Pride Merch 2024 – Boost Your Online Sales

Pride Merch 2024 – Boost Your Online Sales

Get creative this Pride Month with custom designs. Spread love, solidarity, and bright colors with Pride merch 2024. Let’s celebrate together!

Design a complete Pride-themed outfit for yourself or promote Pride merchandise on your online shop with no initial investment.

From apparel and accessories to Pride merch for exceptional outfits and cute little knick-knacks. Support the LGBTQ+ community with merch for every member, with all-inclusive sizing and design features.

15 Pride Merch Ideas for Your Designs

With print on demand, turn any design into a brand-new outfit or accessory and style graphics representing a moment of togetherness and solidarity. Printify’s Catalog holds hundreds of quality white-label brand products perfect for a range of gay Pride apparel.

Check out these 15 Pride merch product ideas to encourage the movement and spark a more open community. Explore the very best print-on-demand Pride merch products we offer:

Pride Tees

The best ensemble piece for all things printing, t-shirts are a tried and tested custom apparel item with high-resolution designs for any demographic.

Celebrate Pride by creating a t-shirt matching your best cardigan or plaid. Take the stage and spend the day embracing love and partying.

Promote a Pride sale for your store at an affordable production price and high-profit margins. Lead with multiple t-shirt varieties and offer comfortable sizing options for all.

Pride Pins

Pins are a timeless accessory for every occasion and event. A classic way of displaying a sense of belonging and identity – the perfect product to start your Pride merch collection.

Decorative and bright, these babies will attract attention and are easily attachable to any piece of clothing or accessory, while the glossy finish will ensure bright colors for your design.

Pride Hoodies

The good thing about hoodies is that they know no gender, sexuality, or age. Wear a soft, comfortable unisex custom hoodie during Pride Month or all year long while staying comfy, confident, and proud.

Hoodies are the next best thing after our best-selling t-shirts. Size inclusive, available in over 20 colors, created with a cotton and polyester blend for extreme durability and colorfastness.

Pride Tank Tops

June is Pride Month, and with warm weather comes breezy outfits. Nothing encapsulates the summer heat more than customized Pride tank tops.

The all-over print option provides excellent exposure for your designs. Surprise the LGBTQ+ community by creating unique tank tops for the beach, the gym, or related summer events.

Pride Hats

Hats are the ultimate statement pieces of any accessory game – practical,  stylish, and worn on any occasion. Take pride in a classy embroidered design that can sport a variety of colored threads.

Choose between gender-neutral trucker hats, beanies, and more. Order immediately or fill your store with these valuable and trendy accessories for those interested in supporting Pride, LGBTQ+ rights, and much-needed peace.

Pride Shoes

Design Pride-themed shoes for every style, event, and occasion. From low tops to high tops, boots, sandals, flip flops, and cozy slippers for comfort and care. 

Printify has it all. Gender and size-inclusive custom shoes will account for every taste. Shoes have a foothold in the spotlight, complimenting an outfit, making a fashion statement, or simply providing comfort.

Pride Socks

Fancy sublimation socks are the go-to way to spruce up your outfit and represent all the fun gamer merch designs and queer illustrations that shine your personality. Go wild with a Pride flag pattern or a sentimental image.

The sublimation print is perfect for displaying Pride-friendly designs on a white surface for everyone to see. The brighter, the better. Express your design ideas to fans or customers and offer support with a unique stock of products.

Pride Dresses

Out of the closets and into the streets. Design a summer dress that’s sure to be a hit with the femme lesbians or anyone willing to rock it.

Whether you prefer flowy sleeveless sundresses, t-shirt dresses, or hoodies long enough to cover your bottom and fit comfortably over a pair of nice knee highs, we’ve got you covered. You can never go wrong with a cute sundress for a more sophisticated touch.

Pride Tote Bags

Custom tote bags are must-have items in every shop and household. Tote bags have become a statement, perfect for personal street fashion or promoting your brand for Pride Month.

Keep merchandise and essentials safely tucked away in a classic Pride flag bag, or create more out-of-the-box designs that fit the occasion. Follow a mission to save the environment with reusable Pride-themed tote bags.

Pride Stickers

Become a queer icon with custom Pride sticker designs. Like pins, a sticker will find its way to say, ‘I am here to stay.’ Create personalized stickers with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other Pride flags.

One of the main benefits of making your own stickers is their low price. Our worldwide Print Providers ensure vibrant colors and a glossy finish, from vinyl stickers to holographic die-cuts and laminate pieces – make your brand stick out.

Pride Hawaiian Shirts

Nothing screams gay Pride merch with summer vibes better than Aloha shirts. They’re comfy, funky, and fit every body type, style, and occasion.

Our Hawaiian shirts are soft, lightweight polyester, ideal for leisure or activewear. Match the tropical patterns with Pride colors, and you have a killer design perfect for a store or a one-of-a-kind order.

Pride Watch Bands

Our custom watch band completes the perfect checklist for your Pride merch. Win over queer fans seeking to stay visible during Pride with a unifying sign or symbol – the type of accessory that sets a statement.

Create the best affordable Pride merch watch bands for your friend group or offer customers a chance to showcase their memories wearing their rainbow hearts on their sleeves.

Pride Phone Cases

Phones are excellent gay Pride merchandise – always out and about to bring virtual love and consolidate June in your media story. Our custom phone cases are great for YouTuber merch, are wallet-friendly, and are available for multiple phone models.

From biodegradable to impact-resistant, our phone cases will provide the best surface for your Pride designs while keeping the phones safe.

Pride Mugs

Make sentimental and cute Pride merch mugs to cherish the event cozied up at home. Reach the hearts of beloved coffee or tea fans with funny Pride merch slogans and creative illustrations. 

We have magic heat mugs and wrap-around canvas models perfect for podcast merch, a one-time gift, or as a long-term shop listing. Add a splash of rainbow-themed color patterns to communicate equality, peace, and love.

Pride Water Bottles

Parading and shouting for equality can be exhausting, so let’s wrap up with options for a thirst-quenching accessory. Stand proud with eco-friendly water bottles.

We have an extensive collection of insulated stainless steel and sports bottle printables showcasing your beautiful designs and adding to the rainbow merchandise.

Design Ideas for Pride Merch 2024

pride flag

While you can add anything to your merch ideas, we’ve gathered a list of popular trends and styles that never miss during Pride Month.

Consider our suggestions, browse sites like Etsy for inspiration, or come up with your own art. Ensure it fits the occasion for your queer friends and is respectful to customers.


There are dozens of Pride flags within the LGBTQ+ community, representing a history of fighting for recognition and as a short, reflective symbol for identity.

Flag designs have been used in Pride merch for ages, bringing attention and symbolism to every group. Some of the most popular and known flags are:

  • Pride 
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender
  • Gay
  • Agender
  • Asexual
  • Bigender
  • Drag
  • Gender-fluid
  • Intersex
  • Non-binary


Pronouns are essential to the LGBTQ+ community, but they’ve always existed in the common lexicon. Pronouns are a shorthand alternative for proper names and have inevitably changed as language adapts to our social identity markers.

Designs with pronouns can start a conversation, but they are most important to solidify a person’s comfort in their own skin. Use pronouns to design personalized queer apparel for specific people in your life or as a catalog theme. Popular options are:

  • He/Him
  • She/Her
  • They/Them

Pride Month Merch Quotes

‘Love Wins’

One of the most famous quotes of our time. Pride Month is about love, equal rights, and peace. What better way to show your support than with quotes all across your Pride merch?

Whether cheeky and quirky like ‘Fabulous by Choice’, supportive and loving with ‘Peace and Love’, or simply taking a stand with ‘Equal Rights’, quotes will be appreciated by one and all. Allow people to express themselves through powerful messages with your brand or make one for yourself.

Pride Symbols

Don’t forget the many symbols that show support, create a sense of belonging, and express feelings of Pride and unity. Use popular symbols in your Pride designs and win over customers who dare to make a stand. Symbols can include:

  • Peace signs
  • Hearts
  • Rainbows
  • Gender signs (there are more than you think)
  • Holding hands
  • Hand hearts
  • Flags and more

Why Sell Custom Pride Products

Accounting for around 4.8% of the US population, the LGBTQ+ demographic represents one of the largest eCommerce market niches, with vast interests and a strong commitment to expressing their identity through gay-affirming apparel and accessories.

$1 trillion of all disposable income in the US is held by LGBTQ+ individuals, accounting for 8% of the country’s domestic buying power.

Approach Pride Month by taking steps to make your brand LGBTQ+ friendly. Instead of selling out during the hotly anticipated Pride sales event, elevate queer voices and support the movement with constructive and long-term dedication.

Sell Pride Merchandise With Printify

Printify is your go-to merch maker location. Sign up for everything you need in one easy-to-use site platform, whether you’re an eCommerce seller or want to expand your company merch.

Vast Product Catalog

Printify offers a range of over 900 print-on-demand products for your designs, with enough colors and diversity to reflect the Pride flag itself.

Clear Design Interface

Use our free Product Creator to upload and apply designs instantly, with clear print guidelines.

Zero Initial Investment

Start a gay Pride apparel catalog for free without any entry costs. The end customer purchase covers all production costs.

Top Sales Channel Integrations

Connect all Printify products to your store listings through our partnered sales channels: Etsy, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more.

24/7 Merchant Support

Practice eCommerce together with a dedicated team of professionals that will help you maintain quality orders. Use the Help Center to answer any print on demand questions.


Create bespoke Pride merch and skyrocket in profit and support. Manage a website that believes in equality, all-inclusive products, and designs allied to the LGBTQ+ community.

Take notes, take action, and project peace and love on the internet and outdoors while making money. Happy Pride Month!

Pride Merch 2024 – Boost Your Online Sales 50

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