12 High Profit Margin Products to Start Selling in 2024

12 High Profit Margin Products to Start Selling in 2024

Want to know how to identify high-profit margin products to boost your online store in 2024? We made this piece for budding entrepreneurs eager to discover products that not only sell but also bring in substantial sales revenue. 

From understanding what makes a product highly profitable to exploring a list of 12 items with the highest profit margins, we’ve got you covered. 

Plus, we’ll dive into the essentials of calculating healthy profit margins and what factors to consider for success in the eCommerce business.

What Is a High-Profit Margin Product?

High-profit margin products are essentially items that yield a significant net profit after deducting the cost of goods sold. These costs include those related to production, shipping, and general business expenses. 

For example, in the print-on-demand (POD) industry, online sales of products like custom t-shirts, mugs, pet care supplies, and phone cases often carry higher profit margins. This is because their production costs can be kept relatively low while allowing for premium pricing strategies based on the uniqueness and quality of the product. 

To classify goods as high-margin products, it’s not just about the numerical value of the net margin. It’s also about the product’s ability to attract and retain customers within reasonable price ranges. 

In POD, the average margin can significantly surpass traditional retail because of the low upfront costs and the ability to sell online without holding inventory. This reduces overhead costs while increasing the net profit margin.

12 High-Profit Margin Products to Start Selling Today

Explore the Printify Catalog to discover high-margin products perfect for boosting your online business. Each product on this list offers unique opportunities for personalization and appeals to a broad target market, thanks to their relatively low cost. 

These items not only cater to diverse consumer tastes. They also offer significant profit margins for online retailers, making them ideal choices for entrepreneurs looking to expand their online store offerings and profitability.

A custom t-shirt as an example of a high-profit margin product.

Selling the iconic Gildan 64000 shirt in your online store taps into the booming t-shirt market. The global trend toward casual, comfortable clothing and the rising demand for personalized fashion are driving this shirt’s popularity.

The Gildan 64000, known for its quality and affordability, meets these consumer demands perfectly. 

Its compatibility with various designs, from plain to graphic and vintage, makes it a versatile choice for any demographic. Additionally, the rise of eCommerce and POD means online sellers can reach a vast audience easily, allowing for high-profit margins due to this product’s broad appeal and cost-effectiveness.

A custom hoodie in green with light green text.

Offering products like the Gildan 18000 sweatshirt can significantly boost your inventory with high-margin products. 

This sweatshirt merges timeless fashion with practical comfort that’s been dominating wardrobes for the past few years – used as both street and fitness wear. Its modest price makes it an excellent choice for POD businesses looking to expand their range of profitable products. 

The Gildan 18000 is a prime example of a high-profit margin product, offering ample space for customization. This allows brands to tap into the power of personalized merchandise, creating deeper connections with their target market while enhancing their online business’s profitability.

A custom poster to sell as a high-profit margin product.

Selling posters through the POD business model is a lucrative venture, tapping into the continued popularity of posters as affordable, stylish wall decor. With production and shipping at relatively low costs, entrepreneurs can enjoy healthy profit margins with minimal risk. 

Social media trends on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest (#posters, #walldecor) highlight the high demand for unique wall art, making this specific niche profitable. 

These posters can elevate any room, captivating a broad spectrum of customers – from art enthusiasts to individuals sprucing up their living or workspaces. Their capacity to feature detailed digital art or photography makes them a great choice for creators and buyers.

A custom canvas gallery wrap with an abstract illustration print.

Canvas Gallery Wraps are a prime choice for sellers looking to tap into the lucrative home decor niche market. These elegant items blend artistry with functionality, making them appealing to a wide audience. Their high-quality canvas material provides a premium look and feel, ideal for both contemporary and classic designs. 

These canvases can feature anything from stunning photography to pieces of art, offering customers a personalized touch to their home spaces. 

With their upscale appeal and customization potential, they stand out as profitable products for online stores. This makes them a top contender for sellers aiming for a healthy profit margin in the home decor sector.

A personalized mug to sell with a high profit margin.

Ceramic mugs offer a fantastic opportunity for sellers in the thriving market of personalized drinkware. 

This mug’s classic design and robust build make it perfect for a range of customizations, from simple logos to intricate artwork. Its everyday use ensures a constant demand, appealing to individuals and businesses looking for branded merchandise. 

The mug’s ability to cater to various styles and occasions, combined with its high quality and durability, positions it as a high-margin product in any successful eCommerce store. Ideal for gifting or personal use, the ceramic mug’s versatility makes it a must-have in your online retail store.

A custom velveteen plush blanket with a colorful dog print.

The Velveteen Plush Blanket presents an outstanding opportunity for sellers focusing on the home decor and lifestyle sectors. This blanket distinguishes itself with its sumptuous feel and superior print quality, ideal for bespoke designs or specific themes. 

It appeals to a broad audience, from individuals seeking to enhance their living space to those searching for unique gift items. Particularly attractive to pet owners and interior design enthusiasts, the blanket offers high-profit margins due to its wide appeal and functionality

Adding this item to your eCommerce store can enrich your product line, tapping into the growing market for home products.

A custom Sherpa fleece blanket with an abstract floral print.

The Sherpa Fleece Blanket is an excellent blend of luxury and comfort, offering a lucrative opportunity for sellers. Its plush, rich texture and superior warmth make it a sought-after item among consumers who prioritize comfort and quality in their home decor. 

The blanket’s exceptional adaptability for customization – from vibrant artistic prints to heartwarming personal messages – enhances its appeal as a versatile product for various occasions. 

Ideal for gifting or as a stylish addition to any home, the Sherpa Fleece Blanket’s appeal is amplified by its potential for personalization, making it an irresistibly profitable item in the lifestyle and home accessories market.

Kiss-cut sticker on a laptop as an example of a high-profit margin product.

The Kiss-Cut Stickers are excellent for sellers targeting custom merchandise and creative markets. These stickers are versatile in their usage and offer limitless customization, catering to a wide range of customer interests and preferences. 

Ideal for everything from business branding to personal expression, they provide a cost-effective way for consumers to customize their belongings, like electronic devices. Their popularity and low production costs make stickers a perfect product to sell online.

A custom ceramic ornament with a wine glass illustration and “Chin Chin” text.

The ceramic ornament represents both elegance and profitability for online retailers. These ornaments are not just decorations – they’re canvases for personalization, allowing customers to imprint their cherished memories or messages, making them perfect for holidays, commemorations, or as year-round gifts. 

For sellers, these ornaments are a smart addition, especially given their popularity during festive seasons because of their low production cost and cheap shipping

They’re excellent for delving into the market of customized, sentimental products, where the value is often perceived as higher than the cost, potentially boosting the overall net profit margin.

Custom socks with a colorful print pattern.

With a global socks market revenue of $14.66 billion in 2024, sublimation socks present a lucrative opportunity for sellers. These fashion accessories set themselves apart with their full-color, edge-to-edge sublimation printing, offering unlimited creative potential for unique, eye-catching designs. 

The advantage of top-quality customization, combined with the growing market demand, positions them as a high-margin product. 

Ideal for a variety of niches, from fashion-forward accessories to distinctive promotional items, these socks allow the online seller to tap into a thriving market, promising both popularity and profitability.

Custom spiral notebook with a banana illustration and text.

The Spiral Notebook is an attractive option for sellers targeting the educational, office supplies, or personal journaling markets. This product’s appeal lies in its practicality and widespread use, making it a consistent seller. 

The notebook cover can be customized with various designs, catering to different customer preferences, from artistic to corporate branding. This adaptability, combined with the everyday utility of the notebook, positions it as a product with a high potential for sales and profit in the stationery market due to its low product costs.

An all-over-print tote bag with a coffee illustration print to sell as a high-profit margin product.

The AOP tote bag is a versatile and stylish product that taps into the growing trend of eco-friendly and personalized accessories. Its large canvas for all-over designs allows for creative freedom, making it attractive for custom artwork or branding. 

This tote bag caters to environmentally conscious consumers and fashion enthusiasts alike, offering functionality with a personalized touch. Its broad appeal and practical use make it a high-margin product for sellers in the booming eco-friendly market, perfect for anything from casual shopping to statement fashion pieces.

How to Calculate Profit Margins

A man using a calculator on a mobile phone.

Calculating profit margins is essential for understanding the profitability of your online store.

Disclaimer: This example is not based on real gross costs. It’s purely hypothetical and is not an indicator of exact prices and figures.

The product: Unisex Hoodie

Let’s say we’re selling a hoodie within the United States from a locally-based Print Provider, and we’re aiming for a profit margin of 40%.

Calculating total costs:

  • Initial Product cost $16.84

    With Printify Premium

  • Shipping cost $8.49
  • Marketing cost $2.00
  • Additional fees $3.55

    (like transaction and marketplace charges)

  • Total cost $30.88

Now that we have the total cost, let’s calculate the selling price with a 40% profit margin:

$30.88 x 0.4 = $12.35

This brings us to the final selling price of $43.23 (total cost + profit margin).

What Defines a Good Profit Margin?

This definition varies by industry, business type, and market dynamics. In general, high-profit margins indicate strong financial stability. Lower margins are common in high-cost or competitive sectors, whereas unique offerings in less crowded markets can yield higher margins. 

Make sure your benchmarks align with industry norms and competitors for accurate assessment, considering growth goals, market share, and financial stability.

When you create products using Printify, we suggest an average profit margin of 40%, and it’s the automatic markup we add upon creating custom products for listing online.

What to Consider When Selecting a High-Profit Margin Product

A man looking at a laptop screen and thinking.

Market Pricing

Research the average selling price for similar products in your niche market to avoid setting a price too high or low. For example, if hoodies typically sell for $50 on Etsy, pricing yours significantly above or below this could harm your margins. 

Aim for a price that covers costs while remaining attractive to customers, leveraging branding and marketing to enhance added value and achieve higher margins.

Quick Tip

Use tools like the Shopify profit margin calculator for optimal pricing strategies.

Market Demand

Make sure you’ve grasped the potential customer interest before you sell online. Striking a balance between pricing and demand is essential for success, especially for products with added brand value. Conduct thorough market research to identify the most successful online sellers and their pricing that aligns with customer expectations and your profit goals.

High pricing might yield high margins but limit sales if the product’s perceived value doesn’t justify the cost. Conversely, very low pricing can increase sales volume but decrease overall profitability

For example, selling phone accessories is very popular on Etsy. But even if you come up with the most incredible designs, you probably won’t be able to sell them for more than $45, provided the average selling price is around $20.


Stay informed about current trends to identify products with potentially high-profit margins, but balance this with timeless offerings to ensure steady sales throughout the year. 

Check social media platforms and find out what influencers are promoting. Discover what’s new and popular within your niche, whether it’s beauty products, home decor, or pet supplies. 

While trends offer opportunities for quick profits, a diverse range of products with high-profit margins can sustain your eCommerce business over the long term.

Quick Tip

Use Google Trends or check out bestsellers on Amazon and eBay to find trending products in real-time.

Sell High-Profit Margin Products With Printify

Utilizing Printify’s POD platform is an excellent way to tap into eCommerce with plenty of top-quality items to sell online. Start profiting from high-margin products in a few easy steps.

Sign Up

Your first step is to register for a free Printify account. This simple setup is the gateway to a world of high-profit-margin products to sell in your online store.

Select a Product

Explore our extensive Catalog of over 900 products to sell online and pick ones that resonate with your brand. Whether it’s stylish apparel or high-quality phone accessories with your designs, there’s something for every niche.

Add Designs

With Printify’s beginner-friendly Product Creator’s design tools, transform these products into unique pieces of art that capture your brand’s essence. Use the Text Editor, add up to ten layers of designs, or create brand-new art with our AI Image Generator.

Launch Your eCommerce Store

Now, bring your creations to the market. Create listing descriptions, add retail prices, and adjust shipping costs. Printify offers seamless integrations with several leading eCommerce platforms:

  • Etsy. Etsy not only aligns well with Printify’s product range but also is a low-cost entry into eCommerce and offers effective marketing tools. 
  • Shopify. Ideal for an online business seeking a dedicated website. Shopify has a monthly fee, so include this expense in your marketing budget.
  • BigCommerce. Best for scalability and efficiency, making it easier to reach a global audience.
  • Wix. Perfect for those preferring designer-made templates and a high-end storefront without the hefty price tag of custom web development.

Consider other platforms like Walmart, eBay, and Prestashop, or use the Printify API for a more independent route. 

Quick Tip

Amplify your reach by featuring your Printify products on multiple platforms, such as Etsy, Shopify, and eBay, to maximize business exposure and sales opportunities.


Identifying emerging trends involves regular research using tools like Google Trends, following industry news, and monitoring social media to see what products are gaining popularity. Participating in online forums and communities related to your niche can also provide insights.

Effective branding and marketing strategies include developing a strong brand identity, leveraging social media marketing, creating quality content, and using targeted advertising to reach potential customers. Offering exceptional customer service and creating an engaging unboxing experience can also help.

To manage and optimize the supply chain, sellers should negotiate with suppliers for better rates, consider bulk purchasing for discounts, explore drop shipping to reduce inventory holding costs, and constantly evaluate their logistics and fulfillment processes for efficiency gains.


As we wrap up, remember that identifying and selling products with high-profit margins is fundamental for the success of your eCommerce store in 2024. 

The potential for impressive net profit margins in the POD sector is immense and possible in various scenarios. These can include selling low-cost oversized hoodies with a higher average profit margin, or creating a line of high-demand luxurious fleece blankets in your online store.

Key takeaways:

  1. Market pricing and demand. Competitive pricing, along with creating perceived value through branding and marketing can elevate your items to higher-margin products.
  2. Profit margins and calculations. Aim for a profit margin that reflects both the value of your products and the reality of the market.
  3. Trends vs timelessness. Balancing trending items with evergreen products ensures a dynamic yet stable product lineup.
  4. The power of Printify. Leverage Printify to minimize overhead and maximize profit margins. With our array of trending products and integration with major eCommerce platforms, setting up shop and selling high-margin items has never been easier.

Embrace these strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to selling products that not only captivate your target market but also secure high-profit margins for your eCommerce store.

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