Custom Bookmarks

Custom bookmarks are practical and fun, ensuring you never lose your place in a book, and they look fantastic. Use Printify to create custom-made bookmarks for yourself or to sell online.

An open book with a bookmark customized with an abstract design

Custom Bookmark Printing With Printify

No Minimum Order

Order as many or as few custom bookmarks as you want. Printify doesn't have any order limits.

Powerful Design Tools

No design experience is required. Our user-friendly Mockup Generator lets anyone make custom bookmarks in a few simple steps.

Best Prices

Our custom bookmarks are available for the best prices in the business, and Printify is completely free to use.

Make Your Own Custom Bookmarks

Create Your Own Bookmark in Three Simple Steps

Design your own bookmark to use while enjoying your favorite book, or make custom-printed bookmarks to sell online. Printify provides an easy way to do both.

All custom bookmarks are assembled in the US out of quality materials, and you can customize them in a few simple steps.

An image of a laptop showing a bookmark being customized with a cat pattern

Step 1

Create a Printify Account

Start by creating your Printify account. It’s free.

Printify is a print-on-demand platform with more than 80 Print Providers and over 100 fulfillment locations worldwide. It lets you create personalized bookmarks and other custom products from the comfort of your home and ship them anywhere in the world.

Step 2

Choose a Custom Bookmark

Printify’s Product Catalog offers a wide range of customizable products. You can find anything from clothing and accessories to home decor items and much more.

Browse the Stationery Accessories section to pick the custom bookmark. Make sure to check the Print Provider location and the production and shipping costs.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

The design process is super easy and smooth thanks to our user-friendly Mockup Generator.

All you need to do is drag and drop your image or illustration onto the bookmark and adjust its position. If you don’t have any ready-made visuals, use our free templates, get images from our Shutterstock integration, or use the built-in text editor.

A blank bookmark from Printify

Our bookmarks offer a creative way to breathe new life into any home library. Make one for yourself, or treat your customers with beautiful custom-print bookmarks.

They’re both practical and stylish and won’t leave any reader indifferent. Let’s take a look at some of their awesome features.

Lightweight Aluminum

A bookmark that’s made from lightweight aluminum. It weighs only 0.02 lbs (9g).

Rounded Corners

The bookmarks have a rounded shape for a convenient grip. They feature a top slot that holds a single page in place.

Vibrant Colors

Our Print Provider’s latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colors that can match your wildest designs.

Custom Bookmark Design Ideas

The final design of custom bookmarks often depends on whether you’re creating one for yourself or for a specific target audience you want to sell to. The good news is that you can make any design come to life – one side of the bookmark is yours to customize however you please.

Here are some design ideas that will give you some inspiration for the final product.

Top view of an open book with a bookmark customized with a photo of a road in a desert

Custom Photo Bookmarks

You can’t go wrong with using photos on your custom bookmarks. Make the perfect gift by printing personal images of loved ones, pets, travel destinations, and more on the bookmarks. Alternatively, you can add visuals from online image libraries.

Our Shutterstock integration provides thousands of high-quality images and illustrations to use on your custom products.

Inspirational Bookmarks

An inspirational quote or a message added to a bookmark will perfectly accompany any book you or your customer might be reading.

You can use our built-in text editor to come up with text designs – write your message, adjust its size and positioning, and choose a font you prefer. If you decide to create bookmarks with quotes, make sure they’re not copyrighted.

An open book with a custom bookmark that says “Live your dream”
Top view of an open book with a black bookmark that says “Omega” and has the symbol of the last letter of the Greek alphabet

Promotional Bookmarks

Custom bookmarks can serve as unique promotional items. Promote your business by incorporating your logo and brand colors into the custom bookmark design. 

Follow in the steps of other businesses and use text and illustrations on your bookmarks – they’ll look stunning and professional thanks to the full-color prints.

Funny Bookmarks

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Add a funny message or illustration to your bookmark and make reading even more fun.

To make the design process easier, do some research to find out what a specific target audience might like the most. Use your imagination and keep the prints light-hearted.

An open book with a custom bookmark that says “Eat, Roar, Sleep” and has images of a koala, lion, and sloth
An open book with a bookmark customized with a dog pattern

Cute Bookmarks

An adorable bookmark will bring a smile to any reader’s face when returning to their favorite book.

Try creating soft-color designs and include anything from cute animals to nature motifs and charming patterns. This can be a perfect gift for younger readers and even encourage them to read more. 

Top view of an open book with a bookmark customized with a tropical pattern

Why Should You Sell Custom Bookmarks?

Although e-books have been steadily gaining popularity over the past decade, they’re still no match for printed books. And what do readers of printed books need? You guessed it. Bookmarks!

Sure, part of the literary crowd might use post-it notes or dog-ear the pages of their books, but a beautifully designed custom bookmark with artwork or images makes the reading experience much more pleasurable.

With far more readers still opting for paper books, there’s a big demand for creative and personalized bookmarks.

Sell Custom Bookmarks With Printify

Printify lets you design your own custom products without any prior experience, and you can sell print-on-demand bookmarks anywhere in the world while we take care of the production and shipping.

Free to Use

Printify is completely free to use, and no upfront investments are required for you to sell your bookmarks. Sign up and start earning.

No Order Limit

It doesn't matter if you sell a couple of items per order or want to sell custom bookmarks in bulk. There are no order limits.

No Need to Keep Stock

All print products are made on demand. When you sell a bookmark, Printify produces the item and ships it directly to your customer.

A young woman working with a laptop on a wooden countertop well-lit in front of a panel of white-framed windows

Sell to Millions of Customers

Printify integrates with all of the biggest online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. Sell on Etsy, Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and all other major sales channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

One bookmark costs $5.55 ($4.28 with Printify Premium) to produce.

You don’t need to pay anything until an actual order comes in. The margin between your retail price and the production and shipping costs is your take-home pay.

Yes, you can order samples with Printify.

We encourage you to do so to make sure that everything looks just the way you want and test out the product yourself.

Absolutely! You can order as few or as many items as you like.

Just sign up for a free Printify account to print your own bookmarks. Our print-on-demand service enables anyone to print awesome bookmarks with no minimum order quantity.

No, you can only add your art to one side of the bookmark. But don’t worry, it’s enough space to express your creativity.

We offer one standard size – 1.25” x 5”.

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