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Discover the perfect blend of comfort and personalization with custom-printed pillows. Pillow printing lets you create unique and vibrant designs for any occasion and taste.

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5 sizes · Catalyst Fabric Solutions

How to Make Custom Pillows

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Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Register with your email address and create a free account.

Step 2

Choose Your Pillow

Browse our Catalog for pillows and pillowcases and choose the one you want to personalize with our custom pillow maker.

Step 3

Start Designing

Use the Product Creator to upload a chosen image (JPG, PNG, or SVG) or create one from scratch.

Step 4

Order Pillows or Sell Them Online

Place an order for yourself or list your custom pillows for sale in your online store.

Make Custom-Printed Pillows With Printify

Our Print-On-Demand Pillow All-Stars

From machine-washable custom pillowcases to photo pillows and custom-shaped pillows – Print on Demand has it all.

Design Personalized Photo Pillows for You or Your Brand

We have indoor, outdoor, and custom-shaped pillows and print-on-demand pillowcases. Explore a variety of colors, durable, soft material options, in-depth product details, and care instructions to let you make the personalized pillows of your dreams.

Key Features
Two pillows with graphic elements, dogs and hearts with faces, on the sofa next to a coffee table and a coffee cup.

Transform Any Room with Unique Pillows

Top view of a pillow customized with a beautiful photo of a happy wedding couple.

A Custom Photo Pillow to Remember

Transform your precious memories into cozy decor with personalized photo pillows. Upload image collages or your favorite photos, creating unique and heartwarming accents for your home or the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, and other important life events and special occasions.

Win Hearts With Graphics & Illustrations

Design custom pillows with vibrant graphics and illustrations to add a unique touch to any room. Bring your favorite images, such as beloved pets or scenic landscapes, to life on soft, machine-washable pillows for personalized, cozy home decor essentials or a unique gift.

Close-up of a grey sofa with two green pillows that say “Happy Birthday”
A mockup image of a personalized pillow with text on it placed on a chair.

Design Your Own Pillow for Branding

Create custom pillowcases featuring company logos or custom photos to elevate your brand identity. Good office spaces, promotional giveaways, or gifts for employees, customers, and business partners, these high-quality, printed pillows offer a stylish and memorable way to showcase your brand.

Custom Pillow Printing: Perfect for Home and Business Needs

Custom Pillow Printing With No Minimum Order

Create custom photo pillows or text and pattern-based designs for any room, event, or purpose. Our Print Providers handle printing, packaging, and shipping orders in any amount you or your customers need. From one to a hundred – get your custom pillows delivered straight to your home.

Order Custom Pillows in Bulk

Ordering custom pillows and pillowcases in bulk offers significant savings and convenience. When you order at least 60 units from the same Print Provider, you’ll qualify for a shipping discount of up to 30%, making it an ideal choice for businesses, events, or large-scale projects.

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Design Your Own Pillows Today

FAQ About Custom Pillow Printing

Making custom pillows is an easy four-step process with Printify. 

  1. Sign up and log in with a free account. 
  2. Explore the Catalog and select a product, like a custom cushion or throw pillow. 
  3. Click Start Designing, upload your photos on the product template, or choose an image from the free Graphics Library or Shutterstock. Make the perfect gift for friends and family or your next bestseller.
  4. Click Save to order or list your custom pillowcases and pillows online.

Our Product Creator has intuitive features and an interface that lets you simply drag and drop or upload your favorite photos. You can also choose an image from the Graphics Library or Shutterstock and customize the design to fit your pillow.

Custom pillow prices vary based on design, quantity, location, and the Print Provider. Our prices start at $9.57 for a soft pillowcase or $7.37 with Printify Premium, ensuring exceptional quality and affordability for personalized photo pillows.

Yes, but follow the care instructions for each product listed on their product pages. The majority of our print-on-demand pillows and pillowcases are machine-washable.

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