Custom T-Shirts and T-Shirt Printing

Check out custom t-shirts and free t-shirt printing solutions! Make and print custom t-shirts with our simple step by step instructions below.

Custom T-shirts
Custom T-shirts

Custom T-Shirts With No Minimum

Custom T-Shirt Printing

Come in sizes and colors for every taste.

No Minimum Order

Only produce when you receive an order.

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Custom T-Shirt Printing Online -
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T-shirt printing is the best way to kick off your new online store and custom t-shirts are the best selling type of online printing product. Learn everything there is to know about custom t-shirt printing online.

Why Should You Start T-Shirt Printing?

Custom t-shirts are a fantastic way to make some extra money.
In fact, of any of our products, t-shirts are by far the most popular.

T-shirt printing is a form of t-shirt production that makes custom t-shirts accessible to almost anyone. T-shirt printing starts with a t-shirt, known as a blank, produced by a manufacturer. This manufacturer produces shirts specifically for this or for use as a customized product in the custom product aftermarket that exists for t-shirts.

Our print provider network gives you the options you need to make more money, choose from the largest possible selection of products, and have the lowest possible shipping times. 

Custom T-Shirts Printing

While some well-known brands will also produce blank t-shirts for this customized t-shirt printing aftermarket, most often there are brands that you may not have heard of. That does not mean however that there is any lack of quality in the t-shirt printing market. Far from it! There is a diverse range of manufacturers that produce the whole range of t-shirts along with the price and quality line. We work with many such brands here at Printify!

Custom T-shirt Printing Men
Custom T-shirt Printing Men

Custom Men’s T-Shirts

The classic Men’s t-shirt, men from young to old still wear these wardrobe staples. There are huge opportunities for sales here, of course. Luckily, we have a wide selection of Men’s T-shirts for your custom t-shirt printing needs! You can find high quality, inexpensive t-shirts from brands like Gildan, Next Level, Delta, Bella+Canvas and more. We’re ready to help. These t-shirts are ready for printing and come in a wide variety of attractive colors and sizes, making them suitable for all kinds of designs. We also have options for polo shirts, including embroidery ready custom polos for all your semi-fancy needs.

Custom Women’s T-Shirts

Our custom women’s t-shirts also feature an extensive collection. In addition to the great styles above, we have crouchy top, scoop neck and curvy and softstyle. Don’t forget that a lot of partners struggle with gifts for their significant others, so even novelty gifts will probably sell – if it’s the right type of humor. 

Women’s custom t-shirt printing is a huge opportunity for most stores, because generally they are underserved by the many talented designers that create t-shirts more broadly, not just for women. 

There are great options for your store that will let you express yourself and your designs, in a huge variety of stylish colors and must-have staples. Women will appreciate the huge variety of colors, options and sizes available on our platform. Add them to your store today and start your custom t-shirt printing business!

Custom T-shirt Women
Custom T-shirt Women
Custom T-shirt Children
Custom T-shirt Children

Custom Kids T-Shirts

Don’t forget about Kids! Kids sizes and selections are often overlooked, but that doesn’t mean they should be. Fans of teams and movie franchises often love dressing their kids up in their own favorite fandom. Custom printed t-shirts are great gifts for kids from family or friends, and it’s an easy way to show them – and their parents – that you’ve thought about their gift a bit, so we see their popularity on the rise in our shops.

Kids also have a mind of their own and can become quite attached to different things as well. You’d be amazed at how many kids will surf onto shops with their parents tablets or phones, and their parents take notice if they really like something – after all, there’s always a birthday or holiday approaching! 

With that in mind, we have some of the widest selection of custom kids t-shirts ready for printing. Check out brands like Bella+Canva, Gildan and the aptly named Rabbit Skins, so take a look and deck your store out with some great designs for kids!

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T-Shirts Printing Step by Step

1. Creating Printify Account

The first step to creating your budding custom t-shirt printing empire? Create your Printify account with us today. Once your account is created, you just need to wander over to the mock-up generator to start putting the first pieces of your store together. 

2. Choose a T-Shirt You Want to Print

Choose the t-shirt you’d like to print from our product catalog. You can see which are the best selling, and also compare print providers and sellers by price. Not only that, you can see our ranking of the print providers, that way you know which ones are rated the best!

Here are some of our best selling custom t-shirts for printing:


3. Mock It Up

Then, the mockup generator launches. The mock-up generator is the way you can develop products on our platform. Use it to upload your image and place it on your product. The mock-up generator will show you where the print zones are on the product. Some shirts have front, back or sleeve options, while others will be just front print.

Don’t forget, we have three methods for creating shirts:

  • DTG printing: Direct to Garment Printing, your design is printed directly on the t-shirt print areas.
  • All-over print t-shirts (AOP): your design can be printed on the entire t-shirt.
  • Embroidery: Your design is sewn into the garment. See our embroidery guide.

4. Check Image Quality

Take special note of the image quality, we do a quality check just to make sure the image you’re using for your design meets our printing standards. If you’re able to, make sure you have a dpi of 300 – this is the best quality for t-shirt printing. The quality will suffer if you stretch the image from a smaller to a larger design.

5. Print It and Order a Sample

Custom t-shirt printing is the next stage. You’ll want to order a sample to make sure your custom t-shirt design is cooked to perfection. That way, you can be sure that your design looks exactly the way you want it to look. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to get things published to your store!

Custom T-Shirts With No Minimum

A lot of people, including stay at home parents, Youtubers, influencers are earning extra money by starting custom t-shirt printing business, and you can too! We at Printify make it super easy by selling custom t-shirts with no minimum order. That means that you don’t need to pre-buy and store all the products and inventory in your spare bedroom, garage or basement! 

T-shirt printing require no minimum order quantity, boxes, or inventory with our platform. What’s even better? You’ll never have to put an “out of stock” flag on your t-shirts, simply because you’ve run out of inventory, which means you’ll never lose money because you don’t have an item in stock.

Whenever we see this on one of our favorite YouTubers stores online, we’re crushed, because custom t-shirts should have no minimum order. What a wasted opportunity! There’s never an excuse for not making all of your loyal fans or potential customers happy, and being out of inventory is a great way to lose money. 

Why bother with the boxes? Print-on-demand t-shirts make it so easy to print and sell t-shirts that are dropshipped to the customer directly from the print provider. Once you make your design and put it on our platform and your store, there’s nothing left for you to do, other than rake in all of the cold hard cash from those sweet sweet sales.

T-Shirt Printing and Print Providers, Ranked and Rated

Sure, you could do all the research period you could look at from hundreds of print providers all around the world. You could call them each individually, visit their websites, and decide which is the best print provider for you to work with. And if you’re lucky, after doing all that research, you’ll still be around to sell your products! We have a better solution. Use our platform. Higher providers are ranked, they are rated, the production times are listed. You get to decide who you want to work with when you choose which t-shirt printing company to fulfill your orders. That is the advantage of working with Printify.

Custom T-shirt Printing Costs

T-Shirt Printing Costs

Platform cost. Production costs. Shipping cost. When you are going about your t-shirt printing for your store, in order to be profitable, you need to know all of these things. Luckily for you, we are completely transparent about these costs. You get to see these cars with each print provider before you decide where to even make your product. 

Imagine that you want to be as profitable as possible, keep your costs low, and predictable. Imagine that we know this and that we know all of our store owners think this way. 

You don’t have to imagine it because with Printify, it’s reality.

T-Shirt Printing Techniques

There are many different types of t-shirt printing techniques. These techniques have evolved over the years, some becoming more sophisticated, others are relatively new to the market. T-shirt printing is always being developed with new and modern processes. T-shirt printing has come a long way from some of the garage-based machines that you may be familiar with. 

If you went to a high school with a big football team with a huge fan base, then you might be familiar with some of these methods, especially some of the older ones. However, T-shirt printing has come a long way since some people begin printing them in their garages or basements. Let’s look at the most popular ways of t-shirt printing today.

Order Routing Means No Trouble for Your Order

We've learned The thing is too about production in our time. Production can get a little messy, sometimes print providers are open sometimes they're on holiday sometimes they run out of their blanks. The horror. 

Not with us. No longer. We've learned that the unpleasant circumstances of life can be optimized out of our production process by allowing custom order routing. Is one of your suppliers experiencing an uncommonly strong strain of the seasonal flu? No problem. Route that order to a new provider in a blink of the eye.  At Printify, we hate when orders go unfulfilled. That's our whole mission to fulfill orders on our platform for our store owners. We're not going to let something like a little hiccup at a print provider stop us from getting your product to your customer. And we allow you that flexibility with custom order routing.

T-Shirt Printing No Minimums

We were just talking about screen printing above. Imagine that with screen printing you'll have a somewhat more expensive production process designed for printing a large number of T-shirts. T shirt printing with screen printing means that train providers typically will require a minimum number of shirts to produce in order to create the aforementioned stencil.

What if we told you with us there is no minimum. What have we told you that are printing methods that allow us to make each t-shirt on demand? That means there's no minimum, you can make a single order, have one t-shirt, or an order of 1000+ t-shirts. There's no limit and there's no floor, that's what it means to have no minimum with Printify for t-shirt printing!

Questions About Custom T-Shirt Printing Answered

Making great looking designs and printing custom t-shirts with Printify is one of the easiest and least expensive ways you can get your designs out into the wild. The greatest part about using Printify: there’s no money up front, you won’t be charged anything until you actually get your first order. Pay attention to shipping costs and also the savings you might realize if you upgrade to Printify Premium, out awesome plan that gives you 20% off for signing up to the monthly service.

Absolutely! We don’t require a minimum order amount, and you can order one or 100, it makes no difference. Many of our shop owners sell only one item per order, and they do quite well, so don’t worry about that and let the sales flow in on your custom t-shirts.

We have a wide variety of sizes for nearly all of our shirts, from some great brands like Gildan, Bella+Canva and Hanes. You should be able to find a fit for nearly everyone, and probably even a color too, as we have a great selection of colors for your custom t-shirt printing opportunities.

These are normal, preshrunk cotton shirts for the most part, that you can machine wash with your normal laundry with no problems. Like all new clothes, be careful on that first dryer trip so you don’t shrink anything you might regret!

We source our shirts that use manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe, China, parts of Asia and even Africa. There’s no set place for the manufacturing, so just pay attention to each custom t-shirt blank for where they’ve been made and choose a print provider you want for printing!

Production time for most custom t-shirts is between 1 – 3 days, followed by a shipping period. The good news? We ship internationally, and you can monitor it all in our platform, including customer requests or comments. You can always contact our 24 hour support if there’s an issue with shipping times. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

We see that simple designs, on black or white with quotes, words or catch phrases are the most popular items sold by our vendors. Custom t-shirt printing don’t have to be dazzling or complete with amazing designs in order to sell – they just have to connect with your audience!

Get Started With Custom T-Shirt Printing

Selling custom t-shirts is one of the most popular ways you can monetize your content or your brand online.

No up Front Cost

Even if you sell other products, selling custom t-shirts costs you nothing and can add real money to your bottom line. Consider that of 50 stores we surveyed from popular Youtubers and influencers, all of them sold at least some kind of t-shirt in their shop.

Designing Custom T-Shirts

The most popular custom t-shirt designs aren’t even complex. Catchphrases, slogans, even inside jokes are usually what sells best. A lot of the designs are just words on a simple black or white t-shirt that lets every other fan that the wearer comes across know that they are in good company.

Custom T-Shirt Dropshipping

This is where the magic happens - custom t-shirt dropshipping. Because the t-shirt is printed on-demand and shipped only when sold, the print provider can ship the t-shirt directly to the customer. Never has it been so easy to make, sell, and deliver custom t-shirts than before.

Start Selling Custom T-Shirts!

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