Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

A custom ugly Christmas sweater – the perfect gift, outfit, or merchandise. Create lovingly disastrous festive patterns for yourself or your online store, and prepare for the holiday season. Design your own ugly sweater.

Man posing in a sweater with a design of Santa Claus skateboarding, captioned with the slogan “Holly Jolly Good Times”.
Woman holding a sparkle stick and posing in a sweater with a design reading “404 Error: Christmas Sweater Not Found”.

Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater With Printify

Huge Selection

Our Catalog offers sweaters of all colors, shapes, forms, and sizes. Pick a favorite and get creative.

Free Design Tool

Design your own ugly Christmas sweater with a horrendously cute design with our user-friendly Product Creator.

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Publish your own Christmas sweaters and ship them worldwide with our network of global Print Providers.

Create Custom Christmas Sweaters With Printify

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Order Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters With No Minimum

Partnering with Printify saves you the trouble of struggling with a minimum order quantity. Customize ugly Christmas sweatshirts from a vast Catalog of product templates, and spread the holiday spirit near and far with single or bulk orders for friends, family, events, or yourself.

Make Custom Christmas Sweaters in Three Simple Steps

From signup to fun and festive sweatshirts produced and delivered in just a few clicks. Make a customized ugly Christmas sweater online – with Printify.

Preview screen showing how to easily apply a Christmas design to a hoodie.

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up to Printify for free using your email address and add the required information. Explore beginner-friendly product design tools and a wealth of eCommerce resources to help you prepare for the Christmas season.

Step 2

Choose a Product

From custom sweatshirts to all-time bestselling holiday picks, the Printify Catalog has a considerable custom sweater collection. Pick from various sleeve, neck, and color styles. Turn an ugly idea into an epic design with quality apparel from our product vault.

Step 3

Apply Your Custom Design

Click Start designing and get to business with our user-friendly Product Creator (formerly known as Mockup Generator). Use the mockup template to drag and drop a pre-made design, create patterns for full-body prints, or stick to simple text. Check the preview and do any final touch-ups until your custom Christmas sweater is ready.

Fulfillment Service You Can Trust

Bring the holiday cheer from a trusted print-on-demand network – sign up along with eight million other satisfied merchants and designers.

Choose and Design Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

Let’s take a closer look at our Catalog offers for your ugly Christmas sweater designs. When it comes to apparel, diversity is vital. Whether ordering for yourself, friends, and family or creating a custom ugly sweater collection for your online store, browse multiple options to pick the best one for the holiday season.

Woman adding whipped cream to a pie and wearing a sweater with a design reading “Let’s Get Baked”.

Unisex Custom Christmas Sweaters

Unisex sweater designs will make the perfect employee gifts for an office Christmas party, funny matching outfits for the family, or customers around the globe. Available in multiple sizes, a classic fit, and crisp colors for all-over-print designs. Create a unisex ugly Christmas sweater with bright and shiny patterns.

Man posing in a sweater with a design of cookies, captioned with the title “Official Cookie Taster”.

Custom Christmas Sweaters for Men

From a crewneck sweatshirt to crazy and ugly design ideas for hoodies, lightweight sweatshirts, zipped sweatshirts, and pullovers. All of our Print Providers guarantee top-quality materials, soft fabrics, and crisp color patterns. Design custom ugly wear for the male customer base and ship it worldwide.

Woman sitting at a fireplace and posing in a sweater with a design reading “Ho Ho Ho Vibes”.

Custom Christmas Sweaters for Women

Christmas ornaments and decorations aren’t the only seasonal knick-knacks to keep track of. Our Catalog has a great variety of sweaters for women – ready for fun and crazy designs, from quality brands to different styles, colors, and lengths. Design the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for yourself or your ladylike customer base.

Small child surrounded by plush toys, posing in a sweater with a design reading “Will Trade Brother For Presents”

Custom Christmas Sweaters for Kids

Sizes fit for all demographics and styles, from fast-growing and ever-changing youngsters in daycare to elementary school. Prepare custom-made ugly sweaters for kids with soft material fabrics and bright base colors.

Proud dog wearing a pet hoodie with a design of Christmas-themed dogs in an all-over-print pattern.

Custom Christmas Sweaters for Pets

It doesn’t matter if you have two legs or four; Printify offers pet hoodies in multiple sizes for every lovable pocket pooch, house cat, or mastiff. Create a custom pet ugly Christmas sweater to give all furry friends the same warmth we adorn ourselves.

Key Features:

Sizing: five different sizes from XXS to L.

Colors: black or white base and rib color options that match the design.

Choose the Best Printing Method for Your Custom Designs

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DTG printing is a simple process involving minimum labor and setup time. Just like regular printers press colors on the paper, modified inkjet technology sprays inks onto the garment, infusing your design directly with the fabric. This type of print is perfect for small orders, providing bright and sharp colors.

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters 3


The AOP printing method is the best choice for hiding white seams and creating a pattern on a specific part of the product. The all-over-print design is first printed on a piece of fabric, which is only then cut and sewn into your desired piece of clothing. AOP design ensures accurate placement and crisp colors from seam to seam.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Design Ideas

If you’re low on inspiration or simply want suggestions for your design, we have a list of ideas for your custom ugly Christmas sweaters.

Man posing in a hoodie with a design of clip-art Santa Claus, captioned with the text “He Sees How Much You’re Drinking”.

Funny Christmas Sweaters

Ugly humor can come in all shapes, forms, and sizes, from head cut-outs to inside jokes, sayings, and messages. Take the classic Christmas-themed characteristics and add a funny touch to fit the right niche this holiday season.

Couples Ugly Christmas Sweaters

What better way to celebrate Christmas with your significant other than in a matching outfit disaster? Design ugly custom Christmas sweaters for couples and save the trouble of finding the perfect outfit for a party, event, or setting.

Couple posing in matching sweaters with photos of their faces, captioned with the slogan “All I Want For Christmas Is You”
Woman enjoying a cookie and posing in a sweater with a design of Christmas-themed dogs and the slogan “Merry Christmas”.

Cute Christmas Sweaters

If you can’t come up with designs for custom ugly Christmas sweaters, try some cute Christmas ornamentation instead. Everything can look cute on a sweater, from traditional winter spruce patterns to decorative seasonal sayings.

Reindeer Ugly Sweater

A pulsing red nose is as ridiculous as it is heartwarming. As with Rudolph, everything has value, especially something ugly, cute, and traditional, with custom ugly Christmas sweaters rocking a reindeer design.

Man holding a gift in a sweater with a design of deer in sunglasses, captioned with the text “Oh Deer, Let’s Party”
Woman posing in a hoodie with a design of gingerbread men in an all-over-print pattern.

Gingerbread Christmas Sweater

What would Christmas be without the delicious smell of gingerbread embracing us all season long? Why not wear it? Design a personalized ugly Christmas sweater with a gingerbread house or the little man himself.

Why Sell Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

In short – there’s a demand for custom Xmas sweaters. Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a staple for the holiday season, leaving loads of room for potential sales.


of US holiday shoppers pick clothing as a main gift category

Sweaters are the perfect product to customize during winter – they’re stylish, warm, practical and come with traditional themes you can build from.

A folded Christmas-themed sweater with a graphic design reading “Santa’s Favorite”

Why Choose Printify

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Hundreds of Products

With over 900 products available and new releases added consistently, Printify makes sure that every manufacturer provides top-quality merchandise with transparent production features.

Global Print Providers

Deliver from and to anywhere with our global network of Print Providers. Minimize supply chain constraints and receive quality-vetted goods with speedy delivery estimates.

Zero Initial Investment

Sign up for free and start designing right away. Production costs are only subtracted once a customer pays for an order, leaving you with all the profit and none of the financial burden.

Mockup Design Tools

Printify’s free in-browser Product Creator is all you need to design your own Christmas sweater. Place any design right onto the print medium and order immediately.

Top eCommerce Integrations

Once you're ready to sell, pick your favorite eCommerce sales channel from a list of top-performing Printify integrations and automatically list all sweater designs in your store.

Sell Your Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Printify

Start your eCommerce journey before the holiday sales kick in. ‘Tis the season to bring some levity and light-hearted fun with your own ugly Christmas sweater, ready for a blizzard of excited holiday shoppers.


  • Sign up to Printify (use your email address to create an account).
  • Pick a sweater from our Catalog (browse our product vault and choose a sweater).
  • Add a design using the Product Creator (upload images, add text, customize).
  • Your ugly Christmas sweater is ready. Order for yourself or list online.

Yes. Custom ugly Christmas sweaters will most likely always stay in style. December 15th is crowned National Ugly Sweater Day, creating a particular demand for competing ugly sweaters with one’s own design.

Absolutely. Printify maintains a firm policy for no maximum or minimum order quantities. Order one ugly Christmas sweater as a gift or order in bulk to qualify for shipping discounts – ideal for events, charity, brick-and-mortar stores, and more.

It costs nothing. The POD business model ensures merchants never have to put any cash up-front to get started. However, you can always choose to upgrade to Printify Premium and slash production costs.

The design process takes up to a couple of minutes. Upload pictures, add text, and customize the sweater in just a few clicks.

The production process differs for each Print Provider. The average production time for a custom sweater is 1-5 business days.

Our Print Providers are located worldwide – some with multiple production facilities in the US, Canada, China, Australia, and Europe. Pick the one closest to you to guarantee the fastest and cheapest fulfillment.

Choose a Print Provider based on criteria important to you, from shipping costs to their rating, production time, price, location, and more. All information can be found under each product separately and on the shipping rates page.

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