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Make a living with your talent by selling custom canvas art and photo canvas prints through print on demand with Printify. 

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Why should you sell custom canvas prints?

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Monetize your art

Make money from your art in a few easy steps.

High-quality canvas

Choose among high-quality custom canvas, ready for printing.

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We handle fulfillment

We manage printing and shipping with your custom branding.

create and sell canvas prints

Create and sell your art on custom printed canvases

Selling art has been an uphill battle for many artists across the world who have had to depend on gallery, fame, and connections to appraise and quantify the value of their art.

Print on demand is making it possible to reach a wider grassroots audience and easier to sell your art on custom canvas. Choose among high-quality stretched canvas, framed canvas and wall decals available on the catalog.

We have the best custom canvas prints to sell on your store

Custom Canvas - Gallery Wraps

Gallery wrapped canvases are designed to be displayed without a frame. They usually have thicker stretcher bars, and none of the fasteners are visible. The sides of the canvas are primed just like the front, and the color of the print often extends out to the sides.

Printify’s stretched custom canvas prints is a handmade gallery quality canvas made to provide lasting color impressions that will stand the test of time. Designed for indoor use.

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Printed on a white natural, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag with 400gsm standard

Shopping bag

Comes with hanging hardware for easy  install of the canvas

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Strong glued joints to secure the art and ensure that the canvas will live for generations

Custom Stretched Canvas Prints

A stretched canvas is a canvas that has been stretched on stretcher bars, a soft-wood frame or over a kiln-dried timber frame and is delivered ready to hang straight on the wall. Custom stretched canvas prints are pre-stretched, ready for printing and mounting.

Printify’s stretched custom canvas is a handmade gallery quality canvas made to provide lasting color impressions that will stand the test of time. Designed for indoor use.

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Built into the frame, along with protective felt bumpers to ensure durability.


Shopping bag

It comes with hanging hardware that is to be placed at the top of the frame.

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Easy to clean by wiping it off gently with a clean, damp cloth.

Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas

Gallery Wrap Canvas is a canvas that is secured to the stretcher Frame (Bars) by staples applied on the back. By wrapping a solid border around the edge of the stretcher frame, you can keep the entire image on the front.

Printify’s premium gallery wrap canvas prints are made for high-quality printing that will always look as tight and flat as the day they were made. Every frame is built with a solid face to support the canvas and prevent deforming.


High-quality printing and mounting that secures the canvas for longevity.


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Built firmly into the frame, along with protective felt bumpers to maintain its original form.

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Can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal orientation with the provided mounting hardware

sell custom canvas prints

Why sell custom canvas prints?

Custom canvas prints provide a more versatile approach when decorating a wall. You can add them with much less thought since the frameless borders adapt to any style. The vibrant pops of color create new focal points that liven up the room you’re decorating.

There are major bonuses to choose a custom canvas print: 

  • The Image printed on custom canvas is permanent
  • The Canvas provides a different texture that adds color depth to your art
  • Custom canvas prints do not have a glare or reflection which can distort your art
  • Custom canvas are lightweight and easy to mount
  • Custom canvas prints come in a stylish matte finish

Why choose Printify to sell custom canvas prints?

Not only does printify provide high-quality, durable canvases for your customize, we also simplify and automate the process of creating your custom canvas prints at the best prices on the market.

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1. Choose your canvas and more

We have quality canvases ready for printing but don’t stop there. We also have over 280+ products such as t-shirts, mugs, socks, and home accessories that you can apply your art to diversify your portfolio of products.

2. Apply your art

Use our free Mockup Generator to apply your art on to your chosen products. You can do this by easily uploading your designs, and applying them on a custom canvas as a high-quality image. The mockup is also designed to easily add products to your online store.

3. Order a sample

To ease your mind, order a sample from your chosen print providers to make sure your custom canvas print is in high-quality. You can test out different products and canvases and find the right products for your business.

4. Connect your store

Once you’re happy with your custom product, publish it to your online store automatically. Printify is integrated with leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, Wix, eBay and more so you can sell to millions of online shoppers effortlessly.

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print on demand fulfillment

5. Make some money

Focus on creating demand for your custom canvas prints to make as many sales as possible. Printify will be there every step of the way to make sure your products are of high quality and that they are shipped directly to your customer. 

Any questions about custom canvas? We've got you covered

A custom canvas print is an image printed from an inkjet printer directly onto canvas. Once printed, the canvas gets stretched onto a frame. Some custom canvas prints can be frameless, some with a wooden border while others can be wrapped onto a frame. The latter is commonly referred to as the gallery-wrapping technique. During this process, the canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars and secured to the frame.

Canvas is a strong and durable fabric traditionally created with hemp. Today, cotton, and linen have replaced hemp and the quality is measured gsm standards. Printify custom canvases are made of 100% cotton in 400gsm standards. Color seeps into cloth made with cotton fibers. Because of this, custom canvas prints made of cotton are longer-lasting. Many consider cotton prints higher-quality and closer to what you would find in a museum.

If you create digitally, the transition to print on demand is smooth. Digital art created with a program such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator will need to be first transferred as a high-resolution .png image to be applied onto custom canvas using Printify’s free mockup generator. Refer to the specifications on the mockup’s sidebar to confirm that your image meets the recommended standards.

In the case of physical paintings, you will need a high-quality image of your art for printing, therefore digitizing it is required. If you have large canvases or pieces, your first option would be to find a print shop to scan it. However,  you can use a decent digital camera to take images of your artwork or use a quality scanner to transform the art into a digital image. If you need to do some lighting or contrast adjustments, you could use photoshop or a similar program to edit it. After transferring the art into digital form, don’t forget to refer to the specifications on the mockup’s sidebar to make sure your image meets the recommended standards.

Here’s a handy tutorial from Iris from “Iris Impressions” on how to digitize your art.

According to a survey from Art Business Today, these are the most popular types of art designs to sell online:

  • Traditional landscapes
  • Local views
  • Modern or semi-abstract landscapes
  • Abstracts 
  • Dogs
  • Figure studies
  • Seascapes, harbors, and beach scenes
  • Wildlife
  • Impressionistic landscapes
  • Nudes

Research shows that local landscapes are a great seller, seascapes are good at vacation destinations and are popular for beach or vacation properties, and impressionistic style landscapes sell particularly well. You can customize each canvas design to match specifically to your client’s tastes and preferences, or room design and layout.

Framed prints tie into the general decor of a room by connecting the color scheme with the frame. They also shift the mood of the photo or artwork with the type of frame chosen.

Custom canvas prints provide a more versatile approach when decorating a wall. You can add them with much less thought since the frameless borders adapt to any style. 

Where a canvas print is printed on cotton or linen canvas, an art print is commonly printed on cardstock. This makes art prints differ in size, texture, thickness, and sometimes finish. A major difference between a not framed art print and a canvas print is price, where the art print would be considerably less.  but also considerable durable.

While the smooth surface on paper depicts sharper details which are important when reproducing smaller prints, paper prints can have a glare or reflection caused by sunlight that can distort your view, especially in larger prints. You can swap a paper print out of a frame while canvas prints are permanent.

Canvas much more durable option than paper because of its plain cotton weaving. Canvas prints give an art gallery painting effect that enhances a decor style with a contemporary museum-like feel.

Single canvas prints: A great choice or large, statement pieces or for smaller spaces in your home where more than one canvas print feels crowded.

Multi-panel canvas prints: Best suited for larger wall space or where there is room for a custom canvas prints in a multi-panel layout such as a gallery wall. 

Square: These custom canvas prints have equal lengths for each side of the print. The square shape is perfect for creating a grid layout on a wall and for use of multiple canvases.

Rectangular: These custom canvas prints have two sides of the canvas that are longer than the other two. They are great for walls where there is an unequal amount of space either vertically or horizontally or for filling gaps in an asymmetrical layout.

Our print providers pre-treat the canvas to preserve custom canvas prints for as long as possible. To ensure even more durability, keep all canvas prints out of direct sunlight which can fade your canvas over time. Remember to wipe off any dust and grime with a damp cloth to keep them looking beautiful.

Yes, custom canvas prints can be framed. The choice really depends on your preference. For a properly framed custom canvas prints, the frames must be thick enough to contain the entire canvas print. But you don’t need to worry about that as you can simply order a framed canvas prints from our catalog.

Mounting custom canvas prints is not hard if you follow instructions provided and especially if the mounting hardware comes with the prints. Some of our custom canvas prints come with pre-installed hanging hardware that already built into the frame and has felt protective bumpers for even easier installation.

Our custom canvas prices range from as little at $12 to $25 for the larger frames. These prices are a big indicator of how much you can offer your custom canvas prints for in your online store. The prices are also low enough to allow you to add the shipping costs to your final price and offer free shipping to your customers.

print on demand business

Custom canvas and print on demand

Print on Demand is a retail fulfillment method for printing products such as custom canvas prints on-demand and only after purchase. Once a client buys your custom canvas print from your eCommerce shop, the order goes through a quality check then sent to the chosen Print Provider who begins the process of production. This one by one purchase system eliminates the need for order fulfillment in bulk and storage space.

Print sizes and standards change depending on your chosen custom canvas. That is why it is always advised that you look closely at the specified recommended image sizes to maintain a high printing quality throughout. 

Custom canvas prints mockup generator

Create custom canvas prints with your design by using Printify Mockup Generator. To make sure your images suit requirements for a quality print, pay attention to the size in the bottom right that indicates the best pixel size for the print. We’ll also automatically test the quality of the image and let you know if it meets our printing standards.

 You can change the style by clicking the gear icon at the top, which also shows the size variants that you can make your custom canvas prints available in. Preview your custom canvas prints by switching to “Preview Mode” where you can view your custom canvas prints from different angles and get high-quality product images for your store. Your new custom canvas prints will only be produced after purchase so you don’t have to worry about pre-printing your art or storage.

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How to sell your art online with custom canvas?

The first step to sell your art is to choose the most suitable eCommerce platform for you to sell your custom canvas prints. Many artists choose Etsy as itis a great online marketplace for custom canvas prints and is an easy place to gain quick exposure.

Shopify is preferred by artists who would like to own their sites as it allows you to brand yourself a little bit more creatively. Using Shopify allows you to have your own domain name as well as access to advanced sales metrics and analysis. Another thing to consider is that Shopify is the largest online e-commerce platform in the world. 

If you would like a custom-looking site with a little help from renowned designers, Wix is for you. It has 500 designer-made templates that give you a variety of options when it comes to designing your store. Use the inbuilt site editor to make sure your template-made site looks as uniquely yours as possible.

If you already have a website and don’t want to transition to Shopify, Etsy, Wix or any other platform, you can sell your custom canvas prints on a WordPress site by using Woocommerce, the free online shop plugin for WordPress. If you are more technical and would prefer a different web host but still want to use Printify, then the Printify API is a great option.

How to sell your art online custom canvas? Read more here. 

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