The Best Christmas Gifts for Men: 40 Ideas for 2023

The Best Christmas Gifts for Men: 40 Ideas for 2023

As the days get shorter, holiday shopping lists grow longer. Whether for a father, husband, or any other important man in their lives, everyone is searching for that perfect gift.

If you want to design a heartfelt gift for your family, friends, or create a holiday bestseller for your store, we have the best Christmas gifts for men. 

Personalize them to your heart’s content and bring both happiness and profit.

1. T-Shirts

A bearded man with sunglasses wearing a cool t-shirt with the text: “Metal Christmas.”

T-shirts are timeless, stylish, and comfortable. No man’s wardrobe is complete without a few.

Forecasts predict that the custom t-shirt printing market will reach $3.1 billion by 2025, proving that t-shirts are highly popular.

Whether for your loved one or an eCommerce store, they’re both great gifts and profitable products, thanks to the possibility of personalization to make them truly special.

2. Hoodies

A smiling man wearing a green hoodie with stylized reindeer, suggesting that apparel is one of the best gifts for men.

A tried-and-trusted classic that always stays in style, hoodies are the perfect year-round choice. Whether for a fashion-forward hypebeast or simply a guy who appreciates comfort, hoodies keep you snuggly and warm, making them perfect for colder temperatures. 

Whatever the season or weather, it’s a must-have for every guy. Original hoodies with great visuals and a personalized message make the perfect gift for men.

We have best-selling hoodies in various sizes, colors, and styles. Select your favorite and customize it for gift giving or your holiday sales.

A man in a Christmas hat wearing a festive sweatshirt, featuring a gingerbread man holding candy canes.

Whether for chilly summer nights or blustery winter days, sweatshirts are a practical necessity for any guy, making them one of the best Christmas gifts for him. 

The demand is supported by statistics – in 2023, the revenue in the jerseys, sweatshirts, and pullovers segment already amounts to $65.4 billion.

While some are made purely from polyester, most feature a unique 50-50 blend of cotton and polyester, giving not only comfort and durability, but also making them a fantastic gift for men thanks to their perfect canvas for designs.

A man wearing a gray football jersey with a stylized logo of a wolf’s head.

If you need the best gift for those who enjoy football, designing all-over-print jerseys is an obvious choice. They’re great for athletes, fitness fans, and everyone in between who wants to carry the love of the game into everyday life.

They’re lightweight and breathable, keeping the wearer comfortable and stylish.

A smiling man wearing a festive baseball jersey.

For some, baseball, amateur or professional, is like a religion. A team jersey is the most prized possession of any fan. If that sounds like your dad, husband, or customer, it’s a gift he’ll enjoy.

These extra lightweight jerseys feature a moisture-wicking material that keeps the wearer cool throughout all nine innings.

Jogger pants with stylized Christmas tree patterns in shades of green and gold.

All-over-print athletic joggers are a popular choice. These athletic joggers are durable and stretchy, ideal for leisure and workouts. Add these to jerseys, and you’ve got the perfect gift set for your store or loved one.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more minimalistic approach, choose a less flashy option, premium fleece joggers, customizing only the back pocket for a sleek, understated style.

Black basketball shorts with the text: “Break Rules.”

While some may argue that finding the perfect gift for men is challenging, it’s easy if they love sports. If you’re looking for a great present for your customers, friends, or family, basketball shorts are a great choice. 

Their popularity is clear. Industry experts forecast that the global basketball apparel market will grow by $4.58 billion during 2022-2026.

They’re 100% polyester, meaning they’re extremely durable, retain shape well, and dry quickly. Your designs? They cover the whole surface of the product.

While these specific shorts don’t have pockets, you can pick all-over-print basketball rib shorts featuring two pockets and a fully customizable surface.

Jogger shorts with geometric shape patterns in various shades of blue.

Whether for a game, the gym, or lounging at the house, they’re great for any informal occasion, making jogger shorts one of the best gifts for men.

A simple yet practical gift for that special guy in your or your customer’s life.

100% polyester, these jogger shorts are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and durable, giving freedom of movement without sacrificing comfort.

Swim trunks in stylized Christmas tree patterns in green, white, and red.

It’s always summer somewhere. Swim trunks are never out of season, no matter what the calendar says. Experts predict that the value of the global men’s swimwear market will hit $6.28 billion by 2025, proving that people love this product.

As a way to give a little summer to your customers, friends, or family members, consider custom swim trunks – something that men particularly appreciate, especially when planning a vacation.

Boxer briefs with stylized snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas tree pattern, and the text: “Merry Christmas.”

Upgrade comfort to a whole new level with custom men’s boxer briefs that provide unmatched support and style.

Made from 100% polyester, they’re lightweight, durable, and ideal for all-over printing.

With a cool design – patterns or graphics – they make a great addition to any eCommerce store and an original gift for your man.

Make Your Own Gift Today!

Stylish mesh sneakers with a colorful and abstract design.

When creating a unique gift, sports sneakers remain unrivaled champions. How often do you see people wearing them? Exactly. Sneakers are a popular product, and forecasts predict their global market value will reach $100 billion by 2026.

These are made for athletics and feature a memory foam sole that, over time, adjusts to the contours of the feet, enhancing comfort.

When you add a design, it’ll cover the mesh-knit polyester on the top of the sneakers.

High-top sneakers with geometric shapes in various colors.

These sneakers offer a wide range of customization and comfort features, making them great for men with different preferences and interests.

The low-top sneakers come in black or white soles and offer a full wraparound print for stylish designs. They’re made from breathable 100% polyester fabric and come with deodorant memory foam insoles, metal eyelets, and pleather around the toe for increased durability – perfect for guys who enjoy long walks outdoors and staying active.

The high-top sneakers also come in black or white soles and laces, perfect for a festive all-over design. They’re made from 100% polyester fine weave texture fabric and foamed lining, making them soft and comfortable.

Sandals with a black sole and a blue strap with a stylized bear and the text: “Let’s Hibernate.”

While flip-flops aren’t the coolest gift for men, many enjoy practicality, so they’re a top pick for those who value simplicity. They’re made from a soft polyester, featuring a slip-on design and a cushioned footbed, making them ideal for everyday wear.

With a creative design, a pair of sandals can add a touch of style to any man’s wardrobe. Made with a slide-in design, they’re comfortable and provide cushioning due to the PVC foaming outsole and strap.

Colorful pajama pants in the style of geometric abstraction.

A great gift for a guy who appreciates both comfort and style. Assembled in the USA, these pajama pants are crafted from a lightweight 100% polyester jersey fabric, which is soft and perfect for printing.

These pajama pants feature a drawstring waist, so they’re easy to adjust for the right fit, making them ideal for lounging at home.

A smiling man wearing a trucker hat with the text: “Dear Santa, It Was The Cat.”

Trucker baseball caps are a popular accessory that many love: sports fans, golfers, and college students, for example. They’re great for hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activity. 

While they come in one size, they’ll fit most guys with their adjustable strap closure.

If you design for hipsters, personalizing a trucker hat is a good idea. It’s a must for guys who prefer a more rugged look.

A gray cap with the text “World’s Greatest Dad”, suggesting that caps make great gifts for dads.

Perfect for both casual wear and sports team uniforms. They’re one of the best gifts for men who enjoy practical and cool accessories.

A white cap with the text: “Be Good Or I Will Text Santa.”

Baseball caps are ideal for different activities, like hiking trips, sporting events, or camping. A great gift for a guy who already has everything else.

They’re made from 100% cotton twill, allowing you to make a practical, original, and visually appealing gift.

18. Socks

Dark blue socks with a stylized gingerbread man pattern.

While socks aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when considering the best gifts for men, customization makes all the difference.

After all, socks are essential in the wardrobe of any guy. They’re also great for gifting and selling. In 2023, the revenue in the socks segment already amounts to $14.3 billion.

In the Printify Catalog, we have various socks at the best prices on the market. Add a creative design, and a pair of socks can become a big hit with your dad, husband, and customers.

A colorful beach towel with a design featuring pineapples and flowers.

Whether for the sauna, beach, or pool, beach towels are a practical necessity. These all-over-print towels are a blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, so they’re not only soft but also durable and easy to care for.

If your family, colleagues, or customers have practicality in mind, these towels make great gifts for guys of all ages. Complete the set by adding a boho beach cloth.

20. Face and Hand Towels

A turquoise hand towel with stylized tigers.

Face and hand towels are a great choice if you’re after creative yet affordable gifts. Not only are they decorative, but they’re also home essentials that make life a little easier.

While the front is 100% polyester, perfect for any design, the back is 100% cotton, providing softness and comfort, so he’ll happily replace his current ones with these.

Make Your Own Gift Today!

A smiling bearded man holding a stainless-steel mug with the text: “Today Is a Hot Chocolate Kind of a Day.”

Whether at home or on the go, stainless steel travel mugs are ideal for staying hydrated, healthy, and happy. They’re resistant to rust, staining, and corrosion, so they’ll last a long time.

As an alternative, our travel mugs with a handle are an easy way to keep coffee and tea warm. Insulating plastic and a spill-resistant cup make them a great companion on any holiday adventure.

A water bottle on a table tennis table with the text: “Drink More Water.”

A water bottle is a perfect companion for early morning exercise, study sessions, and breaks at work. Stylish and practical, they’re one of the best Christmas gift ideas for men – essential for staying refreshed and great for both gifting and selling. 

It’s predicted that the global reusable water bottle market will reach $10.6 billion by 2025, proving their unwavering popularity.

23. Tumblers

A beige tumbler with an illustration of Santa Claus and the text: “He Sees How Much You’re Drinking.”

As everyday necessities, tumblers make the best gifts for men. Perfect for keeping drinks at the right temperature, regardless of the weather. They’re practical, wallet-friendly, and built to last.

With a beautiful design, they’ll bring joy to any recipient who enjoys a refreshing beverage on the go. 

Whether you need just a few for your family or a thousand for your brand, we’ve got you covered.

A yellow can cooler with a stylized grill and the text: “Smoking Hot Grill Master.”

A simple yet nifty gift for any man who enjoys a cold drink at a family gathering, party, or while camping in nature.

All of these coolers are lightweight and feature an all-over print, which means your awesome design will cover the entire product.

A color-changing mug with an illustration of a skeleton with the text: “My Every Day Morning Mood.”

If you want to design a practical product for your dad, husband, or eCommerce store, color-changing mugs are a great option. No one can ever have too many mugs, so it’s impossible to go wrong with these.

They’re made from durable ceramic, feature a glossy finish, and an easy-grip handle. The black coating fades and reveals the design as soon as hot coffee – or any other beverage – is poured in.

A backpack with a colorful, abstract smiley design.

As we continue exploring the best gifts for men, the backpack is worth mentioning. A versatile product perfect for studies, work, and travel.

These are lightweight, waterproof, comfortable, and ready for any adventure your husband, dad, or customer sets out on.

A fanny pack with a colorful, abstract design.

While the word fanny pack has received a bad rep, once we change the name to waist bag, belt bag, or hip pouch, these small items show their true nature: respectable utilitarians.

If you or your customers need classic dad Christmas gifts, this is a product they’ll wear with pride. The perfect accessory for a hiker, golfer, avid traveler, or anyone else who needs a hands-free approach.

Alternatively, we offer large fanny packs, so he’ll have even more space for carrying essentials.

28. Gym Bags

A gym bag with a floral pattern.

While finding the best gifts for men is often difficult, the answer may lie in considering their hobbies. As a timeless classic, gym bags are popular with men of all ages.

Available in large and small sizes, they’re spacious and excellent for various recreational pursuits.

A white travel bag with brown handles.

Whether for a weekend getaway or a camping trip, personalized travel bags are perfect for a guy who likes going on adventures.

Their sleek design, high-grade waterproof fabric, adjustable shoulder strap, and carrying handle make them a practical gift for anyone who is always on the go.

A phone case with an abstract, colorful design.

Regarding cool Christmas gifts for men, phone cases, both as functional accessories and fashion statements, are a great option. 

They’re a wallet-friendly way of protecting smartphones at a fraction of their cost. To safeguard from damage, almost every guy has one.

With our Mockup Generator, you can add any design and make a phone case as awesome as the lucky recipient.

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An LED gaming mouse pad on a black table.

Without a doubt, there isn’t a better present for a young guy than a custom LED mouse pad. As an easy way to keep misclicking disasters at bay, they’re one of the best gifts for men who love gaming.

They have a non-slip rubber base, guaranteeing unparalleled precision. With 14 different light settings, they can enhance any desk space.

A black mouse pad with the text: “The Best Dad in the Galaxy.”

With an original design, desk mats and mouse pads can add a touch of character to any workspace. They’re functional and serve as stylish accessories, taking both work and play to a whole new level.

Whatever you or your customers need, we’ve got everything from ergonomic mouse pads to large desk mats to enhance comfort, productivity, and gaming experience.

A watch band with colorful stripes.

While all the products covered so far are amazing, custom Apple Watch bands stand out among the best gifts for men. Whether for everyday use or sports, their thermo-elastomer material keeps the wrist comfortable while giving a great overall look.

They’re compatible with all Apple Watch series, but series 7 and above are only compatible with the 42/44 size option.

A black Bluetooth speaker with an icon of a heart, musical note, and the text: “No Music, No Life.”

As a wallet-friendly novelty, personalized Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to any man cave. When life seems overwhelming, it’s good to have your favorite music at arm’s reach.

The battery guarantees great sound for over two hours at maximum volume. It’s an excellent gift for a guy who likes gadgets.

35. Car Mats

A white car mat with a doodle art design.

Personalized car mats are among the best gifts for men who love their cars. A small upgrade can greatly affect the vehicle’s overall look.

These car mats come in a set of four: two front and two rear mats. Each pair has a non-slip rubber backing that keeps them firmly in place, and all of them are easy to clean.

If four is too much, you can design a single front or rear mat, a set of front mats, or a set of rear mats.

A blue license plate frame with the text: “Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost Too.”

As a way to stand out and reflect the driver’s personality, custom license plate frames are an excellent opportunity to design a cool Christmas gift that’ll appeal to any guy and fit the character of his car.

They’re made from lightweight aluminum and come with pre-drilled holes for hassle-free installation on the back or front of any bumper.

A license plate frame with a tree pattern design.

Personalized license plates are a great way to add a personal touch to any car, whether new or old, making them an awesome gift for car lovers.

They’re durable, lightweight, and easy to install. With the latest printing techniques, designs are bright in color and crisp in detail, satisfying even the most serious critic.

Alternatively, design a vanity plate that’s as embarrassing to others as possible – if that’s where your intention lies.

Two car seat covers with black, green, white, and gray stripes.

If you want to design cool Christmas gifts for men, car seat covers are a great idea. A convenient and practical gift any guy will appreciate.

These covers are made of high-quality polyester, which is a synthetic fabric prized for its long-lasting durability. They’re easy to install, fasten well, and fit nicely.

Our polyester car seat covers also give the freedom to make a different design for each seat.

A man holding a notebook with a mountain on the cover with a text: “You Got This.”

Whether for writing down life lessons, mysteries of nature, or secrets of science, they’re one of the best gifts for men who enjoy putting pen to paper.

They have 118 pages of ruled-line paper and feature a document pocket on the inside of the back cover.

A hockey puck with a stylized skeleton’s head on fire.

Personalized pucks are one of the best gifts for men who play or watch hockey. A great present for your dad, boyfriend, or customer.

They’re made from durable 100% rubber according to weight and size standards. Their black base color is the perfect surface for designs, names, or text.

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How to Create a Christmas Gift in Three Easy Steps?

With Printify, anyone can design gifts with ease. Whether for your family or eCommerce store, we’re an all-in-one solution for individual and business needs.

After ordering, we handle the rest – printing, packaging, and shipping directly to you or your customer’s doorstep.

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up for a free account and access more than 900 high-quality products, a beginner-friendly design tool, and a network of carefully vetted Print Providers.

Step 2: Select a Product

The Printify Catalog is the go-to place for men’s gift ideas. We have various products at wallet-friendly prices. Just browse through, choose your favorite, and click Start designing.

Step 3: Apply a Design

In our easy-to-use Mockup Generator, uploading photos, graphics, or text is easy. When a design is ready, the tool creates a mockup of the gift.

Why Sell Christmas Gifts for Men?

Last year, holiday online retail sales reached nearly $240 billion. On average, Americans spend around $1,455, proving that people spare no expense on Christmas gifts.

Creating a thoughtful collection of Christmas gifts is an easy way to skyrocket your sales and earn more money.

Bring Your Christmas Marketing A-Game

The holidays aren’t far away, which always means a surge in orders. Preparing early pays off, both in revenue and peace of mind.

Increase your sales with 25 holiday marketing ideas. Among other useful advice, the article explains how to:

  • Define a target audience and set goals
  • Prepare the store for the holidays
  • Use hashtags, run giveaways, and sell gift cards
  • Plan a holiday email marketing campaign

While selling only the best gifts for men is essential, marketing plays a big part too. After all, it’s the engine that drives the success of any eCommerce brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Christmas ideas for men, options abound. If we look at holiday gifts most likely given to men, classic categories such as apparel, cologne, and tools take the lead.

The Printify Catalog offers various products you can easily customize and create a great gift for your loved one or eCommerce store.

As statistics show, the most desired Christmas gifts in the United States are:

You should get a 30-year-old man a gift that shows your understanding of his personality and passions.

A personalized gift is an easy way to reach any recipient’s heart. Here’s how to make one: 

Think outside the box and go beyond just the material. With a heartfelt design reflecting his personality, even small items like car, tech, and travel accessories can become a thoughtful present.

Try our easy-to-use Mockup Generator and make an original gift for a man who already has everything.

While the answer heavily depends on the individual’s preferences, some of the best gifts for a 35-year-old man include tech gadgets, a cool watch, or tickets to a music concert he enjoys.

The Best Gifts for Men: A Few Closing Thoughts

As the whirlwind of holidays approaches, it brings a flurry of shopping as people everywhere are trying to find the best gifts for their family, friends, and colleagues.

With Printify, anyone can design personalized gifts for their loved one or eCommerce store. Whatever you decide to gift or sell, don’t forget that it’s the message and the thought that counts.

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