Custom Towels

Create custom towels with your design. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, gym, or any kind of business. Order for yourself or sell them online. Handy, promotional, and simply cute. Design custom-printed towels with Printify.

Pink personalized kitchen towel with a pattern of stylized muffins.
Colorful custom towel on a beach chair.

No Minimum Order

Order one towel for yourself or a whole bundle of personalized towels with worldwide shipping. There is no maximum or minimum order with Printify.

Simple Design Tool

Our free and user-friendly Product Creator will help even beginners create the perfect design with images, texts, logos, and more in just a few clicks.

Quality Guaranteed

Choose anything you like from our towel options – your custom design will be printed with cutting-edge methods, ensuring top-notch quality.

Make Your Own Custom Towels With Printify

Why Sell Personalized Towels

The simple and short answer is – they sell, and people love custom-printed towels. For home decor, business, or sports purposes. There will always be a demand for personalized towels.

$4.8 million

Everyone will gladly provide consistency and promote their brand with custom logo towels, from hotels and spas to the local gym, fitness center, or sports team. 

Brands aside, customers look for affordable and cute ways to spruce up their home decor. A great and practical way to do it is with custom hand towels displayed around the house.

Yellow beach towel with a pattern of different fruits and berries.

Create Your Own Custom Towels

Let’s head over to our catalog and look at all the fun choices our product scope offers. We have many different towels at your disposal, from various sizes to materials, features, and printing types. Browse the list and choose the best one for your home or company.

A beach towel with an image of a model in a swimsuit on a pizza slice and the text “Dreaming About Pizza.”
A colorful towel with a pattern of fruits and flowers.

Custom Beach Towels

Custom-printed beach towels add a little pizzazz and personality to a beach trip. They’re also extremely Instagrammable – a perfect backdrop to make a picture pop!

Beach towel with a “Your Design Here” sign on a beach chair next to a pool.
Black Towel with a “Your Design Here” sign placed on a beach chair next to a palm tree near the sea.
Beach towel with a “Your Design Here” sign draped over a fence.

Custom Tea and Kitchen Towels

A tea towel is a cute and kitschy way to add color and style to a kitchen. Custom-printed tea towels make unique presents, so consider the gifting angle as you customize your line of towels.

Tea towel with a “Your Design Here” sign.
Tea towel with a “Your Design Here” sign.
Kitchen towel with a “Your Design Here” sign hung up in the kitchen.
Custom kitchen towel with a “Your Design Here” sign.

Custom Bathroom Towels

Beautiful and custom-printed bathroom towel designs will create the right mood in every home or company. Promote a business, spread a message, or add a cheerful touch to the room throughout the year with customized towel designs.

Bathroom towel with a “Your Design Here” sign.
Polycotton towel with a “Your Design Here” sign
Bath towel with a “Your Design Here” sign hanging in a bathroom.
Bath towel with a “Your Design Here” sign placed near a bathroom sink.

Personalized Towel Branding and Design Ideas

Luxurious Spa Towels

Personalized towels will not only promote the healing and relaxation establishment but link comfort and quality to the name. Add a luxury feel to the touch and care of a spa complex with custom towel designs.

A custom hand towel with the letters “A. W.” printed on it.
White towel with a logo containing the text “Golf Club Original: Club California. EST 2017” and an image of crossed golf clubs.

Promotional Custom Towels With Logo

Promotional towels are a smart way to spread the word about a brand or business. Whether it be a golf country club, sports team, or company, a logo on a towel can raise awareness and boost brand visibility.

Towels for Sporting Events

From custom golf towels to rally towels for bike races or tennis matches. Ensure a worry-free event with green and supportive towels, keeping everyone clean while raising team spirit. 

From eco-friendly materials to charity messages, supporting designs, slogans, and logos. Create personalized towels for sporting events around the world.

Green hand towel with a logo containing text “Keep Calm and Play Tennis. ESTD 1999” and an image of crossed tennis rackets.
White tea towel with a pattern of cute cartoon kittens in teacups.

Cute Towels

Add a splash of creativity and holiday cheer to every house, event, or setting with cute custom-printed towels for holidays, special occasions, birthdays, and more. ‘The World’s best mom’ will appreciate a custom towel and the idea behind it.

Personalized Gym Towels

Show off your favorite team, interests, or overall style with personalized gym towels. Add a bright or inspiring message, promote positivity, or create fun designs for your gym sessions or clients.

Mint green hand towel with an image of a hand holding a dumbbell and the text “Believe in Yourself.”

Sell Custom Towels With Printify

Simplicity, transparency, and quality. Those are some of the main traits Printify offers to new and existing merchants on our platform. With a catalog of over 800 products, print providers worldwide, and excellent customer service, your business will thrive in no time.

Illustration of the product creation process in Printify's Mockup Generator.

Pick a Towel

First, choose the type of towel you wish to sell.

  • Think about the demographic of your customers. Would you find them in the kitchen, at a sports match, at the spa, or elsewhere? 
  • Stuck between tea towels and custom beach towels? Remember, there are no limits on the number of personalized towels you can design and sell.

Order Samples

Click Start designing and use our Product Creator (previously known as Mockup Generator). This is Printify’s intuitive design tool. At this stage, you can upload images, add text, create patterns, and move items around until your custom towels look perfect. Use the preview tool to see what it’ll look like in real life.

Select a Sales Channel

Pick a site for selling your products – one that best suits your needs and overall skills. Printify integrates with the top eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.

Grow Your Business While Printify Works

You can now start selling custom-printed towels. Every towel will be printed and sent out straight away by whichever provider you selected when an order is received.

And don’t worry about fulfillment or shipping. Leave all that to us. Our automated processes will take care of everything while you focus on growing your business.

Learn more about ordering custom tea towels in bulk.


No. Designing and listing are 100% free. Once a customer buys one of your custom-printed towels, the fulfillment costs are paid with the final sales price, leaving you with profits.

If you want to hire a designer, you can. However, you’ll find that the Mockup Generator is incredibly easy to navigate, regardless of your skill level. You don’t have to be a designer to design your custom products.

Yes. But keep in mind copyrights. You can’t just add famous sports or brand logos and sell them in your store. Logo designs are great for customized, personal orders. Offer personalization in your store or order logo towels for your own company or needs.

Our towels are mostly made of cotton or polyester. Fast drying, sweat and liquid absorbent, perfect for any sport, company, or activity.

Make Your Own Custom Towels Today!