Custom Tote Bags

Custom printed tote bags have become the answer to reducing single-use plastic shopping bags, not to mention becoming a must-have fashion accessory.


Create custom tote bags that will make a lasting impression

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Tote bags for everyone

Different styles of tote bag means you can increase your product range easily.

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No minimum order required

Avoid holding stock, giving you the freedom to do what you do best – create.

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Get your message across

Stand out with powerful messages and designs that can’t be missed.

Why to sell custom printed tote bags?

The tote bag industry is set to grow by $5.17 billion by 2023, showing a global increase of 5% each year. So it’s fair to say that this is a product worth having in your store. Custom tote bags are multi-purpose, they are used for carrying your groceries, taking home materials from trade fairs and of course getting your towels to the beach.

Why are custom printed tote bags so popular?

It’s hard to fathom the number of tote bags that are sold every year, but there is a good reason why they are so popular. They are extremely lightweight, can be rolled or folded to save on space and of course make the perfect blank for printing your custom designs. Check out the different tote bags available here at Printify.

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The shopping tote is perhaps the most common use for this type of bag. Don’t be fooled by the name though, this custom printed tote bag can be used for multiple applications. Featuring large cotton web handles and a deep exterior pocket, this custom tote bag has everything your customers need for a trip to the shops, or farther afield.

This custom tote bag also features embroidery, adding an extra level of both quality and longevity.

Key Features:

  • 100% Cotton twill
  • Cotton web handles
  • Multiple color options
  • Boxed corners

Available in three different sizes, this AOP (all-over print) custom tote bag is perfect for merchants who want to create a fully customized tote bag. The 100% polyester material is hardwearing and fast-drying, increasing its number of practical uses. This tote bag is ideal for everyday use and can easily double up as a casual fashion bag.

The AOP feature allows you to create colorful prints and designs that cover the surface of the bag. 

Key Features:

  • 100% Polyester Body
  • Reinforced Stitching On Handles
  • Boxed Corners
  • Black cotton handles
  • Black lining
all over print tote bag
shoulder tote bag

One of the key features of this shoulder tote bag is the straps, designed to be carried comfortably on the shoulder. The reinforced stitching on the handles allows the bag to carry items like books, laptops, groceries and any other objects that are too large or heavy for a handbag.

Key Features:

  • 100% Natural cotton twill
  • Cotton web handles
  • Boxed corners 
  • Reinforced stitching on handles

To achieve that original vintage feel, this custom print vintage tote bag is the winner. With its color contrasting handles and organic cotton, your customers will get the feel of a classic tote bag. With fewer stitched seams, this personalized tote can be rolled up to save on space until it’s needed. 

Key Features:

  • 100% Open-end cotton
  • Flat corners
  • Contrast handles
  • Reinforced stitching on handles 
vintage tote bag

Top 7 questions about selling customized tote bags

Each custom tote bag comes with its own features, and therefore differences in price. All our merchants clearly state the price of each unit before you start designing. Other than shipping, there are no other costs and remember you can always save up to 20% off all products with Printify Premium

There is nothing worse than coming up with a great design, sending products to customers only to get feedback that the design is pixelated. To help you achieve the highest quality, our online mock-up tool will not only tell you when your design has the best DPI (aim for 300), but you can also see how it will look in a real-life mock-up. 

We strongly advise you to order a sample of each product you plan to sell, especially on any AOP (all-over print) tote bags.

Shipping time always depends on which print provider you chose to use and where your customer is ordering from. To get an idea of the production tote for your custom tote bags, you can take a look at the providers ‘Shipping and more info’ section. 

Shipping is always calculated additionally to the cost of your item, so you don’t have to worry about this eating into your profit margins.

You can use whatever you like, so long as the image format is either .png or .jpg. So if you plan to sell personalized backpacks with your dogs face on, be our guest. Some of our merchants are using fun images to create meme themed personalized tote bags, while others are using their photography skills to create elegant tote bags for fashion-conscious city workers.

One of the standout features of our tote bags is their strength and durability. The handles are stitched in a way to give maximum support to the bag. Some of our print providers custom tote bags even have a second row of stitching for additional support and strength. It’s worth noting with each print provider which stitching they use for their customized tote bags.

Personalized tote hags don’t require much special care, they are designed to be hard-wearing, living up to daily tasks. However, they will no doubt pick up dirt and stains as they are put through their paces. For details on how to clean and care for custom tote bags, check the provider’s care instructions that can be found on the product page.

Our providers use the most common and effective methods for printing high quality, vivid images. Both DTG and AOP personalized tote bags require very little maintenance, the inks used are crack and fade-resistant, retaining their color, even for everyday usage.

What are customized tote bags used for?

Tote bags are used for multiple applications, some people use them just for transporting their groceries, while others use them for everyday life, in place of a handbag or backpack. Understanding which niche you want to go for will help you with your custom designs.

custom shopping tote bag

The grocery store – Help your customers stand out in the store with some fun quote based designs. Create personalization by adding a name.

Everyday tote – The humble tote can make for a perfect everyday bag. From carrying books to college or your laptop to the office, custom printed tote bags are designed to withstand day to day use.

Fashion tote bags – Did you know that the most expensive tote bag ever sold cost $379,261 😲 so there is a market for customized tote bags that target the fashion industry. 

Customized Beach tote – Customized tote bags are the perfect beach bag. They can fit everything needed for the beach, don’t take up space and are easy to carry. 

Custom tote bags with no minimum order

Although personalized tote bags don’t take up too much space, you really don’t want to be sitting on stock. So, we have good news, there is no minimum order when you order with Printify – that’s right, zero, nil, nada! You only need to place an order when you get a sale, this really helps with cash-flow, order management and of course the space in your spare room. The only thing that we highly recommend is ordering samples of your products before selling online, but the good news is, you can always use the samples yourself.

Design your own custom tote bags

With so many customized tote bags already out there, how do you stand out from the rest? Be creative, the majority of personalized tote bags out there are using text-based designs. Use inspiring images, or add your own artwork to add some color and depth to the bags.

Although tote bags might be traditionally fairly plain by design, it doesn’t mean that your custom printed tote bags should follow suit. 

Each custom printed tote bag uses sublimation printing, this means the colors and designs will really stand out. It also means that the ink will not fade or crack, giving extra longevity to your custom tote bags. With your personalized tote bags ready for printing, the next step is to start selling. 

With Printify you can let your imagination fly – create all-over print tote bags or even tote bags with embroidery for that extra look. 

What are the print options for custom tote bags?

embroidery tote bag
aop tote bag
dtg tote bags


This is a classic way to get your designs onto a garment or product. Embroidery always feels more exclusive than print and many merchants prefer this option for their high-end items. The embroidery is done using one of the industry’s most powerful multi-needle embroidery machines offering 16 different thread colors. 

When you chose to use embroidery, it’s important to understand how your design will look. Use our embroidery guide for more info.

AOP (All over print)

One of the most popular forms of printing, AOP allows you to print your design over the whole exterior of the bag. This allows you to get creative with your design and also adds another level of customization. Designs are printed using a sublimation process, this heats the ink to vapor where it clings to the fabric. The result is a hardwearing, high-quality image that will withstand washing and day to day wear.

DTG (Direct to garment)

The most common form of printing, this method is exactly as it sounds. Your design is printed directly to the custom tote bags, the result is a bright, vivid print. DTG is popular with merchants as the product turn around is fast and also cheaper than both embroidery and sublimation printing. 

Selling custom tote bags online

The general consensus is that the average household in the US has more than one tote bag. There are many reasons for this, however, if you ask most Americans if they have bought a tote bag in the past 6 months, the answer will likely be yes. Why? Because they are an essential part of everyday life, unfortunately, there are millions of plain, sad tote bags out there, crying out to be loved. 

Customized tote bags should be a consciously made purchase, if your customers love the design, they will use it, over and over, the way they were designed to be used. As customers become more conscious about waste, recycling, and upcycling, tote bags become more valuable – there are plans for airports to ditch plastic bags, replacing them with tote bags, further adding to the growing positive image that a customized tote bag has.

Custom printed tote bag design ideas

Whether you’re just getting your customized tote bag store off the ground, or a seasoned designer looking to add some new products to your catalog, it’s always nice to get some free design inspiration. At Printify we see literally 1000’s of new designs every day, this puts us in a great position where we can see which styles are the most popular and what sells the best. So, to make it easier for you, we have come up with five different styles of custom printed tote bags that you can add to your store.

Catwalk Totes

Custom printed tote bags can be a fashion item as much as a practical day to day bag. Fashionistas need practical items and they are willing to pay for a beautifully designed custom tote bag. Remember the $2145 Balenciaga ‘Ikea’ bag? OK, so there is no guarantee you can sell your personalized tote bags for that price, however, there is a market for it. 

You can go for elegant designs or be more outrageous, look at what some of the big brands are doing and then apply your own style. The AOP tote bag is perfect for this, you have more freedom to create with no limitations or boundaries to your print area.

fashion tote bag
tote bag wedding style

Novelty Custom Printed Tote Bags

Customized tote bags are perfect for novelty, events, and celebrations. Weddings are a great example of a celebration where customized tote bags are in demand. Brides like to give their bridesmaids bags with some goodies and keepsakes, while the grooms might hand out custom printed tote bags to his party, containing items like cufflinks and shoes. 

Other novelty uses for custom tote bags include festivals, birthdays, Valentine’s day and even Christmas. For each occasion, think about how you can make your designs special, using fun patterns, colors and of course relevant quotes and texts.

The Animal Kingdom

There seems to be an unwritten rule when it comes to animal-based designs, customers love them. There is an animal out there that we can all relate to, perhaps that’s why customers feel compelled to buy when they see a design they love. 

Designs that feature animals are also relatively easy to produce, there are hundreds of free cartoon or vector-based images that are available for commercial use. You might also want to create a series of personalized tote bags that feature animals doing funny things, or go for a series of cute animals.

tote bag with animal panda
custom tote bags

Get your message out there

Text-based designs are by far the most popular when it comes to custom printed tote bags. So if you can’t beat them, join them, just do it better. Think about fun quotes, saying or if your brand is about delivering a message, make it stand out. The key element here is to get the font right, with the right font your text-based designs will fly off the shelves. 

If you believe in a cause or want to raise awareness, text-based designs are a great way to do that – just keep the message clear and simple.

Ready to start?

With all this handy knowledge and insight, you must be eager to get started on your first personalized tote bags. The good news is that you are only three steps away from getting your awesome new designs out in the marketplace. With Printify, moving from concept to production really is as easy as 1,2,3, just follow these steps and you will be selling custom print tote bags in no time at all.

Custom Tote Bags 5
Choose your tote style

This is the most important step, which tote bag are you going to choose for your first design? Make sure you research all the options available to you before going ahead. Each print provider lists the features available to you as a merchant.

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Start designing

With your chosen tote bag in front of you, it’s time to add some color and design. This could not be easier with the Printify design tool. Simply upload your design and follow the prompts, you can even connect to Gdrive and dropbox, so you can stay organized.

Custom Tote Bags 7
Ready to sell

Design is done, now it’s the moment you have been waiting for – sending your customized tote bags to production. Here the magic happens and your personalized tote bags are sent out to their lucky new owners – congratulations

Start selling custom tote bags