Custom Wrapping Paper

Wrapping a gift lets the receiver know you put extra effort into it. But wrapping it in custom wrapping paper takes gift-giving to a whole new level. Add a personal touch and make every gift special with personalized wrapping paper for yourself or your online store.

An image of a gift box in custom wrapping paper with a birthday related design.
A mockup image of a gift box in custom wrapping paper laying on the floor.

Create Your Own Wrapping Paper Designs

Great Profit Margin

Thinking of adding to your online store? Custom wrapping paper is desirable and inexpensive to make.

Beautiful Quality

Printed with the latest top-of-the-range printers giving you glossy pixel-perfect paper.

No Minimum or Maximum Order

You or your customers can order one roll or a hundred. Single and bulk orders are a go.

Make Your Own Custom Wrapping Paper With Printify

Why Make and Sell Your Own Wrapping Paper

Print-on-demand wrapping paper is a mighty versatile addition to any shop. With this single product, you can sell for virtually any occasion worthy of a gift. Not only that, present wrapping products sell – and they sell well.

$19.5 million

If people are willing to spend that much on generic gift wrap, they’ll gladly spend on something extra special, like custom-printed wrapping paper with unique designs that match no others.

An image of a set of gifts wrapped in custom wrapping paper.

Explore Our Custom Wrapping Paper Options

For a product to be added to our catalog, we put it through rigorous testing, and our custom gift wrapping papers are no exception. We have a range of rolls and separate sheets, ideal for your business or personal details. 

Gifts exchange hands. They travel in cars or airplanes and are stored before they’re gifted. That’s why we need to ensure our personalized wrapping paper can survive transportation and look absolutely gorgeous with your art. After all, that’s the whole point!

A mockup image of two gifts wrapped in custom wrapping paper.
A mockup image of a gifts box and a roll of custom wrapping paper.
Custom Wrapping Paper 1

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Paper

This wrapping paper will make gift-giving extra special, helping you reduce your eco-footprint and bring a smile with uniquely wrapped presents all at once. It’s made from globally  sourced parts and is custom-printed in the US, the ideal addition to your gift wrap DIY set or online shop.

Key Features:

A mockup image of a gift box in custom wrapping paper and a sheet of wrapping paper with a design placeholder.

Custom Wrapping Paper Roll

Design a custom gift wrapping paper roll for personal or business needs with custom patterns, texts, or images. Packaging is part of the gift. So pick a theme and customize a whole roll of quality paper for epic gifts wrapped in magical designs.

Key Features:

Custom Wrapping Paper 2

Gift Wrapping Paper Sheets, 1pc

These 95gsm premium paper sheets with satin finish will create a sincere feeling to your loved ones or your customers with a custom design for any occasion. Customize the sheets with patterns, symbols, images, or text, and create a unique way to gift wrap something from the heart.

Key Features:

Custom Wrapping Paper 3

Gift Wrapping Paper Roll

Create custom wrapping paper rolls to delight your loved ones or customers with epic packaging options. And the best part is – these gift wrap paper rolls are recyclable and sustainably sourced, allowing your shop to stay eco-conscious with custom-created products.

Key Features:

How to Design and Sell Custom Wrapping Paper From Scratch

Creating your custom wrapping paper is super easy with Printify. In three simple steps and a couple of clicks, you can have your designs customized and ready for your own presents or business customers worldwide. Best part? It’s completely free.

Step 1

Upload Your Designs to Our Product Creator

Once you’ve registered on our platform and created a Printify account, head over to the product catalog and find the wrapping paper you want to design under Seasonal Decorations. Click Start designing and let your creative juices flow.

Our free and user-friendly Product Creator (previously known as Mockup Generator) will show you image file requirements and help you create one-of-a-kind wrapping paper. Add an image, create a pattern, add text directly to the product, and customize the design to perfection.

Custom Wrapping Paper 4
Custom Wrapping Paper 5

Step 2

Preview Your Design and Make Adjustments

Switch to Preview mode to see what your wrapping paper designs will look like in real life. Make adjustments, change text fonts and colors, and experiment with different layouts. Play with the design and all the options our Product Creator offers to create something unique and never-before-seen. 

Step 3

Pick a Sales Channel and Start Selling

Once you’ve got the details down, it’s time to publish your custom wrapping paper on your store. Whether you’re using Etsy, Shopify, Wix, or any other big eCommerce platform or marketplace, Printify makes it super easy to integrate the store and publish your products. 

Pick your favorite among the best sites to sell and integrate your store in just a few clicks – My Account – My stores – Add new store.

Printify's integration icons – Shopify, Walmart, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace.
An image of a bundle of gifts wrapped in custom wrapping paper.

Customize Your Wrapping Paper for Holidays and Special Occasions

This highly versatile product can be used all year round. The best strategy for selling wrapping paper is to customize your print for the season we’re in. Alternatively, you can always go after categories that aren’t constrained by seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Useful Wrapping Paper Design Ideas

Promotional wrapping paper

with logo, monograms, company names

Holiday wrapping paper

for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween, 4th of July

Wrapping paper for special occasions

for birthdays, graduation, baby shower, weddings, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, International Cat Day

Wrapping paper with text designs

from inspirational quotes to well wishes, funny puns, and more

Wrapping paper with various-theme prints

with animals, jungle, food, health, flowers, and more

Custom Wrapping Paper With No Minimum Order

The greatest perk of working with the print-on-demand model is that you don’t need a minimum number of products to finalize an order. Whether you or your customers want a single sheet, a roll of wrapping paper, or a whole bundle, Print Providers can fulfill orders either way.

This advantage further translates to minimized backorders and delays for your business. Plus, no matter how big or small your business gets, you can always handle single or bulk orders with zero inventory needed. All of that is covered for you by our huge selection of Print Providers.

A working woman in an apron accepting a delivery package


Sign up to Printify, pick wrapping paper from our catalog, and click Start designing. Discover all the customization options within the Product Creator and customize your wrapping paper from scratch. Upload images, add text, change colors, and do just about anything else. Your custom wrapping paper can be ready to go in minutes.

The wrapping paper options in our catalog can currently be fulfilled in the US and the UK. Your order is sent directly to the Print Provider, who then prints, packages, and ships it to you or your customer.

If you only plan to sell it online, designing your wrapping paper is 100% free. Signing up, designing, and listing online is free. Once someone buys your product, their payment covers the order fulfillment costs, leaving you with profits. 

But, if you want to order custom wrapping paper for yourself, the prices start at $4.57 for sheets and $5.00 for wrapping paper rolls. Subscribe to Printify Premium and reduce all prices by 20%.

Yes! The print-on-demand model allows you to sell right away with no minimum order amount needed, as each product is made to order.

With Printify, you get to create your own designs and sell as many as your customers want, with no limits or pre-requirements. Single and bulk orders are possible.

Absolutely. Once you finalize your design, you can order a sample to see first-hand how your end product looks up close. This means you’re always in control of the final product before launching it. 

Ordering a sample helps you check the product and print quality itself. What’s more, all your designs and listings are saved as a draft. This way you can always go back and fine-tune your design on the fly, fix details, or completely revamp your art in case you’re not happy with the sample.

Ready to Start?

Printify offers one of the biggest online catalogs of blank items that you can customize to your heart’s and audience’s desires.

From t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs all the way to custom wrapping paper, posters, magnets, and blankets – you can dive in and discover your next custom-printed bestseller.

So, when you can literally fill up your store in a few clicks with thoroughly-vetted and epic designs, the only question that remains is, what will you sell next?

Make Your Own Custom Wrapping Paper Today!