Pet Bandana

A custom pet bandana can be the perfect gift for a cat, dog, or any pet out there. From a stylish accessory to a little bit of warmth on colder days, pet bandanas are the go-to gifts for all seasons and occasions.

Cat bandanas, a dog bandana, ferret bandana, or a customized gift bandana for any pet out there. When it comes to personalized gifts, this one is not just practical, but stylish as well. So add a design of your choice, to appeal to one and all. 

From funny cat gifts to personalized dog bandanas. With a name, pet’s face, seasonal design, personal photo, generic design, or special prints with treats and abstract patterns. Anything will look good around the pet’s neck.

Pet Bandana
Pet Bandana

Custom Pet Gifts for Pets and Their Humans

Spread the love with pawsome presents for pets and pet lovers. From beds and leashes to picture frames and more – celebrate the beautiful friendship between humans and animals with custom pet gifts for any occasion and taste.

An image of a dog wearing a custom bandana with a doggy bone pattern.
An image of a woman petting a cat while wearing a custom t-shirt.

Why Create Custom Pet Gifts?

Easy Design Process

Even the least tech-savvy will easily find their way around our platform. Product personalization with Printify is simple, fast, and fun.

Worldwide Shipping

Wherever you or your customers are – your personalized pet gifts will be delivered to the doorstep (with a few reasonable exceptions).

Product Variety

Design the perfect gifts for you and your fur baby. The Printify Catalog has everything for your convenience, sentiment, or entertainment.

Custom Pet Gifts a Few Clicks Away

Design personalized pet gifts for pet lovers and their furry friends.

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Custom Pet Gifts With No Minimum Order

Print on Demand provides order freedom with no minimum quantities or limitations. Design great gifts for pets, owners, or the entire family, and order them at the capacity you or your customers need.

From one product to a whole bundle – there are no limits in terms of order s

Create Custom Pet Gifts in Three Easy Steps

We told you it’s gonna be super easy to design custom pet gifts, and we weren’t lying. Let’s look at the three simple and fast steps to select and customize your perfect gift in mere minutes.

Custom Pet Gifts 1

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

This step is easy peasy. If you already have an email address, combine that with a strong password and get your Printify account up and running in seconds. Or use your Gmail for an even faster automatic setup.

Step 2

Choose a Product

Head over to our Catalog and explore all the product categories – anything can be made into a personalized pet gift with the right design and intent. Check eco-friendly, bestselling, or pet products to find your favorites.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Click Start designing and explore all the features of our free and user-friendly Mockup Generator. Add photos, text, patterns, and more. Adjust the design, add a splash of personality, and click Save product once satisfied.

Personalized Pet Gifts for Pets

Let’s look at our selection of products meant for animals themselves. From comfort to style and safety purposes, these will be great accessories every pet parent would want and need for their precious friends.

From personalized dog bowls to custom designs for pets, these puppies will be a hit. Improve the daily food and water intake for pets with bright colors, cute texts, or appropriate photos on a special bowl for every cat, dog, or other precious animal.

Key Features:

Personalized pet tags are great gifts for both pets and owners. ID tags are fashionable pet accessories and store important information for the owners in case their beloved creature gets lost. These practical and cute pet tags will complement all collars.

Key Features:

These pet bandanas can serve as excellent fashion statements for all kinds of animals. It can be a personalized cat collar, dog bandana, or an accessory for an alpaca. Versatile in use, comfortable, and practical – it adds some pizzazz to their daily coat-like attire.

Key Features:

From matching outfits with their humans to unique wardrobe staples – personalized pet tank tops will be a hit for your family, friends, or online shop. Perfect for a cat, dog, bunny, or even a raccoon, they can be customized with a photo, text, pattern, or memory – for every style and occasion.

Key Features:

For colder days or bolder styles, we also have hoodies for a wallet-friendly price. These are perfect for a pet-owner collection with matching styles, colors, and designs. The hoodies work as a blanket, keeping pets warm and chic at the same time.

Key Features:

Improve a pet’s downtime with cozy snuggles and bright colors on personalized beds. If done right, these can even serve as house decor items, blending in or bringing an accent to every home with custom photos, patterns, and texts. Combine soft comfort with fun designs for every pup, cat, or other beloved pet.

Key Features:

From keeping things clean to sprucing up the feeding area, personalized pet feeding mats are great gifts that serve pet owners well and their special friends of choice. Forget messy floors and lost time cleaning up spilled water. A feeding mat is the perfect gift for a friend with a pet.

Key Features:

Personalized Pet Gifts for Owners

Now that we’ve covered goods the pets would enjoy, let’s look at some fun and personalized items pet lovers might like. From apparel and home goods to heartfelt accessories – important details with customization can make any little knick-knack into a heartfelt memory and a great gift.

An image of a woman wearing a custom “Cat Mom” t-shirt.

T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts

You can never go wrong with apparel. Evergreen, practical, and stylish – clothing is the perfect gift to honor pets and owners in various ways. Customize unique t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts for personal use or your online shop and delight pet owners and friends worldwide.

An image of a pair of custom socks with a cat print on them.

Custom Pet Socks

Speaking of accessories, socks are taking over the fashion world with a bang. Add some flair to your daily wardrobe or sell personalized pet socks for customers who appreciate a bit of humor and style.

An image of a custom dog poster hanging on a wall.

Custom Pet Portraits

Pet lovers adore their precious creatures and love to showcase their affection for others to see. Create unique photos to hang around the house and display love in a caring way. Dog and cat lovers will gladly pose with their best friend for a one-of-a-kind portrait.

An image of a chair with a custom pet blanket.

Custom Pet Blankets & Pillows

Design a cute custom pillow or blanket with a beloved picture of a pet to celebrate and commemorate the beautiful friendship between an owner and their furry friend. These home goods are perfect decor items that provide comfort and style to any home.

An image of a custom mug with a cat print.

Custom Pet Mugs

From “dog dad” and “cat mom” to unique designs with photos, texts, and a bit of personality – every pet owner will appreciate a personalized mug as a gift. Mugs are practical, simple, and cute. Every person has that one mug they love the most – and this could be it.

An image a custom pet ornament with a dog picture printed inside.

Custom Pet Ornaments

Surprise guests and family with a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree decorated with personalized dog ornaments or pictures of any other pet. A loving photo adds personality and memories to simple decorations. Spread love and joy with a gift that keeps on giving.

Custom Pet Keychain

A personalized keychain is a great gift for an owner who is often out and about. A nice pet photo can accompany them on the go, reminding them of the beloved pet waiting for them at home. From personalized dog gifts to snake and cat lovers, our keychains allow you to print any pet photo to cherish while away from home.

Key Features:

Custom Pet Necklace

A pet necklace is a great gift for someone who appreciates jewelry and unique designs. This necklace will be an extra special gift for an owner who has lost their pet – honoring them forever with a photo or text and keeping them close to heart.

Key Features:

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Design Ideas for Custom Pet Gifts

It takes a bit of creativity to design a personalized pet gift everyone will love. So we’re here to help. Whether designing a mug, t-shirt, or pet collar – below are some universal ideas that will fit every product, pet, owner, and occasion.

An image of a custom blanket with a dog picture printed.

Pictures of Your Pet

A personalized dog blanket with a photo of the pup will be a hit. Or a whole collage. Just like proud parents, owners stuff their phones with pet pictures and videos. Utilize that in your designs to make truly unique pet gifts.

Abstract Illustrations

From abstract lines for the creatives to simple patterns related to their personality and general being – illustrations are fun and simple designs to try. From the classic bones and fishies to other pet-themed imagery, cover pet gifts and accessories with something creative.

An image of a dog wearing a personalized pet hoodie.
An image of a custom canvas with a cat related print.

Relevant Messages

There are many things all cat or dog parents know and can relate to. Or some specifics about any other type of pet. Use that cleverly for personalized messages only pet lovers and owners will understand.

Why Create and Sell Custom Pet Gifts?

Because the global pet industry is booming, and people are willing to spend more and more on personalized items for themselves and their pets.

By 2025, the Pet Accessories Market is expected to reach

$9.2 billion

That’s a lot of purchases you can use in your favor with custom pet gifts and worldwide shipping. So get creative and start designing personalized gifts for pets and owners today!

An image of a French Bulldog wearing a custom pet hoodie.

Why Choose Printify?

Custom Pet Gifts 2

Ever-Expanding Catalog

Our more than 850 (and growing) products cover any niche and market segment. From apparel and accessories to personalized home decor, games, kitchen tools, eco-friendly products, and more.

Free Design Tool

Create unique products in minutes with our easy-to-use Mockup Generator. From text and photo designs to patterns and more – everything can be done on our free design tool.

Multiple Integrations

Pick your favorite or most convenient eCommerce site (Shopify, Wix, Etsy, Walmart, eBay, Squarespace, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop) and integrate it with Printify.

Multiple Currencies

Delight customers worldwide without worrying about your displayed prices. Printify currently supports the following currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and USD.

Dedicated Support

Our support agents will gladly assist, guide, and help you via email 24/7 or live chat on workdays – regarding lost packages, the design process, shipping, and any other issues.


Yes. There are no order limitations. Order one, two, ten, or a thousand. Our Print Providers will fulfill any order – from printing and packaging to shipping.

Yes, and it’s highly recommended. Order samples to test the print quality, shipping, and overall fulfillment process. And make adjustments before offering products to customers.

Shipping prices differ for every product, Print Provider, and destination. Consult our Shipping Rates page for detailed information.

Yes! Everything is straightforward, and the tool provides suggestions and recommendations for file formats, resolutions, and other features. Follow the guidelines to design the best personalized pet gifts for pet lovers worldwide.

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