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Create beautiful unique socks that people will love . Add your custom design in seconds, start selling from your online store in minutes.

Create Your Own Custom Printed Socks and Start Selling


Design every inch of your socks for a professional look and feel.

No Min or Max Order

Every order is made to order. Only pay for what you or your customers need.

Great Profit Margin

Your design makes it desirable, our price makes it profitable.

All-Over-Printed Custom Socks – Make Your Own to Sell or as Gifts

All-over-print is exactly what it sounds like: the print covers the whole fabric, rather than just one portion of the garment. This is exactly why repetitive patterns work best for AOP products such as custom socks. 

The very meaning of all-over-print socks suggests creativity, composed of a design that is repeated across the entire surface of the custom sock. Custom socks can be fun and they make excellent gifts for the whole family.

Custom Socks Make Your Own Socks

Design Simply Great Socks With Our Free Mockup Generator

With the Printify mockup generator, you can create personalized socks with photos and other cool patterns in mere minutes! Our mockup generator will take you through the process step by step.

How to Use the Mockup Generator in Three Easy Steps

How to design your own personalized printed socks with our easy-to-use mockup generator? Here are the basics you want to know. 

Step 1: Upload the Design

You can upload your designs, patterns, photos, and other digital art forms directly from your laptop or mobile device. Also, Printify allows you to connect your dropbox or google drive. Once that's done, you'll see the printing area and the quality of the image uploaded.

Step 2: Check the Image Quality and Position

Step two is the most crucial in this whole process, as you'll see the printable area marked on the template. Here you can then resize your image with the drag & drop editor and resize arrows.
Pay attention to the red indicator on the right side as it refers to the quality of the image and how it will print on the product. Aim for green for the best outcome. 

Step 3: Preview & Publish

Check how the printed product looks with the help of our mockup generator. It will give you a realistic product mockup that you can use in the online marketplace of your choice and even your social media.

Our Custom Sock Types

In our catalog you’ll find six different sock styles. Whether you choose direct-to-garment or sublimation, one thing remains consistent: high quality. 

Each custom sock is made from the highest quality materials, a 58% to 95% polyester base. Other materials that make these custom socks so comfortable include nylon and of course elastane, to make them stretchy and comfy.

Sublimation Socks

Our sublimation crew sock is one of the most popular items: they are affordable and the ‘one size fits all’ is perfect for selling to a large customer base.  

With AOP available, the sublimation process ensures that your designs will not only stay crisp and fresh but are easily maintained with a simple machine wash.

Custom sock production in the US, EU and China costs from $7.24.

DTG Socks

Direct-to-garment socks are a one-size-fits-all solution up to a men’s size 12 (U.S.). The base color is white with black on the toes and heel. These socks have an unprecedented amount of stretch with durable print quality.

Custom sock production in the US costs from $8.58.

Make Your Own Custom Design Socks

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Custom Design Socks: The Perfect Gift

How do you get your custom socks to stand out? Typically, colorful socks will grab people’s attention, however, the beauty of personalized socks is that each customer will find their own reasons for buying them. Here are some design ideas for socks as fun and practical gifts.

Custom Pet Socks Print On Demand
Custom Pet Socks Print On Demand

Custom Pet Socks

Who doesn’t love a pet’s face on their socks? Treat pet lovers all around the world with a pair or two of custom pet socks featuring adorable pet faces. Add cats, dogs, or a charming python to celebrate the special occasions with furry (or scaly) cuteness!

Custom Christmas Socks

Embellish our great quality socks with a good Christmas cheer. Reindeer, Santa Claus, snowflakes, your face on a Santa’s hat… there is so much room for creativity. Create a pair for your special someone as a thoughtful gift for Christmas or other holiday, or open a store and start selling them to make handsome side money.

Custom Christmas Socks Print On Demand
Custom Christmas Socks Print On Demand
Custom Face Socks Print On Demand
Custom Face Socks Print On Demand

Custom Face Socks

Make your own custom face socks using Printify with just a few clicks. Face socks are the most popular custom-made socks. With our highly-customizable blanks, you can create custom picture socks as personalized gifts for any special occasion out there – Christmas, weddings, birthdays, and more.

Custom Branded Logo Socks

Create high-quality custom branded logo socks as useful corporate gifts. Design branded socks that represent the spirit of your brand and company culture. Branded custom socks are perfect for promoting your brand and business, and employees always prefer a practical gift over a meaningless knick-knack that collects dust.

Custom Branded Socks Print On Demand
Custom Branded Socks Print On Demand
Personalized Socks With Text
Personalized Socks With Text

Personalized Socks With Text

Design fun personalized printed socks with the most popular people’s names on them and then create a targeted ad campaign to sell custom socks for fun gifts for bachelorette or bachelor parties, weddings, etc. Or create socks with ‘Best Friends’ printed on them that you sell in double pairs, so besties can wear matching socks. 

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Custom Socks

All-over print custom socks start from $7.24. However, with a Printify Premium subscription you can save up to 20%, which means sock prices start from only $5 plus shipping.

With Printify, there is no minimum order – design just one pair for yourself, or start selling a line of custom socks in your online store. 

Absolutely! All of our products can be ordered as a sample with your design. In fact, we encourage you to order a sample of your product before you start sending it out to customers. Here is more info on ordering a sample.

Most print providers offer a one size fits all, however depending on the sock type you may see variations like small, medium, and large. To check the sizing, each print provider has a sizing chart that you can use. This is available in both metric and imperial units.

Like any printed garment, custom socks also need to be washed and dried according to the care instructions in order to get the best wear. Each print provider clearly states the care instructions on the product page, if you are not sure here are some basics: Do not dry clean;  Do not iron; Dry flat; Do not bleach; Machine wash: cold (max 30C or 90F).

Currently, our custom socks are fulfilled and shipped from the US, China, and EU – choose a print provider that’s closer to your clients, which means faster shipping and lower rates! Remember that we constantly keep adding new partners to our print provider network to get you the best quality and price. 

The production time varies by print provider, however in most cases your customized socks are produced in 1-3 days. Worldwide shipping is also available, allowing you to concentrate on selling. You can follow the status of your orders in your Printify account, helping you stay on top of customer questions and requests.

Make Your Own Custom Socks!

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