30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023)

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023)

The gift-giving season is back in full swing, so we’ve gathered a list of Christmas gift ideas to help you find the best presents for all the women in your life.

Get inspired by thematic holiday products and find practical and beautiful Christmas gifts for her.

If you’re a seller looking for potential holiday-season bestsellers, this one’s for you too.

Selling Christmas items is becoming more profitable each year. The 2023 US holiday retail sales will likely reach $1.3 trillion in revenue, while the market size for personalized gifts is on its way to 47.1 billion by 2027.

Best Selling Product Categories of 2023

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 1

The top product categories women show interest in are vouchers and money transfers. It’s safe to say that we all have that in common.

However, if you’re looking for more thoughtful and unique presents, then personalized gifts are your golden tickets.

Explore popular gift categories for holiday presents or merchandise in 2023:

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories are among the most popular gift preferences for women. Apparel is easy to design and adapt to any store niche and is especially popular for young adults, with a 65% gift preference between ages 18-24.

Pay attention to festive apparel, for example, holiday t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, and festive underwear.

Home Decor and Furnishings

With 86% of global consumers planning to decorate their house for the holidays, the custom home decor market is a treasure trove of useful gift ideas. Think Christmas stockings, fairy lights, custom mugs, and cute posters.

Jewelry and Beauty Products

Watches and perfume, 

Cosmetics and earrings, 

Brown paper packages tied up with string – 

These are a few of my favorite things. 

Create one-of-a-kind personalized jewelry and brighten up the dark winter months with a collection of Christmas products that make her glow.

From apparel and home decor to jewelry and fine canvas art – Printify offers nearly every customizable product you can think of as a gift idea. 

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30 Astounding Gifting Ideas for Women (2023)

Don’t limit yourself when considering what makes a good present for a woman. 

There’s more than just sentimental gifts, like jewelry or a framed family photo. The best gifts connect to something she truly loves, like a hobby, her favorite book, or tv show.

This is why personalized gifts make the best Christmas presents for many women – you can tailor them to fit anyone’s preferences. 

We’ve rummaged through our expanding Christmas bag of products to find the best gift ideas for 2023. All you need to do is customize them.

Check out our ultimate gift guide.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 2

When people think of Christmas, they often think of warmth and coziness. These incredibly soft, plush blankets may be the best gifts for women to bring that Christmas feeling. Customize them in fun colors and ornaments she’ll love.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 3

These Apple Watch bands make a thoughtful gift for those with a more active lifestyle. Compliment her favorite tech accessory with fun graphics, or add special holiday-themed patterns.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 4

A scarf is a wardrobe essential, especially in winter and colder climates. Customize it with cute prints in her favorite colors, and voilà, you’ve created a nice Christmas gift perfect for everyday wear.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 5

Tap into classic holiday cheer with personalized ornaments that will last as a treasured memory for years to come. Expand your store with ornaments in various shapes, like a star, heart, or Christmas sock.

Check our ornaments to cover the entire house in cozy Christmas magic.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 6

Create wall decor using premium matte posters for her living space or bedroom. Customize them with festive images or quotes from her favorite book or movie.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 7

Something more oversized for the comfort seekers – this cinched hoodie is one she’ll gladly wear around the house and look fabulous. The soft elastic waistband makes this a snug top fitted neatly around the waist.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 8

Opt for a sentimental style by designing a light accessory she’ll hold dear as a keepsake. Turn our personalized oval necklace into a thematic Christmas gift with a sweet and loving symbol for a mother, wife, or girlfriend.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 9

A simple pair of socks is a time-honored gift tradition. Customize this classic option with stunning prints in bold colors and wrap-around designs.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 10

Yes, even modern electronic accessories can sport a festive look. Maybe she hates cables, maybe she loves new gadgets, or maybe her old bent-up charger needs a replacement compatible with the latest iPhone and Android model.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 11

Print your art on a natural cotton canvas to turn her living space into a beautiful art gallery. Does she have a pet? Create a personalized design by editing her furry friend into a cute, funny pet portrait.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 12

The accent mug is a practical and traditional Christmas gift for moms with a cupboard collection or a gift for a relationship in the coffee and cuddle stage.

This coffee mug is made from white ceramic with a colored interior and handles in black, blue, red, navy, or pink. Safe to put in a microwave or dishwasher.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 13

Speaking of a great gift – we offer some of the most adorable plush toys you’ve ever seen – a bear,  sheep,  bunny, and an elephant. They’re fuzzy and soft, wearing the smallest t-shirt in our catalog. A Christmas classic for her to fall asleep next to.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 14

If there is anything that speaks well of the Gildan 18000’s quality, it’s the fact that the fabric blend is so good it had to be trademarked. The 50% cotton and 50% polyester custom crewneck is plush, soft, and the most comfortable thing a girl can get for Christmas.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 15

This rubberwood travel case with a custom print on top can fit more than jewelry – organizing queens will love the larger inner compartment for everyday beauty essentials, a hair comb, body lotion, and other uncommon goods and secrets.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 16

A 100% cotton shirt is a classic holiday shopping essential. This casual unisex tee can pair well with anything, with lasting prints that won’t fade and become a back-of-the-closet gift. Personalize it with a quote, illustration, or characters she would appreciate, and you’ve scored an evergreen gift.

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30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 17

This women’s hoodie dress is not only durable but also 100% soft and 100% cute. The adjustable hood and a kangaroo pouch make this a great gift for the girl who’s always cold – she’ll prefer it over a heating pad.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 18

One of the best gifts to give a woman is a warm place to snuggle after feeling overwhelmed by festivities. Go for a cozy, Victorian-esque robe that trails behind her each step, hooded and wreathed in flowers and patterns.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 19

Who doesn’t love long sleeves on a cozy Christmas morning? They’ll keep her warm on chillier days and are the perfect choice if she loves layers in her outfits.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 20

For some women, Christmas means taking a long and deserved trip somewhere sunny. It’s the perfect time to gift her a stylish bag that can fit all of her travel essentials.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 21

Set the mood with the light of a scented candle. These candles are made from 100% natural soy wax and come in three scents: Vanilla Bean, Comfort Spice, and Sea Breeze. All ingredients are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 22

Make sure her latest phone brings more joy than paranoia. One of the best gifts for women is a sense of security when dealing with daily notifications, taking holiday photos, and browsing gifts for her family and loved ones.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 23

There is no time like Christmas to lounge around and spend the holidays snuggled up in custom pajamas. Made from soft, 100% cotton, these jammies will feel like a gentle hug.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 24

Round rugs make for a perfect space to sit around the Christmas tree when unwrapping gifts and lighting candles. The texture and hemmed edges, paired with your design, will make any interior design girlie happy.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 25

A journal is a great pick for anyone needing inspiration to start writing or an organized place to keep notes. Make a five-minute journal with an aesthetic spiral binding and a high-quality front cover print to steal the show.

Check out the rest of our journals and notebooks for more variety.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 26

Start her new year with memories or themes shared from the last – circle in her birthday and other exciting events while you’re at it. Personalized calendars are the perfect gift for an everyday reminder that you care.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 27

This stainless steel tumbler is for the woman on the go. It’s durable, dishwasher-safe, and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 28

This lamp has a beautiful customizable shade that softens the light, making any space ten times cozier. One of the best personalized Christmas gift ideas for her, if she’s a bedtime reader.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 29

There is no such thing as too many pillows. Especially during the most coziest time of the year. Consider these decorative Christmas pillows – they’re super smooth and won’t wrinkle or require ironing.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 30

A soft and flowy piece of art with a bright visual appeal that softens the room. Create personalized tapestry designs to make the perfect Christmas gifts for a girlfriend, roommate, or sibling looking to add more color to their living space.

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 31

Once winter kicks in, custom airpods are an excellent way to drum away cold winds with a playlist of all the greatest holiday hits. Best of all, the protective case comes with a custom design personalized just for her.

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4 Tips to Successfully Sell Christmas Gifts for Women

30 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Women (2023) 32

Once you have your collection of perfect gifts ready, start selling them to your customers. This is the part where a lot of up-and-coming merchants get cold feet.

The good news is that we know what steps successful businesses take to plan their Christmas campaigns and reach high profits.

Create Gift Guides

Whether it’s a newsletter or an article on your store page or blog, curate your own list of the best Christmas gifts for women. 2023 might be the year you close off with a new source of income.

Your personal gift guide can include items specific to your niche, a gift list of bestsellers, or trendy wish lists with an ironic holiday theme. Anything that grabs your customer’s attention is worth the investment.

Sell Gift Bundles

Gift bundles are a good option for anyone looking to purchase several gifts in one go. It’s your opportunity to design complementary products in a discounted bundle, for instance, pajama sets as Christmas gifts for a girlfriend, a combo of home decor items, or a pack of exclusive holiday socks.

You can also add a sweet, custom message she’ll read upon unboxing. Show the customer some Christmas spirit with holiday packaging inserts.

Bring Wish Lists to Your Store

Add wish lists on your eCommerce store to tackle cart abandonment. They keep products in one place and serve as checkout reminders, adding more convenience to your customer’s shopping experience.

Wish lists are a good way to see which products generate the most engagement among your shoppers. This can help influence your future listings and fuel more ideas for popular gift guides.

Holiday Sales, Special Offers, and Marketing Campaigns

Your customer niche is out there, but reaching them could be tricky. We recommend scheduling some time in advance to work on your holiday marketing strategy.

Start to list holiday items, create relevant content, make videos and social media posts, and offer discounts and freebies.

Be sure to analyze your campaign results, to raise your game next year.


Take a thoughtful approach with custom-printed gifts. Our seasonal catalog offers the year’s top Christmas gifts for women, from classics, like clothing and accessories, to practical options, like home decor, posters, and gadgets.

There’s no such thing as everything if a gift has meaning beyond material value. Let personalized art do the talking with custom posters, tapestries, and printed t-shirts that share a message from the heart, made specifically for her.

Every woman is unique with her own preferences, but we can analyze the market to gauge the most common gifting trends. Besides vouchers and money transfers, the current top categories for women are clothing and footwear, cosmetics and body care, and jewelry and accessories.

What does your crush like – is she into traditional holiday gifts, looking for more unconventional goods, or is she particular about recycled materials? The safe bet is to get a practical gift that she can use daily – a mug with a clever slogan, a blanket for a potential snuggle, or a funny pair of socks.

Need Christmas gifts for your mother-in-law, best friend, an old family acquaintance, or a kind school teacher? Find cozy and festive clothing, scented candles, Christmas ornaments, tapestries, rugs, and more in the Printify Catalog.

To Wrap-Up

Unravel holiday cheer throughout your store with these top Christmas gifts for women. 2023 is your year to design that perfect gift. 

If you’re a seller, launch memorable marketing campaigns, create bundle deals, promote gift lists, and offer holiday discounts to further boost sales.

Start designing and add a personal touch to some exceptional, one-of-a-kind items.

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