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Design print-on-demand coasters for personal use or your business. Coaster printing with photos, personal artwork, text, or brand logo designs offers everyday practicality and universal appeal.

Golden teapot and a cup of tea next to a custom coaster with the text “Good things happen over tea.”
Coaster with the word “Beer” in the center surrounded by names of beer types in varying fonts, such as “Stout,” “Pale ale,” “Lager,” and more.

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How to Make Custom Coasters

Custom coaster with a design of a stylized bird holding a glass of red wine in its beak with the text “Friday” underneath.

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Register with an email address and fill in the requested info to create a free account.

Step 2

Pick a Coaster

Browse our Catalog for coasters and select your favorite.

Step 3

Customize the Design

Use our coaster maker (the Product Creator) to upload an image or make a unique design from scratch.

Step 4

Order or Sell Online

Place manual orders and enjoy your custom coasters, or list them online for sale.

Make Your Own Coasters Today!

Cheap Custom Coasters Under $5

Personalize circle and square-shaped coasters and order them in any quantity you need.

Make Your Own Coaster Set

Create a personalized coaster set if you need more than a couple of coasters.

Custom-Printed Coasters for You or Your Brand

Custom coaster printing offers high-quality, personalized coasters that can be printed with any design or logo. Perfect for businesses, events, or personal use, these coasters come in many shapes and can be ordered in any quantity.

Key Features

Beige square coaster with the text “I'll start working when my coffee does” with design elements of coffee beans and arrows.

Design Ideas for Stunning Custom Beverage Coasters

Square coaster with a design of a wine bottle opener and the text “Wine Club. Best white, red, and rosé wines since 1986.”

Custom Logo Coasters

These are perfect for bars, restaurants, and businesses seeking great quality branding tools. With bar coasters, you can print logos in larger quantities to enhance brand visibility and add an elegant touch to tables.

Custom Photo Coasters

Print your own coasters with your favorite image designs. It’s a fantastic idea for weddings, parties, and personal gifts. These fun and durable drink coasters will be wonderful keepsakes from events and parties.

Round custom coaster with a photo print of a girl and her French bulldog.
Square monogrammed coaster with the initials “N & A” surrounded by cocktail glasses.

Decorative Drink Coasters

Coasters are more than just a practical way to protect furniture from drinks – they’re a great way to elevate your home decor and express your personal style. Create custom drink coasters with your interior design colors, shapes, prints, or words to add some extra personality to your coffee table, home bar, or kitchen counter.

Custom Coaster Printing With No Minimum Order Quantity

Design your own custom-printed drink coasters with zero minimum order requirements thanks to Print on Demand.

Get one drink coaster for yourself or as a gift, or order hundreds for your bar, restaurant, event, charity, or business.

Your personalized print-on-demand coasters will be printed and shipped in any quantity you or your customers need.

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Sell Print-on-Demand Coasters Online With Printify

Custom coaster with the text “If you leave a stain, you will feel the pain” next to a plate of fries.

Printify is the leading print-on-demand platform offering durable round and square coasters for you to customize and sell. Start creating drink coaster designs while our international Print Provider network handles the production and shipping. Share your drink coasters with customers or friends worldwide thanks to our speedy global shipping.

Free to Use

Printify is completely free to use. Sign up and make your own coasters without upfront costs or subscription fees. Simply pick a coaster and upload your designs.

Global Print Provider Network

Our Print Providers have fulfillment centers in the US, the UK, Australia, China, and Europe, ensuring fast and wallet-friendly shipping worldwide.

Design With Ease

Creating custom-printed coasters is super easy with Printify – upload your images and get a real-life preview in seconds.

Sell on Your Chosen Platform

Printify integrates with all the biggest eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces, like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, and more.

FAQ About Custom Coaster Printing

Custom coasters are personalized drink coasters that feature unique designs, logos, or artwork. Available in several shapes, such as circles and squares, they are printed in full color and made to protect your surfaces while adding a stylish touch.

Yes, custom coasters are perfect for promotional events. They’re an excellent way to display your business logo and message in high quality. If you have a bar, restaurant, or other venue seeking effective, practical marketing tools – a drink coaster is just the thing.

Custom coasters are made from various high-quality materials. Find options made from hardboard, genuine cork, high-gloss MDF, matte hardboard, thick soapstone, and classic corkwood, ensuring durability and functionality for any setting.

  • Join Printify.
  • Go to the Product Catalog and pick a coaster style.
  • Use our built-in Product Creator to personalize your drink coaster design just the way you want. Upload an existing design, create a new one with our Text Editor or Pattern tool, or use one from our Shutterstock integration.
  • Preview the design on realistic mockups and make changes if necessary.
  • Click Save and order your samples for personal use, or list your coasters online for sale.

Our custom coasters are only printed on the front, leaving the back sleek and durable.

Our Print Providers use cutting-edge technology to print on the coasters via a dye-sublimation process. This technique provides crisp details, vivid colors, and long-lasting durability.

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