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Person holding a custom sticker of a red and white van with the text “Van Life” on it.
Large sticker on a skateboard of an image of the sun and the text “Of a Beach” underneath.

Custom Sticker Printing for Australia

High-Quality Stickers

Develop print-ready artwork and create high-quality stickers and sticker packs from custom templates.

No Minimum Order

Sell custom stickers for any occasion and quantity without order restrictions. Set up bulk orders or sell as a one-time gift purchase.

Free Sticker Maker

Add your own designs with our free Mockup Generator. Upload an image, set a specific size, and preview your results instantly.

Make Your Own Custom Stickers

How to Design and Print Stickers in Just Three Steps

Printify lets you design and print stickers through an all-in-one print-on-demand platform. Experience full design potential with a growing list of merch offers while we take care of order fulfillment, printing, and delivery, so you don’t have to.

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Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Visit the Printify website to sign up for a free account. Access our full product Catalog, custom design tools, and guides on all things print and product marketing.

Step 2

Choose a Sticker

Go to the product Catalog in the upper page dashboard and find stickers through the search bar or offered category list. Click on any product to view its full manufacturing details, production price, and available Print Providers.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

From the product page, click the green Start Designing button and move on to the Mockup Generator. Here, upload your design on the stickler template, use any additional help tools, and view the final result on the preview screen.

Design Personalised Stickers With Printify

Choose from custom shapes or stickers shaped exactly to your design. Explore the potential of indoor paper stickers and outdoor stickers with a water-resistant vinyl cover finish. Here’s our list of popular styles for personalised stickers to sell in Australia.

Large round sticker on a glass door with a logo of a coffee cup and the text “Morning Coffee” underneath.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers work in every environment; they’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and they’re even waterproof. The vinyl material has a smooth application thanks to its easy-peel backing. Create stellar results with an attractive matte finish and five available sizes.

Custom Stickers Australia 2

Sticker Sheets

Sticker sheets fit well as accessories for pop-up stores and conventions or as a great bundle to buy as sample packs for decoration. With enough room for at least four high-quality designs, you can choose from a white, holographic, or transparent vinyl background.

Custom Stickers Australia 3

Die-Cut and Kiss-Cut Stickers

Kiss-cut and die-cut stickers have their shape tailored specifically to the custom image chosen for it. Some designers prefer this option as it removes any dead space, maximizing the impact of the design. Our die-cut and kiss-cut stickers can be white or transparent, and there are four sizes available to choose from.

Square sticker on a black suitcase with the text “Music – the voice of the soul.”

Round and Square Stickers

The round and square cut stickers are made of white vinyl that can be used indoors and outside. The glossy surface is scratch-resistant and waterproof, making it a solid choice for exterior use – a go-to product for any range of decals.

Custom Stickers Australia 4

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are an excellent niche to cater to, with clever design schemes and entertaining slogans that add an extra personal touch on the road. Our Catalog selection offers a durable bumper sticker with UV protective laminate and a smooth matte finish – printed with environmentally friendly inks lasting up to five years outdoors.

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Make Your Own Custom Stickers

Custom Sticker Design Ideas

Stickers are our imagination neatly packed on a single sheet you can attach anywhere. Whether you’re planning on printing out your artwork, want to advertise your business, or give customers a good laugh, here are some sticker printing design ideas.

Large personalised sticker on a skateboard of a surfing skull with fire coming out of its scalp.

Stickers In Custom Shapes

The world’s the limit, custom shape stickers are the ultimate way to set your designs apart with no extra charge. Make fresh illustration outlines that leave little-to-no room for white borders.

Personalised Teacher Stickers

A great addition for back-to-school sales, personalised teacher stickers will add a dynamic learning environment and a bit of healthy competition for students itching to collect all the colours and stars.

Square sticker on a laptop with a design of a rainbow and apples with the text “Teach. Love. Inspire” underneath.
Custom Stickers Australia 5

Branded Stickers

If you’re on course with a planned-out marketing strategy, custom stickers are an excellent addition to increase your passive reach without burning through the budget. Create business stickers and place them all over Australia.

Stickers for Name Tags

Ever had trouble introducing yourself during an icebreaker? Skip the formalities with custom name tag stickers to start a new relationship without confusion, while the custom labels do the heavy lifting.

Custom Stickers Australia 6

Why Sell Personalised Stickers in Australia

Custom stickers are affordable, easy to produce, cheap to ship, and offer much more value than their digital design counterparts. With low start-up costs and high potential value, we recommend selling custom stickers to upgrade your product catalog.

$191.1 million

in revenue by 2028 is forecast for the global Die Cut Stickers market, estimated to increase at a CAGR of 3.3% between 2022-2028.

Custom Stickers Australia 7

Why Choose Printify to Make and Sell Your Own Stickers in Australia

Man drinking a coffee and smiling while working on his laptop.

Endless Design Possibilities

Make your own stickers for label printing and logos, or sell boxes of stickers with unique artwork for fans. Create quality sticker prints that suit every need at any quantity, from a branding message to simple name tags.

Customise Stickers in Minutes

Put your design ideas into action before they get lost in thought. Printify’s easy-to-use Mockup Generator has all the design tools necessary to create custom stickers in minutes.

No Upfront Costs

Use all print-on-demand services with a free Printify account. Create designs risk-free – production costs and shipping fees are only deducted once your customers make a purchase.

Multiple Integrations

Sell on your preferred eCommerce sales channel with a simple-click integration. Move all your print-on-demand sticker designs from Printify to platforms such as Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more.

Wide Sticker Variety

The Printify Catalog has close to 30 different unique sticker templates for you to mix and match in your own eCommerce store line-up. Pick from full sheets to single orders in full, vibrant colours.

FAQ: Selling Custom-Made Stickers in Australia

Printify is one of the leading custom merchandise websites, with many sticker templates, comprehensive mockup design tools, and a simple order process from high-quality Print Providers. Best of all, you can start with a free account.

You can create personalised custom stickers, labels, and more with our network of Print Providers on the Printify platform. With its integrated custom merch maker, the print-on-demand platform allows you to design and sell stickers with no initial investment.

Select cheap custom stickers from our list of print-on-demand templates on the Printify platform website. Choose from full sticker sheets, durable vinyl shapes, precise design cut-outs, and even car bumper stickers.

With Printify, you can make custom stickers in minutes and sell them via your preferred eCommerce platform or marketplace. The entire process is fully automated, so all you’ll have to do is add your design, integrate your store, order a sample pack for yourself, and start selling to your target audience.

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