Christmas Puzzles for Jigsawers Worldwide

Surprise your customers, colleagues, or loved ones with unique Christmas jigsaw puzzles – designed by you. Bring the holiday spirit in the form of entertainment with the best Christmas puzzles during the holiday season.

A custom “Merry Christmas” illustrated puzzle.
A custom Christmas themed puzzle.

Design Christmas Puzzles Without Limitations

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Our Catalog stores multiple puzzle types, sizes, and packaging, perfect for kids, adults, and the whole family.

Endless Designs

Our Mockup Generator allows easy customization with patterns, text, and images for your Christmas jigsaws.

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Our platform is free and equipped with top-notch automation tools and features for seamless processes.

Create Christmas Puzzles With Printify

How to Make Custom Christmas Puzzles in Three Easy Steps

Make the most unique Christmas jigsaw puzzle in minutes with our user-friendly platform and free design tools. All you need to do is sign up for Printify, pick a puzzle from our vast selection of products, and create a jolly design for the festive season.

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Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

The signup process is so quick and easy that your hot cocoa will still be steaming by the time you’re done. All you need is an email address to get your Printify account up and running.

Step 2

Choose a Jigsaw Puzzle

Browse our Catalog for jigsaw puzzles and find the perfect one to customize for your favorite puzzler. Choose a style, packaging, and difficulty level to customize holiday fun for the whole family.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Click Start designing and unleash your Christmas creativity with winter, reindeer, and other heartwarming elements from the holiday season. Our Mockup Generator is simple, free, and equipped with all the features you need.

Design Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles With Printify

Let’s dive into the sleigh-load of jigsaws on the Printify Catalog, from different sizes to types, packaging, and number of pieces – we have it all. Design your own collection of Christmas puzzles to bring hours of fun to your or many other families during the winter holidays.

A custom Christmas puzzle mockup.

Let’s start our list with beautiful, natural, classic-looking Christmas jigsaws in smooth paper boxes. Families enjoy spending time together, and that’s what these puzzles are all about. Bedazzle them in Christmas magic, choose a difficulty level, and create something unique and fun for the holidays.

Key Features:

Sizes: This jigsaw puzzle comes in three sizes (120, 252, and 500 pieces).

A personalized puzzle mockup.

From kids and beginners to jigsaw connoisseurs, these Christmas puzzles will bring hours of fun to every home and board game enthusiast. Spend the holidays putting together beautiful scenery, well wishes, or jolly Christmas elements every kid and adult can enjoy.

Key Features:

Sizes: This jigsaw puzzle is available in four sizes (110, 252, 500, and 1014 pieces).

A custom Chritsmas jigsaw puzzle mockup.

Let’s up this time-honored tradition with a bigger size variety and better storage options. Design a snowman puzzle for kids with only 30 pieces or a huge Christmas puzzle (1000 pieces) for seasoned enthusiasts – all options are possible with this durable, adjustable, high-quality choice.

Key Features:

Sizes: This jigsaw puzzle comes in five sizes (30, 110, 252, 500, and 1000 pieces).

A custom Christmas puzzle mockup.

Add a personalized touch to your gifts with these beautiful, natural Christmas jigsaw puzzles. Surprise a friend, colleague, or your favorite puzzler with something magical. From special images, text, and patterns or a mix of everything in a unique, custom-made design.

Key Features:

Sizes: This jigsaw puzzle is available in four sizes (96, 252, 500, and 1000 pieces).

A custom puzzle mockup.

Let’s not forget the jolliest puzzlers of the holiday season – kids. Customize this time-honored tradition for the youngest enthusiasts, making a one-of-a-kind puzzle for the holidays. Christmas puzzles are great gifts for the whole family to enjoy, bringing people together and guaranteeing fun winter nights together.

Key Features:

Size: This puzzle is available in one size (30 pieces).

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Christmas Puzzle Design Ideas

Browse our list of inspirational suggestions to design the best Christmas puzzles for your friends, family, or online store. Create one, two, or a whole collection of various sizes, types, and difficulties to bring everyone together for Christmas.

A Santa themed Christmas puzzle.

Puzzle With Santa and His Reindeers

A personalized Santa puzzle will delight every Christmas enthusiast – big or small. From classic imagery to humorous scenes, design Christmas jigsaw puzzles with the jolly man himself and his noble steeds.

Family Picture Puzzle

Many families enjoy Christmas together, spending quality time playing board games and doing puzzles. What better way to bring joy this year than with personalized Christmas puzzles with family photos?

A family picture puzzle.
A custom illustrated Christmas puzzle.

Other Christmas Themes That People Love

From a cute elves puzzle and winter-themed designs to Christmas trees, stockings, and all things jolly. There are plenty of Christmas-related design elements to implement into your personal collection.

Make It Personal

Imagine 300-piece Christmas puzzles with beloved pets. Or children. Or special moments like weddings, graduations, proposals, and more. Design custom puzzles with a personal touch to make this Christmas extra special.

A custom dog puzzle.

Are Christmas Puzzles Worth Selling?

Christmas jigsaw puzzles are excellent gifts, combining relaxing nights with a bit of brainteasing and quality time for the whole family. And they sell quite well.

In 2023, the global Puzzles market has already reached

$2.80 billion

That means there are millions of enthusiastic puzzlers worldwide eager to get their hands on your custom Christmas collection. So get creative and spread the joy with personalized winter-themed holiday puzzles.

A child and a grownup putting together a jigsaw puzzle

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Our platform is free of charge. Get your Christmas jigsaw puzzles picked, designed, and listed online without spending a dime – we're exactly that awesome.

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Why limit yourself to jigsaw puzzles? Our ever-evolving Catalog has over 900 products ready for your designs – in every category imagined.

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Create your store on popular eCommerce platforms or marketplaces and integrate with Printify in a few clicks – the rest is smooth printing on demand.

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Christmas Puzzle FAQ

Why buy ready-made when you can design your own? Surprise your kids with personalized winter-themed puzzles from the heart. Pick a puzzle from our Catalog, add a custom design, and order. This year, have something truly unique under the tree to make Christmas extra special.

Yes, you can, and you definitely should. After designing free printable Christmas puzzles, order a sample to test the quality, image, and overall fulfillment process. That way, you can make adjustments to offer nothing but the best to your customers.

Absolutely. You can design and order a whole truckload of puzzles for a company, school, charity, or Christmas event. Create your own collection of puzzles for the holiday season. There are no order limitations.

No, there is not. Make one Christmas puzzle for yourself, multiple for the whole family, or tens and hundreds for charities or events. There are no order minimums for unique, high-quality, personalized holiday puzzles.

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