Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom bumper stickers are a great way to make any car more expressive, sharing a favorite pun or viewpoint with the world for just a few bucks.

Order Printify’s custom bumper stickers for yourself, or start selling stickers on Etsy or your storefront to customize endless fun for your customers.

Custom bumper sticker on the rear of a car reading "Sorry officer, I though you were up for a race".

Create Custom Bumper Stickers With Printify

Best Prices

Printiy offers low and competitively priced custom bumper stickers with bundle deals and minimal 
shipping costs.

Free Bumper Sticker Maker

Take advantage of a free and easy-to-use Mockup Generator to upload your images and logos straight from 
your device.

No Order Minimums

Get a single sticker pack for yourself 
or sell them in bulk – order at any quantity with no additional cost.

Make Your Own Custom Bumper Stickers

Make Your Own Custom Car Bumper Stickers in Minutes

Printify’s product page has all the information you need to make highly detailed prints with professional Print Providers. Get a full list of product manufacturing details and production costs to set up and design your own bumper sticker in just a few minutes.

Laptop screen shows a mock Printify product page and highlights the process of adding custom designs.

Step 1

Sign Up

Register a 100% free account with Printify. You don’t need a store or business to create and order car bumper stickers. Simply add your account details and start designing custom bumper stickers for yourself or online customers. Note that with a Printify Premium subscription, you’ll receive up to a 20% discount on product fulfillment costs.

Step 2

Choose a Product

Go to the Catalog section in the upper Printify dashboard and search for a sticker pack you want to personalize. Our bumper sticker collection includes the standard size 11.5” x 3” and more stickers in other popular sizes.

Step 3

Apply Your Custom Design

Click on the bumper sticker of your choice, and we’ll forward you to the product information page. Here, you can overview the sticker material, adhesive, shape, waterproof features, and costs. Click Start designing and use our Mockup Generator to upload your design.

Van with a rear bumper sticker that spans a fourth of the lenght of the vehicle – a wide rectangular size.

Make your bumper sticker a promotional staple with our soft cloth and weather-resistant custom blanks. Customize with multiple rectangle sizes and add a company logo, artwork, or your own images for personal use. The thick vinyl material is laminated for top-tier durability against water, sunlight, and scratches.

Matte Finish

Our bumper stickers have a smooth, glossy, matte surface – the best material to have your designs pop and show off high-quality decals and labels. The perfect way to customize great artwork visible in bright sunlight.

Hard-Wearing Material

Our vinyl bumper stickers are heavy-duty, durable vinyl and removable adhesive that lasts up to six years in all weather conditions. Perfect for intricate templates made better with your own design flare.

Fading Protection

How can our custom-printed bumper stickers withstand the elements? Our bumper sticker printing uses a special layer of glossy, matte laminate, added for an extended lifespan, protection from UV rays, and limited fading.

Size Matters

Printify's custom-made bumper stickers are available in three versatile sizes to suit your needs: 15” x 3.75”, 11.5” x 3”, and 7.5” x 3.75”. No matter how big or small your sticker area is, we can deliver it.

5 Design Ideas for Custom Bumper Stickers

Personalized bumper stickers come in handy when you have a message and want to deliver it as plainly as possible. It doesn’t matter if your writing material is a joke, a pun, showing support, or complete nonsense. Pick a design, type a message – peel and stick your art.

Let’s move on to some potential sticker design ideas. Create stickers with an audience in mind since anyone and everyone will be able to see it from their windscreen.

Car with a rear bumper sticker showing a photo of a happy family of four.

Start With Family

Create personalized family bumper stickers for all the family-oriented folk sardined in their station wagons. Don’t forget about pets, add lists of silhouettes, celebrate accomplishments, and keep loved ones cohesive with some adhesive. The family decal window craze isn’t going anywhere, and whoever was responsible for such a brilliant idea is pulling us all with them.

Shape Your Brand

If you already have a significant following with products or services that invite loyal customers, it’s time to branch out – create your own bumper sticker and put a company logo to the test. Offer branded merchandise for marketing on the fast lane. Encourage your art or company name to be synonyms with lavish designs on a durable, weather-resistant sticker.

Close-up of a car bumper sticker with a flaming wheel design and the title "Tire Service".
Car bumper sticker with the slogan "Stay pawsitive" underneath an excited dog looking through the passenger seat window.

Keep Them Laughing

Whoever said that short one-liners and puns are the lowest forms of humor obviously couldn’t come up with a good one to put on a rectangle. We love car humor, and so do millions of people. Instead of ‘Baby on board’, go for ‘Former baby behind the wheel’. Keep your wit sharp and entertain the open road.

Custom Art for a Custom car

Bumper stickers are valued for their unique perspective on all things road and commute. Your own message is more likely to cast curious eyes than a movie reference or played-out trope. Establish yourself as a trendsetter and create unique artwork that resonates with the modern social media landscape. Establish new memes, culturally relevant slogans, or simple car decal mascots.

Van with a small rear bumper sticker with the slogan "Never stop exploring".
Car with a simple rear bumper sticker showing an instagram user account "@car_meme".

Do It for the Gram

Today, it’s not uncommon for people to boast their social media handles on their cars and trucks. Offer your customers a chance to flaunt their IG profiles with a bespoke custom bumper sticker. Don’t skimp on Twitter handles, shorthands, and formal names of all kinds.

Woman happily receiving a large box delivery from a courier.

Order Custom Bumper Stickers in Bulk

Are you looking for a more significant supply of roll labels? Our bumper sticker printing services have you covered. Make your own bumper stickers and order in bulk to satisfy a large demand or keep a steady supply for the long term.

Display your company or business logo, create memorable designs for fans and friends – select multiple sizes for your car door, trunk, and everything in between.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Bumper Stickers

Make your bumper stickers from Printify’s customizable templates. Create a free account and select a bumper sticker from our vast Catalog collection. Select a shape, add your design using our state-of-the-art Mockup Generator, and order immediately with zero minimums, or start selling in your own store immediately.

There are no restrictions for ordering stickers. Order a single unique bumper sticker for your truck or start an eCommerce business. It’s all up to you. Printify maintains a strict no order minimums policy. Create as many or as few sticker templates as you need.

You can always order a test sample, and we highly recommend it. After applying your design, it’s critical to test whether the quality and print texture match your vision, especially if you’re considering selling. Find more info on ordering a sample and other answers to your questions on the Printify help page.

The average time it takes to produce car stickers is 2.9 business days, but it can take longer during the holiday season due to high demand. 

All shipping is provided by USPS and Globegistics with full tracking available. More information can be found on our shipping rates page.

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