the design. Get creative with unique greeting cards to make and sell for Christmas.

4. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Skyrocket your income throughout the holiday season by selling ugly Christmas sweaters.

These seasonal staples are must-haves in every home for big and small enthusiasts. Make and sell ugly Christmas sweaters with quirky puns, funny imagery, or holiday patterns that make them hideously cute. They’ll sell like hotcakes.

5. Christmas Pajamas

Create the ultimate cozy Christmas feeling by snuggling on the couch in comfy custom pajamas, a hot cup of cocoa, and your favorite Christmas movie. 

Pair your customized pajama pants with a comfortable short or long-sleeve tee for the perfect Christmas combo. Add holiday-themed design elements, patterns, or imagery and make extra money selling comfort and style in the shape of a pajama.

6. Christmas Wrapping Paper

What would Christmas be without gifts? And we don’t mean something extravagant, expensive, and over the top. The best presents are ones from the heart. And what better way to add extra sentiment than with custom wrapping paper?

Make and sell personalized wrapping paper for different demographics, themes, and gifts. Stand out from the generic offers in local stores by designing something unique.

7. Christmas Gift Bags

Reusable and fully customizable gift bags are some of the best Christmas items to make and sell. They provide a unique way of storing and presenting gifts and a chance to contribute to the environment at the same time.

Bedazzled with holiday-themed designs, these sacks will look great under Christmas trees in every home, office, or setting.

8. Christmas Tree Skirt

A Christmas tree without a skirt is like a body without clothes. It feels naked and incomplete. And who would neglect the ultimate holiday centerpiece?

That’s why tree skirts are convenient items to sell on Christmas. They’re versatile, stylish, and simply necessary. Decorate them in different colors, patterns, and imagery to turn heads at every home during Christmas time.

9. Christmas T-Shirts

Custom Christmas t-shirts are among the best Christmas items to make and sell. They’re versatile, evergreen, and a beloved wardrobe staple all year round.

Decorate your custom t-shirts with Christmassy patterns, scenery, well wishes, quotes, religious scriptures, Christmas trees, photos, names, and more. They’ll sell like ugly Christmas sweaters – if not more.

10. Christmas Mugs

Custom mugs rank high among things to make and sell for Christmas. They’re the perfect gifts for loved ones, friends, employees, or colleagues who enjoy a warm beverage here and there.

Mugs provide the perfect canvas for your own art, names, titles, patterns, imagery, and any other design element. Customize your Christmas mugs and earn extra cash this holiday season with these ultimate bestsellers.

11. Christmas Candles

Bring the delicious smell of the holidays into every home, office, and setting with personalized candles.

Our eco-friendly soy wax blends, combined with sweet and fresh aromas, will make the perfect gifts and home aesthetics for everyone who enjoys daydreaming in a cloud of yummy scents. Mix those with holiday-themed designs, and you’ve got some of the best Christmas things to sell.

12. Plush Toys

Stuffed animals aren’t just for kids. They bring joy and loving memories to children and adults. This Christmas, you can create personalized plush toys that will please the whole family. 

Our Catalog stores a variety of animals to choose from – with the possibility to customize their little shirts. Decorate them with season’s greetings, snowmen, or a Christmas tree here and there to put some extra love and holiday spirit onto something small, cute, and meaningful.

13. Christmas Oven Mitts

While holiday crafts and Christmas ornaments are already beloved gift ideas, go with something unique this year – Print on Demand oven mitts.

These will be a great gift to a friend or family member who enjoys baking and filling homes with delicious holiday aromas. And they make unique accessories for a Christmassy kitchen aesthetic. Every proud homeowner will gladly display them for others to see.

14. Christmas Tablecloth

While Christmas wreaths decorate every entrance, we need something that will spruce up the dinner table and turn heads at every gathering. And our Catalog has just what you need – make and sell custom tablecloths designed for the holidays.

Perfect for the centerpiece roast, this accessory adds a Christmas feeling to every setting and home.

15. Christmas Aprons

Custom aprons are excellent Christmas items to make and sell during the seasonal shopping frenzy. They’re must-haves in every home and make the ideal gifts for chefs, cooking enthusiasts, and homeowners who proudly spend time in their kitchens. 

Decorated with Christmas-themed designs, these will come in handy – and look great – while preparing delicious goods for the holidays.

16. Christmas Pet Costumes

Of all the things to sell during Christmas, pet costumes might be the cutest ones, covered in traditional designs with gingerbread men, reindeer, or elves.

However, even though costumes can amuse humans, they’re not necessarily pleasant to wear for the animals themselves. So, consider offering something more eco-friendly and comfortable for our little companions, such as custom pet hoodies that will keep them cozy.

17. Christmas Puzzles

Christmas puzzles are excellent items to make and sell during the holidays. They’re stimulating, beautiful, and fun for the whole family. Once done, they can make wonderful wall art to cherish for years to come.

Design unique jigsaws with holiday-inspired imagery, text, or patterns, add some family photos for extra customization, or make fun announcements to surprise families on Christmas.

18. Christmas Mason Jars

Mason jars are excellent items to make and sell around Christmas. With fun designs and versatile use, these evergreen products are must-haves in every home, office, or event.

A mason jar is perfect for cozy drinks, storing candy, or displaying in cute settings. With holiday-themed designs, personalized mason jars practically sell themselves.

19. Christmas Slippers

If you want to make and sell something extra cozy, soft, and fluffy this year, you can’t go wrong with custom slippers.

Combining comfort and style, these long-lasting home accessories can become your seasonal bestsellers with the right design. Think winter scenes, animals, holiday elements, and fun prints. Maybe even a line or two that will make the wearer feel extra special.

20. Christmas Journals

From writing down your favorite Christmas recipes to loving memories, adventures, or daily scriptures, custom journals come in handy in more than one way.

Make and sell Christmas journals to those who cherish writing, scribbling, or simply putting thoughts on paper. Earn extra money by offering shoppers something practical and meaningful this year.

21. Christmas Socks

While somewhat of a humorous gift-giving staple, socks are rocking their way back into fashion, homes, and people’s lives. And with fun and quirky designs, these will not only be wardrobe staples but your seasonal bestsellers as well.

Craft some Christmassy patterns, text, and photo designs, add holiday-themed elements and other details that will make your custom socks the best in the market.

22. Christmas Stickers

Small, handy, and unique. Custom stickers are excellent things to make and sell during holidays. They’re perfect, cute little presents or additions to a well-wrapped holiday gift.

These best-selling Christmas crafts will be a hot pick on your online store, with people looking for something extra special to add to a loving surprise.

23. Christmas Table Runners

Just like tablecloths, table runners add a festive touch to your Christmas dinner or holiday decor. They allow hosts to express themselves and improve the overall dining experience for them and their guests.

Add wintery scenes, holiday patterns, and various Christmas-related design elements to make and sell unique table runners that will turn heads and wow every guest.

24. Christmas Coasters

What better way to keep your tables and tablecloths safe than with custom coasters designed for the holidays?

These practical and cute home accessories can add charm to family gatherings and events with Christmas-themed designs. And they’re cost-effective items to make and sell, tapping into the holiday joy and vast consumer base around the world.

25. Christmas Cutting Boards

From festive charcuterie boards to kitchen essentials, personalized cutting boards serve as practical tools all year round to decorative centerpieces during the holidays.

Make and sell Christmas cutting boards with custom designs. Earn extra cash selling thoughtful presents or home aesthetics, combining creativity with practicality for every kitchen and home.

Make and Sell Christmas Dropshipping Products in a Few Clicks

You can have your Christmas ornaments, wall art, personalized jewelry, or other custom products picked, designed, and listed online in a few simple steps. 

Sign Up

Register to Printify with an email address or sign up with your Google Account. Fill in the necessary information to finalize your account and gain access to our free platform and all its epic benefits and features.

Choose a Product

Head over to our Catalog and choose something from our above-listed items to sell for Christmas, or explore other product options. We have it all. Filter products by criteria important to you and your business.

Apply Your Design

Once you pick a product, click Start designing to unleash your festive creativity. Create patterns, add text in different colors, fonts, and languages, upload photos, add emojis, and scale the design to your liking.

Order Samples

We highly recommend ordering product samples – no matter what you choose to sell. Sampling allows you to test your design, product, print quality, and the entire fulfillment process before offering it to your customers.

Publish and Start Selling

Pick one of the many eCommerce platforms or marketplaces in high demand, create your online store, and integrate with Printify in a few clicks. This will make product listing, pricing, and order handling extremely easy.

Why Sell Custom Christmas Products With Printify?

A young woman with large glasses and wearing a green wool blouse holds a white mug while writing in a journal and working in front of a laptop.

Partner with Printify and benefit from the many pros of Print on Demand (POD). Make and sell Christmas products with ease and minimal upfront investment, free automation, and well-scouted partnerships.


POD requires no physical store, inventory, or upfront investments. Each order is printed, packaged, and shipped by the Print Provider directly to your customer.

Extensive Catalog

Our product vault stores more than 900 customizable products. Anything from clothing and shoes to pet supplies, games, home decor, and more.

eCommerce Integrations

All products can be listed on an eBay or Etsy shop or the biggest eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, or WooCommerce.

Endless Customization

Add a custom design or choose an image from Shutterstock. Customize the product in our free and user-friendly Product Creator (previously known as Mockup Generator).

Dedicated Support

Our Merchant Support agents are always available and ready to help, guide, and support you via chat on workdays or email 24/7.

Design the Best Christmas Items to Sell During the Holiday Season

Explore our list of the best things to sell for Christmas and get inspired for your holiday sales.

You can make and sell ornaments, wall art, mugs, journals, stockings, greeting cards, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Partner with Printify, create your POD online store, and design the best Christmas products from our extensive Catalog. We’ll have your back and help you get that extra cash during the holidays, taking care of the orders for you.

We wish you luck in your eCommerce journey and a successful holiday season.

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