Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

A custom ugly Christmas sweater – the perfect gift, outfit, or merchandise. Create a lovingly disastrous design for yourself or your online store, and be ready for the holiday season.

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Huge Selection

Our catalog offers sweaters of all colors, shapes, forms, and sizes. Pick a favorite and get creative.

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Create the perfect sweater with a horrendously cute design using our user-friendly Mockup Generator.

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Make your own Christmas sweaters and ship them worldwide with our global printing partners.

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Order Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters With No Minimum

Partnering with Printify saves you the trouble of a minimum order quantity. You can design and order an entire sweater collection for your friends, family, company, or event. Or get into the holiday spirit with your ugly wear and order a single sweatshirt for yourself.

Ugly sweaters make the perfect gifts for Christmas. They combine practicality with humor. And with a dash of customization, it’s a personal gift that keeps giving. Create your design, customize ugly Christmas sweatshirts, and spread the holiday cheer near and far with single and bulk orders from Printify.

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters - No Minimum

Make Custom Christmas Sweaters in Three Simple Steps

You’ll have to take a few steps to design the perfect custom Christmas sweater. From signup to fun and ugly sweatshirts in just a few clicks. Make your Christmas sweater online – with Printify.

How To Make Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Step 1

Sign Up

The first step to creating a customized ugly Christmas sweater is signing up to Printify using your email address. Our platform is beginner-friendly, providing guidance on all actions and processes. Sign up, add the required information, and prepare for the Christmas season.

Subscribe to Printify Premium and get up to 20% off all product prices. Turn your online shop into a winter wonderland with a must-have ugly sweater collection, and chime in on the best prices on the market. 

Step 2

Choose a Product

From custom sweatshirts for him and her to the best holiday picks. Our product catalog has it all. Turn an ugly idea into an epic design with quality sweaters from our product vault.

Among the vast selection of accessories, home decor, and holiday-inspired merchandise, we have a considerable custom sweater collection for your ugly Christmas design ideas. From various sleeves and necks to styles, colors, and types. Pick your brand favorites and turn blank sweaters into holiday gifts.

Step 3

Apply Your Custom Design

Once you’ve picked your sweater, it’s time to turn an ugly design into fun holiday wear. Click Start designing and get to business with our free, user-friendly Mockup Generator. Drag and drop or upload a pre-made design or create a pattern for an all-over-print sweatshirt.

Add texts and layers to customize your perfect ugly Christmas sweater that’s one of a kind. Preview the product, make adjustments if necessary, and do the final tweaks and touch-ups until your custom Christmas sweater is ready.

Choose and Design Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

Let’s take a closer look at our catalog offers for your ugly Christmas sweater designs. When it comes to apparel, diversity is key. Whether ordering for yourself, friends, and family or creating a custom ugly sweater collection for your online store, browse multiple options to pick the best one for the holiday season.

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Unisex Sweatshirts

Unisex Custom Christmas Sweaters

Unisex sweater designs will make the perfect employee gifts for an office Christmas party, funny matching outfits for the family, or customers around the globe. Multiple sizes, classic fit, and crisp colors for all-over-print designs. Create a unisex ugly Christmas sweater with bright and shiny patterns.

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Sweaters For Men

Custom Christmas Sweaters for Men

From a crewneck sweatshirt to crazy and ugly design ideas for hoodies, lightweight sweatshirts, zipped sweatshirts, and pullovers. All our print providers ensure top quality, soft material, and crisp color patterns. Design custom ugly wear for the male customer base and ship it worldwide.

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Sweaters For Women

Custom Christmas Sweaters for Women

Cute Christmas ornaments and decorations aren’t the only season knick-knacks that will create merry holidays. Our catalog has a great variety of sweaters for women – ready for fun and crazy designs, from quality brands to different styles, colors, and lengths. Design the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for yourself or your ladylike customer base.

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Sweaters For Kids

Custom Christmas Sweaters for Kids

From a crewneck sweatshirt to crazy and ugly design ideas for hoodies, lightweight sweatshirts, zipped sweatshirts, and pullovers. All our print providers ensure top quality, soft material, and crisp color patterns. Design custom ugly wear for the male customer base and ship it worldwide.

Choose the Best Printing Method for Your Custom Designs


The AOP printing method is the best choice for hiding white seams or creating a pattern on a specific part of the product. All-over-print design is first printed on a piece of fabric, which is only then cut and sewn into your desired piece of clothing. AOP design ensures accurate placement and crisp colors from seam to seam.


DTG printing is a simple process involving minimum labor and setup time. Just like regular printers press colors on the paper, modified inkjet technology sprays inks on the merchandise. Thus – printing your own design directly on the product. This type of print is perfect for small orders, still providing quality print and sharp colors.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Design Ideas

If you’re low on inspiration or simply want some suggestions, we’ve got a list of design ideas for your custom ugly Christmas sweaters. Search existing designs or use this list for insights into holiday wear and come up with an idea for your sweater or brand.

Funny Christmas Sweaters

Ugly humor can come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. From head cut-outs to hilarious sayings, messages, and a special design. Take the classic Christmas-themed characteristics and add a funny touch to create custom ugly Christmas sweaters that will spread laughter this holiday season.

Funny Christmas Sweaters
Couples Christmas Sweaters

Couples Ugly Christmas Sweaters

What better way to celebrate Christmas with your significant other than in a matching outfit disaster? Design ugly custom Christmas sweaters for couples and save the trouble of finding the perfect outfit to wear. A matching ugly sweater pair will go nicely with every party, event, or setting.

Cute Christmas Sweaters

If you can’t come up with an ugly design, consider a cute custom Christmas sweater instead. Everything can look cute on a sweater, from a traditional green Christmas tree to more winter-themed designs. Consider pets, families, lovely messages, or holiday symbols for your cute sweater design.

Cute Christmas Sweaters
Reindeer Ugly Sweater

Reindeer Ugly Sweater

A sweater can be ugly and cute simultaneously with some lovely and ridiculous reindeer designs. Create a humorous-looking reindeer design and have a one-of-a-kind sweater this Christmas season. Perfect for yourself and your business. Offer something ugly, cute, and traditional all in one with custom ugly Christmas sweaters rocking a reindeer design.

80s Christmas Sweater

Design custom ugly Christmas sweaters rocking that 80s vibe for your vintage-loving customer base. From classic patterns and Christmas symbols to over-the-top designs. Search some existing vintage Christmas sweater designs for inspiration and create your 80s sweater collection for yourself or your online shop.

80s Christmas Sweater
Gaming Christmas Sweaters

Gaming Christmas Sweater

Every gamer will appreciate a Santa Claus crushing it in a video game on their ugly Christmas sweater. Or anything else Christmas-themed combined with the love of gaming. Design a sweater perfect for your gaming buddy or customer, mixing the holidays with video games in funny, ugly, or simply cute settings.

Gingerbread Christmas Sweater

What would Christmas be without the delicious smell of gingerbread embracing us all season long? We can smell it and eat it, so why not wear it? Design custom ugly Christmas sweaters with gingerbread elements all around. From a gingerbread house to the little man himself, cookie hearts, stars, and anything else. Put the delicious smell on a sweater to enhance the Christmas feeling.

Gingerbread Christmas Sweater

Start Selling Custom Christmas Sweaters

Why Sell Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

In short – there’s a demand for custom Christmas sweaters. Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a staple for the holiday season, leaving you loads of room for potential sales.


of holiday shoppers pick clothing as their main gift category. Sweaters are the perfect product to design and customize during winter. They’re stylish, warm, and practical.

Also, selling custom Christmas sweaters online is entirely free. Using the Printify catalog, you can whip up as many as you want without putting any money down or keeping stock. Each sweater is printed, packaged, and shipped by the print provider directly to your customer.

So climb aboard the sleigh of success and include a few custom Christmas sweaters in your store’s lineup.

Why Sell Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

How to Sell Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Printify

You’ve learned how to make them. Let’s learn how to sell them. If you’ve created the perfect ugly Christmas sweater, it’s time to connect to an online store and design a product listing no buyer will be able to skip.

How to Sell Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters With Printify
Store Card

Step 1

Sign Up

Pick your favorite sales channel to promote the ugly Christmas sweater selection. Check out our guide on the best sites to sell, maybe it will help you make an informed decision and choose the best eCommerce platform or marketplace for your store.

Once you’ve picked a favorite, head over to My Profile. Click the My Stores page, and the Add new store button will be in the top right corner. Printify offers integrations with the top sales channels. Check them out, make a decision, and create your store.

Shopify Integration Printify
Etsy Integration Printify
WooCommerce Integration Printify
eBay Integration Printify
Squarespace Integration Printify
Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters 1
BigCommerce Integration Printify
PrestaShop Integration Printify
Wix Integration Printify
API Integration Printify

Step 2

Check Samples and Create Product Listings

Once your store is integrated, it’s time to create the perfect sweater listings for the holiday shopping spree. Click the My Products section and browse your ugly Christmas sweater designs to check if they’re good to go.

Once you approve, click on each product. Select stock images or get creative options from Placeit, add a description and sizes, and list your ugly Christmas sweater designs online. Make sure to include keywords and a quality description to promote a top listing.

Step 3

Start Selling and Marketing

Unfortunately, listing your products online will not do the trick on its own. You need to market the ugly Christmas sweater selection to increase your chances of being the go-to seller.

Utilize the power of social media, local fairs, and ads to boost your chances of attracting a large customer base. Market your listings on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, invest in advertising and tell your friends and family about the sweater collection that can’t be missed.


  • Sign up to Printify (use your email address to create an account).
  • Pick a sweater from our catalog (browse our product vault and choose a sweater).
  • Add a design using the Mockup Generator (upload images, add text, customize).
  • Your ugly Christmas sweater is ready. Order for yourself or list online.

Yes. They will most likely never go out of style. Although the ugly part has lost its oomph a little since people now gladly wear a cute and kitschy Christmas sweater. With December 17 even being National Ugly Sweater Day, there’s a particular demand for ugly designs.

Absolutely. Our no maximum or minimum order quantity policy stands strong. Order one ugly Christmas sweater for yourself or as a gift. Or place a bulk order and qualify for shipping discounts. Bulk orders are ideal for events, charity, brick-and-mortar stores, and more. 

It costs nothing. The business model ensures that POD merchants never have to put up cash to get started. Whenever a customer purchases a given item, that payment is used to cover production and shipping costs.

However, if you’d like to cut production costs even further, upgrade to Printify Premium and slash all product costs by 20%.

The design process takes up to a couple of minutes. Upload pictures, add text, and customize the sweater in just a few clicks.

The production process differs for each printing partner. The average production time for a custom sweater is 1-5 business days.

Our print providers are located worldwide – some with multiple production facilities in the US, Canada, China, Australia, and Europe. Pick the one closest to you to ensure the fastest and cheapest fulfillment.

Choose a print provider based on criteria important to you, from shipping costs and times to their rating, production time, price, location, and more. All information can be found under each product separately and on the shipping rates page.

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