Make Your Own Stickers

Are you looking to make your own stickers that you can sell? Design fully customized stickers for cheap using our online sticker maker.

Make Your Own Custom Stickers

Create Stickers Online With Printify

No Minimum Order

Order one single sticker, a sheet, tens, hundreds, or more. Single and bulk orders are available for custom stickers with Printify.

Free Online Sticker Maker

Make your own sticker designs with our free and user-friendly Mockup Generator. Stick on a logo, image, or text and customize it to perfection.

Competitive Prices

Printify offers stickers starting from $1.18. Different shapes, types, and styles. Design your stickers with a great profit margin, printed on demand.

How to Make Your Own Stickers to Sell

The process of making stickers with Printify couldn’t be easier. In fact, selling stickers on Etsy or other sales channels can be summed up in four easy steps, especially when using our design tool and mock-up preview.

Step One: Pick Your Sticker Type

The first step in sticker printing is choosing your favorites from our vast selection of stickers. From singles and sheets to stickers of various shapes, sizes, materials, and types. Choose the sticker style that best fits your brand and vision, and get creative with the customization.

Our selection of stickers includes:

Step Two: Add Your Custom Design

The next step is to create your own design and apply it to your chosen sticker types. Our well-thought-out Mockup Generator is a free and user-friendly design tool that will help you create your own stickers in just a few clicks. Upload your artwork, add texts, switch between fonts and color options, and create your sticker templates to print.

The Mockup Generator has instructions for each product regarding print file requirements. It accepts JPEG, PNG, and SVG file types and provides guidelines on creating the best templates for your custom products.

Step Three: Preview and Adjust Your Sticker

Before printing and shipping, view your sticker designs in our high-quality 3D previews. Those images will show the designs in real-life settings from different angles. Assess the final image, placement, colors, and overall look, and edit the design with the necessary adjustments to reach a perfect end product for your online store. 

Note: You can later use these sticker previews on your store page to make quality listings.

Step Four: Start Selling

Connect your shop with Printify and list your print on demand products with just a few clicks. Our website offers integrations with the leading eCommerce marketplaces and platforms. Choose your favorite sales channel, link it with Printify, and list your stickers with the price, photos, and description already set.

Make Your Own Stickers

Make Your Own Stickers 2

Make Stickers With No Minimum Quantity

Create your stickers online and order them without minimum or maximum limits. Yes, you can order one single sticker if you wish. Awesome, right?

Or order large quantities for your business, event, shop, or specific occasion. You can choose between single and bulk orders, with the opportunity to benefit from ordering a larger quantity.

Create fun designs and keep your shop and business well stacked and prepared with a customized sticker pack.

Premium Printable Vinyl

All our stickers are from a high-quality vinyl material or polyester (wall decals). Ideal for smooth and flat surfaces like laptops, glass, or windows. The quality vinyl ensures long-lasting durability for up to five years.

Different Sizes and Types

Our catalog offers multiple options for your print on demand shop. From sticker sheets and packs to singles. Logo stickers, bumper stickers, die-cut, kiss-cut stickers, wall decals, and more. Round, square, and transparent – pick your favorite.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Print stickers for different types of use – indoor or outdoor. Either for a laptop, storefront, or bumper. These custom products are water-resistant and can survive years in the weather without losing their crisp print, stickiness, and shape.

UV Protection and Durability

Browse our catalog for affordable and durable stickers for your design ideas and different surface types. Some stickers come with a UV protective layer, water, and scratch-resistant laminate on top.

Lively Colors

Our peel-off stickers are printed with the latest printing technology, ensuring vibrant colors that will last in different circumstances and weather conditions. Delight your customers with creative designs and bright prints – matte, shiny, or holographic.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Most of our print providers use eco-friendly inks for sticker printing. Every purchase allows you and your customers to be environmentally friendly and guilt-free. Make your own stickers without worry and claim the title of an eco-friendly business.

Profit From Selling Custom Stickers

You pay for fulfillment only when you make a sale.

You sell a sticker

$ 5

You pay for its production

$ 1.5

Your profit

$ 3.5

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sign up to Printify and create an account.
  • Choose your preferred sticker type and shape from our catalog.
  • Upload a logo, image, or text, and customize it to your liking.
  • Preview the design and make adjustments.
  • Order for yourself or sell online.
  • Create an Etsy shop.
  • Sign up to Printify.
  • Select custom stickers from our catalog.
  • Add your designs and ideas to the product.
  • Save the custom stickers as product templates.
  • Link your Etsy shop with Printify (My account – My stores – Add new store).
  • List your Printify products on Etsy, and set the pricing, shipping, descriptions, and more.
  • Wait for the orders to come in.

Our cheapest kiss-cut stickers are printed for $1.18 per piece ($0.91 if you sign up for Printify Premium) and shipped within the USA and worldwide. Perfect for a small business or personal design. Remember that prices differ for sticker types, shapes, styles, materials, and ordered amounts.

No. Make your stickers and order them in your preferred quantity. Bulk and single orders are possible, from one sticker to a whole bundle.

Yes, you can. Ordering samples is the best way to ensure your business provides only the best to the end customer. Order a sticker sample to test the print, quality, packaging, shipping, size, design, and all the other important details that matter to your brand and customer.

Keep the stickers in their best condition by using a soft, clean, and dry cloth to gently brush any dust or dirt off from the center of the sticker outwards.

Stickers are and always will be in demand with their diversity of use. Tailor them to personal needs, business inquiries, or marketing strategies and advertise your brand and personality. Write a powerful message, add a business logo, or put any other ideas on custom stickers and uniquely express yourself.

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