30 Spring Products to Sell in 2024

30 Spring Products to Sell in 2024

Spring is all about renewal, rebirth, and restarts, so let’s talk about bringing a fresh breeze into your store!

As the winter chill makes way for warmer weather, longer days, and brighter colors, it’s time to update your digital shelves with the latest trends and must-haves for spring 2024.

Browse our list of 30 spring products to sell this season and boost your sales with these profitable picks.

What Do People Buy in the Spring Season?

New trends and necessities arise each year, making this the perfect time to spruce up your inventory with new design ideas and products to sell in spring.

Combining Pinterest’s predictions, our own data on yearly market trends, and research done on consumer behavior during the spring season, we’ve highlighted some interesting themes and product categories for you to explore this year.


A woman posing in a stylish orange jacket and sunglasses.

The season’s transition prompts people to seek new wardrobe staples suitable for outdoor workouts and various activities. Remember to exchange your winter designs for bright and stylish spring colors on custom-printed t-shirts, dresses, and breezy shorts.

Garden Products

Garden furniture, outdoor toys, and gardening tools are only some essentials for welcoming warm weather. Longer days and sunny vibes encourage various outdoor activities and gatherings. Don’t forget to offer your customers things like outdoor lighting, accessories, and catering essentials.

Cafe (Coffee) Aesthetics

According to Pinterest, people want to transform their homes into cozy coffee havens with cafe aesthetics and coffee station decor. Embrace the at-home coffee culture with mugs, cozy blankets, and trendy coffee-themed art, attracting coffee enthusiasts of all ages.


Happy and healthy women laughing in colorful workout outfits, enjoying yoga in style

Apparently, 2024 is all about punching the air and finding your inner zen as millennials and Gen Z seek combat sports for daily ‘me’ time. Cater to these interests with workout apparel, gear, and accessories to advocate for strength, calmness, and empowerment with your sales.

Kitchen Decor

Dive into the kitchen aesthetics wave of 2024, where the party isn’t just in the kitchen; the kitchen is the party! Gen X and Boomers are transforming cooking spaces with eclectic charm – think retro finds, vintage styles, and vibrant pops of color.

Camping and Off-Road Adventures

This year, nature enthusiasts are revamping their outdoor gear with durable essentials and rugged accessories for off-roading and camping adventures. Stock up on enamel mugs, backpacks, and travel tumblers for your weather-charged customers on the go.

Party Supplies

A son hugging his mom in bed while she is reading a greeting card with a heart on it.

Don’t forget the holidays and special moments that come with the nicer weather, such as Mother’s Day, Easter, and the first outdoor birthdays. From home decorations and balloons to outdoor products and greeting cards, party essentials rank high among the best-selling spring items each year.

Eco-Friendly Products

Embrace sustainable products as customers actively seek environmentally-conscious choices, willing to pay extra for a greener lifestyle. Start selling eco-friendly products like reusable water bottles, t-shirts, and accessories, tapping into the high demand for responsible alternatives.

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30 Spring Products to Sell in Your Online Store in 2024

Considering the trends and categories mentioned above, we’ve compiled a list of high-demand products to sell in spring 2024. Elevate your sales by incorporating these fresh picks, aligning with customer preferences, and offering something new to captivate your target audience.

1. Leggings

Elevate your spring workout with breathable, stylish all-over-print (AOP) leggings. Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities, these leggings cater to the growing demand for activewear. These are the right products for fitness enthusiasts seeking comfort and fashion in the warmer weather.

2. Tumblers

Tumblers of all shapes and sizes are excellent spring items to sell in 2024. These insulated cups are ideal for outdoor adventures, keeping drinks warm or cool for hours. From stainless steel to plastic tumblers and various print options, delight customers by selling products that easily fit in a travel bag while out and about.

3. Towels

Kitchen, bathroom, gym, and beach towels rank high among best-selling products with their versatile use, print options, and styles. From eco-friendly cotton options to soft polyester blends and a range of shapes and sizes – our Catalog stores an impressive selection for various customer needs.

4. Sports Bras

Continuing on the fitness trend, consider adding uniquely designed sports bras with all-over print to your digital shelves. As workouts become more popular this year, these bras cater to the active lifestyle trend, targeting fitness enthusiasts with comfortable yet fashionable activewear.

5. Cutting Boards

Spruce up the kitchen with chic tempered glass cutting boards. Ideal for springtime cooking, these boards are both functional and decorative. Attract home chefs with a taste for stylish and practical kitchen essentials.

6. Candles

Picking the right products to sell in spring is essential for seasonal sales. Candles fit all the trendy niche boxes. Perfect for cozy staycations, outdoor dates, and celebrations, our soy wax best-sellers with different scents and burning times will be a hit among your customers.

7. Shorts

Workout shorts for men and women, yoga, basketball, biker, swim shorts, and many more. From different sizes and materials to print options and styles, our Catalog is equipped with comfy spring attire for warmer weather.

8. Notebooks and Journals

2024 is all about forming connections and intimate conversations. Inspire creativity with a range of custom-designed notebooks and journals – perfect for journaling, planning, reflecting, and writing down conversation starters for new beginnings this season.

9. Outdoor Mugs

Mugs are best-selling dropshipping products all year round, but remember that many customers will focus on camping and off-roading this year. Start selling mugs and drinkware to fit the niche. From outdoor adventures to yard parties, we have a mug for every occasion.

10. Big Scrunchies

This year is about going big – in hairstyles, clothing, and adventures. Perfect for spring accessorizing, our oversized scrunchies add a playful touch. Tap into the demand for nostalgic fashion, offering a range of vibrant and trendy hair essentials.

11. T-Shirts

T-shirts are high-demand products in spring, with the weather on our side. They come in a variety of styles, types, and colors. And you can adjust the print to suit your niche and trends this spring, from Easter pastels to Mother’s Day and everything in between.

12. Metal Art Signs

Ideal for indoor or outdoor decor, these 100% aluminum signs meet the demand for unique and durable pieces. And with the right design, these are the perfect products to sell for the cafe (coffee) aesthetic we mentioned earlier.

13. Balloons

Remember, as the weather warms, the outdoor gatherings and celebrations bloom into action. Celebrate spring occasions with vibrant balloons. Tap into the demand for party supplies, offering a range of colors and designs.

14. Travel Mugs

Ideal for spring commutes or outdoor adventures, travel mugs cater to the demand for practical yet unique drinkware. Attract busy individuals seeking convenience and sustainability with eco-friendly products and wrap-around prints.

15. Backpacks

Gear up with trendy backpacks for spring excursions, spontaneous road trips, and daily activities. From multiple design and print options to materials and style, target students, hikers, or travelers seeking durable and fashionable options for the spring season.

16. Large Jewelry

Remember we mentioned all things big? That includes jewelry. Consider adding our ellipse-shaped pendant necklace with white aluminum print surface to your inventory. The perfect product to sell in spring, complementing fluffy hairstyles and larger-than-life accessories.


Utilize the demand for intimate, at-home escapes, offering customers unique accessories that complement their cozy reading nooks and enhance the joy of spring staycations. Custom bookmarks make great gifts or personal knick-knacks for an avid reader.

18. Posters

Custom posters are the perfect spring cleaning products for redecoration, catering to the demand for affordable and trendy wall art. They’ll also ideally fit the cafe (coffee) niche, kitchen spruce-ups, or eco-friendly dropshipping products. Sell unique posters to attract customers looking to refresh their spaces.

19. Mugs

We’ve already mentioned tumblers, travel, and outdoor mugs. But spring is the perfect time for sellers to introduce new designs to evergreen products. And with the rise of the at-home coffee culture, there’s also an increasing demand for one-of-a-kind mugs. From latte to magic and heart-shaped mugs, we have them all.

20. Blankets

Cozy up for spring nights with soft blankets. Ideal for outdoor gatherings or indoor snuggles, our selection of comforters caters to the demand for functional, soft, and stylish home goods. From a velveteen plush to a baby blanket and a hooded one, these are the perfect products to sell in spring for the ultimate comfort and style.

21. Slippers

Capture the essence of a serene staycation by offering customers a touch of luxury and comfort for their spring retreats. Soft, practical, and fully customizable, our custom slippers are ideal spring products for those who like to enjoy the peace and quiet of their own homes – and keep their flippers warm.

22. Aprons

Kitchen makeovers, first garden BBQ sessions, or creative cooking experiences can all be improved with one-of-a-kind apron designs. Adjustable straps, soft materials, and all-over prints make these products ideal for sprucing up your spring sales.

23. Stickers

According to Pinterest, stickers will have their own moment of glory in 2024, as Gen Z and millennials will want to put them on everything – laptops, piggy banks, and even credit cards. Luckily for sellers, our Catalog has quite the selection of kiss and die-cut stickers of all shapes and sizes.

24. Coasters

Protect surfaces in style with decorative coasters. Ideal for spring entertaining and the coffee niche aesthetic, our selection of coasters fulfills the demand for functional and visually appealing home decor. Choose from various shapes and sizes, perfect for every kitchen and space.

25. Yard Signs

Spring celebrations, family gatherings, and social events in the warm weather can all benefit from creative designs on custom yard signs. From eye-catching outdoor decor to important announcements, attract those seeking to add character to their yards.

26. Yoga Mats

Elevate your sales with our rubber or foam yoga mats and trendy all-over-print designs. Sellers can tap into the growing demand for spring workouts, providing customers with essential gear for their health-conscious, active lifestyles.

27. Cards

Delight customers with greeting cards – the perfect products to sell in spring, with so many great holidays and celebrations approaching each month. Enter the market with clever designs for Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, and other spring-themed events to skyrocket sales.

28. Oven Mitts

Add flair to kitchen makeovers, grilling events, and daily cooking tasks with stylish oven mitts and potholders. These kitchen essentials offer both protection and elegance – the perfect spring products to sell to a gourmet-driven market.

29. Pillows

Remember the cozy staycations and soothing self-care aesthetics we mentioned earlier? And how about spring cleaning that practically requires something new and trendy? Boost your spring sales with indoor and outdoor pillows, providing customers with chic and functional accessories that elevate relaxation and entertaining.

30. Tote Bags

Eco-friendly reusable totes will skyrocket your spring sales, ensuring sustainability, practicality, and style to an eco-conscious market. From carrying gardening tools and freshly-cut herbs to daily goods and necessities, add your flair to these spring product designs and sell them like hotcakes.

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Final Thoughts

As temperatures rise and days get longer, it’s evident that the spring season brings renewed energy and enthusiasm. 

With a vast range of best-selling spring products, ranging from outdoor activities and camping gear to gardening tools and home decor, now is the perfect time to start selling.

Embrace the season, meet the growing demand, and watch your sales soar to new heights with creative product ideas and Printify.

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