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As fun as they are practical, custom bookmarks will bring happiness to book lovers and profits to your bank account. Easily create beautiful bookmarks for yourself or your eCommerce store with Printify.

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Custom Bookmark Printing With Printify

No Minimum Order

Looking for a gift for yourself? Sure thing. Want to sell a thousand bookmarks worldwide? No problem!

Free Design Tool

Anyone can create customized bookmarks in a few easy steps with our beginner-friendly Product Creator.

No Upfront Costs

Printify is 100% free, easy to use, and accessible worldwide. Anyone can start designing and selling without worrying about financial investments.

Make Your Own Custom Bookmarks Today

Introducing Our Custom Bookmark

Breathe new life into your home library or eCommerce store with our personalized bookmark.

Practical, stylish, and lightweight – it’s a must-have accessory for book lovers of all ages. If you or your customers are avid readers, elegant custom-print bookmarks will be a real bookish treat.

Please note: Keep the main design element away from the U-shaped slot when applying your design.

Bookmark size: 1.25″ x 5″
Material: Lightweight aluminum, weighing only 0.02 lbs (9 g).

Rounded Corners

The rounded shape gives it a sleek look, and the top slot holds pages in place without damaging them.

Vibrant Colors

We print our bookmarks with Epson dye-sublimation technology to offer bright, crisp, and professional designs with colors that stand out.

Made in the United States

We assemble these bookmarks in the United States from high-quality, globally sourced materials.

Plenty Design Space

Express your creativity and style by designing the front side of the bookmark to make it truly unique.

Create Custom Bookmarks in Three Simple Steps

Create custom-printed bookmarks for yourself or sell them online with Printify.

When you or your customers make an order, we’ll print, package, and ship it anywhere in the world.

Create Custom Bookmarks in Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Create a Printify Account

Sign up for a free account. It’s a straightforward process that only takes a minute. You’ll gain instant access to over 900 other customizable, high-quality products.

Step 2

Select the Custom Bookmark

You’ll find our top-quality bookmark in our Catalog. Click Start designing.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

It’s time to design bookmarks! Upload your images, quotes, and text, or make them from scratch in our Product Creator (previously known as Mockup Generator).

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Make Your Own Custom-Printed Bookmark Today

Whether they’re for your family, friends, or customers, beautiful bookmarks make perfect gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

An image of a woman happily unboxing a light-brown cardboard package that has just been delivered.

Designing Has Never Been Easier

Experiment with graphics, patterns, and photos in our Product Creator. Simply upload or drag elements onto your bookmark and adjust the position.

When your design is ready, it’ll generate high-quality realistic preview images, making it easy to decide if you need to make any tweaks to the design.

If you don’t have any ready-made designs, get them from our Shutterstock integration or experiment with words and emojis using our built-in text editor.

Custom Bookmark Design Ideas

Whether you’re creating a bookmark for yourself or your brand, the design possibilities are endless.

A quick marketing note: If you’re creating bookmarks for selling, keep your target audience and their preferences in mind to increase your likelihood of sales.

Custom Photo Bookmarks

Custom Photo Bookmarks

You can’t go wrong with using photos on your custom bookmarks. With images of beloved characters, pets, or travel destinations, they make an ideal gift for special occasions.

Inspirational Bookmarks

A bookmark with an uplifting quote or a meaningful message can improve any book lover’s spirit. These small reminders of positivity can serve as a source of encouragement throughout your or your customer’s reading journey.

Inspirational Bookmarks
Promotional Bookmarks

Promotional Bookmarks

A company can cost-effectively promote itself by incorporating a logo and business information into bookmark designs, making them a helpful marketing resource. With our full-color bookmark printing, they’re sure to leave a professional impression on your customers.

Funny Bookmarks

Whether it’s a humorous quote, a hilarious illustration, or a clever pun, funny bookmarks can bring a smile to you or your customers every time they read. Keep the prints light-hearted so they’ll appeal to a wide audience.

Funny Bookmarks
Cute Bookmarks

Cute Bookmarks

If you want to create bookmarks for your children or sell them to parents, design them with adorable animals or funny illustrations on a colorful background. They’re a perfect gift for the younger ones, encouraging them to read more.

Why Sell Custom Bookmarks?

While eBooks have been steadily gaining popularity over the past decade, they’re still no match for printed ones.

$70.63 billion

According to recent data, by 2028, the physical books market will reach

What do readers of printed books need? That’s right – bookmarks. Perhaps some people keep it simple with a post-it note or dog-ear the pages, but a beautiful custom bookmark makes the reading experience much more enjoyable.

With far more readers still opting for paper books, there’s a significant demand for creative and personalized bookmarks.

Why Sell Custom Bookmarks

Sell Custom Bookmarks With Printify

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Free to Use

Our services are free and easy to use. Anyone, from individuals to businesses, can sign up and start selling print-on-demand bookmarks today.

No Risk

You only pay for a product after a customer completes a purchase in your shop.

24/7 Merchant Support

Our exceptionally knowledgeable Merchant Support Team is always on standby. They’ll gladly answer any questions to help you on your print-on-demand journey.

Free Design Tool

Create beautiful bookmarks with our free Product Creator. Upload a ready-made design or make your own in minutes.

Seamless Integrations

Connect with all the major eCommerce platforms and start selling without any hassle.

Sell to Millions of Customers Worldwide

Printify seamlessly integrates with all major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart.

Custom Bookmark Printing: Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for a free Printify account, select the bookmark from our Catalog, and add a design with our free tool, the Product Creator. Follow our graphic design tips and learn how to upload or make designs from scratch.

After you submit an order or make a sale, we’ll print, package, and ship directly to you or your customer.

The production cost of a bookmark is $5.55, and with Printify Premium, you can save up to 20%.

If they’re for your eCommerce shop, you don’t need to pay anything until an order comes in.

Yes, of course. We highly recommend you do so. With samples, you can make sure the Print Provider’s production timeframe works for you and check whether you’re happy with the final product.

No, you can only upload a design to one side of the bookmark. But don’t worry – there’s still plenty of space to express your creativity.

We offer one standard size – 1.25″ x 5″, which is ideal for most books.

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