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Custom hoodies – everyone needs these wardrobe staples. Follow our step by step guide to make your own hoodies and start cashing in today!

Custom Hoodie

Make your own hoodie

Custom Hoodie Huge Hoodies Selection

Huge hoodies selection

We have zip up hoodies, pullovers and all over print hoodies!

Custom Hoodie Versatile Uses

Versatile uses

Custom hoodie can be used anywhere it’s chilly and everyone loves them

Custom Hoodie Year-round


Hoodies are great for all seasons, from summer nights to cold autumn days!

Choose and design your own hoodie

Unisex heavy blend™ hoodie from Gildan

Our bestselling Unisex Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt from Gildan is a 50% polyster and and 50% cotton blend. It’s the default hoodie for a lot of our store owners – and no wonder. The price is from $15.97, making it one of our most affordable hoodie options for your store! Our providers also carry this custom hoodie in a lot of size and color options, so you won’t be lacking in design choices. It runs true to size, and comes in several color options. This custom hoodie is the standard choice for around the house or for out and about – make your own hoodie for your store today!

Start designing your own hoodie

AOP (All Over Print) hoodie

Unisex Premium Pullover Hoodie Lane Seven LS14001, cost from $25.82. Average fulfillment time from 1.69 days (T shirt and Sons).

What’s better than your designs on hoodies? Your designs are all over hoodies! Design your own hoodie and watch your sales become just as creative. 

Our all over print hoodie is Polyester and Cotton, and are a classic fit. The zip up version comes with a black zipper and both come with a 1×1 waistband of spandex, to fit snuggly and stylishly around the waist. This custom hoodie is both cut and sewn, and are design ready.

Make your own AOP hoodies:
Custom Hoodie All Over Print
Custom Hoodie Zip Up Hoodie

Zip Up hoodie

Unisex Zip Up Hoodie Gildan 18600 with embroidery, cost from $27.60. Average fulfillment time from 2.9 days (MyLocker).

Zip up and roll out! These zip-ups will help to keep your sales warm when heading out and about. Try these to round out your store’s offerings, and your sales potential. 

These jacket substitutes are great for either the closet or the dresser and are as versatile as they are varied. There’s no way to know how they’re going to use them, but we know they win – and they’ll love them. They’re great as a quick layer, either staying in your car or in your backpack, your customers will never be cold with these in their inventory. 

This custom zip up hoodie are especially good item for store owners operating in Europe. We have European suppliers for this garment on our platform, with more being added all the time.

Make your own Zip Up hoodies:

Pullover hoodie

Unisex Pullover Hoodie B&C WUI24, cost from $17.00. Average fulfillment time from 2.47 days (Textildruck Europa).

Check out the everyday staple! These garments are the default, go to the garment for hanging out with friends, lounging around the house or for cool evenings while the weather is changing. Pullovers are the absolute classic hoodie that comes to mind for everyone, and we have some great options for you and your store. 

Take advantage of this perfection for both your customers and your sales, this custom hoodie will make your customers and your bottom line look great.

Make your own Pullover hoodie:
Custom Hoodie Pullover Hoodie
Custom Hoodie College Hoodie

College hoodie

Girlie College Hoodie AWDIS JH001F, cost from $21.84. Average fulfillment time from 2.37 days (T shirt and Sons).

What does every college student always need more of? Hoodie! These are great if you’re looking to make your own hoodies to an audience of students. They also offer a great mix of quality and value, which is great for any store. 

Our college custom hoodie is medium / heavy fabric, and is ready for the classroom or to be worn to group meetings at the library. Stylish and durable, they’ll make any student happy and comfortable as they try to get that degree! If your audience is full of students or younger people, definitely look to these hoodies for your store.

Create your own College hoodie:

Heavyweight hoodie

Unisex Heavyweight Fleece Hoodie Delta 99200, cost from $24.03. Average fulfillment time from 1.99 days (DTG2Go).

Ok, here’s what a lot of the fashion trends have been going towards: heavyweight custom hoodie. This hoodie is what you wear as an outerwear garment, on cold days and cooler nights. If you have winter-themed sports subjects or are cold weather in general in terms of your products, this is what you want to offer. 

Heavyweight custom hoodies are made typically from materials like fleece, in order to insulate. They give some protection against the cold and feel like a wool sweater, or even warmer. Usually running a bit baggy, they’re designed to be layered. Get these in your store today to warm up your sales figures, especially around the holidays.

Design your own Heavyweight hoodie:
Custom Hoodie Heavyweight Hoodie
Custom Hoodie French Terry Hoodie

French Terry hoodie

Unisex French Terry Hoodie Delta 97200, cost from $20.28. Average fulfillment time from 2.13 days (DTG2Go).

French Terry is a super soft and amazing feeling fabric – now available for your custom hoodie! These are absolute marvels for underneath the blanket on a sofa watching TV, or running out to the grocery store for some extra butter or milk.  

Complete with spacious, luxurious pockets and a strong and durable drawstring, french terry hoodie is exactly what you’ve been looking for if you want a soft, baby cloth feel to your products. Put some in your store today, especially if you have a strong brand around soft and sweet styles and products.

Design your own French Terry hoodie:

Premium hoodie

Unisex Premium Pullover Hoodie Lane Seven LS14001, cost from $25.82. Average fulfillment time from 1.69 days (T shirt and Sons).

Premium custom hoodie for a fraction of the cost, these are great if you’re looking to develop a solid brand or line of clothes. 

Our premium hoodies are a super soft cotton blend and a medium weight. These are the ultimate in custom hoodies for your online store, and they’re sure to leave your customers happy. They run true to size, have a regular fit, and are as well made as they are good looking! Get these into your store for premium products and premium sales.

Create your own Premium hoodies:
Custom Hoodie Premium Hoodie

Our custom hoodie all stars!

The Unisex College Hoodie is the twin companion to the Unisex Full Zip Hoodie, and it’s another great custom jersey in our catalog. If you’re operating in Europe, this is another great option for you to potentially cut down on some shipping costs and times.

Our men’s NUBLEND Hooded Sweatshirt is from Fruit of the Loom, and is a custom hoodie staple! It’s 50/50 Cotton Polyester and is a medium fabric. It’s great for warmer climates or just for layering on a cool evening. Loose fit, this garment runs true to size.

Make your own custom hoodie with our custom hoodie maker

You can use our custom hoodie maker to create amazing designs. In the bottom right corner of the mockup generator, you’ll see a DPI indicator. Keep an eye on that while you’re designing, and the mockup generator will tell you when your design might become blurry or warped. Generally, if your design falls below 200 DPI, then your design will be blurry or warped. 

You can also use the custom hoodie maker to preview different variants of your design to see how they might look after production. Also, check out the size guidelines, as your design may not expand or contract, and therefore will look larger or smaller, depending on the size of the garment. This way, you can make sure your design looks good no matter what color hoodie you’ve decided to customize.

Customize hoodies with our hoodie maker

Custom hoodies are everywhere these days. From streetwear to athletic wear, custom hoodie is a sales staple for almost every store. At one time, these were confined to athletic events, or teenagers – but now you see everyone wearing them. This is a huge sales opportunity, as the “Athleisure” apparel market is approaching $83bn, and today we’ll be explaining all about how to make your own custom hoodie. Who doesn’t have a few hoodies in their wardrobe? Everyone has one, for sports, for running to the store, to cool nights inside on the sofa – these are versatile and universal garments, just like tees. College students, moms, and billionaire CEOs are all wearing custom hoodies, and we’ll talk about how to cash in on the trend.

Custom hoodies with no minimum useful tips

Because of our no minimum ordering policy, it makes designing your custom hoodie both affordable and accessible. Whether you are creating a one-off item for yourself or planning on gifting the item to that special someone

On the other hand, if you are a designer looking to crack the personalized apparel market, then taking advantage of one of the many variations the hoodie comes in could be just the ticket! With so many fashion niches and tastes to explore, it’s easy to get lost in what’s trending! If you don’t know your target audience yet, the trick is to research the current market and see what selling! The chances are you will either find a gap in the market no one is designing for or the current trend will inspire you. 

Either way, our no minimum order policy and print-on-demand business model, allows you to test out your designs in the marketplace, with a no money upfront guarantee.

Custom Hoodie Mockup Generator

Custom hoodie maker

When the time has come to make your own hoodie, our custom hoodie maker is the only tool you will need! It’s a powerful yet simplistic interface that will bring your designs and garments to life! All you need to do is follow these easy steps.

1 : Under the ‘choose your print provider’ section on the product page, you will see the option for ‘start designing’ click to open up our Mockup generator.

2 : Once the page is open, the available printing area of the hoodie will be shown on the mockup, this could differ depending on what print provider you have chosen.

3 : Now that your designs are completed it’s time to try them out! Click on the green highlighted text box that says ‘Add you designs’. Now you will be able to add your design to the hoodie. If you’re a new or existing merchant and have already set up your Printify account and added your designs to your library you can upload them straight for here; otherwise, you can choose your current device, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

4 : Make sure the image is either a JPG or PNG file, no larger than 50MB. We recommend size 4015 × 2952 px.

5 : Now your design has been uploaded, and you’re 100% happy with how they look, click ‘preview’ and our design engine will begin to mix the paint.

6 : Once the mixing has finished you will be about to view your designs in two of our real-life previews that show your designs on the hoodie from both front and back.

Got questions about custom hoodies? Then zip up, here’s your answers:

Alright, so you want to make a custom hoodie? Get signed up for a Printify account, and you’re on your way! Hop into our Mockup Generator, our tool that will help make your own custom hoodie. Drag your design onto the mockup and adjust as needed. Now you can publish it to your store, just be sure to order a sample and check everything over!

Take a look at the print provider you’ve selected, they’ll display location information that you can use to help with shipping times.

Great news! You can use our network to choose the best hoodie provider for you. Some providers have more limited options than others, some cost more, some are rated more highly. Find the right balance for your shop, and publish your products. Let the providers compete for you!

Of course! You can create personalized hoodies or allow your customers to do so by using our API. That means you can sell one-off photo hoodies or other designs, all from your own store!

You can check the average production time by supplier, some will even try to produce it the same business day they receive an order. Look under average production time, then estimate your custom hoodie’s shipping time to get a good idea about how long the whole process will take. Take a look at our shipping options to get a good idea of the shipping options.

Prices will vary by print provider, but custom hoodies range from the low of $15.97 to a high of $56.99 for one of our premium all over print custom hoodies. Check out Printify Premium, our amazing monthly subscription service, if you’re interested in even more discounts on your custom hoodies!

The greatest part about selling custom hoodies with Printify? There are no upfront costs. Your customers will be charged for your hoodie, and then those funds will be used to fund the production – while you pocket the profits! No upfront costs and custom hoodies with no minimum order – from Printify.

Print On Demand Australia Looks Like This

Print on demand with custom hoodies

Printify is a platform that connects tens of thousands of stores to thousands of products. Choose your own print provider, compare prices and shipping times, and make sure you get the color variants you’re hoping to make or break your custom hoodie design. 

You can choose a provider on our platform based on price, reviews, shipping and production times, or location. You can even choose based on the availability of colors and sizes! Once you’ve chosen a product and provider, put your design into our mockup generator (check out below for more on that). You can order a sample once you’re happy, and then take a look at your product in person. It will have to pass a quality check before it’s shipped to you, which is just us making sure everything is as it should be. Now just publish your custom hoodie to your store and that’s it.  

Once you receive an order, our system handles the rest. The order is transmitted directly to the print provider and your customer’s product will be printed and shipped directly to them. There’s no need for inventory, it’s all on demand!

Ready to start?

Ready to design your own collection of customized hoodies? Now is the perfect time to unleash your creativity!

Custom Hoodie Choose Your Hoodie

Choose your hoodie

Choose the hoodie styles that will resonate with your target market from our vast and vestilte collection and then head over to our customer hoodie maker tool.

Custom Hoodie Customize It

Customize it

So the fun begins, because of our POD business model you can be as creatively brave or subtle as you like to test out the market. Remember once you added your designs to our mockup generator you can always take advantage of our samples option to see how the hoodie fits and to check the quality of the printing.

Custom Hoodie Start Selling

Start selling

Now you have created your Printify account,  your designs are complete and you are 100% happy with your samples! There is nothing left to do other than publish them, to sit back and watch your hard work pay off in sales.

Make your own hoodie!