Custom Water Bottles

Custom water bottles sell. Fact. Environmental worries and other  trends are supercharging the custom water bottle market. As such, Sleek and beautiful water bottles are becoming a common sight on campuses, in gyms, around the office and wherever people need hydrating.

Printify’s custom water bottles come in a variety of shapes and size, just ready for your amazing designs. Your customers will adore the high print quality, cutting-edge features, and unbeatable value for years of use.

Quality Construction

Good stores sell good products. When you move items built from quality materials that stand the test of time, customers are more likely to come back.

Diverse Customer Base

Everyone drinks. And, with many beverages requiring a certain temperature for maximum refreshment, our customer water bottles are a no-brainer.

Environmentally Friendly

Reusable bottles reduce ecological footprints. More of us are trying to make plastic a thing of the past, and it’s products like this that help us do that.

Personalization and Profitability

More and more,  custom water bottles are becoming lifestyle essentials, in some cases even status symbols.  They’re becoming deeply-ingrained in today’s society. Steep increases in sales for custom water bottles point toward rising trends in wanting to live  healthy and save the planet.

The trend of customizing products is also on the rise, so it’s no surprise that personalized water bottles are part of what is increasingly becoming recognized as the future of fashion

So, give the people what they want: custom water bottles that match their personalities, wants, and needs.

Custom Water Bottles Personalization

Start Selling Your Own Custom Water Bottles

The Overall Market Looks Good

Beyond the appeal of just branding, interest in reusable containers is growing rapidly. Indeed, the global sales picture for personalized water bottles  is looking  great with East Asia and North America are both expected to experience colossal gains — driven by increased demand for customization.

In the  USA, several states have considered (or even passed) legislation that would REQUIRE people to avoid single-use plastics. 

The time is right to start selling items that help people stay healthy (hydrated) while representing themselves and your brand.

Cutting Down on Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Water packed in plastic for long periods of time can absorb harmful chemicals into that water. It often does not even meet safe drinking water standards when tested. Things need to change, and can be part of this movement while boosting your profits and profile.

Custom Water Bottles Market

Quality Products = Happy Customers

Every single sale makes an impact on a print-on-demand merchant’s reputation and brand. To keep your customers happy, hydrated, and coming back for more, be sure to include products that build and maintain trust. 

But don’t worry, every item in the Printify catalog is designed to help you meet those goals:

Customized Water Bottles

In their timeless style, these elongated containers are ideal for transporting and storing all kinds of beverages. Built to last, these personalized water bottles are a fine addition to any print-on-demand operation.

Customized Water Bottles
Custom Water Bottles - Tumblers


While these items don’t fit perfectly into the “custom water bottle” segment, they do fulfill a similar purpose. They fit needs that other, more conventional, water bottle models can’t — like print provider location, price, shipping needs, etc.

Different Features for Different Bottles

Check out the cool added features that our bottles and tumblers come with:  Please be aware that not every item will have every feature.

Vacuum Insulated

Science: Vacuum is the utter absence of matter. Yes, this means that there is a layer of literally nothing (not even air) within these bottles. The two stainless steel walls with a layer of vacuum between them keep the temperature where you need it to be.

With the vacuum insulation, beverages are guaranteed to retain their temperature for a long time - regardless of the outside temperature. Imagine steaming hot coffee in a blizzard, or ice-cold lemonade in the dessert and you have the idea.

Spill-Proof Lids

Let your customers move without worry. Yes, these are specifically designed to be spill-proof. As such, owners won’t have to worry about leaks, spills, or stains.

Adjustable Bite Valve

This mechanism responds to the mouth of the drinker. It actively modifies the flow of liquid from the mouth of the bottle to the mouth of the drinker. Perfect for people with a strong side-hustle.

Carry Loop

This hoop allows for easier carrying. Whether dangling from a hiker’s backpack or hooked between the interlocked hands of a couple on their way to a picnic, loops help keep things where they belong.

Dishwasher Safe

We all love low maintenance products - the design is even guaranteed to shine through multiple washes.

Focus on the Customer

Consider the kind of person who might buy before designing. Build designs and color schemes that appeal to people’s lives and lifestyle.

If you’re having difficulty nailing down a niche, try checking out our movie guide.

Even if  you already have an idea of where to go, it might be worth looking into some of these demographics:

Customized Water Bottles Audience

Thirsty Athletes

Let’s start with people who drink more (water) than others. These fitness fanatics get hot and sweaty all the time, meaning hydration is always required to be close by. Odds are, they’ll be needing more than source too. And, once their teammates see how perfectly regulated their temperature is, the whole crew is going to want one.

Keep Students Hydrated

The life of a student is long: class, studying, texting, commuting, etc. And all that work means bodies that need hydrating.. There’s already a significant trend toward campuses banning traditional water bottles. What better way to fill that demand than by supplying gorgeous personalized water bottles?

The Health Crowd

Some people are just obsessive about their health.. Fortunately for print-on-demand entrepreneurs, these individuals need customized water bottles to fuel their obsession.

Social media, digital algorithms, and societal pressures all play a role in fueling the bulk of consumer spending. Put these pre-existing forces to work by introducing your products to your store. Indeed, many people have personal goals to drink arbitrary amounts of water daily - you can’t achieve that without a water bottle by your side.

Travelers and Those on the Go

Whether by plane, train, or automobile, It’s always nice to be able to have the power to sip on something with a safe lid. And, while there’s usually no trouble at the start of a trip, it’s easy to get thirsty after leaving the station.

Do it for the Kids

Many US schools have introduced legislation restricting student access to single-use plastics in an effort to be bpa free. As such, there will be a continual demand for items featuring designs, heroes, cartoons, a custom logo, etc. With so many birthdays, holidays, trade shows, and more, there's always a demand for products tailored toward the younger end of the market.

Water Bottle Enthusiasts

Yes, they exist. These collectors are driven by the idea of owning containers that contain literally nothing (vacuum). Jokes aside, there is a niche of people who are fans of the genre of water bottles, and while it might be odd to you, it’s a big chance for sales.

Inspiration for Customization

Planning to add a custom water bottle to your store? Take a look at these design ideas for inspiration. And, if you don’t like these ideas, perfect. That means you have a better idea!.

Custom Water Bottle Inspiration

Words can be powerful. They can also make amazing customized designs. You can come up with a slogan or motivational quote for your audience and put it as a design on the custom water bottle in your store. Customers who want to cultivate a positive attitude will snap them up.

Custom Water Bottles Inspiration
Custom Water Bottles Funny

Capitalizing on Silliness

How about something funny? A hilarious quote or a joke often works well on a water bottle. Getting a smile or chuckle from a customer goes a long wa.

Hobbies and Interests

If you can find the motivation that inspires people to stay hydrated, you’ll be onto a winning formula. With a simple design change, you can appeal to the bike crowd, the motorbike crowd, or the motor crowd. 

There are so many different attractions to tap into.

Custom Water Bottles Hoobies

Selling with Printify

Odds are, you’re well aware by now of how to profit with Printify. But, for those still new to the print-on-demand game, here’s the basic steps.

1. Find Your Motivation

Deciding to become an entrepreneur is no small thing. It will take time and effort. But, all the best, most rewarding things do — right?
— And we’ll be helping you every step of the way

2. Sign Up

This is (by far) the easiest part. No money required, just fill in some simple information and you’re good to go.

3. Start Designing

The Printify Mockup Generator is user-friendly engine and allows you to create new items in seconds. Just select the product you’d like to work with and upload a design. You can also drag-and-drop.
Any problems? Here’s our design guide.
Still got problems? Try out Shutterstock. It’s a digital library of images that you can edit and format. Just like print-on-demand, you only have to pay for using Shutterstock property if you make a sale.

4. Publish Products

Once a product is created, you need to sell it. The easiest way is releasing that product into an eCommerce platform or marketplace - these entities already have consumer traffic streams flowing through them. Printify helps you connect to all the big players: Etsy, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Wix, PrestaShop, and more.

5. Profit

After you list a product, things become passive. Enjoy your custom water bottle profits from the comfort of wherever. We’ll cover the logistics. You enjoy your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making great looking designs and selling with Printify is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to start earning. There’s no investment required up-front. This means that you’ll never be charged a dime until you make a sale. To save an additional 20%, check out Printify Premium.

Yes. There are no limits on your ability to thrive and sell.

As different bottles are composed of different materials, there will be some variation as to how to properly care for them. Fortunately, there is a detailed maintenance section for each product in the product description page.

Different providers produce in different locations. Here’s a full list of our print providers. You can also see more detailed information for each product within that item’s product description page.

Production time and shipping can vary according to different logistical factors. The good news here is we have a detailed real-time update page for print providers and shipping. You can use this information to make informed decisions as to who you choose to work with.

This depends on which product you work with. Printify prides itself on working exclusively with high-performing partners. To make sure that you and all your customers are 100% satisfied, we continuously provide a print provider rating – this can be found near their name of the print provider right next to the “start designing” button.

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The people are thirsty and they want your custom water bottles. Will you be the one to solve their hydration issues?