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From back to school to commuter fashion, custom backpacks are an essential item of everyday wear. Casual, leisure or business, there is a place for your custom printed backpacks.

custom backpacks

Create custom backpacks that will get people talking

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Backpacks for everyone

Practical backpacks with a blank canvas that can be turned into useful fashion.

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Fully customizable

Small things make all the difference, from cute name tags to thoughtful laptop pockets, these custom backpacks have it all.

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No minimum order required

Avoid holding stock, giving you the freedom to do what you do best – create.

Why design and sell custom printed backpacks?

Backpacks are used for everything, from carrying gym clothes, to safely transporting laptops to the office and of course to act as somewhere to keep study books for school and university. In 2018, the backpack industry was worth $17billion, with the trend set to increase to $23billion by 2023, so how much of that $5billion increase are you going to bank?

Custom backpack types at Printify

custom backpacks for school

The ultimate classic, the perfect bag for carrying everything from your school books to a lunch box. The large front is perfect for printing your custom designs, the sublimation process allows you to get vivid colors and sharp details that will make your custom backpacks stand out.

Key features:

  • 100% Polly synthetic leather body
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Plastic zipper with metal head
  • Inner pocket

This is a much loved design, largely because of the ability to print your custom design on the entire front side of the backpack, including the top and sides through sublimation. The padded back and straps make this custom backpack perfect for carrying items on your way to the office or the classroom.

Key features:

  • 100% Soft Nylon Canvas
  • Padded back
  • Durable zipper closure
unisex custom backpack
Custom Backpacks 4

The great thing about personalized backpacks is that they can appeal to both male and female. These unisex backpacks are light weight but strong, perfect for everyday use. Print your custom design on the front, left and right side of the backpack, be creative and don’t be afraid to design custom backpacks that appeal to both males and females.

Key features:

  • 100% Soft Nylon Canvas
  • Padded back
  • Zipper closure

More in the style of a classic satchel, this is one of the most popular personalized kids backpacks. The large cover flap is a designers dream, hiding the main pockets (there are 6 on this custom backpack). The clips on the front of the bag keep the contents safe and protected from the weather.

Key features:

  • 100% Oxford Canvas
  • Many compartments
  • Padded back
unisex casual shoulder backpack custom
Custom Backpacks 5

If your aiming to sell custom printed backpacks to those who love the great out-doors, this is the bag for them. You can print your custom design on the front, top, bottom and sides to get the ultimate in personalized backpacks. The sublimation printing gives clear vivid colors, and strong stitching means this bag is ready for whatever can be thrown at, or in it.

Key features:

  • 100% Plolyester
  • Padded back
  • Zipper closure
  • Many compartments

Questions about selling custom backpacks answered

You can use whatever you like, so long as the image format is either .png or .jpg. So if you plan to sell personalized backpacks with your dogs face on, be our guest. Some of our merchants are using fun images to create meme themed personalized kids backpacks, while others are using their photography skills to create urban backpacks for fashion conscious city workers.

There are two ways that you can check this, the first and fastest way is to use our mockup tool. This will show you how your finished design and pattern will look before you actually place your order. However, the best idea is to order a sample of your finished design. We strongly advise you to order a sample of each product you plan to sell, especially where there are several print areas, in the case of custom printed backpacks.

Each custom backpack has different features, however the one that they share is adjustable straps. This is perfect for you as a merchant, as it allows you to design your own backpack for all ages. Although some personalized backpacks are bigger than others, the adjustable straps make it comfortable to wear for children and adults.

The price of each custom backpack varies, however you will always be able to see the unit price of each bag before you start designing. Other than shipping, there are no other costs, and remember you can always save up to 20% off all products with Printify Premium.

Shipping varies from each provider, you can always check the average time for production, however the shipping time will depend on where your customer is located in relation to the provider.

Shipping costs are always clearly stated by each provider. They can vary from region to region, for example delivery within the US could be cheaper than international delivery. This is always calculated for you, however you should always be aware, especially if you plan to ship worldwide.

Personalized backpacks don’t require much special care, they are designed to be hard wearing, living up to daily tasks. However they will no doubt pick up dirt and stains as they are put through their paces. For details on how to clean and care for custom backpacks, check the providers care instructions that can be found on the product page.

Designs are printed onto the backpacks using a process called sublimation. This heats the ink to the point it becomes a vapor, where it attaches itself to the material fibres. This provides a strong, vibrant and long lasting print that is resistant to fade and cracking.

Custom backpacks with no minimum order

The last thing you want is to clutter up your bedroom, office or front room with stock of custom printed backpacks. That’s why there is no minimum order with Printify. You only need to order when you make a sale, giving you the freedom to start marketing your product without the fear of shipping stock. Each provider takes care of the whole process, from order to fulfillment and even shipping, direct to the customer.

Design your own backpack

Custom Backpacks 6

This is the fun part, getting creative with designs and patterns that will make these custom printed backpacks pop. Using the Printify mock-up generator, you can piece your designs together to form your custom backpacks.

Don’t worry if you have never done this before, the preview tool allows you to see how the bag will look once it’s been printed, allowing you to make adjustments as needed. 

Each backpack uses sublimation printing, this means the colors and designs will really stand out. It also means that the ink will not fade or crack, giving extra longevity to your custom backpacks.

With your personalized backpack ready for printing, the next step is to start selling. With Printify you can connect to multiple stores, including Etsy, eBay and other platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.

Choosing a backpack style

Adding custom backpacks to your store is clearly an opportunity too good to be missed. But how do you know which backpack style you should add to your store? Are you targeting the gym lover, or the offer commuter? Perhaps you are aiming your designs at kids who want to stand out at recess, either way we have a backpack that is a perfect fit for your store. 

Gym Lover – These guys want a bag that is lightweight but big enough to fit a towel and a change of clothes. 

Commuter – It’s all about slimline, the office commuter is eating lunch out and needs enough space for a laptop and maybe some paperwork.

School kids & Students – Kids put their bags through the wringer, make sure you go for a tough bag that can handle the rigours of everything from the playground to the study hall.

Design ideas for personalized backpacks

Let’s face it, how many backpacks does the average person own? One (unlikely) two (maybe) but it’s probably more like three or four, why is that? Simply put, each backpack carries its own use. That’s why custom printed backpacks are such a unique, simple addition to your store, customers are always looking for something that sets their collection apart from the rest.

Perhaps your designs focus on travel inspiration, or motivational quotes for those who need to be reminded why they are up at 05:00 going to a spin class. 

For some it’s about being practical but looking great at the same time – the office can be a dull place, so a stylish fun design might be all it takes to add some color to your customers day. 

Designing your first custom print backpack will be so much fun that you will find inspiration from everywhere. To help get you started we have come up with great design ideas that are already killing it in the marketplace. Remember to draw inspiration, but don’t copy, create your own identity and your customers will love it.

custom backpack design

Make it a fashion statement

Custom backpacks are more than just function, they should make a statement. With some bold repetitive patterns you can really make your custom printed backpacks stand out. Think about geometric shapes, or designs that aesthetically work to blend the edges of the backpack. 

Some of fashion’s biggest hitters are selling backpacks the people are using in everyday life, but especially when travelling or going on holiday.

Make it personal without being individual

If your going after the back to school market, or a younger audience, one fun, simple but personal touch, is to add children’s names to your design. This is a great way to seem like the bag has been designed specifically for the child. All you need to do is select the most popular names and use them to get started.

Personalized kids backpacks always hit the mark, especially with parents that want their kids to look great at school – it also helps kids to identify their backpacks more easily, reducing the number of lost bags and contents.

Custom Backpacks 7
Custom Backpacks 8

Design backpacks to inspire

Use your custom backpacks to inspire with words of encouragement, or motivation. Sometimes it only takes a little extra push to do something special, if these words can inspire your customer, or those that read the message then the world will be a happier place…right!

If inspiration isn’t your thing then why not try and put a smile on someone’s face with a witty remark, or quip from a famous movie. You can even theme your custom print backpacks with a movie twist, just remember to avoid any copyright or trademark issues.

Animals Rule

If your really stuck for inspiration then you can’t go wrong with some cute animal inspired designs. These work for all ages and both male and female markets. For guys, think about animals that are a bit more aggressive looking, while girls generally prefer a softer approach. The great thing about custom printed backpacks is that they transcend gender and age, making them the perfect item to add to your store.

customized backpacks

Ready to create your first custom backpack?

Backpacks have become an integral part of everyday life. This creates a wonderful opportunity to create professional custom backpacks for your store, with so many different uses personalized backpacks can appeal to a wide audience. Each backpack is a blank canvas waiting for your creative designs – stand out in a sea of black and grey with your high quality custom printed backpacks.

custom backpacks style
Choose backpack style

Choosing the right style for your market and your design is quite important, so choose wisely. You can check the price, shipping and average production time at this stage, that might influence your decision.

custom backpacks design
Design your backpack

Time to upload your designs, using our super easy design tool, you can upload your designs in just a few clicks, direct from your desktop or link to Gdrive and dropbox.

Custom Backpacks 9
Send it to production

With your designs uploaded your ready to sell. The production process is simple, as soon as you get your first order, all you need to do is send your custom backpack for production. 

Start selling custom backpacks