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Are you looking to make and sell your own custom stickers? Make cheap custom stickers using our online sticker maker.

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Custom Stickers

Vinyl surface stickers with permanent acrylic adhesive back-side, perfect for smooth flat surfaces (like laptops, journals, windows, etc.).

Glossy Paper Finish

Glossy finish makes the colors of an image more vibrant and shiny. Scratch-resistant surface.

Vibrant Colors

Printing with environmentally friendly eco-solvent inks provides extraordinary bright colors.

Our Sticker Types

Custom Stickers Kiss-cut Stickers

When it comes to custom printed stickers, it’s hard to look past kiss-cut. This method of cutting the sticker to the shape of your design helps to create a more custom, personalized appearance.  

The term kiss-cut comes from the way the sticker shape is cut from the material. A cutting die cuts through the adhesive ‘sticker’ part, but only kisses the backing paper, allowing you to peel your custom sticker from the non-adhesive paper in the desired shape.  

Available in 4 different sizes 2×2″, 3×3″, 4×4″, and 6×6″. Just like the square cut stickers, our kiss-cut stickers can be used both indoors and outside. Giving you endless applications and design options while making your own stickers.

You can achieve any shape you like with kiss-cut stickers. One thing that is important to remember is your design will be followed by either a white or transparent ‘edge’:

  • 2×2 sticker – Kiss-cut will be 20 px away from the edge of the image
  • 3×3 sticker – Kiss-cut will be 30 px away from the edge of the image
  • 4×4 sticker – Kiss-cut will be 40 px away from the edge of the image
  • 6×6 sticker – Kiss-cut will be 50 px away from the edge of the image
Custom Stickers Square Cut Design

If your designs are all about retro vibes, uniformed shapes, and clean lines, square-cut stickers are for you. This type of sticker looks exactly as described, its a 1:1 ratio cut sticker, so no matter what shape you design, it will only ever print on a square blank.

Our square cut stickers are made from a vinyl that can be used both indoor and outside, which opens up a number of additional applications compared to stickers that can only be used inside. The glossy surface is also scratch-resistant, which again makes these stickers perfect for exterior use.

The reason that square-cut stickers are so popular is down to the fact that, with the right designs, you get a lot of sticker real estate. Make your own stickers using edge to edge designs will really help your stickers jump out from any surface they are applied to.  

Available in 4 different sizes 2×2″, 3×3″, 4×4″, and 6×6″. You can print your own stickers with each size in mind, or simply apply your design across the range.

Make Your Own Stickers!

Making Custom Stickers - The Process

The process to make your own stickers with Printify could not be easier. In fact, it can be summed up in three fairly easy steps, especially when using our design tool and mock-up preview. Usually, it is the getting started part what is the hardest, but if you have got this far you are already in the right frame of mind. When it comes to making your own stickers, you should try to identify what you want to achieve with them? Once you are clear on your direction, you can start to think more closely about your designs and those who are most likely to benefit from them.

Custom Stickers Mockup Generator

1. Upload Your Design

Once you have decided on the sticker style (square-cut or kiss-cut), you will need to upload your awesome design to our free design tool. Both sticker blanks are square, so your design will appear to look the same. Here is the first, most important difference between square-cut and kiss-cut stickers. To achieve the ‘kiss-cut’ effect, you will need to upload the file as .png rather than .jpeg. Although both file types are accepted, we recommend .png for the best results.  

For kiss-cut stickers, you can also choose the color of the border. This is an important step of the design, as a white border will help your design stand out from the surface it’s applied to. On the other hand, a transparent border will help your design seamlessly blend into its surroundings. 

2. Preview

Now you have your stickers created, you can check our preview tool. This will allow you to get a good idea of what your sticker will look like for real.  If at this point you see some design flaws or problems, or simply want to tweak your design, you can simply return to the design tool and make your amendments. 


3. Start Selling

The next step depend on what integrations you have with Printify. Did you know that you can connect Etsy, WooCommerce, and Shopify, as well as others? This seamless integration will automatically add products, descriptions, and even pricing directly from Printify to your store.  

Don’t worry if you don’t have a degree in accounting, calculating your margins with Printify is perhaps the easiest part of the whole process. You can clearly see the cost price, suggested selling price, and the profit you make from each sticker.

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Make Your Own Stickers With These Design Ideas

 If you want to make your own stickers, you need some inspiration. For some merchants, design inspiration comes easy, for others, it can be more of a process that requires careful planning and thought.

To make it easier for everyone we have come up with some of the best sticker design categories on the market now so that you can make your own stickers with ease.

Custom Stickers With Memes

We have all used meme stickers on our online chats, so why not take them into the physical world. Memes and characters made famous by memes are one of the best selling stickers, they are perfect when using the kiss-cut style, especially when using the white border. Meme stickers are a great way to personalize everything from a laptop to a skateboard, they transcend most age groups and can add both humor and individuality to any surface. Create your own stickers with memes and rake in the profits.

Custom Stickers Memes
Custom Stickers Memes
Custom Stickers Fun Relatable Stickers
Custom Stickers Fun Relatable Stickers

Fun Relatable Stickers

Customers are always more likely to buy stickers that they can relate to. From a funny quote or a design that sums up their personality.

 When designing these types of stickers, the application is not so important. Many customers will use these types of stickers on their laptops, phones, and other devices that are used daily. They are personal to the user and therefore they feel the need to customize it to stand out from the crowd.

Go Beyond the Sticker

QR codes are still a thing of mystery for many, however, this is a truly unique way to deliver a sticker experience like no other. By using a QR code, people can scan the sticker with their phone, this will then take them to a predetermined destination online.

It might open up an app, it might take them to your online store, the possibilities are almost endless. Sticker printing for QR codes is easy and gives your customers the information they need!

Custom Stickers Go Beyond The Sticker
Custom Stickers Go Beyond The Sticker
Custom Stickers Lifestyle Stickers
Custom Stickers Lifestyle Stickers

Lifestyle Stickers

For some customers, lifestyle is about belonging to a group. Take for example skateboarding and alternative sports, by showing up with a deck covered in awesome customized stickers, your customers are going to stand out.

Window Stickers

Window stickers include everything from your car window to your living room, each application can have multiple uses. Let’s take a look for example at a cars rear window, this is the perfect opportunity for your customers to show their support to a local football team, or to tell other drivers that they are carrying precious cargo.

Custom Stickers Window Stickers
Custom Stickers Window Stickers

Frequently Asked Questions

In a word, inexpensive. Our stickers start from $1.34 plus shipping, here is the great news, both square-cut and kiss-cut are the same price. This allows you to keep your pricing consistent across your designs and styles.  Stickers are one of the highest margin products we offer, with merchants achieving as high as 50% and more on some sizes.

All our stickers can be used both on internal and external applications, this is because the vinyl material they are made from is both water and scratch-resistant. The adhesive backing is made from a strong acrylic surface, which helps it adhere to smooth flat surfaces like laptops, windows, and books.

Shipping varies from each provider, you can always check the average time for production, however, the shipping time will depend on where your customer is located in relation to the provider. Shipping costs are always clearly stated by each provider. They can vary from region to region, for example, delivery within the US could be cheaper than international delivery. This is always calculated for you, however, you should always be aware, especially if you plan to ship worldwide.

No, there is no MOQ (minimum order quantity) when you order with Printify. That means you can keep the spare room free from boxes of stickers and stock. This is a fairly unique way of printing stickers, where many other providers will require even a minimum run of 1 sheet of stickers. We on the other hand only expect you to place your order when you get a sale. We would suggest ordering samples of your designs, this is good practice and will also help you understand what your customers can expect to receive when they place their orders with you.

It’s hard to say exactly as each application can vary the strength of the sticker bond. However, for an internal application, for example on a laptop or window, the sticker will stay in place for a long time…As people look to customize their belongings, the number of sticker-covered laptops is increasing.

When the image has been uploaded the edit option will become available, now you will be able to add layers to your design and correct the size making sure it’s a perfect fit. Then the fun begins! As soon as you’re happy with how your designs are looking you can test out what they look like on one of the high-quality previews.

We highly recommend that before you offer your personalized custom printed yoga pants as a product in your store, that you take advantage of our samples option.

This is how you gage the quality of the item and make sure your designs are exactly as you envisioned. Remember as samples are a real production item, they will cost the same price as any your customer will pay.

To keep the stickers in their best condition, it’s best to use a soft, clean, and dry cloth to gently brush any dust or dirt off from the center of the sticker outwards.

Easy peasy, simply peel the backing paper off the sticker and slowly apply the sticker to the surface. There are some tips to make this process even easier. 

Clean the surface first, ideally with a damp cloth, and then dry with a dustfree coth.  Peel off the backing paper in 1 corner Apply one edge and with the dry cloth slowly move the sticker down while removing the backing paper as you go. This will give you a bubble-free sticker application that will stand the test of time.

You can use our amazing, profit printing Mockup generator to create products and make stickers for your store. Printify offers square stickers or kiss-cut stickers, both of which are perfect additions to stores that are already up and running as accessory products. You can also make your own stickers for a sticker store! 

It’s easy to make your custom stickers. Select the print provider you’d like to use, then select which sticker you’d like to use in our mockup generator, and start designing! Once your design is done, you can publish it to your store and start printing your own stickers with every sale! Just don’t forget to order a sample, so that you know your custom stickers look exactly how you want them to look!

We went through the huge market for stickers generally. If you want to make money, then you should make your own stickers. Why? These are typically high margin sales, meaning you’re able to sell them at a price way outside what it costs you to produce them with Printify. They’re also somewhat of an impulse buy because they’re all about expression.

Stickers are designed to show a message, whether it’s expressing that you like a certain band or brand, people use them to show off a bit of themselves. That means that people are willing to pay a bit more for these types of stickers!

Why shouldn’t you make your own custom stickers? Firstly, custom stickers are big business.  Really big business, in fact. In 2018, the global self-adhesive sticker industry was worth an eye-watering $31.2 billion.  The forecast is for this to increase to $47.02 Billion by 2026, clearly showing a huge demand for self-adhesive stickers.  This includes markets like food labels and other mass industry label requirements. 

However, there is a growing market for customized stickers that can be used across multiple applications.  You don’t require any investment to make your own stickers with Printify, there is no minimum order, all you need to do is get creative with some designs and start selling. It’s that easy to make your own sticker. Finally, stickers are a great accessory product to sell on their own, or as part of your existing brand.

Printify premium is our subscription service that supercharges your profit! We offer Printify premium if you have more than 5 stores you want to use with Printify. But there’s more! You can also get up to a 20% discount on all of our products through Printify premium. You can make your own stickers with Printify and then enjoy even greater profits through Printify premium!

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