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Print on Demand
- an Open Opportunity

One of the biggest advantages of starting a Print-on-Demand (POD) business is selling quality products at low start-up costs with high-profit potential. Print on Demand requires zero inventory, so you can operate exclusively online.

Start free with Printify. As one of the most versatile Print-on-Demand platforms, Printify offers streamlined sales and design features to help scale your business, featuring hundreds of unique POD products, a global network of expert Print Providers, eCommerce integrations, and mockup design tools.

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Discover how to start a Print-on-Demand business in the current eCommerce landscape. The following chapters dive straight into planning, researching, and launching your first POD business from scratch.

Target a Niche

Sales are more likely when the audience is clearly defined. Engage in market research and identify a specific, focused market segment to tailor your products and marketing efforts for the right customers.

Choose Products

Begin by selecting your product categories to tie in with audience expectations and demographic trends. Choose traditional options such as t-shirts and hoodies, or branch out into more niche-specific item categories.

Creating That First Design

Find inspiration, research what works, and explore available design tools. The design process will take time to perfect, but it shouldn’t strain your resources.

Use Printify’s Mockup Generator to apply your designs to products. Explore AI-powered images, free stock photo galleries, and easy editing tools. Preview your designs and order a sample to test production quality.

Pick a Sales Channel

Where is the best traffic pool for your brand? Explore Printify’s partnered sales channel integrations to test and measure platform suitability, evaluate hosting and sales fees, and consider each platform’s advantages and tools.

Instantly open a store with Printify Pop-Up. Click the Launch button on your Printify account to generate a quick-access Pop-Up Store with a unique Printify URL. Drive customers by linking directly through your social media and marketing channels.

Set Up a Store

Take advantage of all the tools your sales channel offers. Create a seller’s account, configure payment gateways, and customize the storefront to match your brand identity. Add essential product details, contact forms, brand messaging, and clear sales policies.

Product Pricing

Somewhere between science, art, and what you deserve. Research how much your customers are willing to pay, analyze competitor pricing strategies, and calculate a profit margin for future growth and success.

Getting that First Sale

Use proper marketing strategies to maximize your potential. Start with free ways to expand your reach online, optimize your sales channels to increase user traffic, and create content that connects your audience.

The Future of eCommerce

Online retail continues to rise in popularity, accessibility, convenience, and profit.

In 2026, the global eCommerce industry is projected to reach total revenue of

$8 billion

Print on Demand is a great model to respond to online personalization and fast-paced digital trends. Printify can empower your store with modern eCommerce tools, marketplace integrations, and a growing network of global Print Providers.

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Find all the resources needed to make your Print-on-Demand business a cash-making machine. Dive into the Printify blog for strategies and success stories, check the Printify Help Center’s knowledge base, and get expert advice from Printify’s webinars, podcast episodes, YouTube content, and community programs.


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