Start Selling Personalised Socks

Create personalised socks for selling in the UK and worldwide, or make them for yourself. Printify makes it possible and easy. Sell personalised socks today. 

Start Selling Custom Socks in the UK Printify
Start Selling Custom Socks in the UK Print on Demand

Make Your Own Socks

Printify makes custom sock printing easy. Choose the best product for applying your design, and upload it to the free Mockup Generator. Printify will take care of all the printing processes and fulfillment.

No Order Minimum

Single or bulk order – it doesn't matter. Design customised socks for selling, or order them for yourself. We require no minimums for printing. Check with our Customer Support team on qualifying for a bulk discount.

Huge Profit Potential

The demand for socks in the UK is particularly promising – the segment moved around $1 billion in 2022, with a projected growth of 14.3% in 2023. Sell your customised socks in the UK and benefit from this expanding market.

Create Your Own Personalised Socks!

Make Personalised Socks With Printify

Make Personalised Socks With Printify

It’s easy to use our online Mockup Generator and create never-before-seen socks. You can design them in minutes. Our Mockup Generator will take you through the process step by step. 

As the socks are custom printed, you can be as creative as you like. Each part of the sock can have its own pattern. Once your first design is uploaded, you’ll be ready to get your entire custom sock collection online and ready to sell.

We Have the Best Socks for Your Custom Designs

Sublimation Socks

These personalised socks got their name because they’re printed using a flat sublimation method. This method is perfect for light-coloured prints. 

The process involves heating a transfer paper with your design to 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, the design becomes a gas that permeates the garment. The result is a high-quality, long-lasting image with bright colours.

Sublimation Socks POD
Sublimation Socks Printf on demand

DTG Socks

DTG stands for ‘direct to garment’ print. Using high-quality, specialised inks, the material soaks up the ink, which results in a longer-lasting, higher-quality image, less prone to small flecks of white. 

This is perfect for custom-printed socks due to the average amount of wear they receive daily – any pattern or solid colour printed in the pair will stand. 

Our DTG line also offers eco-friendly socks.

DTG Socks Print on Demand

Start Selling Personalised Socks in the UK

How to Design Personalised Socks

Did you know that you can print your custom design over every inch of your custom sock? You can even produce a pair of printed socks with different designs on the right and left foot. 

Our quality Print Providers handle the manufacturing with all-over-printing options, delivering eye-catching, attractive, and impactful designs.

Choose Your Sock Style

Step 1

Choose Your Sock Style

Step 2

Design Them

Why not target a particular market, design a novelty range, or theme your socks around holidays and special events? Choose one of the following options for designing and printing socks:

Create designs yourself or with the help of an expert

Choose from more than 300 million high-quality images without upfront costs. Adjust them with the built-in Shutterstock Editor, and don’t worry about licences and fees – all images come with a commercial licence, and $0.99 per image will be added to the product price only when ordered.

Printify’s free library includes holiday designs, pets, chill, retro vibes, abstract shapes, and plenty more funky designs and graphic assets for creating instant best-sellers.  

Once you upload or pick the right design, you can adjust, resize or move it around using the Mockup Generator or change the sock’s colour.

Design Them
Connect Your Store and Start Selling

Step 3

Connect Your Store and Start Selling

You don’t have to wait to sell. Printify’s no minimum order policy means customers can place orders right away. Individuals, small businesses, and large companies may produce and sell printed socks without upfront costs. 

Connect your Printify account with the leading eCommerce platforms and start selling socks in the UK. 

Printify integrates with:

These marketplaces have internal rules and policies and don’t offer customised storefronts. However, they provide a vast following and traffic from the start and no subscription fees.

These eCommerce website builders will help you create a standalone eCommerce website without the restrictions of marketplaces. Your main challenge will be generating traffic. 

These are open-source platforms that give full ownership of an eCommerce website. Unveiling their full potential may require the eventual purchasing of themes and plugins. They are recommended for tech-savvy and experienced users, as they require a steep learning curve.

Do you still need additional personalisation? Check out Printify’s custom API.

Printify Is Trusted by More Than Two Million Merchants Worldwide With More Joining Every Day

Start Selling Personalised Socks in the UK

Design Ideas for Custom Sock Printing

Plain socks keep your feet warm. Personalised socks keep your feet cool. Women’s stockings, personalised men’s socks, face socks, holiday and Christmas merch – the potential for best-selling products with socks is limitless. 

Here are some design ideas for you to make and start selling in no time.

Funny Socks

Funny socks are the perfect gifts for close friends and the whole family. Pick the right colour and fabric and create a pair of socks with funny quotes, jokes, or photos. Personalised face socks, for instance, are trending and can be hilarious.

Funny Socks
Personalised Photo Socks

Personalised Photo Socks

Personalised socks with photos can make terrific gifts and convey a range of feelings to those close to you. Use them to commemorate and remember precious moments such as the birth of a baby, graduations, or anniversaries, or create unique funny socks with faces or other photos. Also, socks with sons’ and daughters’ pictures will make the day for moms and dads.

Remember that it’s also possible to use a different colour or picture for each foot to add extra customisation.  

Socks With Original Artwork

Original artwork will make the most stylish personalised socks. Of course, that will depend on your skills, but it’s always possible to hire an expert designer to create remarkable and artistic pieces of clothing for you or your customer’s feet.

Socks With Original Artwork
Business and Brand Socks

Business and Brand Socks

Finally, consider also offering socks with a logo or trademark for offering business merch or uniforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating personalised socks with Printify is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your designs out to the marketplace. With that said, you still need to check the unit price of each sock type and the shipping price for each Print Provider.

You may add products directly from Printify to stores on eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Wix, and Squarespace. Integration is free and easy, so you can start selling personalised socks immediately.

We always work with new Print Providers to get you the best quality and price. We partner with Print Providers from the US, China, and Germany, meaning shipping is now available to the UK and all around Europe. 

By checking the production time and service cost for each Print Provider, you’ll be able to determine the best match for your business and deliver the printed merch in optimum time.

Use the Printify Mockup Generator. You’ll find it has a straightforward design interface to navigate, and you can easily upload images to create your design. 

Don’t worry – you’ll have the opportunity to approve the product and check how it will look in a realistic setting before making the socks available for purchase.

Absolutely not. You can order personalised socks to sell or for your own use with no minimums and the same delivery time. That applies to both DTG and sublimation socks.

  • Do not dry clean or bleach printed socks.
  • Use a gentle cycle (cool or warm water, max 30C/90F) and wash inside out.  
  • Check the fabric composition and use the indicated iron settings. Most socks have a blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex – avoid ironing socks with high-polyester content. If absolutely necessary, use a low-heat iron.
  • Low tumble dry heat and dry flat to prevent creases in the fabric.
Start Selling Custom Socks in the UK With Printify

Start Selling Personalised Socks in the UK With Printify

Printify makes it easier than ever to design and sell your personalised socks in the UK. Print on demand means you avoid any upfront costs or financial risks, and you can choose from a range of premium products at the best price to express your brand and business.

We use reputable print providers to ensure every pair of personalised socks arrives in immaculate condition. Your customers will be delighted when they’re delivered. Printify makes it easy to make some money selling personalised socks in the UK.

With your unique designs and the right fabric and colours, customers can put their best foot forward whenever they want. They can add some eccentricity to their everyday wear in the form of stylish and colourful custom socks.

Personalised socks are such a great addition to an online store. They’re a product that absolutely everybody needs — especially during the chilly winter months.

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