Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022

We’re here to answer the age-old question of what on earth do women want from a Christmas gift. The answer won’t surprise you, and it’s pretty simple – they want customized products.

We’ve gathered a cluster of Christmas gift ideas to help you bring the best gifts to the women in your life and those shopping at your store.

Stock Up Your Holiday Store With Christmas Gifts for Women

Stock Up Your Holiday Store With Christmas Gifts for Women

All women are people, and all people are complicated individuals with specific interests and hobbies, which can complicate things for anyone planning to get them a gift.

This is where the holiday season takes the stage as your best friend, bringing you the gift of seasonal items. That’s right – thematic objects in the season’s spirit can be turned into some of the most thoughtful and unique Christmas gifts for women, men, kids, pets, and everyone else in your customer niche.

You can also help your customers find the items they’re looking for by sorting your products by season or holiday, like winter or Mother’s Day.

In case you need additional motivation – selling items for Christmas is expected to be very profitable. The 2022 US holiday retail sales are set to reach $1.3 trillion, while the market size for personalized gifts is on the way to $34.3 billion by 2026.

Which Product Categories Should You Bring to Your Store This Holiday Season?

Christmas is not the only important sales holiday on the horizon – there’s also Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and a ton more coming. Check out and download our 2022 eCommerce Calendar to keep up with everything happening.

Although these events are different, they share some similarities – families and friends will come together to celebrate with food, music, games, and gifts.

When speaking of product categories to bring to your store in preparation for these events, Apparel is the clear answer and a definite must-have. Add the classics – t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. How about some festive underwear?

Kitchen Supplies is also a good category to bring to your store for the holidays. While preparing a meal or engaging in conversation with a friend or family member, your customers are sure to enjoy the presence of a thematically appropriate apron, cutting board, or oven mitts.

Printify offers nearly every customizable product you could think of to gift someone, from apparel and home decor to jewelry and cases for colored pencils.

If you’re strictly looking for holiday items, we suggest checking out our Holiday Picks to see what’s currently trending.

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Our Top Picks – Christmas Products and Gifts for Women to Sell This Year

Don’t limit yourself to stereotypes when considering items to bring to your store as good presents for the ladies. 

There’s more than just a trendy bag or rose gold jewelry you could offer at your store as popular Christmas gifts for women. 

For example, wrapping paper and ornaments don’t immediately seem like the best presents for women; however, they sell well during the holiday season and could make cute and thoughtful gifts for many women out there.

We’ve rummaged through our expanding bag of products to find the best gift ideas. Without further ado – here is our gift guide.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 1

When people think of Christmas, they often think of warmth and coziness, even though it’s frequently the chilliest of times. This soft, durable, and machine-washable blanket might be the thoughtful gift you’re looking for to bring you that Christmas feeling.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 2

For those on the more active side – we offer the sturdy and 100% sweat-and-odor-proof watch band, which is compatible with the Apple Watch. It takes a vivid print and makes a unique gift for anyone who’s used to wearing their personality on their sleeve.

An added selling point is that it fits neatly inside a gift box.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 3

Scarves are a key indicator of a change of season and an accessory everyone needs more than one of. The 100% polyester retains its shape and dries quickly.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 4

Perfect for any Christmas tree and made for your seasonal interior product line. Ornaments come in six shapes – a star, a heart, a Christmas tree, and more. 

They have a magnetic back, so you can also put them on your fridge instead of hanging them on a tree.

Check out our full list of ornaments to cover the entire house in Christmas cheer.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 5

These premium matte posters are made with museum-grade paper and pigmented archival inks. The paper has a matte finish, and the inks offer bright and intense color prints that won’t fade in sunlight.

They come in multiple sizes, so it’ll be easy to find the perfect poster size for any wall.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 6

During this time of year, the pom-pom beanie is almost as popular as the iconic Christmas hat. We believe that means there should be at least one in every house. It’s made from extremely strong 100% acrylic wool and will keep your head warm.

There are 16 thread colors available – check out our Embroidery Design Guide.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 7

The Gildan 64000 is comfy and light, runs true to size, and comes in all of the festive colors you’re meaning to add to your offer. A solid 100% cotton t-shirt with a thematic Christmas message is a great gift for loved ones like moms.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 8

Some of the best presents are accessories, and a pair of socks is one of the most popular accessories known to man. These socks are 95% polyester and 5% Spandex, come in three sizes and offer a stunning all-over print. They can be subtle, or they can be the central element of an outfit.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 9

Say ‘no’ to messy cables with the help of this wireless gadget. The aluminum-cased phone charger is compatible with all of the latest iPhone and Android models as long as they have the wireless charging feature. 

It’s a charging platform for phones and a canvas for your beautiful prints.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 10

Get your art printed on a natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton canvas. The gallery canvas offers a sturdy frame with closed backing. High image quality and detail are definite as long as you follow the print file requirements mentioned in our Mockup Generator.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 11

The accent mug comes in various colors and looks excellent with the right festive design and a warm beverage inside it. It’s white ceramic with a colored interior and handle in either black, blue, red, navy, or pink. Yes, it’s also safe to put in a microwave or dishwasher.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 12

Speaking of great gifts – we offer some of the most adorable plush toys you’ve ever seen – a bear, a sheep, a bunny, and an elephant. They’re not only adorable, but also very fuzzy and soft, and that’s not even the main selling point but rather an added bonus.

These plushies come wearing the smallest t-shirt we sell – a 100% polyester tee to showcase your tiny, clever designs.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 13

If there is anything that speaks well of the Gildan 18000’s quality, it’s the fact that the fabric blend is so good it had to be trademarked. The 50% cotton and 50% polyester custom crewneck is plush, soft, and the most comfortable thing in your closet.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 14

Beauty lovers always look for a good storage container to fit their beauty products in. This one can fit more than jewelry – she’ll love that you can keep a small hair tool, nail polish, essential oils, or other necessities here. The box has an elegant glossy finish and a soft interior lined with felt material.

It might be begging for a theme with cultural icons, but that’s your call.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 15

Speaking of great Christmas gifts for women – a sturdy 100% cotton shirt with a classic fit is the way to go. It’s made from specially spun fibers, making a very strong and smooth fabric perfect for printing.

Your main task will be creating a stunning shirt design to print on this high-quality shirt.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 16

This 100% polyester hoodie dress is not only strong and durable but also 100% soft and 100% cute. It comes with an adjustable hood and a kangaroo pouch pocket to always keep your hands warm.

Most importantly, this dress offers an all-over print, so your designs have no borders apart from the physical dimensions of the garment.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 17

One of the best gifts you can give a woman is ensuring better sleep after she’s watched one too many true crime dramas. 

This is made possible by the fluffy and warm 100% polyester sherpa fleece blanket. One side remains fuzzy, and the other takes a vivid print.

Being big fans of blankets, we also recommend checking out the Hooded Sherpa Fleece Blanket to always have a blanket with you, no matter where you are.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 18

Comfortable long-sleeve attire is a necessity in any household during chilly, windy, and cold weather. This unisex jersey is made from 100% airlume combed and ringspun cotton. It’s lightweight and fits like a well-loved favorite.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 19

Custom gift paper is a best-seller among all festive product listings. It delivers an edge-to-edge one-sided print on 90 gsm fine art paper, turning gift wrapping into a truly exquisite activity. 

Add your festive designs and bring this gift paper to your store. It’s perfect for wrapping up all of the best gifts you’re selling!

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 20

These socks are too big for your feet, but they’ll fit many bath bombs and chocolates. They’ll serve as a perfect Christmas goodie bag to put on your mantelpiece or wall. Made from 100% polyester fleece that’s plush and soft to the touch.
Again, these are not meant for your feet, but you do you.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 21

Set up a mood in the room with the light and scent of a candle. These candles are made from 100% natural soy wax and come in three scents: Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice, and Sea Breeze.

They also come in a cute little jar that makes the candle last longer, and you can reuse it after the candle has burned out.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 22

They’re made from museum-grade satin paper with a low-glare finish and come in seven different sizes. Pigment inks will bring your designs to life with bright and intense colors and complement absolutely any room they’re destined for.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 23

There is no time like Christmas to maximize your loungy-ness with a pair of custom pajamas. Made from 100% cotton, these jammies offer breathable and relaxing night attire to adequately prep any woman for sleep.

That said, a night can also bring a sleepover party with a friend, especially around Christmas. These pajamas are also great for a late-night hangout.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 24

Round rugs may not be round because they resemble Christmas tree ornaments, but Christmas ornaments sure look spectacular printed on these rugs. Made from 100% polyester chenille with a durable textured face and hemmed edges, these rugs make quality gifts for any special occasion.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 25

A ruled notebook is a great pick for anyone who needs the inspiration to start writing or a place to keep notes. It’s durable, and the spiral makes it convenient to rip out pages for short notes. Its high-quality front cover print will steal the show, and maybe even a heart or two.

Check out the rest of our Journals & Notebooks to help your friends and customers finally start their five-year journal.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 26

This black mug is set to become a central element of anyone’s household. It comes in a convenient size of 15oz with a C-shaped easy-grip handle. It’s safe to run this mug through a microwave or dishwasher.

The glossy finish will add an additional shine to the mug’s ceramic surface and your picture-perfect design prints.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 27

This stainless steel tumbler is one of the most useful Christmas gifts for women that are always on the go. It’s also great for those who just want to enjoy a hot or cold beverage for a lengthier time before it reaches room temperature.

The tumbler is dishwasher-safe, but you should avoid putting it in the microwave.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 28

This lamp offers a high-res printed shade with fabric trim that will be a unique design element in any room. Think of all the designs which would look cool with backlighting.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 29

There should be decorative pillows on every couch, and each one of them is a statement. The cover and stuffing are 100% polyester, so they won’t wrinkle and need ironing.

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 30

They’re like posters but soft and fuzzy, so people will touch them. That’s okay, though, because you can run these 100% polyester tapestries through the wash. Uplift any room’s aesthetics with a wall tapestry.

How to Successfully Sell Unique Christmas Gifts for and to Women

Best Christmas Gifts for Women in 2022 31

Once you have your wish list of perfect gifts ready, you can start selling them to your customers. This is the part where a lot of up-and-coming merchants get cold feet.

The good news is that there are activities that have proven successful for other businesses like yours in helping to carry things to the finish line. Here are a few of them.

Create Gift Guides

Whether it’s a newsletter or an article on your store page or blog, you can curate your own list of the best Christmas gifts for women. 2022 might be the year you close off with a new source of income.

Your personal guide can definitely include products mentioned in other guides on the internet – maybe that’s what grabs your customer’s attention. Yet, you should consider at least sprinkling it with items from your own store.

Sell Gift Bundles

Gift bundles are a good option for anyone looking to purchase several gifts in one go, regardless of whether it’s a set of complementary products or a set of the same product. To see what we mean, you can take a look at our Greeting Cards

People often need more than one card to mail to family and friends during the holidays. Instead of buying each greeting card separately, you can simplify the process by getting a set of cards.

Bring Wish Lists to Your Store

Look into the possibility of enabling a wishlist on your eCommerce store to ensure returning customers and successfully tackle cart abandonment. Wish lists are primarily meant to improve your customer’s shopping experience. They keep products safe and serve as reminders to place an order.

For your benefit as a store owner – wish lists are a good way to see which products generate the most engagement and interest among your shoppers.
Customer wish lists are also a good source of ideas for your future gift guides.

Holiday Sales, Special Offers, and Marketing Campaigns

Your customer niche is out there, but reaching them could be tricky. This is why we recommend scheduling some time in advance to work on your holiday marketing strategy.

You can start to list holiday items, create relevant content, make videos and social media posts, and offer discounts and freebies. Once you’ve figured out your target audience, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

Be sure to keep notes throughout the whole process, so you can up your game next year.

To Wrap-Up

Unravel a roll of holiday cheer through your store with these top Christmas gifts for women. 2022 is your year to design that perfect gift she’ll love and launch a memorable marketing campaign.

Start designing and add a personal touch to some exceptional, one-of-a-kind items!

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