A Merry List of 30 Funny Christmas Cards for the 2023 Holiday Season

A Merry List of 30 Funny Christmas Cards for the 2023 Holiday Season

The same way no Christmas is complete without an evergreen fir tree, fairy lights, and Santa Claus, no mailbox is complete without funny Christmas cards that bring holiday cheer. If you’re on a search for the best ideas for funny Christmas cards, you’ve come to the right place.

You may think there’s plenty of time left to send out your Christmas cards, but you may be surprised how fast time flies – the holiday season has begun, and Christmas Eve is just around the corner.

As we all look forward to gathering around the Christmas tree with our loved ones, we’ve prepared a collection of funny Christmas card ideas that’ll bring joy to your nearest and dearest.

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1. Personalized Photo Christmas Cards

A personalized photo Christmas card.

Personalized holiday cards add a heartfelt and meaningful touch to seasonal greetings.

When it comes to funny family Christmas card ideas, adding a touch of humor can do wonders. Add a message like “Rarely calm, but always cheerful” or “Wishing you a normal Christmas,” and you’ll have a card that stands out in a unique way.

2. You’re the Best Person I Snow

Funny Christmas card with "You’re the Best Person I Snow" text on it.

If you’re on a search for funny pun Christmas cards, a combination of adorable illustrations and a little winter pun may be the way to go – a cute reminder of how great the recipient is.

3. Funny Family Christmas Cards

A family photo Christmas card with text.

A surefire way to brighten the holiday season is by sending out silly and hilarious Christmas cards. Nothing’s more touching than a beautiful card with family Christmas photos.

4. Internet Meme Christmas Cards

A doge meme Christmas card.

If you ever want to share your memes in real life, Christmas is the time. Whether it’s Doge, Pepe, or Grumpy Cat, there’s a good chance a sweet meme will pleasantly surprise your friends and family.

5. Year-In-Review Christmas Card

A "Year in Review" Christmas card with text and family photos.

If your family and friends love funny charts, they’ll appreciate a year-in-review Christmas card sharing extraordinary statistics about your family. After all, a good laugh is an absolute must in our world.

6. Funny Couple Christmas Cards

A funny couple Christmas card.

As we continue on the theme of families, consider funny Christmas card ideas for couples. They’re a great way to share the holiday cheer and let your loved one know you wouldn’t overeat or neglect exercise with anyone else but them.

7. Animal Christmas Cards

A funny "Merry Christmas" card with an illustration of a polar bear wearing a Christmas hat.
Scribbler/Adam Regester Design

If you’re looking to brighten someone’s day, animals – big or small, furry or feathered, with or without Santa hats – never fail to make people smile.

Whether your customers love otters, hamsters, or polar bears, tailor the card to their liking by adding a funny photo or pun, so they stay on their fridge throughout the year.

8. Funny Dog Christmas Cards

A funny Christmas card with a dog photo.

As far as funny Christmas card picture ideas go, creative photos with pets who eagerly wait for the arrival of Santa Paws are always a big hit. If your customers own a dog, they’re a great way to make people laugh and earn money.

9. Funny Cat Christmas Cards

A funny Christmas card with a cat playing with a Christmas tree comic.

In the United States alone, 46.5 million households own cats. If your customers are one of them, a cat-themed card will surely become your next bestseller.

Here are a few funny holiday card ideas that you can modify to fit your needs.

  • Wishing you a purrfect Catmas!
  • I’m the reason the mouse isn’t stirring
  • All I want for Christmas is cats
  • I hope you have a meowy Christmas!
  • I believe in Santa Claws

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10. Alexa Christmas Card

A funny illustrated Alexa Christmas Card.

Today, many of us, to a lesser or greater extent, are low-key addicted to technology. That said, only a few people take it too far, and this card is for them – a fun reminder that, for the foreseeable future, humans will have to put up Christmas decorations themselves.

11. High Electricity Bills Christmas Card

A "high electricity" funny Christmas card.

As if the holiday season doesn’t come with enough expenses, high electricity bills are also just around the corner. In a world going dark, sharing a light-hearted card can make families laugh.

12. Pop-Culture Christmas Cards

Funny Christmas card with a pop-culture reference.

As an easy way to spread holiday cheer, pop-culture references are always a big hit. Whether it’s Tina Turner hoping your Christmas is simply the best or Dwight Schrute stating that it is, in fact, Christmas, there’s an adorable card for every type of personality.

If you’re after funny office Christmas card ideas, this one’s a great example.

13. I Hope You Like This Card Because I Haven’t Got You a Present

Funny Christmas cards with "I Hope You Like This Card Because I Haven’t Got You a Present" text.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Christmas gift for a sibling, this is a great option – the perfect card, solving any and all of your gift-giving problems with a single joke.

14. Obligatory Christmas Card

Funny Christmas card with "Obligatory Christmas Card" text.

An adorable card for your warmest obligatory greetings. The perfect choice for the less festive recipients. As a minimalistic alternative to the typical seasonal cards, it’s sure to make your friends and family laugh.

15. Merry Christmas, My Friend!

A funny Christmas card dedicated to a friend.

As often is the case, finding the right words can be difficult, but that’s what these cards are for – to help us express what we feel.

With the festive season approaching, don’t forget to spread the holiday cheer with those who help you keep your sanity.

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16. Enjoy a Christmas Workout

Christmas card with "Enjoy a Christmas Workout" text.

While walking to the fridge and opening a bottle of wine may not be the best exercise, during the holiday season, it’s not that bad either. A great card for those who choose to spend quality time with their family instead of worrying about a missed day in the gym.

17. Funny Wine Christmas Card

A funny Christmas wine joke card.

If any of your friends or family likes wine, this is the perfect card. An elegant way to communicate that you know your loved one’s sarcastic character well.

18. Ugly Sweater Season Christmas Card

A funny ugly sweater season Christmas card.

A funny card that can be easily complemented with the real deal – an ugly yet practical sweater. With Printify, you can design your own ugly sweaters without any effort and make the perfect gift combination for your family and friends.

19. Merry Christmas, My Deer!

Funny Christmas card with "Merry Christmas, My Deer" text and a festive deer.

As if there’s much to say about this one. It’s the perfect holiday card for those you love the most, your deer-est ones.

With a little creativity, play on words, and our free Mockup Generator, you can surprise your loved ones with an original card they won’t ever receive from anyone else.

20. When You’re Dead Inside, but It’s the Holiday Season

Funny Christmas card with "When You’re Dead Inside, but It’s the Holiday Season" text and an illustrated skeleton.

If your loved ones aren’t jolly, you can make it a light-hearted part of this year’s Christmas story, cheering them up with a simple yet funny card.

21. Christmas Calories Don’t Count

Funny Christmas card with "Christmas Calories Don’t Count" text and illustrated Christmas elements.

With snow-filled holidays just around the corner, we should count our blessings, not our calories. Let’s focus on creating beautiful memories with our family, leaving exercise for the new year.

22. Funny Christmas Cards for Business

A funny Christmas card for an employee or a business.

With funny company Christmas card ideas, you can show appreciation to your employees and express gratitude for all they do.

After all, funny holiday cards are a great way to make this time special for those who have supported your business throughout the year.

23. Cute, Dark Humor Christmas Cards

Funny and cute dark humor Christmas card.

If your family or customers love jokes in a darker shade, they’ll appreciate a Christmas card in a similar spirit like this.

As a way to make light of bad situations, dark yet funny greeting cards offer limitless creative possibilities.

24. Pokémon Pikachu Christmas Card

Pokémon Pikachu Christmas card.

Whether it’s for a younger family member or a nerdy friend who’s a fan of Pokémon, a Christmas card with a picture of Pikachu is sure to spark joy.

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25. Prosecc… Ho, Ho, Ho!

A funny Christmas card with "Prosecc… Ho, Ho, Ho" text and illustration.

An adorable holiday card for those who enjoy winding down with a glass of wine. With the electricity price going through the roof, turning off the TV, dimming the lights, and pouring a glass of sparkling prosecco might not be a bad idea.

26. Baby Yoda Christmas Card

Baby Yoda Christmas card.

If your friends or family love Star Wars, they’re sure to like this one. With a cute baby Yoda Christmas card, you can show that you really know them and bring them over to the merry side.

27. Funny Anxiety Christmas Card

Funny anxiety Christmas card.

As the crazy Christmas season approaches, it’s alright to feel down every once in a while. Although on the surface, we’re as cool as a cucumber, we more often feel like deer in the headlights.

Whatever the reason behind the worries, receiving a thoughtful Christmas card will surely warm their heart and make them laugh.

28. More Lit Than a Christmas Tree

More Lit Than a Christmas Tree funny Christmas card.

When crafting heart-warming greetings, simplicity is key. As always, it’s the thought that counts.

If you want to spread holiday joy to friends, family, or colleagues, simply add your favorite picture and a heartfelt greeting, and you’ve got a perfect Christmas card.

29. All I Want for Christmas Is Tofu

Funny Christmas card with "All I Want for Christmas Is Tofu" text and illustrations.

Just like vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores enjoy tofu, this funny Christmas card will delight anyone who receives it.

However silly your food puns may be, it’s an adorable way to wish hap-pea holidays to family and friends.

30. Merry Grinchmas!

Merry Grinchmas Christmas card.

Not everyone enjoys snow, cold weather, and holidays, but that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten and go without a semi-funny Christmas card. If you know someone who gets easily overwhelmed, remind them to look at the bright side of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the Printify Catalog, you can buy, create, and order funny Christmas cards for your family, friends, and colleagues.

When it comes to funny Christmas letter ideas, there are plenty of examples and templates. In our article, ‘Happy Holidays’ messages, greetings, and wishes, you’ll find a section specifically for such cards.

With Printify, you can buy as many cards as you need. We have no minimum or maximum order requirements.

Yes, absolutely. A sample is a great way to see whether you’re happy with the final result, so you can make adjustments before placing a larger order.

A Few Closing Thoughts

As the whirlwind of the holiday season approaches, we shouldn’t forget that it’s all about sharing love, laughter, and cheer.

When it comes to funny Christmas cards, ideas flourish. Whether for your eCommerce store, family, or friends, with a witty pun and a beautiful photo, they’ll be a big hit and make any recipient’s day a little brighter.

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