Custom Tablecloth

With a custom tablecloth, you can turn boring tables into pieces of art. Whether for a family gathering, company event, trade show, or any other special event, we’ve got you and your table covered.

Tablecloth with a print of the African Savannah around its edges on a square table.
Yellow table cover with a pattern of green leaves.

Make Your Own Custom Tablecloth

Endless Customization

Unleash your creativity with our beginner-friendly Mockup Generator. With this powerful tool, you can make your custom tablecloth with ease.

No Order Minimum Quantity

You can order as many or as few products as you like. Just one table cover for your home? Sure thing. A thousand for your business? You got it.

No Up-Front Investment

With Printify, signing up is absolutely free. If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly way to design, create, and print custom tablecloths, welcome.

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Why Sell Custom Table Covers?

Selling custom tablecloths or table runners is a profitable idea for entrepreneurs with a passion for interior design.

$2.39 billion

The expected growth of the global table linen market during 2022–2026.

No longer plain practicality – protecting a table from scratches, spills, and stains – they’ve become an invaluable style element, enhancing the overall aesthetic of a home.

White table cover with a pattern of black flowers.

Have Your Events Covered

In the world of business, tablecloths are a premium-quality advertising space. With a custom design reflecting the heart and soul of a company, attracting passers-by to a trade show event table becomes much easier.

With all three – guests, customers, and clients – in mind, custom tablecloths are great because they:

Set the Tone

As a time-honored decoration for holidays, weddings, birthdays, and other special events, custom tablecloths are perfect for a wide variety of occasions.

Get Your Business Noticed

A custom table cover with a company logo, brand images, and messaging is an easy way to make your booth stand out, showcase, and advertise your products or services.

Have Endless Functions

Apart from family gatherings, a well-dressed table is a perfect place to engage with people at job fairs, trade shows, or company events.

Start Selling Custom-Printed Tablecloths!

Pick and Design Your Custom Table Cover

Whether you need a unique tablecloth for a party or an elegant table runner for a fancy dinner, you’ll find them both in Printify’s catalog.

Whatever the occasion or purpose, you can customize our white-label tablecloth in any way you like. Our high-quality custom tablecloths come in one standard size –  55.1″ by 55.1″.

Key Features:

Edge-To-Edge Print

Full one-side print to make your tablecloths outshine the others.

100% Polyester

Durable synthetic fabric that retains its shape and dries quickly.

Machine Washable

Safe to wash and dry. Machine wash: Cold – max 30°C or 90°F.

With our table runners, decorating is easy, fun, and affordable. They’re an excellent choice for both homes and businesses as a novel way to add a touch of class and sophistication to any event.

Key Features:

Exceptional Colors

A table runner that’s bright in color and crisp in detail.


Made of water-resistant, lightweight synthetic fabric.

100% Polyester

Durable synthetic that retains shape and dries quickly.

How to Create Custom Table Covers With Printify?

As a beginner-friendly platform, we’re proud that anyone – with the help of our powerful Mockup Generator – can make a one-of-kind table cover with just a few clicks.

Illustration of the design application within the Mockup Generator.

Step 1

Pick a Product

In the Printify catalog, you’ll find a wide variety of high-quality products at the best prices on the market that you can customize to your heart’s content. Start by selecting a product – tablecloth, in our case – and click Start designing.

On each product page, you’ll see useful information on available sizes, prices, average production times, shipping costs, care instructions, special features, and much more, helping you pick the right product for your needs.

Step 2

Add and Adjust Your Design

In our easy-to-use Mockup Generator, you can create a custom table cover effortlessly. With a touch of a button, you can add text, logo, illustrations, patterns, or anything else you like to design a table throw unlike any other.

Using the text editor, you can complement your custom design with text: choose between fonts, colors, and sizes, and adjust as you see fit. All your tablecloth styles are stored in your library, allowing you to revisit them whenever you want.

Step 3

Order for Yourself or Publish to Your Store

When everything is perfected, you can order a personalized tablecloth for yourself or publish it to your eCommerce store. Printify seamlessly integrates with all major sales channels, allowing you to showcase your products to the whole world and start selling with ease.

After you’ve published your tablecloth to your eCommerce platform or marketplace, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Say goodbye to labor-intensive printing, packaging, and shipping – we do it all for you, so you can focus on marketing and growing your business.

A Few Custom Table Cover Design Ideas

When creating table cover designs, anything goes – opportunities are as endless as they are exciting. You can base your designs on holidays, seasons, occasions, or special events, easily appealing to the audience of your choice.

Custom-Printed Tablecloths for Holidays

Traditionally, people – your customers are no exception – spend holidays with their friends, family, and loved ones, enjoying a meal with those they hold dear.

Whether for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or any other beloved holiday, custom tablecloths are an elegant way to set the tone for a truly extraordinary celebration. No wonder they’re one of the best things to sell for Christmas.

As a nod to the holiday, you can design tablecloths with cozy snowflakes and fairy lights for Christmas Eve, cute bunnies and flowers for Easter Sunday, or bountiful harvest motifs for Thanksgiving dinner.

Green table runner with mistletoe design.
Mint green table cover with a company logo.

Branded Tablecloths With Company Logo

Whether at a trade show or a job fair, promoting your brand is vital. Custom table covers are a great option that synchronizes beautifully with the rest of your displays as an affordable and powerful way to advertise your business.

With trade show table covers that display your brand’s colors, logo, and messaging, you can set yourself apart from the competition while reflecting the heart and soul of your business.

Custom Birthday Table Covers

No matter how old we get, birthdays – bringing joy and happiness – are always a beautiful occasion. With custom table covers, you can make this wonderful day a bit more special.

What better place to display a birthday cake than on a table cover designed specifically for the day?

Whether for family members, friends, or customers, creating a one-of-a-kind table cover with candles, cakes, and other party elements will brighten anyone’s day.

Colorful tablecloth for kids' Birthday party.
Table runner with an elegant design of flowers and hummingbirds.

Tablecloths Inspired by Vintage Style

Not so long ago, custom tablecloths used to be an important part of every household – our grandmothers would most likely never have a bare table in any room. They would have a special one for every occasion.

By designing and selling vintage tablecloths, your customers can embrace those childhood memories and add a familiar feeling to their homes.

Vintage designs might include bright patterns with birds, flowers, fruits, leaves, and berries, recreating the feeling one feels at their grandparents’ home.

Tablecloth for Special Events

Whatever the occasion – wedding, graduation, or anniversary – make every milestone count. With personalized tablecloths, you can add a touch of style to any event, leaving an impression that will last for years.

As an example, for a wedding, you can go with heart patterns, roses, doves, and a variety of other symbols of love. After all, custom tablecloths, beautiful in their practicality, are one of the best personalized wedding gifts you could start selling today.

White table cloth with minimalistic heart pattern on a round table.

Why Choose Printify?

With Printify, anyone can start selling one-of-a-kind table covers without any investment, storage space, or logistical hassle.

Whatever you’d like to achieve, our mission remains the same – to help you make more money with less effort.

Table cover with an elaborate blue and orange arabesque design.

No Up-Front Investment

Signing up for Printify is 100% free. Our platform is easy to use and available to everyone. Only pay for the fulfillment after a customer has paid for the order.

No Need for a Storage Space

Every order is printed on demand, saving you the hassle of keeping stock of merchandise, buying equipment, or printing. Orders are printed, packaged, and shipped by the print provider directly to your customer.

Countless High-Quality Products

With our catalog, you get easy access to more than 800 high-quality products – apparel, accessories, home décor, and much more at the best prices on the market.

Free Design Tools

Printify offers a free Mockup Generator for both professional designers and beginners. Whatever styles you like, you can quickly design a product with ease.

Excellent Support

With our professional Merchant Support team – available 24/7 – you’re never on your own. If you need any help or guidance, we’re always here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. In fact, we highly recommend that you do. With product samples, you can ensure that the final product’s design and print quality is exactly what you hoped for. If necessary, you can always adjust the design of your tablecloth.

Here’s a quick tutorial explaining how sample ordering works.

The shipping cost depends on the delivery destination. The shipping within the United States will cost $13.49, European countries – $17.99, but internationally – $18.29.

To learn how much the shipping of a tablecloth will cost to other countries, feel free to visit the print provider’s shipping rates page.

No. Whether you need to cover one, ten, or a thousand tables, Printify offers the possibility for both single and bulk orders.

The average production time of our custom tablecloth is 2.9 business days.

Whenever you’re washing your tablecloth, make sure to check the care label first. In our case, you should preferably use a washing machine on a delicate cycle with cold water. If you go warmer, don’t exceed a maximum temperature of 30°C or 90°F.

You can tumble dry on low heat, but don’t iron or dry clean.

Yes, a custom tablecloth with a logo is a great way to promote a product or a service at trade shows, expositions, or job fairs.

In our Mockup Generator, you can quickly create trade show table covers that will get you noticed, complementing your other displays, such as retractable banners and stands.

Ready to Sell Custom-Printed Tablecloths?