Custom Desk Mats

Whether at home or in the office, our fully customizable desk mats serve as a source of inspiration and can add the perfect finishing touch to any space.

Custom Desk Mat

Make Your Own Custom Desk Mats and Start Selling Today

No Minimum Order Quantity

With our print-on-demand platform, you can order as few or as many mats as you like.

Free Design Tools

With our powerful yet easy-to-use Mockup Generator, anyone can easily design and create custom desk mats.


With Printify, signing up and designing products is 100% free. You don’t need any up-front investment to get started.

Design your Desk Mat

Why Should You Make and Sell Your Own Custom Desk Mats?

People spending more time indoors and working from home has become a reality, rather than a passing trend. Custom desk mats provide a fun, functional, and aesthetically pleasing way to style a desk space.

Custom desk mats create a beautiful and supportive surface – perfect for writing, typing, or crafting – that will give your customers a more personalized experience and increased motivation for their daily tasks.

Our custom desk mats are available in three different sizes and are an easy way to add a bit of character to what may otherwise seem to be an impersonal working space.

Introducing Custom Desk Mats

Our custom desk mats are fully customizable and ready for your designs. Made with a nonslip base, it never loses its grip and always provides a sturdy surface.

With various sizes to choose from – 12”×18”, 12”×22”, and 31”×15.5”, you can customize your designs to fit activities your customers enjoy.

If you’re looking for a practical yet stylish product, custom desk mats are an excellent choice that not only helps your customers to achieve more by improving their comfort and productivity, but also adds profitability to your business.

Customized Desk Mat

Key Features:

Vibrant Colors

The latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colours matching your craziest designs.

Hemmed Edges

Our custom desk mats are sewn around the edges, making them strong, durable, and long-lasting.

Multifunctional Use

With three sizes to choose from, custom desk mats provide the perfect surface for gaming, work, or crafting.

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Make Your Own Custom Desk Mats Today!

Custom printed desk mat

What Are the Benefits of Using a Desk Mat?

Whether you cater to an audience that’s into gaming, arts, or crafts, a personalized desk mat – by combining comfort, functionality, and creativity – has something to offer to everyone.

As well as providing a supportive surface for writing, typing, or crafting, desk mats offer a world of other benefits.

Desk mats don’t need to stay on your desk – you can use them on any surface. They are perfect for arts, crafts, and anything creative.

The Mockup Generator

Custom Desk Mat - The Mockup Generator

Whether you’re a professional designer or have no artistic experience at all, our powerful Mockup Generator enables anyone to design and create custom desk mats easily.

With just a few clicks, you can customize desk mats to your heart’s content and bring your design ideas to life.

What’s more, once your design is ready, our Mockup Generator creates highly realistic mockups of your mat, so you can see how it’ll look once printed. You can use any of these product images for your digital store or on social media.

If you want to learn how to create your first mat in our Mockup Generator, this tutorial is for you. In less than four minutes, you’ll learn how to upload, edit, make variations of your design, and have a ready product.

How to Make Custom Desk Mats With Printify

With Printify’s print-on-demand platform, anyone can design, create, and sell custom products without any worries. Whatever you’d like to achieve, our mission stays the same – to help you make more money with less effort.

As soon as you make a sale, we take care of everything – printing, packaging, and shipping directly to your customers’ doorstep.

Whether you are choosing ready-made designs or creating your own from scratch, custom desk pads make a great addition to any store. With Printify, it’s easy to start selling.

Step 1: Create a Free Printify Account

Simply by signing up, you gain instant access to our products, Mockup Generator, and a global network of thoroughly-vetted print providers.

Step 2: Pick a Product

Printify’s Catalog is the largest on the market and it’s constantly growing. Whether you want to sell custom desk pads, t-shirts, or hoodies, our catalog has something to suit everyone’s needs.

Step 3: Apply Your Design

With our Mockup Generator, you can make your vision of the perfect custom desk mat come true. Add your design, text, and preview the product to see how it will look in real life.

Step 4: Order Samples

To check that you’re happy with the design, order a sample of your custom desk mat. You can make sure it looks exactly as you’ve envisioned.

Step 5: Add Products to Your Store

With Printify, you can effortlessly add desk pads and other products to your digital store. Our platform seamlessly integrates with some of the world’s most popular eCommerce marketplaces and platforms, like Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Squarespace, and many others.

Make Your Own Custom Desk Mats Today!

How to Use Print On Demand to Sell Custom Desk Mats

With print on demand, anyone can embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey without having to worry about order fulfillment, packaging, or shipping.

Print on demand is a modern and convenient business model that enables people from all walks of life to create and sell a wide variety of products.

When it comes to starting your own business, it’s vital to have the proper tools, information, and support. Whatever you need, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking for information on how to start a print-on-demand business, choose the right eCommerce platform, or some inspiration to become a successful entrepreneur, the Printify blog has it all.

Simply by signing up for a free Printify account, you get instant access to our design tools, product catalog with more than 600 products, and an extensive network of more than 65 print providers who have over 90 printing facilities all around the world.

Top 5 Questions About Selling Custom Desk Mats

Yes. You can order as few or as many custom desk mats as you like. Our easy-to-use platform enables anyone to print custom desk mats with no minimum order quantity.

Simply sign up for a free Printify account, add your design, publish the product to your selling platform, and start making money.

Our custom desk mats are available in three different sizes – 12”×18”, 12”×22”, 31”×15.5”. Whether your customers enjoy gaming, typing, or crafting, you can customize your designs to fit their needs.

No, you can add your design only on the front side. The back side – with practicality in mind – has been purposely designed to be nonslip, so it never loses grip and always provides you with a supportive surface.

Yes, we recommend that you do. Every product in our catalog can be ordered as a sample, so that you can see the final product, its design, and other details. Samples are real products, therefore they cost the same as any product you sell to your customers.

Yes. With warm water and dish soap, you’ll be able to clean the vast majority of spots that might appear on your mat. It is not necessary to soak the whole mat. For hard-to-clean and stubborn spots, use a soft-bristled brush.

Ready to Start?

With various sizes to choose from, custom desk mats can be designed to fit any activity your customers enjoy.

Whether it’s for gaming, work, arts, or crafts, in just a few simple steps you can design and start selling your own custom desk mats with ease.

Make Your Own Custom Desk Mats Today!