35 Summer Products to Sell in 2023 – Prepare Your Store for Summer Sales

35 Summer Products to Sell in 2023 – Prepare Your Store for Summer Sales

We’re getting closer to longer and warmer days, which means it’s time to get your summer item designs in order. Packing your catalog with trendy summer essentials will ensure a steady sales flow throughout the season. 

For 2023, you can start by picking some (or all) of our top 35 summer products to sell. Kick off your best season yet with trending items and enjoy the steaming profits from your hot summer sales. 

Wondering what to sell in summer? Let’s put your mind at ease and look at 35 trending products for your online store.

Top 35 Summer Products to Sell in 2023

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Summer Products to Sell - Unisex Jersey Tank

This sleeveless, summer-ready tank top from Bella+Canvas is an easy pick for your seasonal bestseller. From hitting the gym to casually enjoying a walk in the park, these tank tops are a versatile summer must-have. With the right color and a feel-good design, this tank can become your store’s hottest trending product.

If you want to appeal specifically to men, we highly recommend our men’s ultra cotton tank top by Gildan – a combo of both comfort and style. 

For women, we can point to the Bella+Canvas 8803 flowy scoop muscle tank – a tank top simply borne out of hot summer days.

Summer Products to Sell - Beach Towel

The top-selling summer items are often the most straightforward. Next up on our list is a certified beach essential – the beach towel. This soft towel lends itself beautifully to colorful, vivid designs. Leveraging the latest trends and colors gives beach towels the potential to become irresistible, sales-boosting additions to online stores.

Summer Products to Sell - Unisex Flip Flops

While it’s too early to ask what are the most sold summer dropshipping products in 2023, beach essentials are a good bet. Flip-flops are one of the most popular trending summer items – they’re a great upsell tool with unisex designs. 

It’s also a wardrobe centerpiece for summer outfits, beach days, or pool parties, pairing well with custom beach towels for the hot season.

Summer Products to Sell - Women’s Bikini Swimsuits

Of course, no “Popular Summer Products to Sell” list would be complete without women’s bikini custom swimsuits. A staple in the women’s summer clothing roster, these two-piece swimsuits can accommodate all-over-prints with your brand logo. This summer must-have can be rocked at a pool party or turn heads by the sea. It’s vital for your summer product catalog.

Summer Products to Sell - Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

The insulated water bottle is a rising star among best-selling products in summer. With hydration on the top of our to-do list, funky water bottle designs are a hit with all ages, helping customers stay cool and hydrated in the summer heat. This 22 oz stainless steel bottle is good for the planet, and with the right design, it could also be excellent for your revenue.

Summer Products to Sell - Weekender Bag

No beach getaway is complete without the right bag to carry our other trending items in summer. Next is our weekender bag – a chic and spacious accessory that can accommodate all-over prints and brand logos.

Looking like a tote’s larger, cooler cousin, this weekender bag will become an instant hit with your audience among other summer dropshipping products. All you need to do is add your cool designs and hit Publish.

Summer Products to Sell - Fanny Packs

For years, fanny packs had been hugely under-appreciated because of their glaring looks. But they’re finally receiving the well-deserved respect and admiration of safety and comfort, especially if you can have complete artistic freedom and customize your brand-new fanny pack to match your summer outfit.

Summer Products to Sell - All-Over-Print T-Shirt Dress

These effortless summer dresses are one of the most demanding products to sell online, without fail. Go formal or take a more laid-back approach – either way, t-shirt dresses are here to stay.

Perfect for brunching with friends or enjoying long, warm summer nights – there’s a style for every occasion and individual. Get creative with the all-over-print design and give your store an ultimate summer vibe.

Summer Products to Sell - Unisex Twill Hat

A must-have summer accessory, from a day at the beach to keeping it low-key during your grocery shopping. A twill hat could be the final part to complete a summer outfit.

Practical and fashionable – we like that combination for summer. The charm lies in the fact that these summer hats are embroidered with your custom designs – not just printed. This gives it an amazing feel of authenticity and extra value that will never go underappreciated.

Summer Products to Sell - Spiral Notebook

Spiral notebooks could be that summer-product underdog that performs majestically for your store – if you set it up beforehand.

This pick, of course, is focal for the “Back to School” period when students and parents stock up on school supplies. With notebook Print Providers both in the USA and the EU, you can target a wider range of customers and increase the profitability of your dropshipping business.

Summer Products to Sell - Outdoor Pillows

These custom items are excellent summer products to sell with their versatile use and design possibilities. Outdoor pillows with sun protection will skyrocket your summer sales – as long as your designs match the breezy vibe of the sunny season.

Resistant to water and harmful UV rays, these all-over-print bestsellers will complement every outdoor setting and activity – from patios and poolsides to picnic tables and wedding venues.

Summer Products to Sell - Unisex AOP Cut and Sew Tee

Custom t-shirts are the bread and butter of summer clothing. You can find a multitude of AOP t-shirt options in our Catalog. These 100% polyester cut & sew tees are the perfect choice for men and women. 

These best-selling products are highly versatile, breathable, and comfortable. With their all-over-print method, these tees lend themselves perfectly to large, vivid summer designs with vibrant colors. This is a must-have summer dropshipping product for any online store.

Summer Products to Sell - Enamel Mug

A backpacker’s delight. No camping trip or weekend beach escape can be complete without an enamel mug. Making its way into our top-summer-products-to-sell list of 2023, enamel mugs are a versatile, all-year-round best-seller. 

This lightweight stainless steel camping mug can accommodate your finest pick-me-up juice and features rounded corners with a c-handle. An all-in-all must-have among any adventurer’s summer essentials.

Summer Products to Sell - Athletic Joggers AOP

Dressing down might sound boring, but comfort beats all! That’s why people wear comfort and activewear daily, even while working (from home). And what better comfort wear than sweatpants, aka joggers? 

Soft, durable, and convenient – these all-over-print sweatpants are the perfect summer dropshipping products for daily activities throughout the season.

Summer Products to Sell - Wine Tumbler

Custom wine tumblers are crucial for summer fun and adults who love their wine just how they like their mood after a long summer day – chilled. Wine is a drink deserving of a reimagined take-away vessel.

With a double-insulated stainless steel build, this tumbler will keep 12 oz of your finest Chardonnay refreshingly cool. Place your own full-color printing, and watch adults rave over your products.

Summer Products to Sell - Pet Bandana Collar

The award for the cutest summer dropshipping product goes to our pet bandana collar. This super soft-spun polyester bandana is a pet owner’s favorite. We’re sure to say it’s a pet’s favorite, too. You can place your pet-friendly designs and help owners express their pet’s personality throughout the summer months.

Summer Products to Sell - Bumper Stickers

People love expressing themselves. From funny slogans and flags to various causes or belonging – there’s a bumper sticker for everything under the sun. These stickers are highly resilient against sunlight, scratching, and water damage. Paired with their low production costs, it’s a foolproof addition to trending summer dropshipping products to sell.

Design Your Own Summer Products!

Design Your Own Summer Products - Women's Skater Skirt

To continue drawing value for your store during the summer season, we present this breezy skater skirt for women. Yes, it’s got an all-over-print. Yes, it’s got a stretchy, versatile waistband. And yes, it fits different occasions, outfits, and fashion trends. Present this sporty skirt to put style in line with comfort – an often lacking combination in women’s clothing.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Outdoor Drawstring Bag

Summer lovers can stuff these custom drawstring bags to their heart’s content – an easy catch for independent designs and event promos alike. With a comfortable back-side overlay and a full-color print area on the front, drawstring bags are one of the top summer products to sell.

Those easygoing accessories are as much a container as a unique fashion piece that works well independently – without clashing with apparel trends. Comfy, stylish, and practical. It’s on our summer items list for a reason.

Design Your Own Summer Products - High-Waisted Yoga Leggings

The best part about summer fashion is that our comfort clothes get to be worn outside, too. Yoga pants are the best of both worlds. A sporty pair with a relaxing, form-fitting fabric to set out on a warm, health-focused journey.

The outside seam thread is completely fabric painted and can cover a full, uninterrupted design. It’s a high-waisted cover-all for unique creative pattern designs and a color-coded flare.

Design Your Own Summer Products - AOP Tote Bag

Totes come in all varieties, but some get used more than others. The defining factor? Personalization and design. From pool parties and shopping sprees to daily activities – tote bags rank high among popular summer products to sell.

Summer trends have a knack for bringing out color and fashion-focused accessories. Our all-over-print tote bag is best for presenting an eye-catching slogan or a smart, fun, beautifully crafted centerpiece design.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Men's Board Shorts AOP

Ah, the rallying cry of all men’s beach fashion. Board shorts are a quintessential pick for summer, but you’ll have to up your design game with more than one great idea to compete with this retail favorite. That’s where all-over print comes in.

Cover summer beach bods with sleek patterns or go the fun route of gimmicky gifts, iconic graphics, or a toned-down logo that mellows out with a sunbathing aesthetic.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Mason Jar

A crisp frosted glass jar is all you need for summer fun and rustic cocktails. Our personalized mason jar mugs come with a straw, screw-on lid, and front-side design to accentuate the nomad, eccentric style in all of us. 

From everything to sell in the summer, mason jars are an absolute hit. Apply a fruity, refreshing design framed by the frosted glass finish and appeal to customers who want to add pizzazz to their summer vibes.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Dog Collars

Canine lovers are determined to lead their pets into the busy summer streets and grassy cul-de-sacs with their style in check – and their leashes well secured.

Personalize our stain and odor-resistant dog collar, sized for the tiniest purse puppy to the leaping, slobbering hound. It gives a touch of personality where it’s most needed, relying on a hard hypoallergenic plastic material that is easily washable with an all-around design.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Can Cooler Sleeve

Call it pop, soda, or coke, but they’ll all fit nicely in a can cooler sleeve.  These sleeves serve as ergonomic drink holders keeping your hands dry – and your drinks cool. 

The uniform design manages to personalize any and every fizzy drink favorite. It’s collapsible and super easy to bring on any journey.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Long Sleeve Kimono Robe

A kimono robe is a great summer dropshipping product – it looks and is fresh and comfortable. Perfect as a unique summer dress paired with platform sandals or a robe that will turn heads everywhere. And you get to try your designs with various accent lines that make the light-texture fabric stand out. 

Imprint a nice, glossy design from the original culture and mix it with a more personalized angle. Have the fabric work for you by designing something that forms well with wind-spread ripples and a somewhat ethereal look.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Ice Bucket With Tongs

Ice buckets are excellent summer products to sell. Cool drinks paired with cool vibes are the theme of the hot season. And a personalized ice bucket is a huge flex that won’t break the bank. 

Imagine the empowerment your customer will feel when pulling one of these bad boys out for a grand summer escapade. From pool parties to BBQs and rendezvous at the beach – these will turn summer fun into an unforgettable experience.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Sublimation Socks

Custom socks are more than just everyday accessories. Nowadays, they’re fashion statements utilized by the biggest brand names in the world, like Fendi, Gucci, and more. 

While subtle designs complement daily attires, bold patterns allow people to express their personalities and sense of style. All-over-print socks are not only top summer products to sell, but they’re also one of the bestselling items among our merchants – guaranteeing profits all year round.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Bento Lunch Box

Continue enriching the outside dining experience with a bento lunch box. This wood-lidded comfort item is a neatly packed container with smart compartments and a set of utensils.

While the natural wood cover gives our bento lunch box an automatic spot in our summer trending products list, your designs are where the real personalized experience comes into play. Cover it with motivational or food-centric designs but leave room for stickers for that DIY sentimentality.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Women's Relaxed Shorts AOP

Hot weather brings the heat not only weather-wise but also in clothing. With a relaxed fit and casual appeal, these 100% polyester women’s shorts are the ideal summer products to sell.

Combining comfort and style, these all-over-print summer staples will be a great addition to your store – paired with unique patterns and fun designs for daily hikes, workouts, or lazy days.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Enamel Bowl

Enamel items are some of the best things to sell in summer – they’re highly durable and versatile – and the reflective finish goes well with personalized designs. Complete a camping set or backpacker’s essentials with this stainless steel bowl coupled with a plastic lid for convenient storage.

It’s finished with an anti-slip backing, is easily washable, and proves that durability and style can go hand-in-hand.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Unisex Fabric Backpack

Custom backpacks are popular summer items to sell. The more we see pins, iron-on stickers, and ribbons covering the self-expressive cultural climate, the more personalized backpacks make sense. 

This one is a simplistic, all-around classic design choice that allows for a complete print covering on the front. Backpacks are trending summer dropshipping products for back-to-school shopping sprees and daily convenience. Customize different types of backpacks from our Catalog and make road trips, hiking, and other activities more fun with epic designs.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Tie-Dye Tee, Spiral

Your most sold item in summer will most likely be a piece of apparel – due to its versatile and evergreen use. And clothing with one-of-a-kind hues and tie-dye designs will be a definite bestseller. 

Our spiral tee has a double-sided print area with a backwash of tie-dyes from pastels to rich primaries. It brings back the Summer of Love but with the new spirit of the 21st century. Establish your own niche value with these historic classics, free-form design choices, and incentives to bring back a chaotic splash of color.

Design Your Own Summer Products - Suave Acrylic Cup

This plastic cup with a lid and straw will be a banger summer dropshipping product for 2023. Hip, unique, and simply practical – the perfect combination for fun in the sun. The double-wall insulation will keep your drinks cold, while the wrap-around print will turn heads and start conversations. What more could you want from a suave cup?

Design Your Own Summer Products - Champion Women’s Heritage Cropped T-Shirt

Our summer cropped shirts combine comfort and zing in one hot product. In addition, Champion clothing comes with its own brand-recognized quality, sewn-in label, and 100% cotton material.

It’s readily affordable, has a modern fit, and durable, double-needle stitching throughout the shirt, which means that your designs are guaranteed to last and present themselves with the quality of the product itself.

Want even more ideas on products? Check out our list of things to sell on Etsy and other platforms on our blog.

Design Your Own Summer Products!

How to Determine the Price of Your Summer Products?

How to Determine the Price of Your Summer Products

When determining the price of your summer items, you should consider several important factors. First, study competitors and figure out what they’re charging for similar products – a quick browse on Etsy or eBay will give you a pretty accurate range for every item. 

Another obvious aspect to consider is costs – ensure you work out all direct and indirect costs related to getting the product in your virtual stock. This involves the design, shipping, and marketing costs.

Finally, keep a close eye on the market. Sometimes, merchants can get away with charging much higher prices for emerging trends or time-sensitive products, such as potential Father’s Day gifts or seasonal merchandise.

How to Keep Your Finger on the Fashion Pulse?

How to Keep Your Finger on the Fashion Pulse

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Summer brings easy-going vibes and the burning desire to pack your wardrobe with colors and designs that instantly spark joy. But how can you know what’s trendy and what’s so “yesteryear”? 

Keep an eye on what influencers, Instagrammers, and fashion gurus post on their feeds. The greatest inspiration can be found online – from TikToks and YouTube tutorials to Instagram Reels and other social media channels.


This is a treasure trove of inspiration because that’s exactly where your customers hang out, like, and watch their favorite fashion icons present the latest trends. 

You can’t go wrong by following a few influencers, fashion brands, and magazines to get the latest scoop on what’s hot.

Summer hashtags to follow and use:

  • #springsummer2023
  • #summer2023
  • #summerstyle
  • #summeroutfit
  • #summervibes
  • #summercolors2023
  • #summerdress
  • #summer2023
  • #summergoals
  • #springwatch
  • #springfashion
  • #springoutfit

Make sure to have a look at what your competitors are doing. The best way to stay ahead is by being in the know. Go online, and keep an eye on what colors and designs are getting the most likes.

Hottest Summer Trends for 2023

Hottest Summer Trends for 2023

Summer Color Guide for 2023

With technology dominating our daily lives, 2023 is all about drawing strength and inspiration from nature and all things real. That’s why the Pantone Institute announced Viva Magenta as the 2023 Color of the Year – one of the brightest and most precious natural reds.

New York Fashion Week has highlighted some inspiring tones for the summer of 2023. From bold metallics of pink – portraying fruits of nature – to joyful and nourishing blues and greens depicting Earthy colors. Represent nature in all its glory by implementing these tones in your custom designs, and your summer products will be a guaranteed hit.

Summer Color Guide for 2023
Source: Pantone

From the 80s Onto the 90s – Appeal to GenZ

From the 80s Onto the 90s – Appeal to GenZ

A surefire way to get noticed by GenZ is to follow their journey from the 80s to the 90s

The start of the 2020s was all about retro-fueled aesthetics that drew from the unmistakable vintage flair of the 80s

Vaporwave started as a joke mocking everything 80s and slowly gained popularity in mainstream culture. Influencing music and style, this fashion craze appealed to teens, who quickly adopted it and turned it into a global phenomenon.

The Y2K Nostalgia

Named after probably the world’s biggest conspiracy hoax, the Y2K bug, this wave draws from the bubblegum aesthetic of the late 90s – think Aqua’s Barbie Girl, Shaggy, Dr. Dre, NSYNC, Britney, or Aguilera. 

What does this mean for you? It means chunky sneakers, black platform slides, low-waist wide jeans, chrome jackets, bandanas, pleated skirts, patterns, baby tees, and velour tracksuits.

The Great Pocket Craze of 2023

This year, top designers are indulging in a pocket overload on their runway outfits. From dresses and pants to skirts and even shoes – apparently, 2023 is the year of pockets

While our custom products only come with the conventional type, don’t let it stop you from implementing current trends in your merchandise. Create custom designs with pocket elements to creatively represent the trend, thus staying in the loop.

Embrace the Lace

Embrace the Lace

Customize your summer products with lace-inspired designs to follow the latest trends of Dior and other major names in the fashion industry. If lace isn’t a fabric option for your summer collection, implement it in the design to match the aesthetic. Fabulous, romantic, and trendy. Lace up your summer sales and stay ahead of the fashion curve of 2023.

Grunge – A Blast From the Past

Vogue has pointed out the comeback of Grunge. Pair your summer products with plaid patterns in multiple layers, a vintage look, and a rebellious attitude. Think of loose t-shirts and thrifty outfits, matching punk-rock style with comfort.

Prints for AOP Products

Prints are trending in 2023 as well. Paris Fashion Week displayed a variety of bright and soothing patterns throughout the spring/summer 2023 collections. From animal prints to flowers and abstract designs – draw attention to patterns, gradient color swaths, and skin-like textures that express cultural heritages, creativity, and nature in its glory.

Marketing Tips for Summer 2023 Sales

Marketing Tips for Summer 2023 Sales

Prep in Advance

Like with any seasonal marketing strategy, you should start early. Get to know what people are searching for and when with Google Trends. Check Keyword Planner to find the best-selling products in summer, and use that information to inform your tags, titles, and product descriptions.

Tap Into Summer Holidays

People like to celebrate in small circles during key summer holidays. Be it Independence Day, Father’s Day, or Summer Solstice – there are a lot of promotions you can implement to help your customers celebrate. Stay on top of holiday events throughout the year with the Printify Marketing Calendar 2023.

Social Proof Your Designs

Stay active on social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok. People shop with their eyes, and if they see your products on happy, smiling customers, they’ll be more likely to buy. 

In fact, 95% of customers read and trust online reviews and recommendations, so engage with your audience.

Key Takeaways

Keep your eyes on emerging trends and prepare your summer products early.

Whether you’re relying on influencers and fashion magazines or feel comfortable designing your own concepts – building your summer product catalog long before the festive season opens is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.

The best strategy for maintaining steady sales throughout summer is to offer trendy and essential summer items. So browse our list of top summer products to sell, get creative with the designs, and generate steaming profits throughout the hot season.

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