Personalized Cutting Board

From practical household items and great gift ideas to stylish kitchen accessories. A personalized cutting board is a beautiful addition to your online store and everyone’s home.

Top view of a cutting board with a custom design that says "Bake it till you make it"
A custom cutting board with an orange pattern

No Minimum Order

Order as many or as few customized cutting boards as you need. Printify offers both single and bulk orders for your gorgeous custom products.

Free Design Tool

Our free and beginner-friendly Mockup Generator has all the features you need to create unique and elegant designs combined with durable and high-quality materials.

Global Shipping

Our Print Providers ensure global fulfillment and shipping for this beautiful piece of kitchen equipment. Design custom boards and ship them worldwide with Printify.

Make Your Own Personalized Cutting Board With Printify

Make Your Own Personalized Cutting Board

Make chopping a fun experience with custom designs. Create custom cutting boards with Printify in three simple steps. Sign up, pick a board, and get creative.

A laptop showing a cutting board and a custom design

Step 1

Join Printify

Create a Printify account using your email address and fill in whatever information is relevant to your intentions. If you plan to sell custom cutting boards online, remember to check out Printify Premium to lower each product price by 20%, leaving higher profit margins.

Step 2

Choose a Cutting Board

Head over to our Catalog page and browse the goods. Custom cutting boards are hidden under Accessories – Kitchen Accessories. Explore our offered boards and pick the one that fits your vision and design plans. Click Start designing and let the creative juices flow.

Step 3

Apply Your Custom Design

Our user-friendly Mockup Generator will help you design the most wonderful custom glass cutting board ever. Upload an image, add text directly on the product, place different elements, and create a beautiful cutting surface or a board to serve goodies on.

Our Personalized Glass Cutting Boards

Pick the best personalized cutting board directly from our product vault. From wedding gifts to a custom cheese board, these glass beauties will look elegant and turn heads in every kitchen.

Our tempered glass cutting boards will add pizzazz to any chef’s arsenal, covered in your custom design. The kitschy surface makes the perfect cheese board or foundation for an epic charcuterie. The durable material delivers high resilience to any chopping enthusiast, while the opposite side is covered in rubber dots to prevent slipping. Stylish, practical, and unique. A real beauty and a must-have for every cook.

A cutting board with a custom design that says "Olivia & Jacob"
Top view of a cutting board that says "Cake Dealer"
Top view of a blank cutting board from Printify

Key Features:

8"x11" with a 0.24'' depth and 11"x15" with a 0.31'' depth

Scratch-resistant print for knives

Hand wash recommended

Front-side print

Top view of a blank cutting board from Printify

Key Features:

Large (15.50''x11.25''x0.25''); small (11.00''x8.25''x0.25'')


Vibrant colors

Front-side print

Start Selling Personalized Cutting Boards

Personalized Cutting Board Design Ideas

Personalized gifts are the best way to surprise your friends and loved ones. A stylish and classy cutting board will stand out and serve as a statement piece for different kitchen settings. Explore some trendy design ideas below and get creative for your custom-made cutting board collection.

Monogrammed Cutting Board

Write down a family name and create monogrammed board designs for the perfect housewarming or wedding gift. Practical, unique, and long-lasting. Cutting boards combine the perfect balance between something useful and chic. Add monograms for a personal appeal to every cook and kitchen.

A cutting board with a custom design that says "The Williams family"
A cutting board customized with a company logo

Custom Logo Cutting Board

Create a personalized glass cutting board with a company or team logo. Those will be great presentation materials and gifts for new members, existing and potential clients, and employees. Pair it with a nice set of knives, and you’ve got the perfect gift for a starting cook and a promotional product for your company or team.

Cutting Boards for Special Occasions

Custom cutting boards make great gifts for Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Christmas, or any other special occasion. Anniversary cutting boards with names on them, dates, initials, a family name, and other elements will delight people during special life events and seasonal moments.

A black cutting board with a custom design that says "The Grillfather"
A cutting board customized with a creative Asian style design displaying a fish, chopsticks, and logograms

Themed Cutting Board

Cutting boards are a multi-purpose tool that serves every chef, family, and kitchen setting. Their versatile use unlocks design opportunities for every theme and purpose. Stand out from the competition with unique cutting boards in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Why Sell Personalized Cutting Boards

Versatility plays an essential role in product demand. And cutting boards are on top with their variety of uses to make one’s life better. From chopping veggies to serving bread, meat, cheese, and even drinks. But that’s not all. Personalized with important life events, cutting boards can make great home decor, storing memories in style. Furthermore, custom kitchen items sell.

$17.30 billion

in global revenue is expected to be reached in the kitchenware market segment in 2023

That’s a lot of cheddar. Grab your slice – served on a unique, personalized cutting board – and dominate the market with your designs.

A glass cutting board customized with a sliced cheese design and the “But First” phrase over a wooden table
Three personalized cutting boards that say "Momma Head Chef", "Charlie Kitchen Porter", and "Jenny Junior Chef"

Offer a Personalized Cutting Board Set

Wondering how you can boost products in your store? You can introduce some chopping board sets. For instance, make a set of a large cutting board and two small boards. Or design a set with cheese, meat, and bread cutting boards so your customers can perform all the basic cooking tasks with fun and ease. 

Make sure to create distinctive and pleasing visuals to represent your brand. Give a touch of uniqueness to each chopping board so that it can persuade your target audience to make a purchase.

Start Selling Personalized Cutting Boards With Printify

Design one-of-a-kind cutting boards and manage your sales with Printify on the other side, taking care of orders. We’re a leading print-on-demand company that ensures simple processes, transparency, and guidance on your POD journey.

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Design your cutting boards and list them online without upfront investments and hidden costs. Pay for each order fulfillment with the final sales price.

Exquisite Support

Our Merchant Support agents are ready to help, guide, and advise you 24/7 through email or online chat.

Product Scope

You'll find over 800 unique products in our Catalog. Why limit yourself to just boards? Add other utensils, accessories, and merchandise for some variety.

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We offer one-click integrations with the leading sales channels. Integrate through My account – My stores – Add new store.


Printify offers large and small cutting boards. Large ones are 11.25” in height, 0.25” in depth, and 15.50” in width. While the small ones are 8.25” in height, 0.25” in depth, and 11.00” in width.

Absolutely. If you or your customers want to order one custom board as the perfect housewarming gift, anniversary gift, or useful kitchen gear, it’s totally possible. Single orders are a go for your unique designs.

We all know that most personalized cutting boards slip and move with a touch of a knife. But Printify offers you cutting board options that come with four rubber dots. These dots provide stability, no matter how forcefully you’re cutting products.

Yes, you can. And yes, you should. Samples allow your cutting boards to be examined carefully prior to listing them for sale. Test the design, print quality, and the entire fulfillment process before offering it to your customers.

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