Custom Blankets

Looking to warm up your store’s sales? Check out our custom blankets! You can have custom made blankets in your store by following our easy steps below.

custom blankets

Why should you sell custom blankets?



From cool summer nights to blustery winter evenings, a good blanket is perfect for all seasons!


Versatile uses

Beds, sofas, chairs, outdoors, or cold offices! Blankets can be used anywhere it’s chilly.


Huge Selection

We have fleece blankets, duvet covers, and comforters!

We have the best custom blankets to sell on your store

Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Our Sherpa fleece blanket features a plush fleece backside and is 100% polyester. It’s 100% printable on its front side, so you can put whatever you’d like on it, to your heart’s content!. These are great as throws or as additional warmth in bed.

Imagine a cool autumn day or evening by the fireside, and you’ll get even more use out of this blanket. Another benefit? Dogs and cats love the soft fleece, so if you like curling up with your furry friends, this is the ultimate invitation!

custom blankets

Plush Fleece

This soft fleece will keep you warm and cozy on cold nights!


100% Printable

The entire blanket is a canvas on its non-fleece side!

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Two sizes

Comes in 50” x 60” or 60” x 80”.

custom blankets

Polyester Blanket

Our polyester blankets are great, everyday blankets for use around the house, on the patio or even on cool nights at the beach! They can be printed on one side and offer some light warmth and water absorption if you’re outside and caught in some cool summer mist. 

A great normal, default blanket for Netflix or wrapping yourself to read a good book. It’s also lightweight and easy to store, so it won’t take up too much space if you decide to store it between displaying it with pride on your sofa or bed!


Polyester Composition

95% Polyester 3% Viscose 2% Spandex.


One-sided print

Print your graphics and designs on one side.


Machine wash

Durable and can be machine washed.

Hooded Blanket

The hooded blanket: under-estimated accessory garment and life of the party. Our hooded blanket provides warmth and fun, from head to toe! Warm and dare we say stylish, our hooded blanket fills the giant void between blanket and cloak, a space ripe for money-making!

Fill your customer’s evenings with a little whimsy with the hooded blanket and, of course, your own stylish and amazing designs that will compliment it perfectly. Get creative and have some fun to drive these hooded blankets out the door!

custom blankets

Polyester Composition

95% Polyester 3% Viscose 2% Spandex.


Exterior-sided print

Print your graphics on the outside of the blanket


Water Absorbing

Can take a bit of rain.

custom blankets - comforter


Ok, things are getting a bit more serious now and heating up. This is our comforter, one-sided print and made from 100% polyester, it should provide a lot of warmth for cold nights in bed. It comes in four sizes and fits most modern beds. 

This comforter will almost exclusively be used on the beds of those that buy them, so remember that your designs should be personal and can be anything from artistic to fun and flirty. Take some time to think about some of the great bedroom designs you’ve seen and try to incorporate them into your comforter!


Polyester Composition

100% Polyester fiber.


One-sided print

Print your graphics and designs on one side.

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4 Sizes

68×92”, 88×88”, 104×88”, 68×88”

Microfiber Duvet Cover

Our Microfiber Duvet Cover rounds out our offerings of warm and cozy blanket products. It’s 100% polyester and can be printed on one side, just like all the others. It also has an invisible zipper that helps to keep it stylish. 

This is again a very personal item, ready to be customized and designed. Remember that, if someone is looking for a duvet cover, they might be looking for something to fit into an overall style or design, rather than the usual funny animations or graphics that you might be looking to sell on your site. It’s possible a super fan of yours if you’re a Youtuber or other internet pro, I would love to have your face or catchphrase on their blanket, so keep that in mind (even though it sounds a bit creepy!).

custom blankets

Hidden Zipper

The hidden zipper keeps it looking stylish!


100% Polyester

This blanket is all Polyester.

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Two Sizes

Comes in Twin and Queen sizes.

Create and sell your designs on custom blankets

custom blankets

You might think at first that the bedroom is a very personal place, and people won’t just put anything on their bed. Well, you’re right! Bedrooms are the ultimate expression of a person’s style because most of those who will see this room are themselves or their partners. That means the personalization and the expressiveness of the blanket can be anything you want!

The other use cases – more public – are sofas in living rooms, basement man caves where sports are watched, and outdoor patios around fire pits. From funny to artistic, there are many styles and designs that can sell here – as many as there are personalities under the sun! Let’s get started selling custom blankets!

Why choose Printify to sell custom blankets?

Printify is a platform that connects tens of thousands of stores to thousands of products. Choose your own print provider, compare prices and shipping times, and make sure you get the color variants you’re hoping to make or break your custom blanket design.

You can also benefit from all of our support – like this article and many others, like our guides and videos that will make you as effective a seller as possible. 

Create your account and start selling today!

Custom blankets and print on demand

Custom Blankets 1

Printify lets you choose your own print provider, based on price or on location. Once you do that, your custom blanket design is put on the product using our mockup generator (see below). Your custom blanket will then go through a quality check, and be sent to production. From now on, your custom blanket will be produced and sent out only when it’s ordered. No need for inventory or any storage space. Order a sample to make sure it’s everything you hope for. 

After you get your hands on it, publish it to your store and you’re ready to sell!

Top 7 questions about custom blankets answered

If you’ve got a Printify account already, you’re halfway there! Go ahead and get started in the mockup generator with your design on the blanket. Once you’re happy with the design, get a sample order and check everything over. If you’re ready to go, just publish it to your store and get selling!

Wondering where to get custom blankets made? You’ll be able to see the location of the print provider before you select the product for your store.

Our print provider network gives you options in choosing a blanket provider, but some of them are limited, depending on the product. Take a look at the product page to find out which provider you’d like to choose, or wait until you find them in the mockup generator.

Yes! And we hope you do. You can use our API to sell one-off, photo blankets or you can sell your own designs on the blankets – it’s up to you!

Time can vary by supplier, but for the most part, you can expect the blankets to be produced within 5 days and then shipped out. Check out our shipping document to get a good idea of the shipping options.

Custom blanket prices vary by print provider, but custom blankets start at around $33 or just over $25 with Printify premium for the sherpa blanket to just under $55 for the duvet cover. Remember – everything is cheaper with Printify Premium, our amazing monthly subscription service that helps pass discounts on to you!

There’s no investment costs up front! No money changes hand until the customer buys a product, then it is automatically orders the product from our Printify system for you. Until then, make, design, and sell products with no up-front costs!

Custom blankets mockup generator

Create your custom blanket designs using our Mockup Generator. Pay attention to the DPI warning in the bottom right corner, it will let you know when your design is too blurry or is getting stretched too much by warning you about the minimum DPI. that way you’ll know before you send it off to be printed whether or not it’s up to snuff.

Go ahead and explore the various size variants our custom blankets come in by clicking on the sizes tab and selecting the sizes you’d like to design for. Once you think you’re happy, jump into preview mode and make sure it’s what you were hoping for – that way there are no surprises. Once you’re happy – that’s it. There’s no further inventory, and your product will only be produced after you’ve received an order from your customer.

custom blankets mockup generator

How to sell custom blankets online?

  1. Do you have a website already, or are you a bit more technical?

Then you should try using an extension like Woocommerce or our API. This will allow you to sell our products directly on your already existing website. Just keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for getting the customers to the site.

2. You can also look at platforms we integrate with, like Etsy and eBay.

These are great platforms for shop owners that want minimal fuss and also would like to get the traffic that comes with a big name platform like eBay or Etsy. That’s a huge advantage – getting customers to traffic your site is one of the biggest challenges to running an online business. However, you’ll pay higher fees for transactions with these sites – that’s the price that comes from using their brand to sell your products.

You could also consider platforms like Shopify or Wix. These platforms offer ready-made templates and designs and charge you a monthly fee to get it. This means your upfront investment is a bit higher with Shopify or Wix, but you’ll be able to leverage their great looking and eyeball ready designs to save time and effort to get your sales rolling in.

Whatever platform you choose, we’ll integrate your shop with our system, and you can expect the same high-quality results from Printify.

Start selling custom blankets