Sell Custom Stickers in Canada

Everyone loves stickers! Now it’s incredibly easy to sell your own. Use our online tool to design custom stickers of a superior standard. The best news? You can add them to your store straight away.

Custom Stickers Canada

Make Your Own Custom Stickers

Durable and Hard Wearing

Our premium products are made to last. They have super strength sticking power, and you’ll find everything from waterproof stickers to stickers with acrylic adhesive among our range.

Luxury Look

The glossy glaze on your custom stickers gives them a luxury look. We use trusted providers to ensure your stickers are always of the highest quality.

Full Creative Freedom

You can bring your visions to life using our intuitive design tool. Upload your own images and translate them straight into stylish custom stickers.

Our Custom Sticker Types for Canada

Kiss Cut Stickers

These stickers are shaped to your specific design, and customers love the high-impact creations they’re able to produce! You can expect each sticker to be printed in rich, vibrant colors using eco-solvent ink.

Custom Stickers Canada Kiss Cut Sticker
Custom Stickers Canada Round Sticker

Round Cut Stickers

Our versatile round cut stickers can be used outdoors and indoors thanks to their waterproof sticky adhesive. Customers love the matte finish on these stickers which gives them a refined, professional look. A circular sticker leaves  a lot of scope for creative print ideas: how will you customize yours?

Square Cut Stickers

Our classic square stickers can be ordered in five different sizes. This model offers an ideal canvas for all kinds of attractive designs. Stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors as they’re resilient and weather-resistant. This is a great way to showcase a design or get your message across.

Custom Stickers Canada Square Stickers

Start Your Custom Sticker Business With Printify

Custom Stickers Make Your Own Sticker Deisgn

1. Design Your Own Sticker

Choose the style of sticker you’d like and upload your own design. Make the necessary edits and check you’re satisfied before adding the sticker to your store.

Custom Enamel Mug Design Them

2. Choose Your Provider

Decide who will fulfill your order based on their prices and delivery options. You don’t have to worry about packaging and shipping custom stickers in Canada. Your provider handles all that for you!

Custom Enamel Mug Sell

3. Start Selling

You can easily integrate Printify with a range of e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Shopify. If you have an online store already, the process of adding products is smooth and straightforward.

Frequently Asked Questions

The days of sellers ordering stock in bulk and struggling to sell it on are over. The Printify method is to print on demand. We’re able to quickly turnaround orders on your behalf, so there’s no need to prepare lots of stock in advance. The good news for sellers is that no minimum order is required. We’ll fulfill each order, big or small, as it is received. Yes, even if that only means one sticker! You don’t have to wait to start selling with Printify.

You don’t have to be a qualified graphic designer to use our online design tool! Now everyone can access their artistic side and make custom printed stickers with ease. It only takes a little playing around to grasp the Printify design tool functions. Use the mock-up generator to see how your design would look on a real sticker before you commit to printing it.

Absolutely! Stickers are high-margin items. You can make them cheaply and sell them at a reasonable price. What brings value is your own custom design. If your design is popular with customers, there is huge potential to make money on this kind of product. Sellers frequently enjoy profits of up to 50% on each sticker sold.

On Printify, our stickers start at a very low price from $1. Thanks to the print-on-demand model, there is no upfront cost to design your own custom stickers and put them up for sale online. You only pay a fee when stickers are actually sold. Sellers love this approach as it means there is no financial risk for them to add new items to their store. Check out the catalog to choose the best model for you.

While choosing a Printify print provider, you should consider the cost and time of delivery. We ensure consistency across our providers, so you can be confident of the same high-quality product regardless of your choice. When selling custom stickers in Canada, look for a provider that can fulfill your orders with the shortest turnaround time possible.

Customers can’t seem to get enough of this product. That’s probably because it’s such a fun way to express different aspects of their personality. A slogan, logo, or fun graphic on a custom sticker makes it an appealing and affordable purchase. Stickers can be applied in a range of places, both outdoors and indoors, so they’re a versatile product that can be used to decorate diverse spaces.

Design Inspiration For Your Personalized Stickers

Brand Logos

Why not promote your business with some fun branded stickers? This way, customers can proudly display their loyalty to your company. Your logo could end up on a laptop, notepad, or even a car. Sounds like great publicity!

Custom Stickers Canada Brand Logo
Custom Stickers Canada Witty Slogan

Witty Slogans

Tickle your customers’ funny bone with some amusing designs. They’ll love the chance to show off their sense of humor and make their friends laugh too. Funny stickers never go out of style.

Inspirational Quotes

A sticker with an uplifting message has universal appeal. There has been a recent trend in wall decals that feature hopeful and heartwarming quotes. Make your own and get in on the action.

Custom Stickers Canada Inspirational Quote

Start Selling Custom Stickers With Printify!