11 Tie-Dye Color Combinations to Sell

11 Tie-Dye Color Combinations to Sell

The day we’ve all been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived – tie-dye is not only back in our lives, it’s also back in style. With the sublimated apparel market on a steady rise, we thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at one of its most notable and colorful highlights.

Bright yellow speckles scattered through red, purple, and blue swirls. This color mix best describes primary and complementary colors pulled straight from a rainbow onto a shirt. We are, of course, going to talk about tie-dye and tie-dye color combinations.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify

Take a moment to think about whether you’re looking for specific colors – which primary and secondary color combinations best suit your brand identity?

To give you a refresher, there are three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. There are also three secondary colors – orange, green and purple. When you mix primary and secondary colors, you form six tertiary color combinations – red-orange, red-purple, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, and blue-purple.

Taking a step back from color theory, Printify offers a wide range of tie-dye shirts you can use as blanks for your eye-catching designs. From vivid color explosions to more organized and faded spirals, you’re sure to find your favorite tie-dye colors among the selection of shirts we offer.

On top of everything, all tie-dye colors are also unique, thanks to the tie-dyeing process.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Green

This Gildan 5000 brings you the classic tie-dye spiral in a classic t-shirt fit. In a whirl of three primary colors, the appropriately named “Festival” color combination will be the perfect pick for any festival or any – otherwise chill – outdoor festivity. Made from 100% preshrunk cotton, so it will easily retain its structure and not shrink in the wash.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Light Yellow, Purple, Green, and Pink

The other Gildan 5000 Spiral comes in a pastel color scheme led by only one primary color – a round of applause goes out to yellow. These are the right colors for casual everyday wear. This one’s officially referred to as the “Hazy Rainbow,” and that is an astoundingly accurate description of this light, warm and fuzzy mix of colors. The shirt’s double needle stitching is what makes it long-lasting and durable.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Light Blue and Blue

The Gildan 5000’s Cyclone edition gives us a new, more dissolved take on the classic tie-dye spiral design. From a wide selection of colors, you can choose the “Turquoise” option, which will give your designs a breathtakingly clear ocean or gem-like vibe. There is no need to worry about floating away in its blueness, as the shirt’s shoulder-to-shoulder tape prevents it from stretching.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Bright Yellow and Yellow

The Gildan 5000’s “Pale Yellow” is the perfect choice if you want to give your customers a light and uplifting message through your designs. It resembles a mix between a bright, sunny day and a fresh slice of lemon. Just like the other Gildan 5000’s, it’s made from preshrunk cotton, which means it won’t shrink in the wash.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Pink and Coral

The “Coral” color variant shoots vivid strokes of pink into a light spiral. It’s hard to say whether this one looks more like a coral or a juicy slice of grapefruit, but we can say that these are pretty cool tie-dye colors. The Gildan 5000 runs true to size, so your customers won’t need to size up. This one is good for any laid-back or professional setting, depending on the designs and messages you add.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Mint and Light Green

The Gildan 5000 “Mint” may not be your primary color choice, but it should be one of your store’s tie-dye t-shirt staples. A reliable and cozy green is the way to go if you want to add a clear and refreshing message. This minty color will surely provide your customers with a cool breeze of freshness on a hot summer’s day. The Gildan 5000 is made from 100% cotton fabric, which makes it highly breathable.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Blue and Dark Blue

Tie-dye shirts are not limited to spirals only, which is something you can see in the Gildan 5000’s Crystal edition. Can you even find these colors on the rainbow or the color wheel? There is an air of royal importance surrounding the “Navy” color choice that you can enhance and explore with your unique designs. This shirt gives you reverse tie-dye colors that only lightly brighten the solid, deep, and distinct base color. It’s made from the same medium-weight fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²)) as the other Gildan 5000’s.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Red and Light Red

The last tie-dye shirt from the Gildan 5000 line is the “Red” Crystal color variant. It brings us reverse tie-dye as light splashes of contrast on the strawberry jam base color. You can give your designs additional hints of passion by adding them to this hypnotic color variant. The 100% cotton shirt comes true to size, so your customers won’t need to size up. Thanks to the high-quality preshrunk cotton, it’s durable and won’t shrink in the wash.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Blue, Pink, Purple, and Gray

The Colortone 1050 shirt offers a fresh look at a long-forgotten gem – the tie-dye crop top. Splashes of blue, purple, pink, and gray cover this ice tie-dye “Cotton Candy” in a mesmerizing pattern. The classic watercolor explosion is unquestionably one of the most psychedelic tie-dye color combos you could bring to your customers. In case you’re wondering – yes, this 60% cotton 40% polyester shirt is about as durable as it is smooth. The only thing it’s missing is your fun and popping designs.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Pale Pink, Yellow, and Gray

The “Desert Rose” comes with the classic tie-dye spiral in a gray hue, which gives this crop top a more organized look. The Colortone 1050 fabric is about as light as it looks at 5.4 oz/yd² (183 g/m²), making it a good choice for a hot summer’s day. Although, let’s be clear, it’s suitable for most outdoor or indoor events, as long as you’re not freezing – crop tops are currently on the rise. This could be an excellent shirt for showcasing your company logo, as its fairly subtle tie-dye pattern brings more attention to your design.

Tie-Dye Color Combos From Printify - Pale Blue and Light Blue

We’ll end our list with the “Lagoon” Colortone 1050, one of the calmest and most subtle tie-dye color combos. The lightness of the shirt’s fabric and tie-dye colors doesn’t stop it from forming one of the most delicate and intricate patterns. The crop top’s dropped shoulders give it a relaxed fit and feel, making it a perfect representative of the tie-dye shirt. All you’re left to do is add your design and list this jewel in your store.

Sell Tie-Dye Color T-Shirts With Printify

Printify brings you a large selection of comfortable and cool tie-dye shirts in some of the best color combos. Take advantage of our Mockup Generator to easily drag & drop your designs onto products and add them to your store within seconds.

You don’t need to come prepared with a design on hand – you can also use our Mockup Generator’s free design tools to create entirely new graphics that match your chosen tie-dye color combination.

Make It Happen Today!

Don’t Stop With Tie-Dye

Just like any other white shirt, a product that comes in tie-dye colors is only a blank. It’s the beginning of your product creation journey. Once you choose the best tie-dye color combinations, you’ll need to start adding your design.

Your design will be the central element of your product and the factor that makes your shirt stand out among all other tie-dye shirts on the market.

Spin the color wheel and start designing. Add secondary and tertiary colors on top of primary colors, combine teal with magenta, and, most importantly, don’t be afraid to mix colors. Your choice of tie-dye colors should not limit but embolden your design color choices. If it works – it works.

Use Fonts

Don’t Stop With Tie-Dye - Use Fonts

Our Mockup Generator offers many design tools, one of which gives you the chance to add custom text. Once you pick this option, you can choose from popular fonts, change the color, position, rotate and scale your text.

If you want to create words in different fonts, colors, or sizes, you can repeat the process and add another text layer with the necessary adjustments.

Add a Logo

Don’t Stop With Tie-Dye - Add a Logo

Tie-dye is a great choice if you want your design to pop. That gives it the potential to be an excellent custom promotional product that would help you raise brand awareness. Consider which tie-dye combos work best with the colors of your company logo, or adjust your logo to look great in combination with your tie-dye color favorites. At the end of the day, you want to bring these shirts directly to your devoted customers.

Style It the Way You See It

There are no limitations on how your design should look other than your imagination. When you enter the world of tie-dyeing, be prepared to take the color wheel and use all of it.

You can create authentic art pieces if you mix and blend different colors into impressive and beautiful designs. Just make sure not to blend all the colors into one single black dye because that defeats the whole purpose of tie-dye.

Tie-Dye Without Limitations

You might think that tie-dye shirts are seasonal attire because that’s what we’re telling you. Although these shirts, and t-shirts in general, are best suited for summer and hot weather, they’re not limited to just one season. That means you also don’t have any limitations on when to sell them to your customers.

Tie-dye gives us an array of opportunities and design ideas that you can market to your customers from summer through Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

Printify offers a wide selection of tie-dye color combos, best represented by the Gildan 5000 and the Colortone 1050 shirts. These shirts are made from durable, high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last a long while and not shrink in the wash.

Tie-dye patterns range from dark and vivid color splashes to pale pastel whirls, making it inevitable that you’ll find something for your specific customer niche that perfectly suits your brand.

Take advantage of our color choices, add your designs with the help of our Mockup Generator, and list these shirts on your eCommerce store. Once your customers start placing orders, we’ll take care of product fulfillment and ship these tie-dye wonders straight to your customers.

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