Top 30 Spring Products to Sell in 2023

Top 30 Spring Products to Sell in 2023

Spring is all about renewal, rebirth, and restarts, so let’s talk about bringing a fresh breeze into your store!

The long winter is over, and if you’ve successfully made it through the 2022 Holiday Season, you’re probably more than ready for spring 2023.

Today we’re going to talk about our winning products and accessories that will bring in some extra money for you this season.

What Do People Buy in Spring Season?

Good question. People will buy things that replace old worn-out items and new things they’ve never owned before. With spring cleaning kicking up, there is a lot of opportunity for your online store to sell something that will replace the old clutter. 

Sustainability is trending, so keep that in mind when making decisions about your spring collection.


A woman posing in a stylish orange jacket and sunglasses.

The spring season is here with its warm and chilly weather, so people will be on the lookout for all types of attire, ranging from casual shorts to formal graduation items.

Travel Accessories

The world is ready to travel. As spring is the right time to spread your wings after a long break of sitting at home, people will be interested in all things travel, ranging from luggage to much smaller accessories.

Outdoor Products & Accessories

As the weather gets warmer, people want to head outside to engage in many outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or picnics in the park.

Pet Products & Accessories

A woman sitting in a hay field with a husky dog.

Speaking of category overlap and outdoor products – spring is a great time to refresh your pet’s wardrobe. So if you find the right spring product for the occasion, you might actually get the most sales from a funny dog tee.

Sports Attire & Equipment

Weather changes also come with changes in activities, which means that people will migrate from their comfy sweaters into lighter and more breathable attire. They’ll be looking for a new jersey, leggings, or any other sports equipment that you can make available in your eCommerce store.

Holiday Items

A son hugging his mom in bed while she is reading a greeting card with a heart on it.

Spring is packed full of warm weather and festivities. There’s not only St. Patrick’s Day, April Fools, Easter, Earth Day, and Mother’s Day, but also a variety of lesser-known special days in between.

You can work out your own or follow our Marketing Calendar to help prepare your offers and remind you what’s in store for this season.

30 Best Spring Products to Sell in Your Online Store in 2023

Following product ideas and trends from previous years, we’ve done product research to come up with a list of 30 spring bestsellers that are sure to bring you profit this season.

1. T-Shirts

A man wearing a t-shirt that says "Let Your Dreams Blossom".

T-shirts are high-demand products in spring, with the weather on our side. And those come in a variety of styles, types, and colors.

Go for the reliable classic 100% cotton Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, sized S – 4XL, with 99 colors to choose from. Or the Organic Creator T-shirt, which is not only environmentally friendly but also one of our most popular items – made from 100% cotton, sized 2XS – 5XL, and available in 91 colors.

2. Long-Sleeve Tees

A woman wearing a white long-sleeve t-shirt with a custom print that says "Good Vibes Only".

Long-sleeve tees are great for those cooler days and mornings when you need that extra bit of warmth.

 Check out our Unisex Jersey Long Sleeve Tee or the Unisex Shifts Dry Organic Long Sleeve Tee. Both are made from 100% cotton and come in sizes S – 2XL, with the Jersey leading in color choices by a significant margin.

We’re sure you have some amazing spring designs to feature on these shirts, so get creative with the front and back print areas.

3. Hoodies

A man wearing a black hoodie with a colorful evolution print on it.

The go-to comfort spring product is, and will forever be, the hoodie. Check out the Unisex College Hoodie. It comes at a great price in medium-heavy fabric and loose fit. It’s 80% cotton and 20% polyester, runs true to size, and is available in 78 colors.

4. Tank Tops

A woman wearing a white tank top that says "Aloha" and has an image of a flamingo.

A tank top is probably best suited for the hotter spring days and gardening season. It’s soft to the touch and highly breathable, making it great for a mid-day jog, grocery run, or day at the beach.

The Unisex Tank Top (AOP) is made from lightweight 100% polyester. It is available in sizes XS – 4XL and most colors, offering an all-over print.

5. Baseball Jerseys

A man wearing a colorful baseball jersey with an abstract pattern.

One of the most high-demand and iconic products to wear this spring is the custom baseball jersey (AOP).

It’s made from 100% moisture-wicking polyester and comes with a full-button front, with a black or white button and trim color.

6. Socks

Colorful all-over-print socks.

Springtime brings shorter pants, which allows you to profit from enhanced sock visibility by adding our sublimation socks to your seasonal products.

These soft crew-length socks are made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. Come in sizes S – L with a sublimated all-over print that covers the socks in your most vivid designs. They will look great in outdoor lighting and can become some of the most trending products to sell this spring.

7. T-Shirt Dresses

A woman wearing a t-shirt dress with a floral pattern.

Light, breezy, and fun – our AOP T-shirt dress is the flirtiest addition to your Spring clothing line! It’s great for casual occasions or more formal gatherings, fully depending on the print design you go with.

It’s 100% polyester and runs true to size. The t-shirt dress comes in sizes XS – 2XL. It’s tagless and has a medium-weight fabric, perfect for warmer spring days.

8. Skirts

A woman wearing a skirt with a floral pattern.

Different styles of skirts, like the Women’s Pencil Skirt or the Women’s Skater Skirt, are great product ideas for eCommerce stores this spring season.

Both are made from 5% polyester and 5% spandex, come in sizes XS – 2XL and most colors, supporting an all-over print. These skirts are perfect for standing out or blending in, depending on what you’re looking for.

9. Shorts

A man wearing blue and orange swim trunks.

Shorts are great, comfortable, and in demand during hotter days. Consider adding Men’s Jogger Shorts or Women’s Bike Shorts to your best-selling spring items.

The jogger shorts are made from 100% moisture-wicking polyester, while the bike shorts are made from 88% polyester and 12% elastane. Both come in sizes S – 2XL and most colors – printed all over.

10. Leggings

A woman wearing leggings with a green and white pattern.

Leggings take their rightful place among spring products to sell. Check out the Women’s Cut & Sew Casual Leggings for that classic, skinny fit.

These leggings are made from durable and elastic 95% Polyester brushed suede and 5% Spandex. For ultimate comfort, they offer a 4-way stretch. They’re available in sizes XS – 2XL.

11. Bomber Jackets

A man and a woman wearing bomber jackets with a custom design.

The AOP Bomber Jacket is lightweight, comfy, and stylish, providing a great seasonal alternative to poofy winter coats.

A casual, slim-fitting jacket with elastic bands around the arms and waist. Your customers will love this classic bomber look, completed with your unique designs in various colors.

12. Caps

A woman wearing a white cap with the word "Shine" on it.

Spring is the time to switch from winter hats to caps. And what better options than the classic Trucker or Baseball Cap?

The Trucker Cap is made from 100% polyester, while the Baseball Cap is 100% Cotton Twill. Both come in one size, but the Trucker Cap has an adjustable strap.

13. Knit Beanies

A man wearing a blue jacket and a black beanie hat with a custom design that says "Good Vibes Only".

Knit beanies offer warmth and comfort in the chillier days of spring. Go for the Knit Beanie and embroider it with your iconic designs.

Available in one size and nine colors, including millennium blue, neon pink, and neon yellow.

Think clean lines, clear fonts, and simple elements to create spring beanies that sell.

14. Sneakers

A pair of black sneakers with a tropical pattern.

If you’re looking for footwear during hot days and chilly evenings, you can’t go wrong with custom sneakers.

The lightweight fine-weave 100% nylon canvas fabric and cozy foam lining keep these sneakers super comfortable, while the breathable foamed insole protects against heat, corrosion, and moisture. Women’s sizes US 7 – US 12 and Men’s sizes US 7 – US 14.

15. Fanny Packs

A woman wearing a pink and white fanny pack.

The Fanny Pack is the perfect bag to hold your daily necessities. It keeps your hands and back free and can be worn at all indoor and outdoor events.

Our fanny pack is made from 100% polyester and comes in one size, offering a single-sided print that will take all of your innovative designs.

16. Tote Bags

A woman carrying a white tote bag that says "Small Acts Change the World".

The AOP Tote Bag is everyone’s favorite for carrying things around the city. Or a forest. Or a beach? Let’s face it, it’s good for any location.

This tote bag is made from durable 100% polyester and available in sizes S – L. Reinforced stitching and flat corners will give your customers that extra strength and additional room that everyone wants from a tote.

Bring them to your store today with virtually any design perfect for a tote in spring.

17. Backpacks

A black and white backpack with leaves print on the lid.

The Unisex Casual Shoulder Backpack is an ideal addition to every collection of spring products, making it easy to sell in spring.

Spring is the perfect season to start preparing for outdoor activities and travel. These activities have recently seen a significant increase in popularity – the Luggage & Bags market revenue amounts to $177 billion in 2023.

This backpack is made from durable and lightweight 100% Oxford canvas and comes in one size. It has two slip interior pockets and one laptop sleeve in the main compartment.

18. Travel Bags

A brown and white travel bag with a plaid tartan pattern.

Ideal for travel and everyday use, the Waterproof Travel Bag is the perfect spring break accessory. The 100% high-grade polyurethane (PU) leather is waterproof, keeping your essentials dry and intact throughout the April showers.

This bag comes in one size and takes an all-over print. This versatile fabric is easy to maintain, while the golden zipper complements the brown PU leather handles and adjustable shoulder strap. If you’re looking for sleek spring items to sell, our travel bag is the perfect accessory for your customer’s adventures.

19. Suitcases

A suitcase with a colorful pattern.

All spring and summer vacations absolutely need suitcases to ensure a prepared and well-structured adventure.

These suitcases have a 100% polycarbonate front and a black ABS back. They are available in sizes S – L, and you can get creative with a print on the front side.

20. Travel Mirrors

A travel mirror with a tropical flower pattern and a bird.

The Compact Travel Mirror is slim, solid, and lightweight. Ideal for camping, traveling, or simple everyday personal use. This rounded metal case with interior dual glass mirrors is portable and easy to maintain.

The mirror fits snugly in your palm and offers a wide visual range. It comes in one size and is available in silver.

21. Yoga Mats

A top view of a floral yoga mat with a water bottle and dumbbells next to it.

Perfect for adding a fresh style to a yoga session, the Rubber Yoga Mat is ready for your unique designs.

The anti-slip texture reduces the risk of slipping, while providing extra balance and support. It has a microfiber suede top, comes in one size, and offers an edge-to-edge print.

Add yoga mats to your top-selling spring items and deliver spring products your customers will want to use daily.

22. Water Bottles

A white water bottle with a Stay Hydrated print on it sitting on the countertop.

Water bottles are perfect for keeping yourself hydrated wherever you go. Whether it’s the gym, work, long car rides, or adventurous spring vacations. 

The global reusable water bottle market is projected to reach $458.2 million by 2027, so these bottles are also great spring items to sell.

Check out the 20oz Water Bottle that’s made from durable 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, or go for the 25oz Infuser Water Bottle to add some flavor.

23. Vacuum Insulated Cups

A beautiful sunset view with a custom-printed wine tumbler that says "Save Water Drink Wine".

Keep your customers cozy and warm one day, then cool and refreshed the next with the 12oz Copper Vacuum Insulated Cup. It’s ideal for long trips, commuting to work, or enjoying the spring sun.

The copper insulation keeps beverages icy for 24 hours and toasty for six, while the double-wall construction keeps the container durable and free of condensation.

24. Enamel Mugs

A white enamel mug standing on a log with a custom design that has a picture of mountains and words "Adventure Vibes".

A camping classic, the Enamel Camping Mug is perfect for bringing a custom rustic aesthetic to the office or your kitchen.

The customizable 12oz mug is made from lightweight stainless steel. It has an enamel coating and is resistant to rust, corrosion, and stains. Hand-washed only. Alternatively, you can choose the dishwasher-safe 12oz steel Enamel Camp Cup.

With the camping equipment market set to reach $21.49 billion by 2027, you can make this durable enamel mug one of your best-selling spring products.

25. Phone Chargers

A white phone charger with the word "Wild" on it and tree outlines.

Once you start leaving the house, you also start leaving your phone charger all over the place. This is why the phone charger is one of the spring’s hot products to sell.

The Wireless Charger comes in an aluminum casing with an acrylic face plate. The Magnetic Induction Charger has a black body, a white matte top, and a silver metal ring.

This wireless charger works with the latest iPhone and Android models, while the magnetic induction charger works with all smartphones that are compatible with wireless charging.

26. Phone Cases

A phone case with a floral design on it.

Increased travel also increases the chances of dropping your phone. Check out our high-quality Phone Cases to find the best matches for your store and start selling.

There are clear, solid, tough, slim, soft, and flip cases for many phone models, including iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra.

27. Bluetooth Speakers

A speaker with a flower pattern on it.

The Jabba Bluetooth Speaker provides two hours of continuous playback through Bluetooth and features a standard 3.5mm audio input for connecting with other devices.

Its 33-foot range is perfect for road trips and backyard parties, which should be happening at an increased frequency following the winter season. Available in one size and black color.

28. Plush Toys & Stuffed Animals

A stuffed rabbit with a white Happy Easter t-shirt.

Whether teddy bears for Valentine’s, bunnies for Easter, or pandas for Earth Day, Plush Toys and Stuffed Animals are just the cuteness your general store needs to prepare for this spring season.

The plush toys have a 100% polyester t-shirt in white and four animal variants bear, bunny, elephant, and sheep. The stuffed animals come with a 100% cotton t-shirt in 10 colors and six animal variants panda, lion, bear, bunny, jaguar, and sheep.

29. Pet Tank Tops

A Shiba Inu wearing a white t-shirt that says "I Woof You to the Moon and Back".

With nicer weather, walks can get longer, but they may not yet be warm enough for our animal companions. This is why you should consider adding the Pet Tank Top to your list of spring products to sell.

It’s made from 100% combed ringspun cotton, sized M – XL, and available in four colors – black, heather, pink, and white.

30. Pet Collars

A small dog wearing a custom paw print pet collar.

Motivate your customers to keep pets close and safe by adding the Dog Collar to your product offer.

The collar is made from medical-grade thermo-elastomer that offers odor resistance. It’s sized S – XL and meant for small, medium, and big dogs.

Sell Your Own Products With Printify

Choose Printify for your print-on-demand needs this spring season. We have a growing catalog of 800+ high-quality products, which are sourced from reliable Print Providers and will meet most of your eCommerce needs. 

We love new product ideas and regularly research products to ensure that you receive the best possible offers.

Low Prices

We do our best to keep our prices low and affordable so you'd get a good opportunity to start and grow a profitable business.

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Launch your store and new product collections without keeping inventory or signing supplier agreements. These items get printed only after orders are placed.

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24/7 Merchant Support

We have a whole round-the-clock team devoted to solving all of your problems, questions, and concerns, so you could sell in spring with ease.

Final Thoughts

As the cold wraps up, making room for warm and sunny vibes, you could benefit from this spring weather by turning research into best-selling products – review your store offers and add our suggestions to attract even more buyers.

Make 2023 your year with the help of Printify and our selection of high-demand products for this spring.

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