Create Your Own Personalized Gifts for her

Forget gift cards or other generic gifts. Make sure the women in your life know how special they are by designing unique gifts from our selection of personalized gifts for her: from custom t-shirts and stunning home decor to monogrammed hoodies, beautiful accessory pouches, luggage tags and more. Nothing says ‘I love you’ as a custom gift made just for her.

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Why create unique personalized gifts for her?

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Personalized gifts have become a major player in the gift-giving world. By adding someone’s special name on a seemingly ordinary t-shirt or adding a few heartwarming lines on a laptop sleeve, you can create an extraordinary gift that’s hella personal and will spark joy for years to come. After all, giving gifts is all about sharing your sentiments; adding a personal touch to a mundane item makes for a perfect gift that’s not only heartwarmingly personal but also practical.

Personalized gifts can be gifted to women of almost every age, and people are usually willing to go that extra mile for the ones they care about and make those gifts extra personal and sweet, so we’re telling you: go for it!


100% customization potential

With a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect base product for just about any design or person.



No minimum orders

Instead of instructing our merchants on how to conduct their businesses, we encourage all partners to thrive without any limitations. Need just one item? You got it. Need 120 identical sweaters? Sure thing!


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Signing up and making products with Printify is completely free. In addition to being a great way to boost your sales through an eCommerce store, it literally costs nothing to get it up and running.

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It's all about the personal connection

One of the main reasons anyone would love to choose a personalized gift is to allow that personal connection to shine through. A personalized product lets people materialize their relationships and share a special bond with that special someone. This is what a personalized gift does – celebrate your bond, and make it stronger. Admittedly, the person will never forget how much you enjoy sharing such a beautiful relationship with them.

Apparel & accessories as personalized gifts for her

The holidays are not the only occasion that calls for warm and thoughtful gifts. Think Valentine’s day, think Mother’s Day, and oh, there’s always a birthday or two to celebrate. Choosing the perfect gift for her can often be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you aren’t completely sure what you are going to give (and if you’re not ready to spend a ton of money). Giving a piece of custom clothing or accessory is a great way to create a truly unique gift that the person will love. 

13 personalized gifts for her that she'll actually enjoy

Shopping for gifts is hard. No matter if you’re buying for a sibling, a co-worker, your spouse, mom, or grandma, picking out the perfect gift can and usually is overwhelming. What does she want? What doesn’t she already own? Is she allergic to anything? What is her favorite color? So many questions, so little time.

To reduce your shopping stress this shopping season, we’ve come up with 15 awesome gifts for all the different types of women in your life. From the home chef to the traveler to the one you don’t know that well, we have you covered.

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1. T-shirt – one of the most popular personalized gifts for her

Whatever special day she’s celebrating, make it meaningful and fun with a custom tee. Look through our catalog and design the perfect t-shirt she can wear at work, at home, at the gym, or anywhere else she goes, for there isn’t a more versatile garment than a t-shirt. Make it as bold as her personality or subtle as her dark sense of humor – with Printify’s mockup generator, you can let your imagination run free!


Heavy Cotton Tee

From $6.82

Jersey Tee

From $6.76

2. Bags as personalized gifts for her

Do you know a lady who leaves her house purse-less? Yeah, we neither. Most women never go anywhere without their purse or handbag, and that’s exactly what makes personalized bags such great gifts. Make her number one accessory stand out from the crowd AND remind her of you everywhere she goes. And we have them all: Beach bags, totes, makeup pouches and backpacks for you to design. 


Weekender Bag

From $25.91

Classic Backpack

From $34.33

Accessory Pouch

From $6.52

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3. Sweatshirts as personalized gifts for her

Sweatshirts are undoubtedly one of the best ways to keep warm. They’re the wearable manifestation of a hug – a sweatshirt gently wraps around the body while bringing the added bonus of heat. Furthermore, when a comfortable sweater comes with a message, design, artwork, or feeling that the wearer identifies with, all the better. For these reasons (and more), sweaters make for great personalized gifts for her. 



From $10.76

Personalized gifts for her
Unisex Crewneck

From $13.45

Personalized gifts for her
Premium Crewneck

From $25.94

custom apron with cupcakes

4. For the busy home chef – personalized apron

A personalized apron is a perfect present for that special lady who’s always cooking and taking care of the guests. Create a unique apron with photos, texts, and graphics – it is super easy to do in our mockup generator.  

Our 100% polyester apron is a perfect cooking accessory – it’s lightweight, stylish, and durable, and will make her look stunning during those intimate family dinners.  

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5. Personalized tank top for her

Add an initial to a personalized tank top for each girl in your squad on a weekend trip or bridal party, or give a customized tank top as a gift to a brand new Mrs. 

On top of acting as a basic covering for social decency, tank top acts as a perfect inclusion for a sporting event, the gym, or a hot summer day at the beach, and much more. 

Racerback Tank

From $8.04

Personalized gifts for her
Muscle Tank

From $15.88

Personalized gifts for her
Tri-Blend Tank

From $11.10

Personalized gifts for her
Jersey Tank

From $10.63

6. Laptop sleeves as personalized gifts for her

A snug lightweight laptop sleeve is a must for every laptop owner. Add a dash of personal touch, an adorable quote, or graphic, and it will become her favorite gift she didn’t know she needed. Laptop sleeves sell extremely well, so go ahead and add it to your online store. 

7. Scarfs as personalized gifts for her

Give the gift of style with a personalized scarf. Depending on the design you choose, your feminine recipient can wear it virtually anywhere. It’s made from high-quality poly voile and poly chiffon, so this transparent scarf is extremely light and airy. The outstanding quality print turns it into a head-turning style accessory.

custom trucker hat with text

8. Personalized hats for her

Choose a hat you think she’ll love for unique head-warming! Simply select a hat style from our catalog and put on a design you like – customize it to make it her favorite new accessory. Personalized hats make practical and unique gifts for many occasions, both during summer with a cap and winter with a warm and cute beanie.

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9. Undies and socks as personalized gifts for her

If you know the person intimately, you can surprise her with matching cheeky undies and socks. And what’s great about these items to your online store – they’re super fun to design, and they sell really well for they’re super lightweight and cost next to nothing to ship. And people will always need socks since after every wash they do seem to lose their partner. 

custom leggings with text

10. Leggings as personalized gifts for her

Leggings aren’t confined to a yoga studio or around the house anymore. They are everywhere from the runway to the airport, so you can be sure that they make a great gift. Leggings have long since replaced jeans as a go-to garment for women, so get on board by designing leggings as a personalized gift for her today!

11. Personalized water bottle

Hydrating is essential, so why not do it in style? This perfect size stainless steel water bottle has a safe closing to keep one’s bag dry. The amazing print quality makes it as appealing as practical: For travel, dance classes, or on a desk next to one’s laptop – great for special occasions and everyday use, a personalized water bottle will always come in handy. 

customized dog lover mug

12. A personalized gift for her: Coffee lovers' edition

The high-quality coffee mug makes it an appreciated gift to every true coffee or tea lover. These Mugs make great collections and can be printed with your own seasonal designs. You can really brighten up a day, not only with coffee or tea, but especially because of your lovely design full-wrap printed around the outside. 

13. Stylish hoodies as warm, personalized gifts for her

Everyone loves them a nice hoodie. Depending on the design, hoodies are suitable for just about any relaxed-dress occasion, including but not limited to chilling at home, handling business at work, crushing it in the gym, long walks in a park, and so much more. Loungewear is all the rage right now, so you simply can’t go wrong with such a stylish yet practical gift.

Personalized gifts for her. How does it work?

We here at Printify specialize in transforming anyone into an owner, designer, and entrepreneur. This is made possible through a combination of the best parts of print on demand and dropshipping – distilled into an innovative business model tailor-made for budding businesspeople. 

In short, this methodology empowers ‘regular’ people with the tools necessary to create their own lines of merchandise without putting money down, paying for storage, maintaining a physical location, hiring staff, or any other business hurdles that can derail an emerging venture.

It’s simple; you can make your own personalized gift for her (or an entire store inventory) in just a few minutes (not hours).

Get started with print on demand dropshipping

Anyway, personalized gifts are way more thoughtful and special than generic gifts. People love feeling unique. And why would anyone pick something that costs more time, effort, and money if they can get a fabulous and unique gift from the comfort of their home? Besides, 59% of Americans plan to do their holiday shopping online. At least 1/3 of consumers fancy the ability to personalize their products. You do the math. 

If you are looking to customize products of your eCommerce store and hop on the personalized gifts for her train, take to our mockup generator and start designing right away!

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Personalized gifts for her & no order minimum

Suppose you’re having trouble isolating exactly what item(s) could brighten her day. Why not take matters into your own hands? After all, as the initiator, you’re the one occupying the command seat – take full control!

For some people, at first, many people doubt their ability to design a personalized gift for her – one just doesn’t know where to begin. But don’t fret, this process is a whole lot easier than you ever might have imagined. In fact, it’s our goal to help people just like you on their journey to put a smile on other people’s faces. 

Additionally, selling personalized gifts can be super profitable. Incorporating a few custom items into your eCommerce store’s product inventory means opening your market demographics to an entirely new array of niches. Even securing a small piece of that huge pie equates to sales galore.

You Design & Sell.

Print-on-Demand is a business model in which products are acquired, produced and shipped one by one and only after actual sales have been made. Just pick a product, add your design and make a sale.

We Print & Ship.

Once you make a sale, items from t-shirts, pillowcases, mugs, backpacks, shoes and more are printed from a print provider and shipped to your customer. Printify takes care of this for you!

Create your own Personal gifts for her

The first thing you want to do is set up a Printify account if you haven’t already. We’ve got 250+ products in our catalog to choose from, so selling personalized gifts for her is a great way to increase revenue, monetize your creative ideas, and, most importantly, make someone’s day.  

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Choose your gift

The first step is quite simple – choose your product! Upon selecting, you can see the production time, shipping availability and the price of each unit.

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Customize it

Adding your design to the product could not be easier. Our design tool allows you to add your patterns direct to the garment, check out the mock-up tool to see what your design will look like in real life.

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Get them printed

When your designs are uploaded, it’s time to deliver. Simply send your personalized gift for her to  production.

Start designing personalized gifts for her