Custom Stickers in Canada

Everyone loves custom decals for that extra personal touch. Create vibrant-quality custom stickers or a full set of sticker sheets and start decorating, branding, marketing, or making money with printed artwork.

An image of a custom sticker set.
A custom hockey team sticker on a skateboard.

Custom Stickers for Your Expression

Full Creative Freedom

Bring your vision to life using our intuitive Mockup Generator. Upload your artwork and create stylish custom sticker product templates.

Made to Be Durable

Printify’s custom-made waterproof stickers with acrylic adhesive are made to last through even the harshest Canadian winters.

Vibrant Colours

Enabling the latest printing techniques from professional print fulfillment centers to create a smooth print surface for vivid colours.

Create Custom Stickers With Printify

Adhere to professional standards with custom-printed stickers – Canada.

Custom Stickers in Canada With No Minimum Order

Order your own designed custom stickers through our range of fulfillment centers in North America. With Printify, develop custom stickers in Canada with no order minimum or initial investment.

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How to Create Custom Stickers (in Canada) in Three Steps

Explore our Catalogue of custom stickers in Canada for local Print Providers and fast shipping. Order or sell your own stickers while Printify takes care of fulfillment and delivery.

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Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Printing online has never been easier. Sign up for free and explore our vast selection of print-on-demand accessories with a huge range of custom sticker templates. Set up your new merchandise in just a few minutes and enjoy a fast turnaround.

Step 2

Choose a Sticker

Pick a sticker template from the Printify Catalogue. Choose from classic round and circle-cut vinyl stickers, or add more dynamic elements with our kiss-cut and dye-cut sticker options. Alternatively, add more for less with full sticker sheets for a vibrant design collage.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Once you’ve made a selection, click on the product page to view all production details. Click Start Designing to upload your sticker image using Printify’s Mockup Generator. Use the Preview screen to view the final result and click Save.

Design Custom Stickers With Printify

Our Catalogue has a range of sticker types for both indoor and outdoor use. See if you want to order a bulk quantity for yourself or start with a few samples for future customers. View all custom sticker blank templates in multiple shapes and sizes.

Our custom Die-Cut Stickers are to die for, giving you the freedom to peel out a white border cut-out for any shape you create. Combine bright and crisp prints with environmentally friendly solvent inks layered with a matte finish.

Key Features:

Kiss-Cut Stickers are an incredibly flexible and cost-effective option with a white or transparent vinyl surface and permanent acrylic adhesive.

Key Features:

High-quality vinyl square stickers range from the size of a small name tag to larger than a single sheet of paper. The premium printable vinyl makes this a long-lasting option, coupled with a permanent acrylic adhesive for flat surfaces.

Key Features:

Rated to last over six years due to high-quality production, our round vinyl stickers take everything good from our previous options, put it all together, and frame it in a beautiful round bubble made of premium waterproof vinyl.

Key Features:

Start handing out stickers and promote your brand, business logo, or artwork in high-detail inks. Place multiple designs onto custom vinyl sticker sheets and create a themed collection. Made with an easy-peel backing, UV laminate, and eco-friendly inks.

Key Features:

Make Your Own Custom Stickers!

Design Custom Stickers How You Want Them

Your imagination is the only limit. Inspire and motivate your creative process with design ideas for all our stickers. Whether you’re a designer or an eCommerce seller, stickers will enhance your digital artwork.

Put a Logo on It

Anything from a business logo to a personal ex libris, custom stickers are perfect for trade shows, giveaways, or event goodies. Promote your business or create an accessory with quality materials shipping throughout Canada.

A branded custom sticker used to for wrapping paper.
A custom text sticker on a laptop.

Add Some Pretty Text

Combine your amazing photos with custom text in multiple fonts on the Mockup Generator design screen. Create custom decals that spread a message far and wide via your merch, surroundings, or customers.

Stickers and Illustrations

What’s better than the classic photo or art stickers that can enhance your die-hard fandoms, act as beautiful accessories, or work as an artist’s best-selling item? Highlight amazing illustrations with smooth and clear vinyl stickers.

A custom sticker of a bear wearing a Canadian hockey uniform on a laptop.
Multiple custom stickers spread out on grass.

Order Custom Stickers in Bulk

Printify consistently aims to optimize all printing, packaging, and shipping logistics to create a fast turnaround and an affordable delivery experience. Nowhere is that more evident than ordering our custom stickers in bulk. Order a stack of custom stickers and sticker sheets for fans, family, and public events.

Why Sell Custom Stickers in Canada

Consider selling custom stickers as fun and inexpensive products that add a lot of value for their price, especially with modern die-cut sticker manufacturing. Curate your designs by utilizing stickers, which are a prime venue for business marketing and promoting other printing merchandise.

The global die-cut stickers market is expected to reach

$191.1 million

by 2028.

The compound annual growth rate is forecasted to grow by 3.3% between 2022-2028, with most revenue from North American countries with large textile printing industries.

A laptop covered in custom stickers.

Why Choose Printify

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Automated Fulfillment

Print-on-demand is the easiest way to customize and sell merchandise without leaving your device. Publish your designs, and our trusted network of Print Providers will fulfill and deliver orders for you.

Over 900 Custom Products

Explore a growing list of print-on-demand products from our vast Catalogue of options, ranging from apparel, accessories, stickers, magnets, and posters, as well as home decor items for any demographic.

Free Design Tools

Start designing right away with our intuitive Mockup Generator. Upload your image, size, shape, and fit additional elements from our free asset library and text editing tools.

Local Print Providers

Printify works with global Print Providers to maintain quality shipping standards with low-cost delivery. Choose local Canadian fulfillment centers to receive orders in a few business days and increase turnarounds.

Top Sales Integrations

Start selling with popular eCommerce sales channels supported by Printify product integrations. Add a store from top-selling platforms, such as Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay, and more, for seamless publishing.


Get custom stickers made with Printify. Browse our Catalogue, pick out a sticker template, upload your design, and order immediately.

Make custom stickers using Printify’s free-to-use Mockup Generator. Drag and drop your design on a range of blank custom sticker options, all on our Catalogue.

Once you’ve saved a sticker design on the Printify website, you can immediately follow up and order a sample. There are no order minimums – purchase as many as needed, printed to your specification.

Custom stickers are an integral part of every online artist’s merchandise. They’re easy to create, perfect for any event or niche, and they cost very little in packaging and delivery.

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