TOP 20 Things to Sell in the Winter and Holiday Season

TOP 20 Things to Sell in the Winter and Holiday Season

With the final month of the 4th quarter driving up sales as usual – the cold weather is nudging fulfillment locations worldwide to create the top winter products to sell online. 

Time to spruce up your webpage and make the season magical. Get your warm drink of choice, a set of matching warm clothes, and baubles for festive occasions – get inspired by our top 20 print on demand must-have clothing and winter items to sell on your eCommerce store.

What Products Sell Best in Winter?

Before we list our best products to sell during the winter, let’s detail which categories you should look for during the big holiday sales and what the current market research can tell us about online shopping trends.

For your eCommerce business, we can separate the top items to sell in winter sales into items for the cold and wet period and seasonal decor for winter holidays:

So far, we’re seeing a cooling period for year-over-year winter holiday sales. The 2021 eCommerce year made leaps with a hefty $886.7 billion in revenue, amounting to a 14.1% increase from the previous year. Clothing and accessory stores, in particular, were up by 33.1%.

While every new year comes with substantial uncertainty due to constraints in supply chains and the pandemic, demand is predicted to continue in a positive direction.

Of course, Print on Demand can’t exist without your amazing designs. Finding where to search for creative influence is a tricky balancing act. Still, if you avoid copyright infringement – create original content and use free assets – a design can come quick and easy.

Speaking of free assets for your top-selling items during winter, there are plenty of free image-sharing sites that you can luck your way into for inspiration. Check out our article on free print designs to supplement your holiday season ideas.

Direct-to-customer shipping is a gift that keeps on giving, and you have all the makings of an entrepreneurial Santa. No need to keep inventory and manage shipping – let the Printify elves ride the sleigh for you.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products

In no particular order, incorporate some or all of these best-selling winter items before the holiday sales rush comes into effect.

Here are 20 ideas for things to sell in winter, with an option from our catalog for each one:

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Hoodie

Let’s start things off with a cold season favorite. The Gildan Unisex Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt is the perfect combination of style and comfort – a long-time bestseller in our Printify catalog. This is a classic choice made with medium-heavy fabric and allows for many different color options.

With one of the most extensive numbers of print providers throughout the US, the Gildan hoodie is excellent for limiting shipping costs during congested winter streets.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Long Sleeve Shirt

Try out the Hanes EcoSmart Custom Crewneck for a more sustainable product to sell online. The sweatshirt is made with up to 5% recycled polyester. The fabric is durable with a smooth print surface thanks to its cotton blend.

The long sleeve shirt comes in five unisex sizes with a tag-free neck label for a regular, cozy fit, making for one of the top winter products to sell. Hanes is one of the oldest and most successful clothing and apparel brands out there.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - AOP Socks

Sublimation or all-over-print socks will prevent getting your customers’ feet cold, but the potential for intricate, colorful, and all-around eye-catching designs is the real moneymaker. Use light colors to limit the appearance of side seams for a full print cover. Create small accents or full-blown murals.

Our sublimation socks are crew length with an irresistible fleece lining at the bottom – perfect for the holiday season during the cold weather months indoors. The best part is that socks are an excellent item for dropshipping as they’re lightweight, which limits shipping costs and provides the potential for bundle deals.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Pom-Pom Beanie

What’s better than a festive beanie with a pom-pom frill at the top? Embroidered designs for a high-class brand look. Keep those heads warm with our one-size-fits-all beanie with nine unique color options, tone variations, and extremely strong acrylic wool. 

The ribbed knitting provides a stretchy and comfortable fit for outdoor escapades making even Macaulay Culkin this winter’s second beanie star.

When using embroidery, keep your designs simple as the stitching can’t manage intricate lines. Use simple color tones to limit expenses. Best for brand logos and imagery that you want to put in the spotlight – make this your flagship winter item.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Canvas Boots

For a more all-out gift design in your catalog of winter items to sell, Printify offers fully customizable canvas boots for women and men. The super soft nylon weave texture with padded rubber soles are excellent features for comfortable walks throughout the ice-cold water walkways in the winter landscape.

While these boots aren’t made for extreme weather conditions, the value of your designs will make this a crowd favorite. Our canvas boots have a foam insole, come in eight sizes, and have a full all-over-print cover.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Joggers

When looking for the best products to sell in winter, remember – joggers don’t take a break, even if it’s freezing. You can advertise premium fleece joggers as an outdoor activity must-have or a nice cozy afternoon pajama set.

Our joggers have a combed ring-spun cotton and polyester blend. The form-fitting ribbed bottom and waistband cuffs keep things in place, while its soft three-end fleece maintains a light, comfortable feel, with two spacious pockets keeping your hands free.

TOP 20 Things to Sell in the Winter and Holiday Season 1

The most selling product in winter will save your neck when holiday sales run their course – these fleece scarfs are just the item for a winter catalog. They’re soft and comfortable due to a smooth microfiber fabric.

Advertise our personalized scarves with all-over-print designs as an attire accessory and winter necessity.

For an item close to the face, use calm designs that outline the face and make your customers the star of the great white outdoors.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Pajamas

Design seasonal pajamas that will turn your online store into a festive retreat of comfort. Our personalized pajamas come in men’s and women’s sizes, with a matching long-sleeved bottom and comfortable cotton pants.

Create family-themed designs on the front with a holiday spirit, or go with something more personalized for your brand and image.

Our pajamas have a loose, regular fit with an elastic waistband – perfect winter items to sell and fill your online store at the end of the year.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Mugs

What’s better than a magic mug that hides a secret surprise after your customer pours in their favorite drink? Warm liquids turn a slick black mug into your beautiful design. It’s simple, unique, and excellent for the coffee and tea lovers in your audience.

The wrap-around exterior allows for a full print cover for vibrant colors and a smooth matte finish – a classic choice for your winter products to sell online.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Nothing beats a warm, thick sherpa fleece blanket for things to sell in winter. With two large sizes (50″ × 60″ -60″ × 80″), the blanket works as a canvas for extensive patterns, colorful design elements, or holiday specials.

The plush backside is a top-selling winter product favorite, with an exceptionally fluffy feel, hemmed edges, and easy cleaning under a cold, gentle washing cycle. Perfect for snuggling while opening presents and celebrating the new year.

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Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Hooded Blanket

Hooded blankets – opposed to regular blankets – might not seem like a big difference, but they sure increase style points. Taking a blanket out for a walk throughout the house with a hot drink and forgetting to take it off for the entire day is a go-to for online shoppers.

Our sherpa fleece hooded blanket comes in a muted cream color with a soft plush material. Note that the hood itself is not a printable surface, so plan your designs with a nice transition in mind, using color swatches that blend well with the non-printed areas.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Stockings

Festive, exciting, and brimming to the top with candy… or coal. Stockings are the pre-Christmas gift that’ll secure the spirit of the season. Made in the USA, our stockings come with a fleece texture and enough space even for small presents – an all-over-print area ready for unique holiday designs.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Pillows

Don’t underestimate a great throw-pillow accent to liven up the indoor interior. Take our Spun Polyester Square Pillow – one of the top-selling winter items in the Printify catalog.

A simple and easy pillow design – pillow and cover included – with a zipper opening, spun polyester from recycled materials that retain shape, and an all-over double-sided print.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Candles

Winter-themed candles are a holiday staple, keeping the lighting festive, calm, and traditional, but the true cherry on top is our selection of aromatherapy candles. Choose between different scents such as Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice, and Sea Breeze.

The candle is eco-friendly and non-toxic, with a reusable glass container that can hold a carefully crafted design to make these trending products the ornaments they deserve to become.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Puzzle

This is a crafty one. Ever wanted to make your own artwork into a puzzle? With print on demand, all you need is a great puzzle idea (or a frustratingly difficult one), and our Mockup Generator will make a clean-cut jigsaw puzzle.

Choose any size you wish. To make the holiday season end with the joy of bonding and a job well done, make your puzzles with up to 1000 pieces and keep your audience entertained. Our puzzle set comes in a black mat cardboard box, allowing vibrant colors and intricate details.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Tumblers

We can’t forget a good cinnamony, stove-boiled Christmas wine, eggnog, or a festive sugary cocktail. Take your customers on a flavorful journey with our 20oz ringneck tumblers, hot for up to 12 hours.

Made from premium stainless steel, our tumblers come with a clear plastic lid for on-the-go sipping, a stipple print texture, and 17 bright colors that can match any of your design palettes.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Slippers

For both women and men, our top-selling items during winter are kept safe and cozy with the addition of personalized slippers.

With an all-over-print option, our slippers can be fully customized and keep things cozy with soft fleece fabric and a rubber sole that prevents unwanted slips – it comes in four sizes, with a removable insole for easy cleaning.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Gift Wrapping Paper

Those who know where to look will skip the played-out and cliché gift papers in their local store and go to your online page instead. Make sure to give them a design that’s worth the effort.

With worldwide shipping, you can be Santa’s trusted companion, rolling out premium satin-finish wrapping paper made with eco-friendly materials and perfect for vibrant colors.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Plush Toys

Want to add a cute and adorable touch to your home page? Grace your design on the tiny shirt of these lovable plush toys. Our collection lets you choose from four different animals – teddy bear, sheep, bunny, and elephant.

Perfect for a more heartfelt and personalized gift to sell online. Put a quote of well-wishes or celebration to let your customers love and cherish their family during the holiday period.

Top 20 Best Selling Winter Products - Oven Mitts

We finish this list with an accessory for all gingerbread and holiday feast lovers. Place your design as a gift to caregivers, cooking hobbyists, and recipe hoarders in your user base.

Our remarkably lightweight oven mitts are heat insulated and slip resistant, with a front-side design element – the fabric stays soft and smooth and acts as a wonderful decoration in the kitchen.

Start Your New Winter Catalog

Are you looking for more product inspiration? Check out the Printify catalog for even more ideas, including a whole section for winter-themed ornaments, posters, and canvases that can make your designs the winner of the winter season.

Prepare ahead of time and create a catalog of the top winter products to sell online, ranking your profits for the end of the calendar year.

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