15 Scare-Riffic Halloween Gifts for Your Friends, Family, and Store

15 Scare-Riffic Halloween Gifts for Your Friends, Family, and Store

Hold onto your hats and loved ones, kiddos – October is right around the corner. Treats are not the only thing you can give or get on Halloween, and we’re not talking about tricks here; we’re thinking of high-quality, customizable products.

With our help, you can bring some hocus pocus into your life by choosing products created just for this magical season in the form of personalized Halloween gifts.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022

Printify offers a wide selection of custom products that can serve as the perfect gift for anyone during this festive event. We won’t be looking at toys and balloons this time, although we have those, too. We’ll share some excellent and trendy items that range from apparel to home decor, which might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Shirts

Customized shirts are the first choice for anyone looking to buy a themed product. We stock various shirts for men, women, and children in multiple styles and sizes, catering to all tastes. It’ll be the ideal canvas for your spooky designs, as the print wraps around the entire product.

You can use this shirt as a canvas for breathtakingly stunning, vivid, magical designs or funny and quirky phrases in creepy fonts. Pair our AOP unisex tee with “Not a ghost, just dead inside,” “Let’s get spooky,” or “Friendly ghost”.

With a seemingly infinite amount of colors to choose from, a customized shirt makes an excellent Halloween gift.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Treat Bags

For most children, Halloween means two things: candy and costumes. Any boring, regular bag will suffice for candy or costume, but we can all agree that it doesn’t fully capture the trick-or-treat spirit. We offer custom totes for all of your snack, sweet, and toothbrush collecting purposes. Our totes would make a great Halloween gift that can be reused every year.

Children love spooky pumpkin designs and cheeky phrases like “keep calm and give me candy”, “put some candy in the bag, and nobody gets hurt”, or “Frankly, I don’t think I’m that scary”.

Personalized Halloween bags are not exclusively for trick or treaters. They can also be a perfect addition to any Halloween party outfit or a casual holiday greeting. Imagine a treat bag with a cauldron design – it’s the ideal accessory for a wicked witch!

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Neck Gaiters

Anyone can get hot under a mask they pull over their heads, but we have a solution – a neck gaiter. It is one of the best things you could give as a Halloween gift. Neck gaiters offer an all-over print, which removes any limitations on your Halloween gift designs. A spooky mouth is one of the most popular designs to add on a neck gaiter, but you can always use an eerie phrase like “Remove to detach head” or “I have no mouth, and I must scream.”

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Stickers

Everyone with some seasonal spirit gives out candy on Halloween. It’s a great tradition, but wouldn’t it be cool if you had other surprises to offer kids knocking on your door? A sticker is a relatively inexpensive Halloween gift you can purchase in bulk. They are also perfectly sized to pop straight into a goodie bag.

Up your Witching Night game with Halloween stickers. Add phrases like “I trick or treated at [Customer Name]‘s house Halloween 2022” or “I survived Halloween 2022, and all I got was this lousy sticker”. Stickers are also great on phone cases and notebooks, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Leggings

Our tagless, elastic, skinny-fit leggings add a new stretchy dimension to your Halloween costume. With all-over printing, your leggings will become the centerpiece of any All Hallows’ Eve outfit.

The black and white stripe or the Beetlejuice stripe, as it’s more widely known adds a playfully wicked sense of gothic style. The skeleton x-ray is another popular design.

Why not pair these leggings with one of your Halloween tees? We’re talking about a full-body skeleton x-ray here. Designs like these should become a staple at everyone’s house to be worn on any spooky evening at a moment’s notice.

A matched outfit can create the zombie, skeleton, or Frankenstein Monster look you’re looking for.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Shower Curtains

When Halloween comes, spooky season decorations get pulled out of the closet or arrive at your door. Don’t get caught without the essentials, like ghostly shower curtains. A great product to offer, it gives vivid prints and is easy to wash and maintain due to its water-repellent coating. Why shouldn’t the bathroom display your sense of mischief and fun?

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Shirts

Lots of us like to decorate our houses for Halloween. Maybe we’re preparing for trick or treaters, throwing a petrifying party for our friends, or just want to light up a soy candle in our living room and sit on a couch in the darkness. Whatever the plan, it’s made better with the presence of one or more Halloween posters on the wall.

For kids, a great pumpkin wishing you a Happy Halloween is as age-appropriate as it is adorable. If you want to increase the fear factor, you can go for a ‘BEWARE’ sign, warning people to stay away. More classic poster designs are of creepy movie flicks.

A poster is just a blank page, giving you a complete creative range to make something appropriate for trick or treating, a Halloween party, or everyday home interior.

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Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Mugs

What’s your favorite Halloween beverage? Is it witches’ brew, vampire blood, or a swamp potion? It’s always fun to get creative with themed drinks. It’s lame to drink thematic holiday drinks from your everyday coffee or beer mug. Add your own spooky Halloween designs to these mugs and create appropriate mugs for your ghastly beverages.

Mugs are also ideal for more casual designs. Go with something like “witch, please!”, “ok, boo-mer”, or “croke, cry, curse” for a twist on a classic, and you’ll find that this gift is not only for Halloween-time coffee drinking.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Pillows

Are you afraid of the dark? Halloween has undeniable associations with nighttime and nightmares, making a pillow one of the best Halloween gifts. For that person who enjoys Holloween a little too much, a printed phrase like “don’t wake me up before Halloween” is a great gift.

Pillows could become fun novelty items on Halloween Night. Witchy vibes, pumpkin patches, crystals, spellbooks, and stars are all excellent ideas to incorporate into your designs.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Socks

If you’re looking for the best Halloween gifts for teens, children, or adults, it doesn’t get much better than Halloween socks.

Socks casually express holiday cheer. Those who “don’t like to dress up in a costume” often compromise by wearing a themed accessory like spooky socks.

Classic Halloween combinations always look eye-catching on socks. Black socks with spindly silver spider webs, orange socks with bats, or pumpkins are sure to be a success.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Candles

The essential item to have at any Halloween-themed event is candles. You place them inside a carved pumpkin or on top of your mantelpiece to set the right mood for an evening of macabre festivities. Our Scented Candles come in White Tea & Fig, Lavender & Sage, and Ocean Mist & Moss fragrances. They can be the ideal Halloween gift and just the right thematic accent a trick-or-treat environment needs.

Your design choices can be simple silhouettes or graphics like a pumpkin or a ghost. They can also be creepy messages that work with a glowing candle, like “Knock three times” or “I’m watching you”.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Lamps

Light, or a lack thereof, is often a central element of Halloween celebrations and can also be a custom Halloween gift. A lamp is essential to every room and is the main object that sets the mood and feel of a place. It can not only be the light source in a dark room but an excellent Halloween gift.

The Light Cube Lamp is a great product for designing creepy-looking glowing boxes that you can make a central element of your party.

Decorate your glow-cube for the season with a fiery eye, a blood moon, or an occult script.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Tumblers

Halloween tumblers are very similar to Halloween mugs, so there is significant overlap, and what goes for one can also go for the other. The main difference is that you can take a tumbler when you leave the house and go about your day.

Your designs would need to be appropriate for the intended setting, so be sure to cut down on, or increase, the profanities accordingly.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Pet Tank Tops

Humans aren’t the only creatures who celebrate Halloween. We’re not talking about ghosts or spiders, but your pet companions. A unique and fun Halloween gift is a Halloween-themed tank top for pets.

Style to match the owner’s outfit or to serve as an outfit on its own. Turn pets into mythical creatures, other species, or present them as the personal familiars they are. You can also add a funny and cute message like “Happy Howl-oween”, “Sniffin’ gourd, like I should”, or “Cuddle, cuddle purr, and snuggle”.

Top 15 Halloween Gift Ideas for 2022 - Halloween Pet Bandana Collars

Dress your pet with a pet bandana collar or in combination with a pet tank top. A dog bandit and a cat sheriff? There are no design limitations or creative borders – let your creativity run wild.

Don’t worry about your pets shaking off their bandanas, because they have adjustable collar fastenings.

Create and Sell Personalized Halloween Gifts With Printify

Halloween can be celebrated by your potential customers and maybe the ghost behind you. Consider adding these products to your store for additional profits.

Printify allows you to make and add products to your store in just a few minutes, all you need are designs that match the theme. We offer designs through the graphics designers in our Experts Program.

Prepare for the trick or treat season and bring the best Halloween-themed gifts to your customers.

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