The Printify Quality Promise

The Printify Quality Promise 1

Highest Standards

Quality Control

Every Printify product passes three checks:

  • When blank products arrive at our printing locations
  • Before printing
  • After printing to compare final product against original design

We constantly monitor our Print Providers' performance, if they don’t live up to standard, we can and will limit or remove their offerings on the Printify platform.

We benchmark new products against others on the market and only offer you and your customers products we think you’ll love.

The Printify Quality Promise 2

Printify’s in-house experts reviewing and evaluating samples to establish the highest quality standards

A happy man checks the quality of printed products.

Print Providers

Our in-house experts regularly review our Print Providers by ordering samples with complex designs.

We gather precise data on packaging and delivery speed to see if any processes need improvement.

We send weekly performance reports to our Print Providers including specific complaint details and performance metrics.

What meets the standard?

Good print examples

Here, we see the print provider did a great job matching the print to the original design. The print provider used enough underbase to create a print with vibrant colors, even on a dark garment.

Bad print examples

The print looks crooked, and we can see the white underbase sticking out around the edges of the print. The print provider might have used the wrong settings on the pre-treatment or heat press machine.

Complete Transparency

We constantly update our Print Provider ranking system according to our quality-control data and customer feedback.

We break down the scores into three key ratings for total transparency:

  • Quality
  • Production speed
  • Stock reliability

Learn more about our scoring system.

A GIF shows that clicking on the print provider rating shows individual scores for the three key ratings.

Delightful Service

Three happy employees working to solve a customer problem.

If an item doesn’t live up to our quality standards, we'll order a FREE reprint. Please note certain Terms and Conditions may apply.

Our dedicated Support team is available to help you with any issues.

Continuous Improvement

What’s great today will be good tomorrow and unacceptable the day after. That’s why we constantly add new features and initiatives to the Printify Platform.

A woman coding on two computers.

SVG File Support

From now on, we support vector files. Upload Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files to ensure picture-perfect quality regardless of the print area size.

Enhanced design positioning options

The new visual guidelines in our Product Creator let you precisely position images in place. As you move the artwork closer to the center or edges of the print area, it automatically snaps into position.

Image enhancement tool

Uploading low-resolution images results in low-quality prints. To eliminate pixelated designs, our team developed a tool that automatically enhances image quality on the final product.

Pattern creation tool

Create stunning AOP patterns directly in our Product Creator without needing third-party apps. Take a single design element and select a pattern with one click. Afterward, you can rotate it and toggle the vertical and horizontal spacing.

Updated text editor

We added 32 new fonts to help you quickly choose the best one for your products. These include merchant favorites like Open Sans, Merriweather, and Indie flower. You can also create multi-line texts and edit colors, fonts, and alignment.