Printify Network Fulfillment Status

Cash In on the Most Profitable Time of the Year – Holiday Season

Here you’ll find real-time general and fulfillment status updates, order submission deadlines, and useful resources to secure profitable holidays. Stay up-to-date and give your shoppers a five-star customer experience.

Most Important Information During the Holiday Season

Check the overall status of print providers in real-time.

Staying  informed on all our print provider network status via a dedicated, easy-to-read dashboard (Production not affected, slight delays, significant delays).

Real-time updates categorized by print provider for higher convenience.

Planning ahead and staying on top of recent developments with information for specific print providers, or the whole Printify network.

All the dates before which, placing an order will get delivered before Christmas.

Managing customer expectations in regard to delivery times as well as planning in advance for delays due to rising demand.

Holiday Picks

Discover handpicked winners made to spread cheer and stack profits.

Free Resources to Ensure a Successful Close to 2022

Printify Holiday Fulfillment - Order Routing

Order Routing

You can already prevent out-of-stock issues and lost profits with Order Routing. If the print provider you choose faces an unexpected stock shortage or is temporarily unavailable, we’ll automatically reroute orders to another partner for faster fulfillment.

Our new Geo Routing feature takes it a step further. When your customers purchase from overseas, we’ll send orders to their closest printing facility to eliminate customs fees and international shipping delays.

How to Prepare for a Successful 2022 Holiday Season

Read our 2022 Holiday Guide to learn how our newest features save time and hassle when making products and managing daily tasks.

From store optimization to holiday email templates, it’s packed with tips to make your holiday rush feel more like smooth sailing.

Printify Holiday Fulfillment - Holiday Guide