Custom Pajamas

Perfect for a comfy evening-in or a good night’s sleep, our cozy pajamas are waiting for you to chill and get fashionable (maybe at the same time). Design your own pajamas and start selling today!

Make Your Own Custom Pajamas

All Over Print

Deliver a flawless bedtime product with an all-over print that really showcases your design, giving your customer a garment they can fall asleep in, and in love with.

Quality Assured

Light and flexible, these silky-smooth garments are warm and cozy with a relaxed fit.

No Minimum Order

We make it super easy to start selling with our no minimum order policy. Create a range without having to pre-buy and store bulk orders at your own expense.

Our Personalized Pajamas

Our custom pajama sets are made of a silky smooth 100% polyester base. The relaxed fit and breathable fabric make for a cozy style, keeping you feeling fresh every time you wake up. 

Custom pajama pants start from $29.37 and are ready for an all-over-print. This gives you the freedom to create clothing that is completely unique with your own design.

Our Personalized Pajamas
Start Selling Personalized Pajamas With Printify
Start Selling Personalized Pajamas With Printify

Why Should You Start Selling Custom Pajamas Today?

The sleepwear market is experiencing an unprecedented boom, with the global PJs industry forecast to rapidly grow to a staggering $18.7 Billion by 2027. Dynamic design patterns are credited with this growth, with shoppers keen to search the latest trends and show off their style. Even if it’s a PJs at home kind of day.

For print-on-demand sellers, this is a clear sign to start selling pajamas and other accessories. Recent trends include holidays, toys, sports, gifts, family, kids, games and photos.

Beyond just being a trend right now, great quality pajama pants can help the wearer improve their sleep quality and therefore health. With insufficient sleep a recognized public health epidemic, this prevalent problem can be partly solved simply by wearing the right clothing.

Create Your Own Custom Pajamas!

How Can You Start Selling Personalized Pajamas With Printify?

Simple, Printify automates the creation, fulfillment, and delivery of over 800 custom print-on-demand products. And with the most competitive prices on the market, you make the maximum return.

Customize Your Product

Our Mockup Generator allows you to effortlessly upload your design and see a high-quality mockup image for free. You can add these highly realistic mockup previews of your products to your online store in a few clicks.

Order Samples

Ordering samples from your chosen print provider is a great opportunity to check the print quality of the finished product, before offering the product to your customers.

Publish to Your Selected eCommerce Solution

Connect to your chosen eCommerce platform or marketplace to automatically publish your product and start making sales.

Relax While Printify does the Work

All order operations are automated thanks to Printify integrations with your eCommerce platform, allowing you to focus on marketing and making sales. You can track the progress of every order directly from your Printify account giving you peace of mind even during busy times.

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Select and Design Your Own Custom Pajamas

Men’s Pajama Pants (AOP)
Men’s Pajama Pants (AOP)

Whether you’re looking for a more comfortable night’s sleep or just a more fashionable outfit to chill in, our all-over print covers the entire product and is perfect for your custom face pajamas. These men’s accessories are made from supple 100% polyester jersey fabric. 

Personalize your sleepwear with these accessories for women. With a relaxed fit and 100% polyester jersey knit fabric, treat yourself to clothing that will actually help you sleep. The double-stitched finished edges make your pajamas long-lasting, whilst the all-over print delivers stunning visuals across the super light fabric.

Women’s Pajama Pants (AOP)
Women’s Pajama Pants (AOP)
Women's Short Pajama Set (AOP)
Women's Short Pajama Set (AOP)

Add comfort and style to any loungewear collection with these short pajama pants sets for women. The soft waistband and relaxed fit provide a comfy choice whilst relaxing at home. Meanwhile, the all-over print delivers great looks you can personalize.

Easily Connect Your Products

You need to reach customers to sell your designs. The best way to do this is by connecting to an eCommerce platform or marketplace. Fortunately, the Printify merch maker supports automatic integrations for Shopify, eBay, Wix, WooCommerce, Etsy, Squarespace, BigCommerce and PrestaShop.

Choose Your Print Provider

With Printify, you’ve got world-class print providers at your fingertips. We love laying low and letting your business shine: your customers will only see your brand and your design when you make your own shirt and sell it online. Make your own shirts come to life with over 80 printing providers from all over the world – US, Canada, Europe, and even Asia. This means shorter delivery times and lower shipping costs no matter where your clients are.

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Customisable Products

Create Your Own Custom Pajamas!

Ready to Start?

Start selling pajama pants with Printify today! Create an account and start designing custom products that can be instantly published to your store. We manage the automated order production and ship direct to your end customer. So start selling immediately and watch the orders come in!


Completely, 100%! All Printify customizable pajama shorts and pants are printed using the all-over-print technique that gives a single continuous design.

Yes! The customizable pajama pants are 100% polyester jersey knit fabric, whilst the Women’s Short Pajama Set is a 100% polyester base with a 100% cotton collar. In both cases, this extremely strong and durable synthetic fabric retains its shape and dries quickly. 

Absolutely! All Printify print providers are print-on-demand suppliers, who print and fulfill your orders as they come in. Because of this, there is no minimum order size. Your customers are free to order one or 100 garments at a time. We also offer bulk order discounts if you are looking to save on large orders.

It’s super easy. All you need is a simple PNG or JPEG file to get started. Don’t have a design yet? Check out the designs offered by our Shutterstock integration. This gives you access to millions of free images provided by Shutterstock, at no upfront cost to you.

Follow these six easy steps to create a custom product with Printify:

  1. Choose a product to sell
  2. Upload your work
  3. Place and position your design
  4. Choose your colors and sizes
  5. Edit your product details and prices
  6. Publish the product to your store

Yes, 110%! Samples are the perfect chance to check out the products offered by our wide range of print providers in person, before sending them out to your customers. You can order samples from your Printify account.

Start Selling Custom Pajamas!