Custom Candles

Whether you’re looking to sell new items, perfect your aromatherapy game, or simply relax your body and mind, custom candles provide a brilliant way to make a profit, add a luxury finishing touch to your home, and melt all your worries away.

a soothing candle with a custom design that reminds us to breathe and relax into the delicious scent
A scented candle with a custom design that has a name and an image of a horse on it

Create Your Own Personalized Candles

No Minimum Order

Order one custom candle for yourself or hundreds for your company, event, or cause. Our Print Providers will handle it.

Powerful Design Tool

Our free custom candle maker will help you perfect a unique design with photos, patterns, or meaningful messages.

Global Shipping

Have your beautiful candles melting their eco-friendly wax and people's hearts worldwide with global delivery.

How to Make Custom Candles in Three Easy Steps

Join Printify and have your personalized candle picked and customized in just a few clicks. All you need to do is sign up to our platform, pick a candle based on criteria important to you, and customize the candle’s label.

A laptop displaying the process of designing a custom candle

Step 1

Sign Up

Register using your email address and a strong password, or join with one click using an active Gmail account. Fill in the blanks to set up your account and explore our epic platform.

Step 2

Choose the Perfect Candle

Browse our Catalog for candles and choose the one that speaks to you the most. Pick by scent, price, Print Provider, or style. Once happy with your choice – click Start designing.

Step 3

Add Your Design

Our user-friendly Mockup Generator allows you to create unique candle designs for any occasion. Add a photo, text, or pattern – all within the tool – and make the perfect gift.

Design Custom Candles With Printify

To help you make a decision you, your loved ones, or your customers will love, we’ve compiled a thorough list of all the candle options in our Catalog. Let’s look at the main features and why each might be the right choice for you or your business.

Scented soy wax candle with a lid and a customizable label ready for your design

Surround homes with memories and delicious aromas – perfect for loved ones, customers, or your own space. This soy wax candle will be the perfect gift that brings light, warmth, and a variety of scents for people to enjoy.

Key Features:

Scented eco-friendly candle with a lid and a customizable label ready for your design

With a delicious fragrance and front-side print – this eco-friendly and non-toxic candle is the perfect canvas for creating a design that will celebrate special occasions and memories with a thoughtful photo or message. Design the perfect candle and stay eco-conscious at the same time. 

Key Features:

Scented vegan candle with a lid and a customizable label ready for your design

From a thoughtful gift for family and friends to a perfect knick-knack to enjoy at one’s home – these vegan soy candles will light up your room and heart. Reusable glass containers, permanent adhesive labels, and delightful fragrances. These custom candles are a must in every home.

Key Features:

Large scented candle with a customizable label ready for your design

This large candle will surround a home, heart, and mind in a unique fragrance for up to 80 hours. Bring a special memory back to life or encourage new ones with unique photos and delicious notes. These large, long-lasting candles are perfect for birthdays, weddings, and nights to remember.

Key Features:

Double-wick scented candle with a customizable label ready for your design

For those life events, moments, and memories that need a bit of extra everything – check out our unique double-wick candles. The double-wick feature ensures double the fragrance, light, and mood, while the 360 print provides special attention to detail. These candles are perfect for every home and occasion.

Key Features:

Millions of Merchants Choose Printify. Why?

Because it’s a beginner-friendly platform with automated processes and dedicated staff that help you every step of the way through your POD journey.

Custom Candle Design Ideas

From unique gifts and home essentials to online bestsellers, whatever the purpose – custom candles are easy to sell with a great design that matches a yummy fragrance. So let’s look at some design ideas for you to try.

A candle on a table with a custom brand design on the label

Custom Candles With Logo Design

From company aesthetics to unique gifts for employees, business partners, and potential customers – custom candles with logos are excellent promotional tools any entrepreneur should utilize.

Custom Birthday Candles

What better way to wish someone a happy birthday than with the perfect candle? From age and titles to messages and photo designs – it’s a gift that keeps on giving, taking the birthday boy or girl down memory lane.

Customized double-wick candle with a "Happy birthday" design wrapped around it
Customized photo candle with a lovely photo of a couple printed on it

Custom Candles With Pictures

Design personalized candles with pictures to combine a wonderful fragrance with a one-of-a-kind design. Photo candles will be a hit for any occasion worth celebrating, and they’ll add personality to every home.

Personalized Wedding Candles

Custom wedding candles will be a hit in your store all year long. Whether as wedding decorations or gift bag essentials, they’ll put people in the right mood and help celebrate love in a unique way.

Personalized wedding candle with a beautiful name design printed on it
Personalized scented candle with an inspirational design that says "You can do it"

Personalized Candles With Messages

Add a meaningful, funny, or heartfelt message to the candle’s label and create a one-of-a-kind home aesthetic everyone will want. A message on a candle will fit any setting, event, or occasion.

Model photo of a customer receiving a print-on-demand order of their custom curtain package.

Order Personalized Candles in Bulk

One of the best unique selling points Print on Demand has is its no minimum order policy. This wonderful feature allows you to order any amount of products you want or need. 

If you need a candle for your home or someone you love – order just one. If you need 50 photo candles for a wedding – no problem. If you need 100 candles for a company or charity event – our Print Providers will handle it all. There are no order limits with Printify.

Why Sell Custom Candles?

From unique gift ideas for multiple occasions to home decor essentials – custom candles are an evergreen product worth having in your online store.

In 2022, the global candle market was valued at

$12.88 billion

Customize candles for holidays and meaningful events like Mother’s Day, weddings, and birthdays, or add unique quotes, photos, and memories to appeal to a wide audience. Custom candles are the perfect product to utilize in your store.

A cute home setup with a scented candle that has a custom design saying "Invest in rest"

Why Choose Printify for Your Personalized Candle Business?

Personalized Candles 1

100% Free

Sign up and create your custom candles without any upfront investments. The beginner-friendly Printify platform is 100% free to use.

No Risks

Without the need to invest in products, inventory, equipment, or staff, you can start a Print-on-Demand business with zero risks.

Product Scope

Our Catalog stores over 850 white-label products and is forever expanding. The categories cover close to everything.

Dedicated Support

Our support agents are there to help, guide, and advise you via email 24/7 and through live chat on workdays.


Printify offers plenty of eco-friendly products to choose from. And each order is printed on demand, reducing waste.

Integrate Your Store and Sell Custom Candles With Printify

Create custom candles and sell them on any sales channel you prefer – Printify integrates with all the top players. Choose the best site to sell on, integrate it with Printify, and set up high-ranking listings with ease.

Custom Label Candles – FAQ

Join Printify, and sell your custom candles in minutes. Here’s what you do: sign up, select a candle and scent in our Catalog, add a design for all purposes and occasions, and list it on your chosen sales channel.

Find more in our article on how to start a candle business.

Zero. If you plan to sell them online – since you can register and create your design for free. If you want to order those beautiful custom scents for yourself, the prices will differ for each product, Print Provider, and your location. So check each product separately for precise pricing and details.

Absolutely. Need one candle to surround your own house with amazing fragrance? Order a candle for yourself. Need a couple to celebrate a special occasion with friends and family? No problem. Need hundreds of delicious scents and custom labels for an event – sure thing. Each order is custom-printed. Our Print Providers can handle any amount you want or need.

You can, and you absolutely should. Printify highly encourages striving merchants to order product samples before listing them for sale. By ordering your custom candles beforehand, you can not only check the quality of the final product but perfect your design with some tweaks – if needed.

Shipping times and rates differ for each country and Print Provider. Local delivery usually takes 2-5 business days, while international destinations can take up to 30 days. All shipping times, rates, and offers per Print Provider can be found on our Shipping Rates page.

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Don’t limit yourself to custom candles. Remember to add various products to your store to reach new audiences globally.

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