Sell Custom Stickers in Australia

It’s easier than you think to make and sell your own custom stickers, and these popular products are bound to be a hit with your customers.

Custom Stickers Australia

Three Great Reasons to Make Custom Printed Stickers

High-Quality Stickers

Some stickers in our catalogue are waterproof, some are scratch-resistant, and some have an acrylic adhesive backing.

Endless Creative Possibilities

You can use stickers to showcase art, to promote your brand, to inspire others with uplifting quotations, or to share funny slogans. It’s really up to you!

Super Affordable

Custom stickers are a great way to expand your product line and include items at a very accessible price point.

Our Range of Custom Stickers

There are different shapes to choose from in our catalogue, including the kiss cut sticker which is cropped to fit your design and other shapes. Maybe you need stickers for outdoor use? We have those too.

Check out our full range of stickers and choose the best option for your design. Here are just some of our most popular styles.

Custom Stickers Australia Round Vinyl Stickers

Round Vinyl Stickers

Our circle stickers work in every environment; they’re designed for indoor and outdoor use, and they’re even waterproof. Customers love how smoothly they can be applied thanks to their easy-peel backing. No matter what custom design you decide on, your sticker will be presented professionally with an attractive matte finish. You can count on the quality of this product.

Kiss-Cut Stickers

A kiss-cut sticker has its shape tailored specifically to the custom image chosen for it. Some designers prefer this option as it removes any dead space, maximizing the impact of the design. Our kiss-cut stickers can be white or transparent, and there are four sizes available to choose from. You decide what works best for your particular design.

Custom Stickers Australia Kiss-Cut Sticker
Custom Stickers Australia Square Stickers

Square Stickers

Our square cut stickers are made from a vinyl that can be used both indoor and outside, which opens up a number of additional applications compared to stickers that can only be used inside. The glossy surface is also scratch-resistant, which again makes these stickers perfect for exterior use.  When selling custom stickers in Australia, you may wish to add the classic square stickers to your range.

From USD 1.34

From USD 2.54

From USD 2.54

From USD 1.34

Make Your Own Custom Stickers for Australia

Our Custom Sticker Maker

Ready to sell custom stickers in Australia? First, you have to make your own stickers! It’s straightforward to do using the Printify design tool. This is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, so you don’t have to be a graphic designer to understand it.

Upload your desired images, add text if you fancy, crop and chop the image until it fits the way you like, and voila! The mockup generator shows how your final product will appear before you add it to your store.

Why not play with the custom sticker mockup maker now and see what custom stickers you can create?

Custom Stickers Australia Your Design

Custom Sticker Printing With No Minimum

With Printify, there is no minimum order required! That’s because we use a print on demand model. Rather than prepare stock in advance and let it gather dust, we respond quickly to customer orders. Sellers love this, as it means they don’t have to pay any money to start their online store. They can start a business selling custom stickers without the risk of upfront investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost to design your own sticker and add it to your online store. Printify charges will instead be automatically deducted from your profit only when customers start to buy your products. That means there’s nothing to lose in giving it a try! With Printify, you have the creative freedom to experiment with different designs and add a whole range of products to your line.

Check our catalogue to see the full range. You’ll find stickers for all weather conditions, stickers of different shapes, and stickers with added features such as scratch-resistant surfaces. Since it doesn’t cost to add products to your store, you’re not restricted to just one style. You can offer as many custom stickers in Australia as you want!

If you already have an online store on a platform like Wix or Etsy, Printify is an ideal option for you. We offer free integration with a range of e-commerce sites. Once you’ve designed your product, you can add it to your store and start selling immediately. What are you waiting for?

We suggest stickers as a great product option for custom designs because they are an affordable item that customers will readily invest in. Customers can use them for a range of purposes, decorating any surface that they wish! This makes them a flexible product with broad appeal. Custom designs offer shoppers an easy way to express their personality through stickers.

Start Selling Custom Stickers!