Women’s Day Gift Ideas: 50+ Unique Ways to Appreciate That Special Lady

Women’s Day Gift Ideas: 50+ Unique Ways to Appreciate That Special Lady

Are you struggling to find fresh gift ideas for loved ones this International Women’s Day? We’ve got you covered.

March 8 is a global celebration that recognizes and celebrates the achievements and contributions of women. Some people exchange gifts to express appreciation, gratitude, and support for the women in their lives. 

While fresh flowers and chocolates fit any occasion, let’s explore a variety of International Women’s Day gift ideas to try in 2024.

35 International Women's Day Gift Ideas

TOP 30 International Women's Day Gift Ideas

How do you make a woman feel special on Women’s Day? Easy. You browse our list of stunning gift ideas and choose the perfect present for your wife, friend, sister, daughter, mother, or colleague on their day. From jewelry and accessories to unique experiences – we’ve listed them all.

1. Flowers and a Personalized Greeting Card

Let’s start our list with timeless elegance. This classic combination ensures every woman smiles on her special day. Simplicity, beauty, and heartfelt sentiments make this duo the perfect gift. Delight your ladies with a vibrant bouquet and a loving message.

2. Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes

Not every woman claims diamonds as her best friend, yet jewelry remains a cherished gift for those who adore accessorizing. A beautiful piece of jewelry adds a sense of uniqueness and appreciation. For those with an abundance of knick-knacks, a personalized jewelry box is the perfect alternative to safeguard these treasures.

3. Perfume

If chocolates and flowers aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other Women’s Day gift options, like perfume. Who doesn’t like to smell nice? And this isn’t the only reason perfumes are popular – they can boost morale and put you in a good mood. Celebrate Women’s Day by gifting confidence in 2024.

4. Skincare Products

Prioritize wellness with skincare products. There’s a solution for every preference, from creams and scrubs to serums. This International Women’s Day, explore the shelves for something pleasantly fragrant and beneficial for the skin – a thoughtful gesture for your loved ones.

5. Kitchen Accessories

New pots and pans aren’t great Women’s Day gift ideas – they’re daily necessities that won’t make women feel empowered or special. However, there are some kitchen accessories you can customize and turn into unique gifts. We’re talking stylish aprons, cutting boards, serving trays, and towels.

6. Plush Toys

Women’s Day gift ideas can be simple and sweet – like plush toys. These cuddly companions complement cakes and flowers for your cherished love bug. They’re adored at every age, making them a delightful expression of appreciation for your sister, mom, or significant other.

7. Phone Accessories

These personalized gifts cater to the modern needs of on-the-go women. A customized wireless charger becomes the perfect bag companion, and a custom phone case or click-on grip is handy while out and about. Apply eye-catching designs to them with a sentimental touch.

8. Bathroom Accessories

Consider bathroom accessories a great blend of practicality and luxury. Gifts such as personalized towels or essential oils bring daily indulgence and self-care. Ensure your loved ones feel pampered on this special occasion with useful Women’s Day gifts.

9. Scented Candles

Eco-friendly soy wax candles with mouthwatering flavors (I mean scents) are great Women’s Day gifts. Surround that special woman in your life with mesmerizing aromas that soothe both body and mind in the cozy evenings of March.

10. Canvas Print or a Poster

Capture the essence of International Women’s Day with a personalized canvas print or poster – a gift that embodies quality and uniqueness. Celebrate the women in your life with a visual masterpiece, reflecting their beauty and strength. This is a great gift idea that lasts beyond the moment.

11. Makeup Products and Cosmetic Bags

These gifts cater to those who love vibrant colors and accessorizing. Gift the latest eye shadow palette or lipstick collection to your special woman. Alternatively, customize a practical makeup organizer for someone with plenty of beauty essentials lying around.

12. Custom-Printed Apparel

Transform Women’s Day into a fashion statement with custom-printed apparel – an ideal gift that merges style and personal touch. Showcase your appreciation with unique designs on quality fabrics, making every piece represent gratitude and good taste.

13. Bags and Wallets

For the organized woman, a shoulder bag with a leather strap and functional compartments is the perfect Women’s Day gift. Or opt for a gym bag with a custom design to add flair to her workouts. Alternatively, a stylish wallet can be just the thing she needs on International Women’s Day.

14. Games and Puzzles

Gift your special woman a delightful collection for cozy March afternoons. Customize card decks or personalize puzzles with memories and messages, adding a meaningful touch to casual game nights with family and friends.

15. Sportswear and Accessories

These gifts are great for sisters, girlfriends, or wives who embrace activities like yoga, hiking, and gym workouts. From cozy leggings to gym mats and custom water bottles, ensure your women stay comfortable, motivated, and hydrated with personalized equipment.

16. Cozy Items

Cozy essentials cater to women who appreciate the warmth and comfort of their homes. Consider soft blankets, slippers, custom socks, or pajama pants for ultimate relaxation during movie nights. These cozy items make excellent March 8 gift ideas, combining comfort with practicality – soothing body and mind.

17. Home Decor Items

If your woman-in-mind isn’t into beauty products or jewelry, you can always celebrate International Women’s Day by sprucing up her personal space. From decorative pillows to playful additions like custom bean bags and lampshades – gift something unique to your loved one, from the item to the design.

18. Gift Cards

Simplify your choice with a foolproof option – gift cards. These gift ideas are particularly suitable for women who either have everything or don’t give clear hints about their preferences. Let your woman enjoy the freedom to choose by purchasing a gift card from her favorite store or service.

19. Wine Sets and Accessories

This will be a unique Women’s Day gift for all wine enthusiasts. From a custom bottle opener and coasters to a personalized wine tumbler or a monthly subscription. Gift the chance to enjoy a rich bouquet with custom accessories for the perfect night in.

20. A Memorable Date

Craft a perfect Women’s Day memory with a thoughtful date – gift the essence of quality time. Whether it’s a picturesque dinner, a leisurely stroll, or an adventure, create an experience that resonates with her and her interests. This great Women’s Day gift idea creates a lasting bond, celebrating the unique connection between hearts and the beauty of everyday life.

21. Event Tickets

Unlock unforgettable moments this International Women’s Day with event tickets, promising excitement and shared joy. From concerts to shows, choose an experience that fits with her passions, hobbies, and interests. This unique Women’s Day gift ensures quality time and creates lasting memories for years to come.

22. Small Trip

Escape the ordinary and embark on a journey filled with discovery and joy. From small road trips to weekend-long vacations, quick getaways are excellent International Women’s Day gifts for every wife, mother, and female figure who loves adventures and being spontaneous.

23. Tea or Coffee Set

Elevate everyday moments with delicious flavors and good company. These thoughtfully curated sets, with quality accessories like mugs, coasters, and cookies, are the perfect Women’s Day gifts that blend style, warmth, and the comfort of essential rituals.

24. Basket of Goods

Give the gift of a thoughtfully picked ensemble of everyday luxuries. From essential oils and bath bombs to chocolates and fruits, celebrate the women in your life with a collection that reflects good taste, self-care, and the joy found in life’s simple pleasures.

25. Fashion Accessories

Transform Women’s Day with stylish accessories – the best gifts for elevating the fashion game and celebrating individuality. From chic scarves and belts to trendy scrunchies and sunglasses, these items embody the essence of Women’s Day – honoring the unique spirit and style of the women we cherish.

26. Hair Care Products

From nourishing shampoos to rejuvenating serums, these thoughtful gifts pamper women, reflecting their commitment to self-care. Celebrate Women’s Day by presenting a collection that beautifies and acknowledges the importance of well-being in everyday life.

27. Subscription for Something She Loves

A brilliant gift idea that keeps on giving. Consider a monthly dose of her favorite magazine, a streaming service for captivating shows, or a gourmet treat box. This thoughtful gesture ensures a year-round celebration of joy, relaxation, and things she adores.

28. Books and Bookmarks

Immerse Women’s Day in the magic of literature with books and bookmarks – a delightful gift idea that sparks imagination and celebrates the power of storytelling. Pick a selection that mirrors her interests, and pair it with a beautiful custom-printed bookmark for a touch of personal elegance.

29. Photo Frame

A personally-picked photo frame is a lovely Women’s Day gift that freezes moments of beauty. Personalize it with a meaningful picture, celebrating the remarkable women who inspire you on a daily basis. This thoughtful gesture transforms memories into timeless treasures – something women around the world will cherish forever.

30. Masterclass

Surprise the women in your life with the gift of knowledge on Women’s Day. A masterclass subscription opens doors to learning from industry experts across various fields. From culinary arts to literature, this unique gift idea encourages lifelong learning and personal growth, making it a perfect way to celebrate the achievements and potential of women.

31. DIY Kit

From crafting to electronics, these kits cater to diverse interests, encouraging women to explore new skills and express themselves. It’s a thoughtful and personalized way to honor the incredible women in your life.

32. Thoughtful Handmade Gift

How to make a gift for Women’s Day? Put your heart and soul into it, showing how much you love and know your woman. Whether it’s a custom piece of jewelry, a handcrafted journal, or personalized coupons, these creations reflect the time and care devoted to honoring her unique qualities and contributions you appreciate so much.

33. Hand Care Set

Consider including items like a nourishing hand cream, rejuvenating cuticle oil, a stylish nail file, and nail polish in her favorite colors. It’s a gesture of appreciation for the incredible women who make a difference, promoting relaxation and self-love on Women’s Day and beyond.

34. Watch and Watch Band

This is the best gift for Women’s Day if you’re looking for a timeless touch. The watch symbolizes elegance and functionality, while a stylish, customized watch band adds a personalized flair. This sophisticated combination not only complements a woman’s style but also serves as a constant reminder of your love, care, and appreciation.

35. A Special Experience

Celebrate Women’s Day with unforgettable experiences. From a serene boat ride on the lake, a moving rhythm of a dance class, a relaxing spa retreat, or an exciting hot air balloon ride. These diverse experiences promise joy and create lasting memories for the extraordinary women in your life.

20 International Women's Day Gift Ideas for Employees

Let’s explore some International Women’s Day gifts for employees to find nice ways to appreciate ladies in the workplace. While custom mugs with the company logo seem handy, there are other practical and personalized gifts that will make the Women’s Day celebration at work a lot more fun.

1. Desk Calendar

Customize calendars with inspirational quotes, individual milestones, or even personalized artwork. This transforms the desk calendar into a meaningful and unique token of appreciation, breaking away from typical corporate gifts and making each day at the office a bit more special.

2. Custom T-Shirts

Gift custom t-shirts to female colleagues to wear on Women’s Day, each uniquely designed. Incorporate slogans, the company logo, or individual names for a sense of belonging. This thoughtful touch transforms the t-shirt into a wearable celebration, fostering pride on their special day.

3. Coasters

Crafted with care, these coasters can feature individual names, professions, quotes, or vibrant designs. This thoughtful customization transforms a simple coaster into a daily reminder of appreciation, adding a personal touch to their workspace and making every coffee break special.

4. Empowering Books

Empower the women of your company with inspiring books that uplift and motivate. Thoughtfully chosen titles by influential authors provide a source of inspiration, fostering personal and professional growth. It’s a meaningful gift that encourages self-discovery and celebrates the valuable contributions of women in the workplace.

5. Notebook or Journal

All the women at work will appreciate professional and personal notes in a cute customized notebook. These will be great gifts for employees, combining promotional features with practicality. Pair it with a nice pen or set of markers and delight your female employees this Women’s Day with a pleasant surprise.

6. Custom-Printed Coffee Mug

This is the perfect Women’s Day gift for employees. Everyone enjoys a nice beverage throughout the day, whether in the office or working from home. Mugs are versatile and evergreen, being the ideal Women’s Day gifts. Delight all the women at the office with custom mugs so they can enjoy their morning cup with a smile.

7. Free Lunch

Women’s Day gift ideas don’t always have to be materialistic. Sometimes, a nice gesture, such as a well-deserved free lunch, is all you need to show appreciation and respect. Help celebrate the hard work of your female team members, creating a special atmosphere to honor their valuable contributions.

8. Tote Bag

Personalize these stylish bags with their names, achievements, or an inspiring design, combining functionality and empowerment. It’s a chic accessory that not only appreciates their contributions but also adds a touch of personalization to their daily routine.

9. Phone Stand

Custom phone stands are stylish and functional International Women’s Day gift ideas for employees. Personalized with names, titles, or unique designs, a phone stand adds a touch of individuality to desks, promoting organized and efficient workspaces. It’s a practical and personalized gesture to show appreciation for their valuable contributions.

10. Custom-Printed Water Bottle

Assist your wonderful office ladies in staying hydrated with custom-printed water bottles. These make excellent Women’s Day gift ideas, combining versatility and practicality. Personalized designs add a special touch, promoting gratitude and setting a cheerful mood for women and their colleagues at work.

11. Desk Mat

A fully customized desk mat will be appreciated by employees who spend most of their time at their computer desks. If you want to show care and appreciation on Women’s Day, put some thought into it. Gift all the women at work a desk mat with more than just a logo. Add meaningful messages or delightful designs to show they’re a valuable part of the company.

12. Laptop Sleeve

Consider laptop sleeves as thoughtful gifts for women on the go. A company-provided laptop cover safeguards work and acts as a mini promotional billboard. Enhance it with a company logo and a meaningful message for a distinctive Women’s Day gift, expressing appreciation to your female employees.

13. AirPods Case

Explore unconventional yet practical Women’s Day gift ideas, like a custom AirPods case. They’ll make a trendy and convenient present. Consider adding promotional or creative designs to elevate this unique essential and turn it into a memorable gift.

14. Flowers or Plants

Some Women’s Day corporate gift ideas embody simplicity and timeless charm. A bouquet of vibrant blooms or a potted plant not only adds a touch of nature to workspaces but also symbolizes growth and appreciation. It’s a simple yet delightful gesture to honor the women who contribute to your workplace.

15. Wireless Charger

Speaking of trendy and practical gifts, how about something really unique for your female workers? A wireless charger might seem impersonal initially, but it will be a useful and well-appreciated gift among employees, keeping their phones charged while out and about.

16. Travel Mugs and Tumblers

Women love travel mugs, bottles, tumblers, basically anything that reminds them to stay hydrated throughout the day. Travel mugs and tumblers make excellent employee gifts, keeping beverages hot or cold on the go. It’s a chic and practical way to appreciate the hardworking women in your team.

17. Sweets

Coffee and cake are sometimes enough to make the best female employees feel appreciated for the day. Consider delightful sweets like cupcakes or pastries as thoughtful Women’s Day gifts. Indulge their taste buds, setting a sweet mood in the workplace and expressing gratitude for their work.

18. Gift Cards

Gift cards are also excellent International Women’s Day gift ideas for employees. Since managers don’t always know their staff’s personal interests, gift cards are thoughtful gestures that allow women to choose their preferred items or experiences. It’s a simple yet personalized way to express gratitude, ensuring they feel valued and celebrated on this day.

19. Bluetooth Speaker

While a somewhat unusual Women’s Day gift, a Bluetooth speaker is practical and something most people wouldn’t buy for themselves. It’s a modern and thoughtful gesture, appreciating the hard work of female employees and adding a touch of tech-savvy chic to their day.

20. Memorable Performance

Surprise your female workers on International Women’s Day with a rehearsed performance. Picture a lighthearted skit, a song performed by their male colleagues, or a team dance routine. This unique and entertaining gift creates a sense of belonging to a workplace family, storing lasting memories and celebrating the incredible women in your workplace.

Why Sell Custom Women’s Day Gifts Online?

Why Sell Custom Women’s Day Gifts Online

First and foremost, men and women celebrate International Women’s Day globally to show respect and appreciation for their contributions to society. With such a great cause, selling custom gifts can be your way of generating profits and showing support as a brand.

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Final Thoughts

Customize any of the above-listed Women’s Day gift ideas for yourself or your online store, and treasure all the women who make your life better on International Women’s Day. 

Even the smallest gesture can bring a world of difference for people everywhere. From simple flowers and greeting cards to custom products for themselves, their homes, and workplaces. No matter the gift, it’s the thought that counts. Appreciate women and make them feel extra special with the best gifts on their day.

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