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Design print-on-demand fridge magnets for business promotions, personal use, or online sales. Print magnets with custom designs for any style, surface, and occasion.

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From USD 3.24

From USD 2.62 with Printify Premium

3 sizes · SPOKE Custom Products

By Tecre · 1355

From USD 2.98

From USD 2.41 with Printify Premium

1 size · Duplium

By Generic brand

From USD 2.66

From USD 2.04 with Printify Premium

3 sizes · District Photo

By Generic brand

From USD 3.18

From USD 2.57 with Printify Premium

2 sizes · Duplium

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From USD 10.41

From USD 8.41 with Printify Premium

1 size · Imagine Your Photos

By Generic brand

From USD 4.19

From USD 3.23 with Printify Premium

5 sizes · Printed Simply

By Tecre · 1364 

From USD 3.29

From USD 2.65 with Printify Premium

1 size · Duplium

By Generic brand

From USD 7.13

From USD 5.49 with Printify Premium

1 size · WOYC

Custom Magnet Printing With No Minimum Order

Print your custom magnets with no minimum order quantity, enjoying the flexibility to order exactly what you need.

How to Make Magnets to Sell

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Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Register with an email address and fill in the requested info to create a free account.

Step 2

Pick a Magnet

Browse our Catalog for magnets and choose one to design. Select the one that fits your brand or personal preferences, like car magnets or fridge magnets.

Step 3

Create a Design

Upload an image on our Product Creator or create a new design from scratch using the Text Editor, free Graphics Library, AI tools, and other convenient features.

Step 4

Order Custom-Printed Magnets

If you want to cover your metal surfaces with one-of-a-kind magnets, place manual or sample orders and enjoy the magnets at home or for branding or business purposes.

Step 5

Start Selling Magnets Online

If you want to earn money with a cute message or photo design on a custom magnet, list them online for sale on any of the biggest eCommerce websites. Printify integrates with them all.

Sell Your Custom Magnets With Printify

Printify seamlessly integrates with all leading sales channels, such as Etsy, Shopify, Walmart, and Wix. Effortlessly choose and connect your preferred platform for selling custom products.

Make it Magnetic: Personalized Magnets for Every Use

Custom magnets are perfect for promoting businesses, personalizing events, or adding a personal touch at home. Make car magnets or custom fridge magnets for any preferred metal surface with your unique message or professional design.

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Variety of Choices

We offer many magnet types, including square and car magnets and button magnets. Thick, thin, pointy, and with rounded corners – we have them all.

Durability and Flexibility

Printify magnets are crafted from high-quality vinyl and porcelain, making them both flexible and durable. These top-sellers printed with high-quality inks are scratch, sun, and water-resistant.

Outdoor and Indoor Use

From custom refrigerator magnets to all-weather car magnets, our selection caters to various needs and is designed to withstand different environments and daily wear and tear.

High-Quality Printing

Create magnets with your company name, business logo, or photo collages. Your custom designs will be printed with the latest technology, ensuring lasting and vibrant results.

Easy Personalization

From promotional magnets to one-of-a-kind gifts, photo magnets, and car magnet designs, you can customize the surface to fit any event, brand, or purpose.

No Minimum Order

Enjoy the convenience of ordering any quantity, from a single custom magnet to a huge order for your event, charity, or company. Take advantage of bulk discounts with up to 30% off on shipping.

FAQ About Custom Magnet Printing

  • Create a free Printify account.
  • Search our Catalog for magnets and choose the one you want to customize.
  • Upload your logo or photo design to the Product Creator or make a new one using its many tools and features, like the Text Editor, Pattern Tool, or AI Image Generator.
  • Click Save. Now, you can order them for yourself or list them online for sale.
  • Choose a car magnet from the magnet selection in our Catalog.
  • Click Start designing. Add your own artwork or design something new using our Product Creator. Features like the AI Image Generator, multi-language Text Editor, and free Graphics Library will help you create a one-of-a-kind design.
  • Click Save and order your car magnets.

Magnets typically do not stick to stainless-steel refrigerators because the steel is often alloyed with nickel, which reduces its magnetic properties.

The popularity of a magnet relies heavily on its design – there’s no universal bestseller. Stick with themes your target audience enjoys, like lovely pets, scenic landscapes, or inspirational quotes.

In the Printify Catalog, you’ll find a variety of high-quality magnets at great prices that you can easily customize to your target audience’s preferences. We have car magnets, die-cut magnets, porcelain magnets, and button and square magnets.

The fastest way to start selling custom magnets is by using the print-on-demand business model. Print on Demand removes all the hassles of upfront costs, inventory, logistics, and minimum order quantities. Consider selling stickers on Etsy or other sales channels with the same designs used on magnets to expand your reach. 

Simply sign up for a free Printify account, design magnets with our Product Creator, choose a sales channel, publish to your store, and start earning money.

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