Pride Shirts

Design one-of-a-kind custom Pride shirts with print on demand. Stand high and rouse the community by rocking pride-themed merchandise for yourself and the folks who make it worth it.

Bedazzled model showcases a custom t-shirt sleeve design printed with the slogan “Happy Pride” and the image of a Gay Pride flag with a heart.
Two models in loose-fitting custom t-shirts point at the slogans “Be Bold!” and “Be You!” printed on the chest.

Custom Pride Shirt Printing With Printify

Free Design Tools

Create clothing with your designs using our free Mockup Generator. Pursue graphic styles from embroidery and DTG to all-over prints.

No Minimum Order

Order as many Pride shirts as you need. There are no limitations with Printify. Both single and bulk orders are possible.

Worldwide Shipping

Choose between more than 80 quality Print Providers and ship your Pride shirts worldwide from the comfort of your home.

Start Making Custom Pride Shirts Today

Design a fresh line-up of custom-themed Pride merchandise with no sign-up fees – create a bespoke personal look or reach the broader LGBTQ+ audience by selling online.

Create Pride Shirts in Three Simple Steps

Create loud and proud gay Pride shirts with a message and meaning, all the sizing and design choices you need, at rocking ease.

In just three steps, finalize and order custom Pride shirts and prepare a themed outfit for Pride Month and all year round.

Consider bringing your designs to a wider audience with a stand-out product catalog and start selling custom merchandise for a profit.

Laptop screen with the Printify mockup interface shows how to add designs by uploading a pride-themed image to a t-shirt template.

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

You can create a Printify account for free through a basic sign-up process and get access to all crucial print-on-demand features to make your designs a reality, delivered wherever you need them.

Step 2

Choose a Shirt

Choose a custom white-label brand shirt from our Catalog of bestselling printables. Pick a base demographic, body type fit, sizing variety, and print options that fit your needs or store requirements.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Start designing by clicking forward from the product screen, and you’ll move right on to the Mockup Generator. Upload your design to the preview template, click and drag for precise positioning, and follow resolution instructions.

Find the Best Pride Shirts in Our Catalog

Our Pride t-shirts come in all shapes, sizes, fits, and styles, just like the people who wear them. Let your designs or store website do the talking by offering something for everyone and celebrating Pride equally with a wide variety of options.

Model signals a peace movement hand sign while posing in a custom t-shirt designed with a rainbow above the slogan “Gay Vibes Only” printed on the chest.

Pride T-Shirts

T-shirts are by far the best-selling product category in the print-on-demand market, offering a huge variety of styles, fabric consistencies, and fit types that make your designs stand out.

Rock our 100% ringspun cotton t-shirt options specifically designed for high-quality and durable prints, with over 60 colors that will even make the Pride flag flush from jealousy.

Lifestyle photo of a model drinking from a plastic cup, wearing a custom tank top with a rainbow gradient text “Equality Hurts No One” printed on the chest.

Pride Tank Tops

Our tank tops are the perfect canvas to help celebrate Pride Month – a staple shirt for gay Pride that is as much a symbol of body positivity as the perfect pick for warm parades in the midst of June.

Invoke love for self and ease of wear with our jersey tank tops or form-fitting variants. Try out the sporty raw unsewn side design or the classic side taper, all equally offered on our Catalog.

Retro image of a model posing in a custom button-up shirt printed with a wrap-around design of a rainbow heart pattern.

Pride Button-Up Shirts

Button-up shirts hold one of the most impressive ranges of color and design possibilities. Choose a sleek baseball shirt look or a loose Hawaiian shirt with all-over-print patterns that can absolutely dazzle your creative spirit and the eyes of adoring fans.

Our button-ups are made of high-quality moisture-wicking material, lending a good hand for those ready to party the month away and break a sweat while still looking striking in formal-wear attire.

Model posing with a custom tie-dye spiral shirt with the design of a rainbow and the word “Queer” in the shape of a diamond printed on the chest.

Pride Tie Dye Shirts

Tie-dye shirts are an absolute must-have – a culturally rich statement for free love and progress. Browse between high-contrast cyclone, spiral, and crystal design patterns, or go for a more pastel and toned-down look.

The custom dying process makes every cotton shirt entirely new, leaving the final design unique even with the same prints. All hemlines are reinforced and stitched to be extremely durable and will ensure that you or your audience sticks out in a busy crowd.

Lifestyle portrait of a model posing in a custom polo shirt with a rainbow heart design and the slogan “Love is Love” printed on the upper left chest.

Pride Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are the underrated middle ground of sporty yet formal attire. Our print-on-demand polo shirt looks great on its own or with a jacket and comes in 18 unique base colors.

Design images on both the back and front print area, perfect for parade slogans or beautiful graphic designs for any niche in the LGBTQ+ community. The polo is made of durable, moisture-resistant material and comes with a three-button placket.

Lifestyle photo of a model leaning against a railing, posing in a custom t-shirt with the slogan “Proud of Who I Am” and the image of a heart with wings printed on the front.

Plus Size Pride Shirts

It’s easy to add a little more variety to complement and enrich a catalog for all sizes. Browse our products with ease, knowing that custom Pride shirts are available for all body types, both for selling and for yourself. Nobody is left out.

Sell Pride Shirts With an Allied Community

Our merchants have long been outspoken about the value of designing bestselling Pride shirts with Printify.

Pride Shirt Design Ideas

Make your own clothing store or sell in bulk during Pride Month with unique ideas made just for your inspiration. Develop creative and passionate trends during Pride Month and offer merchandise year-long with plenty of options.

Model poses with tinted sunglasses while wearing a custom t-shirt with a text graphic “This is my straight person costume. Scary, isn’t it?” printed on the front.

Funny Pride Shirts

Queers have an abundance of humor, which is like medicine to the soul and can be enjoyed by the spoonful. Funny quotes, slogans, and images can elevate bad conditions and help the world loosen up a bit. Add multi-color whimsy to your designs to delight and inspire.

Rainbow Pride Shirts

Don’t skimp on the variety that the LGBTQ+ title offers. Put flags on your Pride shirts as a sign of support and togetherness:

  • Gay & lesbian
  • Non-binary
  • Trans
  • Bisexual
  • Asexual
  • Pansexual
  • Gender-fluid flags and more
Lifestyle photo of a model posing in a custom t-shirt with an image of the Progress Pride flag in the shape of a heart printed on the chest.
Couple holds hands during a Pride march and poses in a custom t-shirt with a picture of a cup of rainbow tea and the text “LGBTea” printed on the front.

Cute Pride Shirts

What would this life be without a bit of heart and cuteness? Add cute designs to your Pride shirts and warm the souls within the gay Pride community and outside of it.

Matching Pride Shirts

It’s about love, after all. Time and time again, Pride becomes the go-to date destination for the thousands of queers who can finally feel safe to brave the streets hand-in-hand with a community of supporters.

Models holding hands and posing in custom t-shirts with the text “I’m not gay. But my girlfriend is.” printed on the front.

Why Sell Custom Pride Shirts

Publicity is important. Pride Month apparel is a leading eCommerce staple. The queer folk demographic continues to receive more traction and attention year by year, becoming a leading company support and sales aggregate during June.


of all Pride Month keyword traffic is directed through eCommerce stores, making gay Pride shirts one of the most profitable merchant niches to expand reach and drive organic page clicks via SEO.

Lifestyle photo of a couple holding hands posing in a rainbow cape and a custom t-shirt with a rainbow design and the slogan “Love Wins” written on the back.

Why Choose Printify

Photo of a happy eCommerce merchant sitting at a desk with a laptop and holding a phone.

Hundreds of unique products

Printify hosts over 850 custom printables from high-quality blank white-label brands. Each product is fully customizable with various base colors, fabric types and fits.

Leading sales channel integrations

Publish all your print-on-demand products to leading eCommerce sales channels like Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, Walmart, and more. Enable Printify store integrations with a simple click.

Easy-to-use design tool

Use our straightforward Mockup Generator design interface to upload your print graphics seamlessly. Access quality resolution guidelines and preview your results throughout every step of the process.

Zero initial investment

Publish print-on-demand Pride Month shirts with zero costs. Sign up with a free account and access all Printify features. Publish all our customizable products without spending a dime.

24/7 merchant support

We employ a robust merchant support network with a dedicated team that can answer any of your questions regardless if you’re an eCommerce beginner or a print-on-demand expert.

Sell Your Custom Pride Shirts With Printify

Printify is the quickest way to start selling LGBTQ+ shirts with high-quality designs as your own custom gay Pride merchandise.

Explore a growing platform that supports gay liberation and solidify a passive income stream from your own home.


Pick a product from our Catalog, choose a Print Provider, and start designing. Use our Mockup Generator and upload your designs, add layers and text, and customize gay shirts to your liking.

The production costs of any order vary depending on the style, material, Print Provider, and other factors. When selling with POD, there are no upfront investments. Pay for fulfillment only after a purchase has been made on your store.

There are many options for how to get your hands on epic designs. Search the internet for inspiration and make your art, outsource existing artists and designs on places like Fiverr, use Printify free designs, or borrow an image from Shutterstock, paying for it only after making a sale.

Yes, and we highly recommend you do. Ordering samples is one of the best ways to ensure the quality of the end product. Get samples and judge for yourself – would you wear this? Is the color scheme good? Is the design what you wanted? Adjust accordingly and ensure nothing but the best for your Pride Month t-shirts.

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