Custom Pajamas

Our cozy pajamas are the perfect choice for a relaxing evening at home or a comfortable night’s sleep. With the option to design your own, you can also stay fashionable while you unwind. Start selling today!

Woman in a white pajama set with a pattern of colorful scattered dots and the text “Tea and messy bed” printed on the shirt.
Man in a gray and white pajama set with the name “Michael” printed on the front of the long sleeve tee.
Girl in a pink and white pajama set with the text “Pajama Party” and a design of clouds and stars on the front of the shirt.

Quality Assured

Rest easy knowing our pajamas are of the highest caliber.

No Minimum Order

Order as many or as few items as you need – no order is too small.

Variety of Styles

From classic to trendy, we have a style to suit every sleeper's taste.

Woman lounging in a set of red satin pajamas with a pattern of golden ornaments.

Why Should You Start Selling Custom Pajamas Today?

The sleepwear market is experiencing an unprecedented boom, with the global PJs industry forecast to grow by 2027 to a staggering

$18.7 Billion

Dynamic design patterns are credited with this growth, with shoppers keen to search for the latest trends and show off their style. Even if it’s a PJs-at-home kind of day.

For print-on-demand sellers, this is a clear sign to start selling pajamas and other accessories. Recent trends include holidays, toys, sports, gifts, family, kids, funny images and texts, dog portraits, Christmas themes, custom face pajamas… upload images you like, and start designing.

Beyond just being a trend right now, great quality pajama pants can help the wearer improve their sleep quality and, therefore, health. With insufficient sleep a recognized public health epidemic, this prevalent problem can be partly solved simply by wearing the right clothing.

Our Personalized Pajamas

Men's Pajamas

Take a look at our selection of men’s pajamas! Choose from comfortable pajama sets or stylish all-over print pajama pants – great prices for great designs.

Man in bed with a book and a teacup, wearing custom pajamas with plaid pattern print on the pants and a plain gray shirt.
Man sitting in a white shirt and red, gray and white plaid-print pajama pants.
Custom Pajamas 1
Custom Pajamas 2
All-over-print men's pajama pants with the “Your design here” sign.

Women's Pajamas

Find the perfect pajamas for any woman in our collection. From classic pajama sets to all-over print styles in satin, cotton and more, there’s something for everyone.

Woman drinking tea in bed, wearing a yellow pajama set with a white polka dot pattern.
Woman wearing a pastel pajama set with a smiley face design on the shirt and a pattern of cartoon monsters on the pants.
Custom Pajamas 3
Custom Pajamas 4
All-over-print women's pajama shorts and a shirt with the “Your design here” sign.
All-over-print women's pajama set with the “Your design here” sign.
All-over-print women's pajama pants with the “Your design here” sign.

Kids' Pajamas

Get your little ones ready for bed with our cute and comfortable kids’ pajama set that includes a pair of pants and a top with long sleeves.

Sleeping child in a gray pajama set with a black polka dot pattern on the pants.
Girl wearing pink headphones and a pink long sleeve pajama shirt.
Custom Pajamas 5
Custom Pajamas 6

Create Your Own Custom Pajamas

How to Make and Start Selling Your Own PJs With Printify?

Simple, Printify automates the creation, fulfillment, and delivery of over 850 custom print-on-demand products. And with the most competitive prices on the market, you make the maximum return.

A woman sitting in a light room, working on new t-shirt designs with a laptop and a sketchbook

Create an Account

Sign up for Printify and create a free account. All you need is a valid email address and a password. No upfront payments or credit card info is necessary.

Customize Your Product

Choose from a variety of product options to create a product that is uniquely yours. Select your desired style, size, colors, and more.

Order Samples

Want to see your product in person before listing it online? No problem! Order samples to try out before offering them to your customers.

Publish to Your Selected eCommerce Solution

Once you're satisfied with your product, it's time to sell! Simply publish your design to your preferred eCommerce platform.

Relax While Printify Does the Work

Sit back and relax while we handle the production and fulfillment of your order. We'll take care of everything so you can focus on running your business.

Integrate Your Store and Sell With Printify

Printify offers smooth integrations with the most popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Choose the one that suits your needs the best.

A working woman in an apron accepting a delivery package

Pick Your Print Provider

Choose custom products from our vast network of print providers: 110 printing locations across the globe, fulfillment, packaging, and shipping are taken care of. Pick the print provider by product, location and rating.

Custom Pajamas: FAQs

It’s really simple – choose the personalized pajamas from our Catalog, upload photos or design files to our Product Creator (formerly known as Mockup Generator), preview the virtual product and, if happy, save and proceed. With our selection, you can design warm and cozy printed pajamas for the entire family. We offer pj’s for men, women, and little ones.

Absolutely! Samples are the perfect chance to check out the products offered by our wide range of print providers in person before sending them out to your customers. You can order samples from your Printify account. If you plan only to design your own pajamas, simply order a personal use sample.

Our custom pajama sets are the perfect canvases for your art whether in edge-to-edge designs called all-over prints or the DTG technique, where a selected area is printed with your design idea. Simply upload an image and place it onto the product, add some text in the mix and design away!

Yes. Bulk orders are a great way to save on shipping and product costs. Check out our bulk orders page for more information, and meanwhile, think about awesome designs for your custom pajama pants and sets.

Ready to Start?

Whether you wish to design a pair of pajama pants and purchase them for a beloved family member, or you’re committed to starting an eCommerce business to share with your friends and the rest of the world, Printify is here for you. The time for waiting is over – create and upload your designs and create a product. We’ll print, package and ship it to your customer while you think of your marketing strategy while lounging on the couch in your custom pajama pants from Printify.

Start Selling Custom Pajamas