Custom Water Bottles | UK

Design your own water bottles for personal or business use. Choose from a range of products, add fun designs, and create personalised water bottles for friends, family, or customers worldwide.

Stainless steel water bottle with a design of a peach and the text “Life is peachy.”
A hiker with a water bottle attached to their bag with a design of a bear silhouette and the text: “Explore the Outdoors.”

Make Your Own Print-On-Demand Water Bottles

Wide Selection

Our Catalog holds a wide selection for you, your company, or your customers. Plastic, aluminium, and stainless steel drinkware with straws, holders, loops, and more.

No Minimum Order

Get personalised water bottles in a single or bulk order – there are no quantity restrictions. From one print-on-demand water bottle to hundreds, our Print Providers can handle it all.


Order or sell reusable water bottles to reduce the plastic footprint and present yourself or your brand as eco-friendly with sustainable materials, fun styles, and an honourable message.

Create Your Own Custom Water Bottles!

Personalised Water Bottle Printing in the UK

Delight local customers with quick and wallet-friendly delivery, personalising water bottles sourced by Print Providers in the UK. 

This is a convenient choice for merchants wanting to stay local – and an excellent opportunity for those exploring global markets.

With Print on Demand,

  1. you create your own water bottle with the style, material, and imagery of your choice (our Catalog has plenty of options to personalise), 
  2. you list it up for sale on your chosen sales channel (we integrate with the top platforms and marketplaces),
  3. and a UK-based Print Provider will print, package, and ship it locally or worldwide, expanding your profits and customer range.
A stainless steel bottle with a design of two cartoon pandas.

Design Your Own Water Bottle in Three Steps

Designing personalised water bottles is simple and easy with Printify. It only takes a minute. All you have to do is create an account, pick a bottle, and customise the perfect design to carry to work, school, the gym, or sell worldwide.

Illustration of how to apply a design to a water bottle in Printify's Mockup Generator.

Step 1

Create a Printify Account

Use your email address to sign up for Printify. Create a profile by adding the required information and a Printify store name. Once your account details are done, it’s time to get creative. Don’t forget to check Printify Premium to reduce all product costs by 20%.

Step 2

Choose a Product

Our Catalog stores a range of print-on-demand water bottles – UK and globally printed. Filter them by Print Providers, materials, printing location, and other criteria suitable for you and your needs. Once you pick a favourite, click Start designing and get creative.

Step 3

Apply Your Custom Design

Our free and user-friendly Mockup Generator will guide you through the process. Upload a logo or personalised photo, add text, create patterns, and style your water bottle as the perfect birthday gift, employee merchandise, or online bestseller.

Choose Your Personalised Water Bottle From Our Catalog

Let’s look at what the Printify Catalog has in store for you and your custom logo, text, or personalised photo designs. Explore the variety and make your own water bottle for every taste and occasion.

Plastic custom water bottle with a design of a beach and the text “Sunshine, California. Good Vibes.”

Custom Plastic Water Bottles

Personalise plastic water bottles for yourself or your brand, and utilise the option to place large orders. Plastic bottles are easy to customise and child-friendly, with built-in straws and other features. These cheaper options are ideal for promotional giveaways at company events, fairs, charities, and more.

A plastic water bottle with the text “Drink more water.”

Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Personalised stainless steel water bottles are the ultimate must-haves for those looking for sustainability and long-lasting drinkware solutions. Design water bottle options with sports lids, handles, and even a straw. Practical, durable, and eco-friendly. Perfect for keeping friends, family, and global customers hydrated in style.

White aluminium water bottle with a custom design of blue ocean waves and a large yellow sun.

Custom Aluminium Water Bottles

If plastic or glass aren’t your go-to materials, and you want to be more eco-conscious, metal is the next best thing. Durable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting, these water bottles are perfect for school, work, the gym, or hiking. A sturdy metal day-to-day companion, giving hydration a whole new level of style and practicality.

Different Features for Different Bottles

Check out the convenient elements our personalised water bottle and tumbler collection comes with. Please note that not all items will have every feature.

Custom water bottle with vacuum insulation.

Vacuum Insulation

Vacuum insulation guarantees retained temperature for any hot or cold drink for an extended period, no matter the weather. Imagine steaming hot coffee in a blizzard or ice-cold lemonade in the desert, and you have an idea of how a vacuum-insulated water bottle works.

Custom water bottle with a spill-proof lid.

Spill-Proof Lid

Ensure stress-free travel, birthday parties, or school days for you, your kids, or your customers. The spill-proof lid is specifically designed to contain a beverage inside without losing as much as a drop. As such, owners, parents, and customers won’t have to worry about leaks, spills, or stains.

Custom water bottle with a carrying loop.

Carry Loop

A classic loop provides easier carrying throughout the day. They help keep things where they belong. Whether hooked on a bike, clipped to a backpack, or hanging around a hand – your personalised water bottle will be secured for all terrains and occasions.

Custom Water Bottle Design Ideas

If you’re low on inspiration, we’ve got your back. Below is a list of popular and well-searched design ideas for personalised water bottles.

Promotional Water Bottles With Logo

Personalised water bottles with logos, monograms, or company slogans are the ideal canvas for business branding. Perfect for fairs, presentations, new employees, customers, or partners.

A black water bottle hooked to a hiker's backpack with a design of a mountain silhouette and the word “Peak” printed on.
Personalised water bottle with a design of the “sign of the horns” hand gesture and the name “Ralph” printed on.

Customised Water Bottles With Names

From regular names to titles, occupations, nicknames, and more. Let the “world’s greatest dad” or “employee of the month” carry their drink in style.

Custom Team Water Bottles

Team bottles will lift the team spirit for every practice or competition while keeping players hydrated. Create water bottle designs with mascots, team names, logos, or quotes.

A man holding a clear personalised water bottle with a straw and a “Panthers” sports team logo printed on it.
A blue-tinted clear water bottle with a straw and the words “Push Your Limit” printed on.

Personalised Motivational Water Bottle

Design a personalised water bottle with a message to inspire yourself and others. Inspirational quotes and images lift the spirits and are great for gift-giving with a personalised touch.

Cute Custom Water Bottles

Some of the most popular styles are simply cute. Use themes like pets, food, sports, and more. Anything can be cute in the right setting. Even a slice of pizza wearing a hat.

Custom water bottle with a design of a panda and the text “Lazy panda.”

Create Your Own Custom Water Bottles!

Why Print Personalised Water Bottles on Demand?

Because they make excellent gift ideas, promotional items, and green products that have the potential to become your online bestsellers.

Why? Today’s society is becoming more eco-conscious, looking for sustainable items and solutions to their daily endeavours. With personalised water bottles, shopping bags, and clothing high on the list.

A steep increase in reusable water bottle sales shows that people are willing to spend more money on such drinkware to live healthier while saving the planet.

Join this billion-dollar market with your own personalised water bottle designs, giving people what they want and need – unique, sustainable items for a wallet-friendly price.

A personalised bottle with the words “Keep calm and workout harder” printed on it.
A young woman working with a laptop on a wooden countertop well-lit in front of a panel of white-framed windows

Sell Custom-Printed Water Bottles With Printify

Choose Printify to sell your personalised water bottle designs and reap the benefits that come with this print-on-demand company.

100% Free

No upfront costs or investments.

Easy Setup

Beginner and tech-savvy friendly.

Local and Global Shipping

Print Providers around the world.

Printify guarantees a simple design process, full transparency, and dedicated support throughout the product development and order fulfilment stages. And with professional Print Providers located within the UK – you can keep production low-priced, fast, and local.

Focus on the Customer

Before you start designing your personalised water bottle collection, consider the kind of person who might be interested in the product. Build designs and colour schemes that appeal to people’s interests and lifestyles.

An athlete at the gym drinking from a customised water bottle.

Thirsty Athletes

Those are the people who value hydration and convenience the most. Athletes will especially gravitate towards sustainable materials and handy features like built-in straws and carry loops.

A smiling student holding a stack of books.

Keep Students Hydrated

Come up with a personalised bottle design for one of the busiest parts of society – students. Balancing classes with projects, studying, and even jobs, a handy bottle on the go is a must.

A group of children drawing something.

Do It for the Kids

Make sure kids drink more water and stay healthy by packing their favourite drink along with lunch. A cute water bottle with friendly characters and images is just what every child needs.

A woman doing sports exercises.

The Health Crowd

Many people take their health seriously, and staying properly hydrated is one of the ways to do it. Make bottle designs that inspire or help keep track of their daily water intake.

A traveller with a backpack hiking in the mountains.

Travelers and Those on the Go

From daily commutes to global adventures, having a refreshing drink with you wherever you go is always nice. And a personalised metal, glass, or plastic bottle keeps you hydrated in style.

A woman drinking water from a clear eco-friendly bottle.

Eco Enthusiasts

A lot of people opt for eco-friendly materials, choosing stainless steel, glass, or aluminium bottles over plastic. Save the environment and boost your business with green bottle options and designs.

Where to Sell Personalised Water Bottles

Choose a sales channel that matches your brand vision, needs, and overall tech skills for a seamless eCommerce experience. Printify integrates with the leading marketplaces and platforms – in just a few clicks.

FAQ: Personalised Drinks' Bottles

With Print on Demand companies like Printify – nothing. You design custom bottles with personalised photos, text, or pattern prints and list them online without investing upfront. Once a customer pays for an order, the sales price covers fulfilment, leaving you with nothing but profits. To save an additional 20%, check out Printify Premium.

Not with Printify. Order personalised bottles in bulk for company events and employees, charities, games, and more. Or order one bottle for yourself – to keep or gift. There are no limitations to your needs, our Print Providers can handle it all. Consider bulk orders to get a better price for delivery.

Each different material (plastic, aluminium, stainless steel) requires some specifics when it comes to care. Fortunately, every product page has a maintenance section describing all the nitty-gritty details and care instructions.

It differs for every merchant and Print Provider. The design process shouldn’t take long, depending on your skills and prepared materials. The Mockup Generator has all the tools for quick and easy personalisation. Printing, however, is affected by many different factors, such as material, design, and print type. The average production time among our UK-based Print Providers is 1-3 business days. Pick local printing partners to ensure faster delivery and overall fulfilment.

Our Catalog currently has many different types of bottles from brands like CamelBak, Generic Brand, and ORCA Coatings. Printify works with high-performing partners and guarantees the best for our merchants and customers. And that includes our brand selection.

Create Your Own Custom Water Bottles!