The Top 20 Personalized School Supplies for 2024

The Top 20 Personalized School Supplies for 2024

There’s just enough time to prepare for the new school year by creating for yourself or adding personalized school supplies to your store.

Whether you want to ace the school year, add new products to your store’s current collection, or find some great gifts, we’ve got the right back-to-school supplies for you.

What Are the Essential Back-To-School Supplies?

An image of a smiling child in a classroom holding back-to-school supplies: colorful pencils and a book with a blue cover.

Whether back-to-school shopping is something you enjoy or would rather get over with as quickly as possible, children need the best supplies to start the new school year right.

If you’re not sure what back-to-school supplies people need, here’s recent statistics on back-to-school expenditure by category.

The Printify Catalog has something for everyone. With more than 900 high-quality products, you can quickly find the right back-to-school supplies for yourself or your eCommerce store.

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The Top 20 Custom School Supplies for 2024

Set the right mood for the best school year yet with personalized school supplies.

Whether you’re a professional designer or have no artistic experience at all, our beginner-friendly Product Creator allows you to easily customize any of the following products.

1. T-Shirts

An irreplaceable product in every children’s wardrobe, t-shirts have no rivals for everyday life.

Anyone can easily create awesome t-shirts for every occasion – a casual day at school, a fun-filled playdate, or a family gathering.

2. Hoodies

With a great graphic or a meaningful message, custom hoodies become a fashion statement, providing a stylish way to express one’s individuality.

As a practical necessity, they appeal to children and students alike. Whatever size, color, or style you need, we’ve got you covered.

3. Sweatshirts

When it comes to great apparel, sweatshirts are at the top of the list, stemming from their comfort and versatility. 

As the popularity of personalized school supplies continues to grow, awesomely-designed sweatshirts might be just what children need to stand out.

4. Backpacks

Whenever anyone thinks of personalized school supplies, backpacks are one of the first items that spring to mind. 

As a practical accessory, personalized backpacks make the perfect companion for children and students. They are a must for stylish back-to-school supplies.

Make Your Own Personalized Backpacks Today!

5. Socks

Say hello to the exciting world of colorful patterns and original style. With one-of-a-kind designs, these everyday essentials turn into true fashion statements.

Create custom socks that provide style and comfort in every step.

6. Sneakers

As far as personalized school supplies go, custom shoes are a wallet-friendly novelty, bringing joy one pair at a time. With our timeless sneakers, you can end the era of basic shoes and create something truly unique.

7. Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves have become a practical necessity, protecting shiny investments from scratches, dust, and small accidents. As a product with an evergreen demand, they won’t fall out of favor anytime soon.

Today, anyone can design a custom laptop sleeve. Whatever the size, shape, or model, our products provide a snug and stylish fit to any laptop.

8. Water Bottles

Water bottles have become increasingly popular, proving themselves to be one of the best back-to-school supplies children want and need.

Water bottles are perfect for students on the go, providing hydration throughout the day.

Quick Tip:

In addition to water bottles, design other eco-friendly products to help take care of our Earth.

Make Your Own Water Bottles Today!

9. Stickers

Stickers are one of the most popular back-to-school supplies anyone can personalize. Whether it’s a cute animal or a witty phrase, they’re great for various designs.

Quick Tip:

If you’re on a search for a profitable eCommerce niche, consider selling stickers on Etsy. Appealing to Etsy’s audience isn’t hard with original designs..

10. Pin Buttons

Synonymous with fun, pin buttons make a great addition to your collection of custom school supplies. They’re widely enjoyed by children and adults alike.

If there’s an eye-catching design close to your heart, pin buttons are the perfect canvas – wholesome in style and appealing in price.

11. Desk Mats

Students can add a touch of style to their study space and create a more enjoyable learning environment with personalized desk mats.

Not only do they protect the desk from unappealing scratches and accidental spills, they improve the overall aesthetics of the whole room.

Today, anyone can take advantage of our Print Providers’ state-of-the-art printing techniques to create beautiful custom desk mats.

Make Your Own Custom School Supplies Today!

12. Lunch Bags

Lunch bags are a lifesaver for those who prefer preparing meals for their children themselves.

They provide a practical way of carrying meals while also adding a touch of personal style in the form of names, quotes, or illustrations.

13. AirPods Case Covers and Wireless Earbuds

Our AirPods covers safeguard your earbuds against scratches, bumps, and drops while providing the perfect canvas for any design you want.

The Essos True Wireless Earbuds – with an ergonomic design for a comfortable fit – is another great option for custom back-to-school supplies.

14. Wireless Chargers

Promote a more convenient charging experience by reducing the risk of tripping, pulling on cords, and accidentally damaging smartphones. Just add an awesome design, and you’ve got a product students are sure to love and use on a daily basis.

15. Notebooks

Notebooks – personalized with names, graphics, or quotes – are a great addition to any student’s school supplies. Design personalized pencils, bags, or water bottles for a perfect complementary product.

Whether you prefer lined pages for schoolwork or blank pages for doodling, we’ve got journals and notebooks to suit every preference.

Make Your Own Personalized Back-To-School Supplies Today!

16. Pencil Cases

If you’re after inexpensive personalized school supplies, these customizable pencil cases are an ideal choice.

Is there a better place for personalized pencils or Post-it® notes than a pencil case with beautiful graphics, names, initials, or quotes? Highly unlikely.

17. Mugs

Create personalized mugs with names, monograms, or initials so that the little ones know exactly which items are meant for them.

Personalized mugs enjoy unwavering demand and continue to bring joy to millions at an affordable price.

18. Clipboards

In the world of plain back-to-school products, custom-made school supplies – just like these clipboards – are like a breath of fresh air. 

Welcome the extraordinary and customize the clipboard to your heart’s content, creating a product everyone will love.


If you want to create practical items that’ll easily find a place to call home, bookmarks help students to never lose their place in a book.

A practical, stylish, and civilized alternative to the dog-earing method, keeping books in pristine condition.

20. Phone Cases

As an all-time bestseller, phone cases have already proved their usefulness in the everyday struggle of safeguarding these shiny investments at an affordable price.

Personalize Back-To-School Products With Printify

Today, anyone can make personalized back-to-school supplies. Whether for yourself or your eCommerce store, we’ve got a world of products for everyone.

When the product’s ready, we’ll swiftly print, pack, and ship it directly to your or your customer’s address.

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Back-To-School Spending in Numbers

An image of a smiling family (a mother, a father, and their daughter) shopping for back-to-school supplies in a store.

The back-to-school spending in 2023 reached an unprecedented $41.5 billion. There’s certainly a market for personalized school supplies and custom school supplies in general.

The average planned back-to-school spending per person in 2023
$ 0
The average amount college students and their families planned to spend per household in 2023
$ 0

Quick Tip:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply sign up for a free account, design your products, and we’ll do the rest – print, package, and send them directly to your doorstep.

Design and create backpacks, notebooks, water bottles, and various other custom-made school supplies with our beginner-friendly Product Creator.

We have no order minimum, so it’s perfect for those who want to create a single or just a few items for their children and send them to school in style.

In 2024, these are going to be the most popular product categories with the highest expected spending:

This list is not exhaustive – there are plenty of other back-to-school bestsellers that can be easily personalized with our free design tool.

When preparing for school, don’t forget to pack the backpack at home with these items.

A Few Closing Thoughts

We hope you found our A+ list of personalized school supplies for 2024 useful. While creating a product may take some time, the joy it’ll bring is worth the effort.

Whether you’re looking for new products to add to your store or a gift for your little ones, the Printify Catalog has a wealth of personalized school supplies that you can customize to your heart’s content.

Make Your Own Custom School Supplies Today!

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