Personalized Gifts for Her

Forget gift cards or other generic options. Make sure women know how special they are by designing something they’ll adore. Nothing says ‘I love you’ as a personalized gift made just for her. Design them, list them, sell them – for any special occasion. 

Smiling woman surrounded by images of a custom candle and a custom mug with a blue heart design that says, “Love Yourself.”

Design It How You Want It

Our free design tool has all the features and guidelines you need. Design unique gifts with a personalized touch in minutes.

No Minimum Order

Order one custom gift for her or as many as you need – there are no limitations. Single and bulk orders are at your disposal.

Vast Product Scope

The Printify Catalog stores 800+ unique products, ready for your customization. Design the perfect gift for the perfect woman.

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Personalized Gifts She'll Love – From the Printify Catalog

So many events throughout the year highlight the importance of women in our lives. Valentine’s and Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, and special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Honor them in a memorable way with truly unique personalized gifts.

Woman in a beige t-shirt with orange peace sign, flower, star, and dove symbols and the text “Positive Vibes” printed on it.

Custom Apparel

You can’t go wrong with clothing when shopping for women – it’s a guaranteed gift she’ll treasure. 

From beautifully crafted t-shirts to personalized hoodies, skirts, and more. Create unique designs for every special lady and occasion by combining style with practicality on evergreen products like clothing.

Young woman holding a pillow with colorful polka dots and the text “Tea and Messy Bed” printed on it.

Cozy Items

Cozy items make unique gifts for their practical and sentimental use. Design gifts for special women who deserve warmth and coziness after a long day. 

These can be soft pajama pants, a deliciously-scented candle, fuzzy slippers, pillows, or a blanket to burrito her in on colder nights. Anything that represents comfort and care with a personalized touch.

Woman holding a black tote bag with the text “Bloom With Grace” in purple flowery font.

Fashion Accessories

Design a collection of thoughtful accessories to complement different outfits for various outings and occasions. 

Customize scarves, jewelry, hats, socks, bags, belts, and more. Anything a chic woman can wear to brighten her daily style and mood. These personalized gifts will make a perfect combination with custom apparel.

Woman holding an enamel mug with the text “Best Wife in the Galaxy” printed in yellow letters on a starry background.

Handy “On-The-Go” Items

Surprise the ladies with personalized “on-the-go” presents – handy for when out and about. 

Those gift ideas include unique tote bags for shopping, personalized travel mugs or bottles, lunch bags, laptop sleeves, and more. Anything a busy wife, aunt, colleague, daughter, friend, sister, mom, girlfriend, or any other special woman might need for her daily errands.

A note book with the words “But First” printed above an image of a slice of cheese.

Entertainment and “Me-Time” Products

We all need some ‘me-time’ occasionally or a night out with friends to blow off some steam. From wild nights hitting the town to cozy evenings with the girls featuring charcuterie, mild cocktails, and movies. 

Whatever the reason – these provide opportunities for unique personalized gifts. A custom cutting board, cheeky puzzles, journals, card decks, and more. Design personalized gifts for the well-being and entertainment of women.

Framed poster of a stylized black hand touching a sparkly moon.

Home Decor and Kitchen Goodies

Any item under this category will be a gift she’ll treasure. And our Catalog has it all. 

Customize pillows, curtains, coasters, towels, serving trays, clocks, wall decor, and more. Anything that brings a bit of appreciation and unique touch to a woman’s home. These will be truly unique personalized gifts for her – completely different from generic cards, flowers, and chocolates.

Phone case with occult-looking symbols of eyes, plants, potions, snakes, hearts, and mushrooms.

Unique Accessories

Since basic jewelry or accessories don’t match every woman’s personality, we have some unique options as well. 

Create fun designs for interesting items and fill your shop with epic custom gift ideas. Personalize wallets, phone cases, and other phone accessories, or get super creative with products like passport covers, suitcase tags, and even scrunchies. Unique, useful, fun – collection of gifts like no other.

Personalized Gifts for Her – For Any Occasion

Below are six design ideas for your personal gift collection or online shop. No matter the occasion, these personalized gifts for her will match any special moment and celebration.

Smiling woman wearing a white t-shirt with the words “Birthday Girl” printed on a heart-shaped design.

Personalized Gifts for Her Birthday

Personalized birthday gifts for her can be a great addition to your online shop, especially because of the variety of options we provided above. Add birthday-related designs such as names, photos, titles, numbers – and cakes – to adjust the thoughtful gift to the occasion. 

Check out our ideas for custom birthday shirts

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Her

Celebrate the holidays with extra special presents this year with the benefits of personalization. Personalize any – or all – of the above-listed cozy items and pair them with anything else from the list, and your shop will be filled with customers shopping for their loved ones for Christmas.

Gift ideas for Christmas

Woman holding a sparkler, wearing a maroon long sleeve shirt with the word “Joyful” printed on in colorful letters.
White makeup bag with a design of a stylized cat and the text “You are Purrrfect.”

Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason for designing romantic personalized gifts for her – to surpass all competitors offering generic heart-shaped cards and designs. Any wife, girlfriend, or special lady will appreciate a thoughtful, personalized gift on Valentine’s Day rather than last-minute flowers on the way home. Customize incredible gifts men will present with pride.

Discover different ideas for Valentine’s Shirts

Personalized Anniversary Gifts for Her

Gifting something personalized on any anniversary will not only bring a smile on every woman’s face but show her how much she is appreciated in a memorable way. These gifts vary from engraved jewelry to embroidered initials, dates, and other commemorative symbols. Capture memories in a unique way that women will adore.

A mug with a heart-shaped handle and a design of a heart with an image of a smiling couple and the text “30 Years” printed under.
A scented candle with an image of cats in graduation caps and the text “I still have no idea what I'm doing.”

Personalized Graduation Gifts for Her

Graduation is an important milestone in every woman’s life worth celebrating. Fill your shop with unique designs for every friend, sister, daughter, wife, or even mom who has accomplished another goal. Honor those achievements in style with photos, dates, or cute messages on your custom products.

Personalized Retirement Gifts for Her

Retirement gifts can be a unique way for employees to say goodbye to the incredible women that have dedicated their lives to the company or cause. Or a nice way for kids to celebrate their mother or grandmother retiring. Personalize products with dates, well wishes, and other elements to create epic gifts for women starting the next chapter in life.

A purple balloon on a celebration table with the text “You can't retire from being great” printed on it.
Woman looking excitedly into a gift box.

Order Custom Gifts for Her in Bulk

With one third of the world’s population shopping online in 2023, selling personalized gifts for women is a must. And the beauty of Print on Demand lies in the absolute freedom it provides for order quantities.

Whatever you or your customers need – our Print Providers fulfill. From one perfect gift to a mom, sister, daughter, or friend, to multiple knick-knacks for bridesmaids or bachelorette parties – or even 100 personalized gifts for the best female employees.

There are no order limits.

How to Sell Personalized Gifts for Her With Printify

Choose a Product and Design It

Create your Printify account with an email address and a hearty password, and browse our Catalog for epic gift ideas. Pick a product, click Start designing, and let your creative juices flow. Upload a picture, add text, create patterns, and customize the best personalized gifts for her – all within our free Mockup Generator.

Select Where to Sell

Printify offers integrations with all the top eCommerce players. From marketplaces like Etsy, Walmart, and eBay to platforms like Shopify – and website builders like Wix and Squarespace. Pick the space that fits your skills and needs, integrate with Printify, and create top-notch listings with your products.

Let Us Do the Rest

Once an order rolls in, we handle the fulfillment for you via automated processes. All order details are sent to the Print Provider, who then prints, packages, and ships the gift directly to your buyer’s doorstep. Convenient, fast, and professional – we handle the nitty gritty while you focus on more important things like growing your business.

Ready to Start?

No matter the occasion, intention, or the lady in mind – shopping for the perfect gift can be easy and fun if merchants offer unique options to browse. Become a go-to seller for people looking for something extra special and meaningful.

Design personalized gifts for her – matching every personality, style, and life event. And fulfilling orders with Printify is hassle-free and allows you to simply enjoy the profits.

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