45 Summer Products to Sell in 2024 – Prepare Your Store for Summer Sales

45 Summer Products to Sell in 2024 – Prepare Your Store for Summer Sales

As the summer season approaches, brace yourselves for sizzling sales. Dive into hot trends and must-have summer products with well-adjusted marketing strategies to attract customers and maximize profits. 

Why? Because when the temperature rises, so does the demand. 

In this blog, we’ve curated a scorching list of 45 trending summer products that’ll generate steaming income for your online store. 

Get ready to turn up the heat on your sales – Summer 2024 is about to be your hottest season yet.

What Are the Best-Selling Products in Summer?

Consumers are eager to spend on hot summer items worldwide. It’s a time of year when outdoor activities, beach trips, and pool parties are on top of everyone’s to-do list. And you should stack your virtual shelves accordingly.

What is the most popular product in summer? There is no one answer. But we do have a few suggestions for your online shop. The following categories contain the top-selling summer products that people shop for during the season:

  • Clothing
  • Swimwear
  • Outdoor gear
  • Home goods
  • Travel accessories
  • And skincare products

Cater to the different tastes of online consumers and generate steaming profits by offering popular summer promotional products in vibrant colors and trendy designs.

Let’s look at some summer items to sell online – fit for summer fun in the hot and humid weather.

7 Beach Essentials for Hot Summer Days

Summer essentials (straw hat, sandals, and a dress) laying in sand on a sunny, palm-surrounded beach.

Increase your online store’s summer appeal with these seven irresistible beach must-haves. Perfect for hot days and fun in the sun, each product promises a surge in sales and customer satisfaction.

1. Swimwear

A swimsuit is a must-have summer accessory. Elevate beach experiences with bikinis, one-pieces, and various swim trunks designed for fashion and comfort. Perfect for summer getaways, pool parties, and making a style splash.

2. Flip Flops

Step into carefree summer moments with vibrant and comfortable flip-flops. Ideal for beach walks, lounging, and outdoor events, they offer a fusion of style and breezy freedom in the hot weather.

3. Sunscreen

What is the top-selling item in summer? Sunscreen. Shield your customers from the scorching sun with effective, skin-friendly sunscreens. An essential summer product for beach days and outdoor adventures in a sun-kissed summer.

4. Sunglasses

Illuminate summer looks with chic sunglasses, blending UV protection and high fashion. Perfect for festivals and beach parties, sunglasses provide trendy eye defense from the summer sun.

5. Beach Towel

Vibrant towels are summer must-have accessories, transforming regular beach days into a cozy, relaxing bliss. You can have one-of-a-kind beach towels ready with just a few clicks before summer begins. 

6. Can Cooler Sleeve

Keep drinks cool and the vibe hot with custom-designed can cooler sleeves. This summer party essential is perfect for beach gatherings, picnics, and outdoor events during the summer months.

7. Beach Bag

And where would people fit the above-mentioned beach equipment? Combine durable materials and unique designs to provide something practical and make a fashion statement with a spacious beach bag.

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6 Hot Products for Different Summer Outfits

Five teenagers enjoying summer fun in colorful, denim-themed summer outfits.

As summer arrives, embrace the shift in fashion with a diverse range of apparel. From breezy tank tops to stylish shorts, elevate your online store with these hot products for withstanding summer heat in style.

1. Tank Tops and T-Shirts

Beat the heat in style with a collection of trendy tank tops and comfortable custom t-shirts, ideal for creating casual and chic summer looks. From tye-die and all-over-print to eco-friendly materials and visuals, these are the best-selling summer products.

2. Shorts

Keep it cool and casual with fashionable shorts for men and women. These summer essentials are perfect for daily comfort on warm days. Versatile and stylish for any outdoor occasion.

3. Skirts

Embrace the summer breeze with chic skirts and unique designs that add a touch of elegance to any outfit. From classy pencils to flowy skater skirts, design something fashionable for the summer season.

4. Hats

Buckets, baseball caps, and trucker caps are the perfect summer products to sell online. Their versatile use and breathable materials keep our heads stylish and safe during hot summer fun.

5. Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are a definite hit among print-on-demand and dropshipping stores all summer long, providing comfort, style, and effortless charm.

6. Slide Sandals

Step into summer with trendy slide sandals. Comfortable, stylish, and versatile, they’re the perfect footwear for the beach, pool party, and summer strolls.

9 Top-Selling Summer Items for Picnics and BBQs

Seven friends enjoying a summer meal on a cozy terrace, laughing, smiling, having conversations.

The summer season offers endless gatherings, picnics, BBQs, and garden parties with entertainment and laughter. It’s a great idea to cater to those customers who cherish these moments with friends and family.

1. Outdoor Pillow

Lounge in style with comfortable outdoor pillows, adding a touch of coziness to your outdoor gatherings. These will come in handy, from summer parties and BBQs to romantic evenings in the garden.

2. Blankets

Spread the warmth with stylish blankets, ideal for picnics and outdoor events. A blanket is the perfect summer product to advertise for breezy and romantic summer nights.

3. Mason Jars

Serve drinks in rustic style with charming mason jars, perfect for refreshing beverages at gatherings and keeping drinks spill-proof during summer fun.

4. Serving Tray

If your customers love entertaining during the warm months, this is the ideal summer product for your POD or dropshipping store. A serving tray is a practical must-have for every host.

5. Ice Bucket

Sell durable ice buckets to provide instant relief in the hot summer sun. These are the perfect summer products to sell, ensuring drinks stay refreshing during outdoor festivities.

6. Tumblers and Cups

Summer essentials for sipping in style. Insulated tumblers and cups keep drinks cool in the heat for longer. These hot summer products are ideal for on-the-go refreshments during the season.

7. Frisbee

Spice up summer gatherings with a dash of fun. Custom frisbees are the perfect addition for entertaining moments at picnics, beach days, and garden parties.

8. Lunch Box

Pack and carry your favorite treats effortlessly with practical and stylish lunch boxes, ideal for outdoor dining. The perfect summer product for customers on the go.

9. Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

Some people aren’t very into picnic baskets. They prefer sustainable and easy-to-store custom tote bags. Convenient, practical, and stylish – a tote is the perfect summer dropshipping product to add to your store.

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9 Workout Essentials for the Summer Season

A woman enjoying a sip of water after a nice workout outside in the summer sun, wearing a workout set.

Introduce your customers to essential workout gear for a fit summer. These items promise optimal comfort and performance, from sleek bottles to stylish activewear. Perfect additions to elevate your online store’s fitness offerings.

1. Bottles

Keep customers hydrated with sleek, personalized water bottles – an ideal addition to your online store, perfect for active individuals and outdoor enthusiasts.

2. Leggings

Enhance fitness fashion with comfortable and trendy leggings, providing customers with both style and functionality during their summer workouts.

3. Sports Bra

And what pairs well with leggings? A comfortable and flexible sports bra for active ladies. Design these hot summer products according to the latest trends to boost sales.

4. Yoga Shorts

Provide breathable yoga shorts for customers seeking breezy comfort during their outdoor summer yoga sessions and workouts.

5. Gym Shorts

Shorts are popular summer products to consider for your online store. In the hot and humid season, they provide flexibility and breathability for extended periods of time.

6. Yoga Mats

A custom yoga mat is perfect for customers seeking to clear their bodies and mind. These workout essentials will be a hit, serving as beach mats as well for some summer fun.

7. Mesh Sneakers

Forget platform sandals or casual flip-flops and step into the summer fitness trend with breathable mesh sneakers – an excellent choice for online shops focusing on stylish and supportive footwear for outdoor activities.

8. Joggers

Offer trendy joggers for seamless transitions from workout to leisure – an attractive addition to online stores aiming to provide customers with both comfort and style.

9. Drawstring Bag

Simplify carrying essentials with practical drawstring bags, popular summer products catering to active individuals on the move during the warm season.

A group of friends rocking sunglasses, going on a summer road trip in a convertible.

Summer is all about adventures, providing the perfect conditions for spontaneous road trips and weekends at your favorite camping spot. Adding hot summer products that cater to those events will guarantee steaming profits throughout the season.

1. Backpack

Offer durable custom backpacks for customers gearing up for summer adventures. An essential addition to your online store’s outdoor and travel collection, ensuring much-needed practicality.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

Enhance your summer product lineup with necessities for entertainment while out and about. Portable Bluetooth speakers will set the right mood during outdoor workouts, parties, and adventures.

3. Enamel Mug

Every camping trip essential – an enamel mug. These hot summer products are a must-have for online stores focusing on an outdoor lifestyle.

4. Enamel Bowl

And for the ultimate set, personalize an enamel bowl to go with your mug. Camping enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers will go running to your store.

5. Portable Fan

Keep customers cool during summer trips, parties, and outings. A portable fan is a windy breeze at your fingertips – convenient and sought-after during the hot season.

6. Travel Mugs

What would a camping or road trip be without your favorite beverage by your side – ice cold for hours? Customize trendy and practical travel mugs for heated summer adventures.

7. Sleeping Bag

From camping trips and weekends in the wild to cozy summer sleepovers in the garden, your outdoorsy consumers will appreciate modern-looking sleeping bags for chilly summer nights.

8. Portable Charger

Wireless chargers are must-have items for your online store’s tech and travel essentials. They ensure your customers stay connected on their road trips and adventures into the wild.

9. Mini License Plate

Enhance the biking experience with mini license plates. These cute little accessories let customers express themselves, letting others know they’re on a one-of-a-kind adventure.

10. Hoodies

Offer cozy custom hoodies for chilly summer nights around the campfire. These hot summer products are versatile and trendy essentials for the season.

4 Summer Travel Accessories to Sell Online

Two friends exploring a map while enjoying a summer vacation and new cultures.

As the sunny season sparks the need to travel and explore new places and experiences, offer your customers travel essentials for unforgettable adventures. These summer dropshipping products will be a hit among the globetrotters.

1. Suitcase Tag

Personalize travel gear with trendy suitcase tags, an essential accessory for jet-setters who want to ensure their luggage stands out from the sea of similar-looking suitcases.

2. Passport Cover

Create unique passport covers for travelers who want to enjoy the sun-soaked season. Add personalization, from travel elements to destinations and abstract designs.

3. Pouch

Organize travel essentials in style with versatile pouches. A practical addition to your store, catering to customers seeking convenience and fashion on the go.

4. Fanny Pack

Sell trendy and functional fanny packs, ideal for hands-free travel. These fashionable accessories are perfect for customers embracing the carefree spirit of summer exploration.

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Setting Prices for Your Summer Products

Determining the right pricing strategy for your summer items involves careful consideration of various factors: 

  • Analyze Competitors: Begin by examining what competitors are charging for similar products. A brief look at marketplaces like Etsy or eBay can provide valuable insights into the price range for each item. 
  • Factor in Costs: It’s essential to account for both direct and indirect expenses associated with your products. This includes costs related to design, shipping, and marketing efforts. Ensure that all costs are accounted for to maintain profitability.
  • Monitor Market Trends: Keep an eye on market dynamics. Sometimes emerging trends or time-sensitive products can have the potential of higher profit margins. Following market trends allows you to adjust your pricing strategies accordingly.

How Do You Keep Up With the Hot Season’s High Demand?

Ensure your summer sales are a hit by adopting strategic approaches. From using social media channels to staying ahead of trends and offering enticing promotions, discover the keys to meeting high demand during the hot season.

Explore Social Media

How to sell products online effectively? The answer lies in leveraging the power of social media. It’s a treasure trove of inspiration because that’s exactly where your customers hang out, like, and watch their favorite fashion icons present the latest trends.

Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are perfect for reaching your target audience with quality content. 

  • Share visually appealing content.
  • Run targeted ads.
  • Connect directly with customers to generate traffic and boost sales for your summer products.

From exciting reels and carousels to Q&A sessions, live chats, and more, social media channels are the perfect way to interact with existing and potential buyers.

Don’t forget the power of hashtags. Use and follow them to be part of the latest scoop.


Stay Fashionably Informed

As summer rolls in, the urge to infuse vibrant colors and trendy designs into your wardrobe becomes irresistible. But how to know what’s chic and trendy and what’s not? 

Turn to influencers, Instagrammers, and fashion gurus for inspiration. 

Utilize the available online content, ranging from TikTok videos and YouTube tutorials to Instagram Reels and other social media platforms. These channels serve as hubs for discovering the hottest trends and styles, keeping you ahead of the fashion curve.

Promote Sales for Hot Summer Products

Boost sales by offering enticing promotions. Consider discounts for early birds, exclusive deals for returning customers, or limited-time offers. Create a sense of urgency and reward loyalty to drive sales and make your hot summer products even more appealing to potential buyers.

Summer Color Guide for 2024

Inspired by New York’s Fashion Week and Pantone, we can estimate the upcoming trends in terms of color. Use popular palettes for your summer dropshipping products to offer customers bright and trendy choices for their summer essentials.   

Color of the year: Peach Fuzz.

Incorporate this warm, elegant, and radiant color into your product scope to spruce up your summer sales. Peach Fuzz is supposed to evoke feelings of compassion and youthfulness, so keep an eye on this beautiful pastel.

Other colors to consider, based on spring and summer collections from popular brands, include 

  • Marlin
  • Lemondrop
  • Mint
  • Pastel Lilac
  • Capri
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Watercress
  • Chambray Blue

Fashion Trends for Summer 2024

Gear up for Summer 2024. Let’s look at some upcoming trends that will set your store apart, ensuring you’re in sync with the style preferences of your customers.

  • Dot Couture. Polka dots dominate the runways this year. Whether big, small, punchy, or muted, polka dots are a print for everyone – genderless, classless, ageless, and truly timeless.
  • Pencil Perfect Elegance. According to Vogue, pencil skirts will be a hit this year, paired with hoodies and unexpected colors like burgundy for a surprising and stylish twist.
  • Sweat Style Bliss. Apparently, this year, we’re never taking our sweats off. Joggers and sweatpants are making appearances on and off the runway, promoting stylish comfort while out and about.
  • Whirlwind of Ribbons. Multiple major designers showed their love for bows and ribbons this year. Integrate this trend into your designs for a touch of fashion-forward charm to accessorize or tie together outfits, creating a soft and romantic look across various products.
  • Legs for Days. Short shorts will take the lead in summer sales. Net-a-Porter predicts seriously short shorts as the power-dressing move for 2024, perfectly paired with blazers or button-ups for a polished, grown-up look.

Marketing Tips for Summer 2024 Sales

A man sitting in a living room with his laptop, exploring Printify's marketing tips for summer sales.

Prep Ahead of Time

Start preparing your seasonal marketing strategy early. Familiarize yourself with trending topics and search patterns using Google Trends. Or utilize Keyword Planner to identify the most popular summer products. Use this information to refine your product titles, tags, and descriptions effectively.

Leverage Summer Holidays

Keep a close eye on the key summer holidays, like Father’s Day, Pride Month, Independence Day, or Summer Solstice. There are numerous promotional opportunities for your summer products. Keep track of holiday events throughout the year using the Printify Marketing Calendar 2024 to stay ahead.

Boost Your Designs with Social Proof

Be consistently active on social media and gather feedback for your summer designs. Visual appeal plays a significant role in attracting buyers, and showcasing your products on delighted, smiling customers can significantly increase sales. 

Since a staggering 95% of customers trust online reviews and recommendations, it’s crucial to engage with your audience. Encourage feedback and interactions to build trust and credibility.

Selling Summer Products: Key Takeaways for Your Online Store

Stay ahead of the curve by preparing your summer product lineup early. 

Our guide navigates pricing strategies, offers insights into social media dominance, and taps into the hottest color and fashion trends.

Build your online catalog before the festive season arrives, capitalizing on hot trends across clothing, outdoor gear, travel essentials, and more.

Prepare for the hottest season yet as your virtual shelves sizzle with must-have items, maximizing profits and turning Summer 2024 into a blazing success.

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