19 Things to Sell for Christmas and Make Extra Money

19 Things to Sell for Christmas and Make Extra Money

With Christmas bells just around the corner, it’s time to shop and prepare gifts. It’s the perfect opportunity to start or expand your online shop and spread the word about the brand locally and worldwide. 

Choose all kinds of Christmas knick-knacks and products designed especially for the holidays to add to your online shop. From a mason jar full of treats to Christmas decor, grab your slice of this seasonal money pie with the top 19 things to sell for Christmas.

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Why Sell Custom Christmas Products?

It’s no secret that shopping statistics tend to grow around the festive season. People still want to save money, but surprising their loved ones with the perfect gift is a priority. And nothing is more special than a customized present.

In 2021 there was a growth of holiday retail in the US of 8.5% compared to the previous year.

During the holiday season, people are busier than ever. Making plans, preparing outfits, gourmet meals, and just about everything else Christmas-related. That leaves less time for gift shopping – 43% of consumers planned to begin holiday shopping before October ends, but 70% of shoppers did some shopping in the last week before Christmas.

However, it also boosts interest in shopping online. 

The Christmas season is the perfect chance to cash in on seasonal income and explore new business ideas. At least 55% of consumers planned to shop online for Christmas in 2021 – this is the time for more people to explore the eCommerce world and all its offers.

Custom products around Christmas time are the ultimate merchandise to sell online. 

73% of consumers look for gift ideas within the clothing and accessories category. Get ready for Christmas and make this holiday special for you and your customers.

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Top 19 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022

We’ve got you covered if you want to know how to make extra cash during the holidays. Get selling ideas from clothing and accessories to Christmas ornaments and best sellers – here are the top Christmas products to sell in your online shop during this holiday season.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Stockings

Whether hanging for practical reasons – to be filled with candy and small gifts – or for stylish purposes, Christmas stockings are a holiday symbol worldwide. They shouldn’t be left out of any list of Christmas products to sell.

Design Christmas stockings to your liking and appeal to customers around the world. Add the option of personalization by printing names, special messages, and well wishes. Offer various patterns, company logos, family photos, or general winter and Christmas scenery and symbols to make your stockings stand out amongst competitors.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are unbeatable best-selling Christmas items. They’re everywhere – mistletoes above our heads, colorful lights around every corner, stockings, table decors, as wall art, and around the Christmas tree. 

Make and sell Christmas ornaments in various shapes, materials, sizes, and designs. Offer your customers simple designs, personalized names, quotes, and holiday sceneries. Let the Christmas spirit shine through it all. 

Check out our blog for more ideas on Christmas ornaments to make and sell.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Cards

Holiday cards are a unique way of reflecting love, sentiment, and thoughtfulness during the holiday season. Receiving a customized card for Christmas lets others know you remember and are thinking about them. 

There are many reasons why adding holiday cards to your online store is a must – from sharing good memories and well wishes to showing everyone your family, achievements, creativity, or a sense of humor. 

Cards are always in demand and are top-selling Christmas items. Make your own Christmas cards to earn extra money.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Ugly Christmas Sweaters

From simple humor to actual cuteness, ugly Christmas sweaters have become a trend in recent years and are one of the best things to sell for Christmas.

Not only are they the perfect Christmas gifts, but holiday-themed sweaters are also great conversation starters, comfort providers on cold days, and a dash of humor during those dark and long winter nights. 

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a multi-million dollar industry. Make extra cash selling these cute but ugly monstrosities. The uglier, the better.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Pajamas

Create the ultimate cozy Christmas feeling by snuggling on the couch in comfy custom pajamas, a hot cup of cocoa, and your favorite Christmas movie. Pair custom design pajama pants with a comfortable short or long-sleeve shirt, and you’ve got the perfect Christmas combo. 

Holiday-themed pajamas are a must-have Christmas item to make and sell. Offer custom-designed pajamas, pajama pants, shirts, or matching PJs. Your customers will love it as a gift for couples, loved ones, family, or friends. 

Get extra income selling comfort and spreading the Christmas feeling.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Wrapping Paper

Hardly anyone can imagine the holidays without presents.  

Letting someone tear through layers of wrapping paper until they get to the surprise makes gift giving even more special. 

Express your love and sentiment by wrapping your presents in customized wrapping paper

Make and sell Christmas wrapping paper so your customers can express themselves during the holiday season. Add holiday-themed designs, personalized photos, names, or quotes to make this gift-giving season the best.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Gift Bags

What if, instead of wrapping the gifts in paper, you contribute to the environment by offering them in personalized, reusable gift bags? You can bunch presents together, make kits, or group candies and chocolates. 

Instead of throwing away wrapping paper, use bags to make it easier to carry many presents at once. 

In any case, the gift bag may become a present in itself – stylish velour or linen gift bags can be reused many times and repurposed, outliving their original intent.

Employ different color palettes for reusable bags, and use abstract, natural, or landscape patterns that can be associated not only with Christmas.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas trees are beloved holiday symbols and are the centerpiece of home celebrations. What better way to put it on display than with a personalized beautiful, one-of-a-kind tree skirt? 

A personalized Christmas tree skirt is perfect for covering up the plant vase, trunk, tree stand, or wires, setting a clean, uncluttered look. 

Make extra money by offering custom Christmas tree skirts with various personalized designs. Match everyone’s home and holiday displays with winter-themed elements, patterns, pictures, names, or quotes.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Shirts

In the true spirit of selling ugly Christmas sweaters, why not add Christmas shirts to the list? 

Not everyone lives in cold environments. Also, t-shirts are one of the comfiest pieces of clothing out there. Combine comfort with the cheerful spirit of the season. Custom Christmas shirts are among the best Christmas items to make and sell.

Adjust your products to all customer needs. Expand your store with Christmas t-shirts with your designs, Christmassy patterns, scenery, well wishes, quotes, religious scriptures, Christmas trees, photos, names, and more.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Mugs

Holiday-themed mugs are perfect Christmas items to sell online, as they are gifts in constant demand. Bring joy to families, friends, colleagues, or employees around the holidays. 

Custom printed mugs are useful and versatile. Their practicality makes them the ultimate item to offer in an online shop. 

Customers always look for unique mugs to sip their favorite beverage. Get your store ready for the holidays with Christmas mugs of various kinds. 

Add Christmas-themed designs and patterns, and symbolic images. Customize them with names, family photos, quotes, and religious scriptures.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Candles

No list of things to sell for Christmas would be complete without Christmas candles.

Custom candles are great gift ideas for everyone. They transform an ordinary space into something magical not just with the scent but with looks as well. 

Make and sell custom Christmas candles to help customers set the right mood for their winter wonderland. 

Print custom designs to match every home space and Christmas setup. Add winter-themed sceneries and symbols like snowflakes, or personalize candles with names, photos, quotes, and well wishes. Customized holiday candles are gifts that keep on giving.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Plush Toys

Stuffed animals are not just children’s favorites – they arouse good feelings in children and adults and remain some of the best Christmas products to sell. 

Create personalized plush toys that will please the whole family. 

Even though reindeer and moose will fit the occasion, don’t be afraid to be creative and offer different animals. Elephants, pandas, and lions can bring multiculturality and make the holiday celebrations universal.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Oven Mitts

From a traditional turkey to gingerbread men, tiny houses, and trees, Christmas is a time to eat well and celebrate. 

As the celebrations continue until the new year, oven mitts are a helpful gift for the whole Christmas holiday season. Extra hands always are welcome with all the cooking at Christmas time. 

Print Christmas-themed patterns and wintery designs, or add some humor to the recipe – bear hands or Santa gloves will make cooking even funnier. 

In any case, oven mitts will be used long after the holiday sales. Make and sell memorable holiday gifts that bring good memories while remaining useful.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Tablecloth

For many, Christmas without a beautifully dressed dining table is not Christmas. Some tablecloths are used yearly, becoming the backdrop for cherished memories.

Customize Christmas tablecloths according to your niche, but keep in mind broader audiences – classic and formal pieces will never lose their place in people’s hearts but don’t be afraid to offer unique and innovative Christmas-themed designs and patterns.

Remember, this gift will have to stand the test of time. Polyester tablecloths are ideal due to their durability, resistance to humidity, and quality printing.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Aprons

From a classic or vintage look to funny takes, customized aprons are the natural complement to your Christmassy oven mitts, tablecloths, and fantastic things to sell for Christmas.

Create kitchen accessory kits, sell products in pairs or bundles, and get that extra money for commemorating your holiday season. 

Get a variety of aprons in our catalog – from water-absorbent natural cotton aprons to water-repellent apparel made out of polyester; find the perfect apron for different cooking tasks.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Pet Costumes

Some pet owners spare no expense to dress their buddies according to the occasion. 

Indeed, pets are valued family members and, as such, will get their Christmas presents as well. 

Pet costumes are fun Christmas products to sell that appeal to a highly passionate audience. Traditional costumes such as gingerbread men, reindeer, or elves are always in customers’ preferences. 

However, even though costumes can amuse humans, they’re not necessarily pleasant to wear for the animals themselves. 

Consider offering something more eco-friendly and comfortable for the little buddy – a customized bandana or a tank top that will keep them cozy.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Puzzles

Christmas also means an opportunity to reunite with family and friends.

Jigsaw puzzles are among the best Christmas products to sell. They are great selling ideas as engaging hobbies that will deliver quality time for everyone.

Customize Christmas puzzles with stunning visuals – wintery landscapes, nativity, religious scenes, or funny Christmas tales. 

That time will pass quickly but will remain in your customer’s hearts. Pair the puzzles creatively with other accessories – for instance, mugs for drinking eggnog or mulled wine while assembling the puzzle in front of a cozy fireplace.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Mason Jars

Mason jars are practical and reusable. 

They can also be transformed into fun Christmas products to sell, transcending their original purpose of long-term food storage. 

For instance, a mason jar may become a snowman or snow globe container, a jar candle, a luminary, wall art, or a cookie display. And, of course, consider creating a mason jar filled with candies, chocolates, or gingerbread men. 

Mason jars are available in our catalog and are customizable with patterns or designs printed on the glass or used as mugs.

Top 20 Christmas Products to Sell in 2022 - Christmas Slippers

Lastly, don’t forget to add super-comfy slippers to your list of things to sell for Christmas. 

Personalized slippers are wonderful for comfort and keeping indoors clean.

Classic Christmas slippers come in the format of elf shoes or resemble animals like moose or reindeer. However, you can be creative and offer memorable and loved customized products for a longer time, especially in warmer latitudes.  

Pair them with stockings, make thematic sets with reindeer and Christmas characters, or customize sets for the whole family and sell them in a bunch.

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Start Selling During Holiday Season

It’s time to act now that you’re updated on the best things to sell for Christmas. 

Partner with us, create your POD online store, and choose the best Christmas products to sell in our catalog. We’ll have your back and help you to get that extra cash during the holidays. 

We wish you luck in your eCommerce journey and a successful holiday season.

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