Custom Slippers

Question: What items are cozy feet warmers,stylish accessories, and the perfect gift for him or her? Yep, that’s right, custom slippers are the comfortable must-haves for your online store. Treat yourself, friends, family, and your customers around the world to unique designs, style, and quality.

Design Your Own Custom Slippers

No Minimum Order

Cater to one customer, or cater to many. There are no order limits with Printify. Order customizable slippers in one pair, a couple, or in bulk. Sky's the limit.

Design in Minutes

Our Merch Product Creator provides all the tools necessary for a simple, fast, and beginner-friendly design process. Make magic happen in a couple clicks.

Quality Assured

Partner up with the best print providers around the world and deliver top-quality custom slippers directly to your customers.

Customized Slippers from the Printify Catalog

In 2020, slipper sales increased by 70%, as people ditched their heels and work shoes for something more cozy, apparently the pandemic created something called the comfort economy. This is the perfect time to hop on board this trend and boost your business by promoting super soft and toasty-warm footwear.

When it comes to comfort at home, nothing beats a good pair of warm slippers. While shoes come in an impossible array of shapes and sizes – everything from flip flops to custom sneakers to boots, loafers, and more, custom house slippers are the only players in the world of comfortable footwear. So why not keep our feet cozy in style?

  • Flannel Fleece Fabric. Our super soft slippers are made of a durable fabric that will retain its shape and dry quickly. Light, cost-efficient, and soft as a teddy bear. The right fit for comfort-loving customers everywhere.
  • Anti-Slip Soles. Flexible outer soles provide a better grip. These custom slippers are safe for all kinds of activities on slippery floors. Break out into dance or carry your precious crockery without the fear of skidding.
  • All-Over Print. Come up with fun and bright patterns, color schemes, even landscapes, photos, and more. Our all-over print ensures full coverage of your design directly on the slippers.
  • Removable Insole. This is a great feature that helps customers take better care of their slippers. Removable insoles allow easy cleaning and drying without ruining the rest of the slipper.

Why Sell Custom Slippers?

While the high demand for slippers is reason enough to promote them on your online store, let’s take a look at some special occasions, trends, and events that will have customers flocking to your online store.

The Perfects Gifts

Anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoons, or Valentine's are all ideal occasions for offering buyers custom slippers as gift options. You can offer up matching slippers for couples, slippers for the bride, or casual gifts for him and her. Custom styles, patterns, texts, and symbols will ensure a one-of-a-kind design.

Fashion Icons

The slipper shoe was one of the biggest trends of 2021. High-end brands and fashion designers released promotional slippers only celebrities could afford. But that allowed smaller businesses to come up with new ideas for house-based shoe designs and promotions.

Home Accessories for Everyone

Step up your shoe game with customized slippers. Design a pair of comfy clouds for feet of every shape and size. Slippers are adored by all kinds of people; old, young, big, or small. Appeal to every customer by advertising something beloved by everyone.

Create Your Own Personalized Slippers

Design Ideas for Print-On-Demand Slippers

Personalized Slippers for Him

Custom mens slippers are a great addition to your online store with creative designs, patterns, quotes, and more. Allow the manly customers to enjoy their comfort at home in one-of-a-kind style with personalized slippers for him.

Add elements from their favorite sports teams, bands, hobbies, and other interests. Or make customizable slippers for all the best dads, uncles, brothers, husbands, and other male role models.

Custom Slippers Print On Demand For Him
Custom Slippers Print On Demand With Logo

Custom Slippers With Logo

Logos, monogram slippers, or custom slippers with name are a good personalized accessory for advertising and personal use. Hotels, SPAs, beauty salons, or other businesses can use them as creative gifts for business presentations or customer care.

Putting your monogram, logo, or name on a product is always a good option, as it provides a sense of belonging and comes as free advertising.

Personalized Slippers for Her

Customize slippers for the ladies around the world. From the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions to simple accessories for everyday use. Custom slippers for her will be a great addition to your online store.

From bright patterns and designs to special quotes to the worlds best mom, wifey, aunt, and more. The smallest detail will make the custom house slipper a must-have for one and all.

Custom Slippers Print On Demand For Her

Sell Custom Slippers With Printify

Browse through our various categories of 900+ products and choose the best match for your brand and company. Sell custom slippers for the right price to every friend, family, and customer out there.

Customize Your Products

Our free Product Creator (previously known asMockup Generator) is a great tool for designing a unique pair of custom made slippers. Upload an image or use free photos from Shutterstock for inspiration, whatever the design, you only have to pay once a customer makes an order. Create layers, add text, and personalize the photos and products to your liking.

Order Samples

Before you upload items online and start advertising, it's important to ensure the quality of the end-product. Every detail matters when it comes to custom products. Make sure your personalized slippers are worth the money by ordering samples, checking the design, and handling the product itself.

Choose a Sales Chanel

Sell your custom slippers on any of the biggest eCommerce websites and platforms with simple integrations. List your items on marketplaces like Etsy, Shopify, Wix, eBay, and more. Create a design, set a price, and watch your merch appear on top of the search results.

Sit Back and Relax While Printify Works

Focus on growing your business and brand awareness while we take care of the rest. Order production, packaging, and shipping is handled by our printing partners, while any issues or problems can be resolved thanks to  our support team who provide solutions 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Create an account on Printify, browse our catalog for slippers, and start designing. Search online for inspiration or create your own designs. Upload them, customize the design, preview, and order samples. Once you’re happy with the product, list it online and start selling.

Yes, and we encourage you to do it. Printing samples is key to a successful end-product. Check the quality and design, make changes if necessary, or give out samples as gifts to gather feedback.

With Printify, there is no order minimum. Single and bulk orders are both possible. While they may vary in size, we guarantee the same devotion to quality whether you order one or one hundred.

As easy as As easy as getting lost down a YouTube rabbit hole. But, using our user-friendly Mockup Generator, even non-designers get a chance to easily create custom slippers for every taste and style.

Our all-over-print slippers are made of 100% polyester on the outer-layer and lining. The flexible rubber sole provides good grip and durability. The removable insole ensures easy cleaning and drying.

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