Best YouTuber Merch: Insights From 15 Successful YouTube Merch Stores

Best YouTuber Merch: Insights From 15 Successful YouTube Merch Stores

Dive into the dynamic world of YouTuber merch as we unveil the secrets of 15 successful merch stores.

From top-selling products to marketing strategies, we’ve carefully researched and curated insights that go beyond the screen. 

Let’s uncover the trends, triumphs, and tactics that catapult these creators to merchandising mastery.

Exploring 15 YouTuber Merch Stores: A Deep Dive Into Their Inventory and Design Strategies

PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, is a Swedish YouTuber renowned for his diverse content – spanning gaming, vlogs, and commentary. Holding the longest continuous reign of being in the number one spot on YouTube (more than five years), he captivates audiences with his humor and authenticity.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • Many images show the YouTuber wearing his merch, boosting loyalty and trust in the brand.
  • This brand sticks to a consistent color palette.
  • Merch is highly visual, keeping textual elements to a minimum.
  • Offers free global shipping.

Samuel D Zien, better known as Sam the Cooking Guy, is a Canadian-born author, content creator, and restaurateur. His recipes will leave you drooling from the intro to the first bite. 

This brilliant and talented man excels at cooking up excellent puns and delicious meals. Not only does he create engaging content, but he designs unique merch as well.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • This online store is packed with products that represent his niche and YouTube channel – cooking apparel, accessories, and essentials covered in designs that connect to his audience.
  • This website is living proof you can sell anything as a creator – as long as it fits your audience and niche.

VanossGaming is the pseudonym of Evan Fong, the Canadian internet personality and gaming enthusiast with subscribers in the double-digit millions. 

Evan’s store is a great example of simplicity and quality combined. He sells gamer merch with simple yet elegant designs.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • His owl logo is the main element featured in his merch shop. A winning logo is one of the most important design elements for the biggest YouTubers.
  • This brand sticks to a consistent color palette – mostly black and white with various design elements.
  • Creative accessories and custom merchandise for the biggest fans.

SWOOP is an American YouTuber, filmmaker, and musician. She’s gained quite the audience for crafting well-researched documentary-style commentary videos focusing on controversial YouTubers.

Her honest, caring personality and exquisite attention to detail have put her and her production team on top of the documentary channels on the platform. And her merchandise is a treat for the fans.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • All the product images show the YouTuber wearing her own merch, boosting loyalty and trust in the brand.
  • This brand sticks to a consistent color palette.
  • This merchandise is proof you can connect with potential customers with creative merchandise ideas not only true fans would love to wear but bypassers as well.

The Rhett and Link empire offers boldness in design and product scope. Being among the biggest YouTubers on the platform, they promote YouTube videos that entertain over 18 million subscribers with fun topics, games, and experiments. And their store matches the channel.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • Some items are society-exclusive, meaning only the biggest and most loyal fans gain access – creating a sense of community. It's an additional way how creators can connect to the ones who support them the most.
  • This store is an excellent example of YouTubers matching their video content with their merch.
  • A very wide product range – representing the YouTubers themselves, their production team, entire crew, different shows, and personalities.

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MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, is an American philanthropist and YouTuber. Renowned for his viral stunts and massive acts of generosity, his channel features altruistic challenges and captivating content, boasting an impressive following.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • Some images show the YouTuber wearing his merch, boosting loyalty and trust in the business.
  • Very simple designs, sticking to his channel name and logo – and some artistic variations of both.
  • Merch is highly visual, keeping textual elements to a minimum.

Jaiden Animations, the creative force behind the channel, offers engaging and simply adorable animated storytelling. Her content is a delightful mix of humor, creativity, and introspection, garnering a substantial following for its relatability and charm.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • This merch shop is filled with high-quality customized specifics catered to the YouTube channel, niche, and fans.
  • This brand sticks to a consistent color palette.
  • This shop proves you can sell merchandise with something very creative and personal. In this case – her precious birdies.

With more than 34 million subscribers, Mark Fischbach, known online as Markiplier, is one of the biggest names on YouTube. And, understandably, with a following as big as his – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel for your merchandise ideas.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • An example of how you can promote a new launch and grow your audience ready for new designs is by completely closing the shop with the old merch, creating a sense of urgency with limited edition sales.
  • Markiplier shows that people buy even the most simple merch from YouTubers if you engage with your community and build trust.

The Asher House, led by Lee Asher, is a channel devoted to animal rescue missions and heartwarming adventures. The content beautifully captures the bond between Lee and his animals, earning a devoted following and promoting animal care to a global audience.

Their website is a great place to sell merchandise, keep people informed on the serious matter of animal adoption, and collect donations to keep the Sanctuary running.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • This YouTube merch solely focuses on the brand and mission, going with a simple logo and animal designs.
  • The product range is adjusted to the YouTube channel and their niche, offering something for everyone – people and animals.

This podcast is the lovechild of the creative, chaotic, off-the-rails Ethan Klein and his uniquely artistic and stylish wife, Hila. They cover nearly every topic possible to a large audience, and their store is a great example of turning creative podcast merch ideas into profits.

The Teddy Fresh shop is originally Hila’s company, selling adorable and unique products and designs she comes up with. But it’s also the go-to place for all H3 Podcast fans – the footsoldiers.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • While this is Hila's company, the H3 fans are the main shoppers on their marketplace. This proves that with a loyal fanbase and beautiful ideas, you can sell the best YouTuber merch to your community and people outside it.
  • Some designs are incredibly abstract and far from the ordinary styles we see. And people still gladly order and wear them worldwide. Don't be afraid to be bold with your designs.
  • The models used for mockups vary greatly in age, ethnicity, gender, and every other aspect. It's one of the most all-inclusive brands in this business industry.
  • Sometimes, listeners are present when a hilarious design idea is born, fostering a sense of involvement. This increases the likelihood of them purchasing the product.

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PhillyD is a prominent creator who provides daily commentary on the latest news in politics and pop culture – a segment most YouTubers would avoid. But his witty and honest approach has earned more than six million subscribers. 

With a unique blend of insight and humor, he engages viewers in discussions on current events, culture, and trending topics.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • PhillyD is a great example of how one simple intro phrase can make your entire brand. By always starting his videos with “Sup, you beautiful bastards,” – he accidentally created a trademark for himself on the platform.
  • He announces a new launch, completely closing his shop with the old merch, creating a sense of urgency with limited edition sales.
  • The store presents a diversity of models, promoting inclusivity around the world.

We can’t talk about impactful simplicity without mentioning one of the biggest YouTubers – Dream, and his insanely straightforward product designs – delighting millions of fans who admire him and his Minecraft videos.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • This shop has a vast product scope in terms of type, style, and color. A variety of products means there's something for everyone. And if you create a print-on-demand store, you can list as many products as you want without extra cost.
  • This YouTube merch shop is a great example of how something simple can make your entire brand – in this case, a smiley face.

Internet Comment Etiquette, led by Erik Hoffstad, delivers hilarious and satirical commentary on idiotic behavior on the internet – and in real life. With a unique blend of humor and insight, this YouTube channel has gained a sizable following. And Eric’s whimsical and sarcastic personality is a delight to many, proven by the merch selling like hotcakes on his online store.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • This YouTube merch store is filled with various products – something for everyone. Adults, kids, and babies. From apparel to accessories, if you design quality products that connect to your fans, you'll have money rolling in in no time.
  • Some YouTubers are selling fun and quirky designs that fit their channel and community, not necessarily promoting their brand but their personality and creativity instead.

Isaiah Markin, known as Wendigoon, is an American YouTuber celebrated by millions for his horror and true crime-themed content. And the chic but spooky aesthetic from his channel and videos is also translated to his marketplace.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • Very few products are listed on the website, yet they're sold out. Proving that successful YouTubers don't have to list hundreds of different merchandise options. With a strong brand and loyal following, you can make money with a minimal inventory – as long as you represent your content.
  • The designs are so captivating and interesting (glow-in-the-dark feature, tropical pattern) that even a stranger could enjoy this merchandise and order without knowing the creator.

Raven, aka FroggyCrossing, is an American YouTuber renowned for her family-friendly content centered around Animal Crossing. From whimsical ‘let’s plays’ to charming ‘speed builds,’ Froggy keeps her content as vibrant as her island. And her digital YouTube merch shelf – as cute as a button.

Store Spectrum

Product examples:

Key observations

  • A very simple set of merchandise, simple and cute designs, catering to her community, content, and persona.
  • The custom Switch case is an exclusive item to offer, showing that dedication to one specific game or niche can secure unique merchandise with a focus on your content.

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Turning Insights Into Results: Top Strategies for Creating the Best YouTuber Merch

After analyzing all these platforms, we found some consistencies. Let’s look at the features the best YouTuber merch stores and products have in common – it might be the additional information you need to turn your YouTube merchandise store into a success.

Sell T-Shirts and Hoodies

Most Popular Youtube Merch Product Categories

While the product scope is quite broad on most merch stores as they grow, the top-selling items are definitely comfortable, everyday apparel for all top creators.

Offer 4 or More Quality Products

Different creators offer different amounts of products on their sales platforms. Some list as few as two, while some go above and beyond, selling up to 38. However, the average results are clear – the majority list at least four products for their fans.

Pro Tip

Launch new products from time to time. Upload new designs or a different product scope to keep your followers on their toes and attract new audiences, no matter your niche.

Popular Printing Methods: Direct-To-Garment for the Win

Whether you’re running a print-on-demand merch store or do your own outsourcing, picking a printing method is crucial, as it will set the quality of your merchandise. And direct-to-garment (DTG) takes the lead among YouTubers.

Most Common Color Combination on YouTuber Merch: Black & White

While there’s some diversity in terms of color, and some creators offer the whole rainbow and more, most of them still opt for similar patterns and combinations – with black and white dominating the palettes.

Top Design Placements: Full Front Takes the Lead

There is some variety in terms of design placement for creator clothing. But one specific area stands out – full-front designs. They’re fun, big, and fans love them. Perfect for advertising your brand and YouTube channel and giving your followers a piece of you.

Ideas for the Best Youtuber Merch

If the whole merch store breakdown didn’t inspire you enough for your own merchandise ideas, let’s look at some interesting items that could be the next biggest hit on your YouTube shop.


Fashion Accessories


Desk Accessories

Niche-Specific Products

How to Use Printify's Free YouTube Merch Maker

Printify is the ultimate print-on-demand (POD) platform. It even comes with its own free and beginner-friendly YouTube Merch Maker. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to create and sell merchandise to the world.

Step 1: Create an Account

Sign up to Printify with your Google account or register with an email address. Fill in the missing information, and voila! You have free access to all the tools, data, features, and 24/7 support from our team.

Step 2: Pick Your Merchandise

Our extensive Catalog stores more than 900 products to choose from. Anything you can imagine – from apparel and accessories to pet products, kitchen, bathroom, and office essentials, baby items, toys, games, stickers, and more.

Step 3: Customize the Design

Once you choose an item, click Start designing and create magic with our Merch Maker. The Product Creator has all the tools and features you need to customize existing artwork or create something new directly on the platform. The main features include

  • Free graphics library
  • AI image generator
  • Text editing tool with multi-language and emoji support
  • Background removal tool
  • Pattern creation tool
  • Fit and fill
  • Directional scaling
  • And many more.

You can design and customize the best YouTube merch, building a connection with the people who support your content.

Pro Tip

Regularly check our blog, where we update the information about the latest features, tools, and releases for the Merch Maker.

Step 4: Start Selling Quality Merch With Zero Hassle

Build your website through any of the leading eCommerce platforms and website builders like Wix, Shopify, or BigCommerce, and integrate with Printify in seconds. Go to your account Add new store, and select your integration.

Or! An even better option – launch your own Pop-Up Store! This way you get to sell quality merch without the hassle of website building and managing. Printify does everything for you, from customer support to order fulfillment.

Final Thoughts

YouTuber merch stores have become an integral part of the platform’s ecosystem – bringing fans and creators closer. 

While one party enjoys the profits and exposure – the other gets to support their favorite creators and showcase their belonging to a certain community. 

Remember – your fans are the base of your success. So make the best Youtuber merch for them. Something they will be proud to wear and use – advertising your YouTube channel at the same time.

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